Write story online free

Write story online free

Write story online free from scratch. Join us today and learn how! Keep reading for more!

Write story online free

You decided to write a story online free! Great decision! And I will explain while I think it is!

We all love listening to stories. The stories are part of the daily living since ancient times. Generation after generation told stories to the kids,  younger generations, heirs, cousins, etc.

I can easily say that the stories “are implemented in us”. The way of thinking, expressing, communicating.

When humans wandered around the planet, they did not have the modern technology as we have it today.  They moved within groups, communicated using some strange sounds and gestures. Entertained themselves in a very specific way.

Since then, stories have been the subject of everyday life through the centuries. People have fun to spend time by telling stories. Stories were also used to exchange experiences, knowledge.

So, that way, our ancestors, have built in us the need to talk and listen to the story. This way of socializing and communicating is conveyed to the generations.

Write story online free-The kids know how to do it!

Best examples are after mine opinion the kids! They are not highly educated, they are not writers or tellers. They don’t know how to use words in the best way.

But, they love stories. They are great story listeners. They have own gestures, story understandings, excitement for stories.

As the child’s understanding becomes better, the interest in stories is growing. He loves to listen to stories. We can watch that while parents talk to the child before going to bed and sleep. Nannies in kindergartens, teachers in schools, friends during a social gathering.

Stories allow escaping to unrealism. Inventing all kinds of characters and events that surpass our everyday real existence. There are no boundaries. The imagination has no limit.

In the story, it is all allowed. Stories inspire, develop creativity, teach different things. Storytelling also requires a certain amount of talent. Uniqueness.

A narrator that knows how to tell the story in an interesting way will achieve greater listening. His story will “sound strong” and get deeper into the listener.

Stories relax. The stories excite people. The stories communicate in a proprietary way.  Verbal, nonverbal, visual, imaginative. Tell Stories by talking, singing, using gestures, various mimes, written words, films.

Write story online free-How good do you need to be to tell stories?

One thinks to clarify. Of course, it is better if You are the better storyteller than others.  But,  to tell the story, you don’t be a top storyteller.

It is enough for the listener to awaken interest. Even a little kid can be interesting when he wants to tell the story. Why? Because it’s original, unique. Only small children can leave an impression each time something they say. They are telling us things in their own way. Different. They talk to as they can and know. From their soul, heart.

Be the child in yourself when telling stories. Be yourself. Unique. original. Tell your story in your way. It is strange that still, e can learn something from the kids.

But, be yourself with your own expression.  Reach out to the listener or reader. The narration mode, writing style, gesturing, intonation, mimicry… Your “aura”, all this influence how your story will pass to the listener or reader.

Stories about the people, childhood and life experiences, love events…  topic that especially good reach to the audience. The science fiction has its own listener groups. Novels, crime stories, various family stories, no topic limitation.

Stories are everywhere around us. As already said, the stories are “implemented” in ourselves, as part of our mentality. Each of us has a story and can tell a story, regardless longer or shorter, more or less exciting, lighter or harder, more or less interesting, cheerful or sadistic…

… But the thing is that not everyone is ready to share that story with the audience. To tell strangers about their feelings, what’s in their hearts, in mind?

Write story online free-Fear of telling stories?

Write story online free

Does anyone willing to “discover” their experiences, whether it is good or bad? Would you do that too?

If not, what is the reason for that? If you do not, what is the reason for that?

The fear of revealing something? You do not want to disclose, or the fear of mocking about a bad recount?  Or you do not know how to do it in the best way?

I’m confident that you’ve been telling a thousand stories so far. In fact, every day we listen or talk stories. You too. Our whole life is flowing through stories.

What do you think, how much did you experience already today? Before reading this post, or heard about you could tell or write?  Sure, not all stories may be so interesting, but they are stories.
Start to tell one story. The easiest one, The one it is not hard for you to tell. You will surprise yourself how easy it is to tell.

Do You remember the first time you went to school? Your first job? first love? Marriage? Childbirth? Job success or even failure in something?

Life stories. The path to some achievement? Artistic success, sports success, sports failure, loss of loved ones, loss of work, loss of money?

Whether things are positive, negative, successful, or unsuccessful, they are all stories.

Write story online free-To start writing is not difficult! It is the right mindset!

You can learn to write stories. It is possible to write for the web, and for the offline publisher as well. First of all, you need the decision about it. Second, you need time for it. You don’t need hours, but You need time, focused one.

Manage your time. This is also a great topic to write about, time management for writing. You see, another topic arises up while writing this post.

This happens all the time. When you start writing, the topic will come to you in a natural way. The words as well.

Afterward, it is best if You have a quiet place to write, to concentrate and to let thoughts coming in. You may read my another article about it at this address.

Your literary will improve with every writing. In the free time read other authors in your topic, or other topics as well. Read posts, magazines, journals, websites, whatever you like.

This will help you to understand the styles, structure, literacy of writing. You will notice the various ways of writing, from many different authors.

If you don’t have a lot of time to write, you need an hour daily to write a post or a page or two of your book, or ebook, or article.

If You write every day one or two pages, within a week, you will have already a small ebook, your masterpiece.

It is your mindset.

If You would like to know how you can improve more your writing skills, visit my another post here and check it out, for free!

Write story online free-How much money and what tools do you need to start writing?

Write story online free

First of all, this depends on you. You can invest a lot of money and almost nothing. What you need in any case are some equipment and some basic necessities.

We are talking here about how to write online for free. So you need internet access, a device to write, and the things related to that.

This is in basic all. Besides, you will need also some additional services and tools.

Let me list few of them:

  • the place to store and show the world your
  • work – website or any other platform available. I ‘show you where you can have access for free and use the whole “round-trip editing”
  • platform and hosting as well
  • tools to write your content
  • access to royalty free image
  • correction tool for your content
  • publishing instrument for your content,
  • way to track your content

All these tools are free to have, once you follow my advice and create your account according to it.

So, having said that, it depends only on you how much do you want to invest to all said above.Write story online free

Write story online free-Where and how to start?

Write story online free

Where to get all this for free?
Where can you find out how to write stories online for free?

Click here, create your account for free, and you will have access to all said so far, moreover, too much more.
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