Why Do I Like Wealthy Affiliate

Why Do I Like Wealthy Affiliate

Why Do I Like Wealthy Affiliates articles explains why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 choice online!

It is my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate that outlines the benefits and the value of the program and the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can check the features here!

Now, read the full article and learn how you can benefit from this program as well.

My Story About Wealthy Affiliate

Before I start to explain my enthusiasm about WA, I want to say that I was in touch with this company already back in 2013 when I was surfing the Internet looking for education on online marketing and started thinking about a business opportunity on the internet.

By researching the various programs and learning methods of online marketing, affiliate marketing, marketing tools and platforms that are required to perform such activities on the Internet, I have come across various offers and seemingly promising programs.

However, most of these programs did not provide much of anything except some promises for quick earning. Of course, the reality of such earnings and the success of such programs was very questionable and ultimately untrue and unsatisfactory.

Instead of entering these vague programs, I decided to continue to personally educate myself, upgrading and acquiring the skills and knowledge required for later doing these activities on the Internet.

In this way, I have gained the vocation of a computer operator for creating a web site! I did not deal with professionally but helped me to better master one of the essential parts of online marketing, which are the web site creation, knowledge of some scripting languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and tools needed to create the websites!

However, today´s most widely used web site design platform is WordPress! This web uses it as well.

Why Do I like Wealthy Affiliate – Return to WA

Because of all of the above, I did not immediately recognize the value of a Wealthy Affiliates program what a mistake was. Wealthy Affiliate is not just a quick way to monetize the net.

What’s more, this is an educational platform designed to teach its members and provide opportunities for building long-lasting, trustful online businesses with steadfast work and creating their own online identity. On good grounds.

As the company owners they advocate:

“Before you build a skyscraper, you must have a solid foundation!”

Since 2018 I am a permanent member of this online university engaged in providing educational, technical, creative, marketing and other activities related to online marketing and creating my online business.

Apart from that, WA also provides precious online support that is available to you as a member of the program 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Since the first day, I have not regretted the moment I’ve been involved with this company since the programs included in your free or paid membership are so good, comprehensive and unique on the Internet, and thus I have decided to stay as long as possible.

What’s So Fascinating About The WA?

In the following paragraphs, I will try to point out my fascination with WA in a more accessible and more straightforward way.

WA is one of the largest online marketing communities in the world. With a membership base of over one million and a half members, affiliate and online marketers of all profiles (from beginners, advanced and professionals) who communicate live via live chat every day and provide support and responses to each other.

This is an incredibly large knowledge base, available to everyone in the “twinkling of an eye,” live, 24/7/365. It’s like talking to your teacher, instructor or friend about all affiliate and online marketing topics, and more!

In essence, there is no topic or query for which you will not receive an answer within a few minutes. Moreover, remember, this community is an additional stimulant to the entire remaining training package, lessons, and various classrooms that you can use as a WA member.

Wealthy Affiliate As A “Cake Cream” Opportunity!

As commonly said, “whipped cream comes at the end,” so WA offers a “cake cream” possibility of making money on the net. This company allows you to sell the whole package online, and if you want offline!

For the efforts, you will be awarded the commission for each sale of the membership.

WA has created this program years ago, has invested millions of dollars in it, and now give it to your disposal to work with and make money for living.

You can use the system and platform for earnings. The owners themselves also use all these. Nothing has been denied to you or hidden. That’s there and your company.

If you were going to create something like that, you would waste years of experience, knowledge, work, and much money that unfortunately many of us do not have.

Start Your Online Marketing Journey With Us Today!

Therefore, read this article thoroughly! Consider joining us and beginning your online marketing career. Learn and earn online. By using and selling this program, you become part of the most popular online trend of today, namely Affiliate and Online Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is part of marketing and economics, online and offline. We are talking here in the first line about adopting these activities on the internet. That’s why it’s about online marketing here.

So, apart from being able to educate yourself comprehensively about the latest affiliate and online marketing trends, you can also make money with this unique, modern, regularly updated and all-inclusive program.

Two Types Of Memberships! The Starter (Free) And Premium (Paid) Membership!

There are two types of membership in WA! Free or STARTER membership and paid or PREMIUM membership. I am a PREMIUM member of this company, and I can say that I never regretted having become part of this unique online marketing community.

One important note: an online program that is presented as an affiliate or an online marketing program and does not provide you the ability to join in for free, avoid it, especially in an affiliate marketing niche.

Although this is not the topic of the day, I want to mention it to make it clear that every regular and genuine affiliate program online should also have a free membership version. Follow me on the site and learn more about it as soon as I get an article on that topic.

If you want you can subscribe on my site for a free email newsletter and receive the articles as soon as they get out.

If You Become A WA Member, I Guarantee You Will Be More Than Happy.

It is essential to note that apart from all these benefits mentioned above, you can communicate with the owners of this company daily!

These are the two young fellows Carson and Kyle who had 5 years ago the idea to build an online business and educational platform accessible to anyone, from beginners to professionals!

They have brought this company from virtually nothing to globally recognized successful online business, starting by selling keyword packages.

To learn more about keywords, click here!

Their presence and concern for their members are unique! Each WA member can talk to them using the Live Chat option or write personal private messages via the notification system that is available to you as a WA member daily.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community Is The First Class Community!

They also make sure that the WA online community is and remains the first class community of decent and valuable people who at any time want to help and be at hand if you need it. It is an essential feature of a successful and legal online business that is live on the internet.

Also, there is fantastic online support in the company that, within a matter of minutes, answers the questions of its members every day.

Unlike many online programs and memberships offered in WA, you do not have to wait hours or days to get feedback after your query, and you can work smoothly on your projects, always knowing that you will not be left behind as soon as a problem arises.

You might have a problem with creating your web site, or about your membership, or about charging your membership fees or getting your commissions!

The questions can occur regarding your hosting account included in the membership fee, or any technical issues with your account on WA or web site!

Get quick response on questions about the WA system, WA platform, and even misconduct from some of the members, and so on.

Just because of maintaining a positive, friendly and decent communication, with the only goal of getting valuable feedback and mutual help, WA has its Code of Conduct that is strictly respected both by the company owners themselves and by all the other members in the case of breaking the rules of this code.

Thus, Spam And Malicious Behavior Are Strictly Forbidden! Violation Of These Rules Leads To Punishment By Deleting From Membership.

WA respects its members and at the same time asks them to recognize and help each other! It makes the WA platform more enjoyable and user-friendly.

Likewise, the WA program and platform each year, and if necessary earlier, modernize, improves, enhances the pleasure and the benefit of its members.

The WA program consists of a comprehensive and diverse subsystem that is designed to provide you with all you need to get started, maintain and build your online business.

Additionally, you are educated daily in the best possible way by getting to know the most modern marketing channels on the internet, tools, and systems in online marketing.

For this reason, WA has been hosting webinars for ten years in a row each week, led by their educator and trainer Jay, using audio and video directly from Canada.

On these webinars, apart from the live tutorials and interactive workshops, WA members can participate by asking their questions and thus perfect their knowledge and get answers immediately form the educator itself.

Each Week, Several Hundreds Of People Are Attending Workshops, From The Comfort Of Their Home Around The World.

Webinars are real-time audio and video presentations online, featuring various general and most current themes related to online and affiliate marketing. It’s as if your instructor stands or sits in front of you in your home and teaches you about various topics.

Here you can look at the example of the last such online live education related to the particular issue of today’s online marketing world, which is about YouTube marketing.

After providing training, webinars and written materials such as online courses, practices, lessons, blogs, and posts of everyone present in this company including owners, trainers, and other online marketers, WA provide you with the online marketing tools you need necessary for working on the Internet.

It is a WordPress web site design and management system, one of the most used today’s web site design platform! The next important tool is your site’s text-writing platform, the so-called Site Content platform!

Further, you can use the download of millions of images free from the author’s rights to use them to create graphics files in your texts when creating a variety of written material and web pages.

The Outstanding Wealthy Affiliate Comprehensive Platforms!

The platforms mentioned above are just some of these comprehensive and stunning WA platforms that consist of four main parts. All four sections contain many useful lessons!

Please, check now the list and the video about the main WA platforms below!

  1. The DASHBOARD with its six subsystems
  2. The SEARCH AND POST QUESTION BAR at the top of the user interface with the 6 ICONS SECTION
  3. LIVE CHAT section to the far right
  4. The MIDDLE (CENTRAL) PART of the user interface

The Dashboard 
consists of:

  1. Training – Training Platform
  2. Websites – Subsystem or platform for creating, maintaining, developing and controlling web pages
  3. Live Events – Subsystem with recorded webinars featured years back and future webinars for the current month where you can spend hours and learn on various marketing topics. Each webinar lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours.
  4. Research – This system for keywords and niche research on the internet is one of the most modern and the most comprehensive you can find on the market. It is a Jaaxy software that serves to study and finds keywords and niche with additional useful features related to these topics.As a paid PREMIUM Member you have the right to use the Lite version. Here you can test the software for free!
  5. The Live Chat section is one of the most powerful within the platform as the members communicate with each other. Everyday available to free or paid members provides the fastest possible feedback and contact and friendships around the world.
  6. The Help Center system helps you in a way that you can request technical assistance from WA support, and you can ask the community. With Live Chat, you can ask for help and discuss the topics you need! You can also send a private message to any WA community member or Premium trainer!It is to Carson and Kayle, as well! Also to one of the most successful WA members under the name IveTRiedThat!This section also displays the eight most successful helpers on a given day, where you can post your private messages.

Search Bar And 6 Icons Symbolizing The 6 Individual Sub-Platforms!

The next major part of the WA platform is the bar at the top of the platform featuring the company logo and the search and query bar, and six additional subsections displayed each with its icon.

  1. The first section displayed with the Pencil icon
  2. The second section represented by the W icon
  3. The third section is shown with the US Dollar icon
  4. The fourth section displayed on the Aircraft icon
  5. The fifth section displayed with the Bell icon
  6. The sixth section is shown in a postal Envelope icon

Each of these sections is special in a system that contains various other types of useful and necessary options.

Live Chat

You can find the third major part of this unique platform on the right side of the user interface, showing the current Live Chat status. This way, each WA visitor can read the existing messages and communications left by the members currently on the chat interface.

The engagement on Live Chat is as massive as the interaction between members. Hundreds and thousands of members around the world daily communicate on various topics. It’s like you’re at a seminar, a symposium or an educational institute.

They talk about issues related to WA platform itself, the features of the program, online and affiliate marketing, web site creation and more.

Central Part Of The Dashboard

The last major part of this unique platform is also one of the most intriguing! It is because it displays many exciting things!

Things like posted blog members, commentaries on various members on posted blogs, a list of new premium members with their profiles shown! Check the list of the top 10 posts set for a particular day!

You can also look at the original questions asked by members within WA and more.

If you like, you can also see successful online marketers posting posts about their successes with this program, earnings, online traffic, and other auspicious activities.

WA has implemented within the program own Evaluation System and rewarding its members for outstanding contributions within the community. So there are degrees of membership, from Regular Members to Active Contributors and Ambassadors.

Each member can climb on the WA ranking according to their contributions, and each group brings some benefits and every achievement some incentives.

All of these are reasons Why Do I Like Wealthy Affiliate!

I can recommend it to all those who want to educate themselves from the privacy of their home!

Expand your online and affiliate marketing knowledge! Interactively engage in education and communication with marketers across all profiles around the world!

Create own online business and be able to make money on the internet either as a free or paid WA member.

The Conclusion

WA is a thriving and modern, legitimate online business!

First of all, it is a top online marketing education! Featured with advanced marketing tools and platforms!

Use the comprehensive system with unique, online support available 24 hours a day throughout the year!

Enjoy the presence of company owners themselves! Hundreds and thousands of international online marketers are engaging daily! They all provide the members the unique, quality, carefree and fun place, for education and daily socializing!

Establish the beginning of your online business for free! Enhance your business to the highest levels for a very reasonable monthly allowance.

If you want to meet marketers from all over the world, you are in the right place now!

Communicate with your customers whenever you want!  Get essential tools, services, and great online support! Learn about various affiliate and online marketing skills such as:

  1. Creating a Website
  2. Writing blogs
  3. Hosting
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Content optimization
  6. Email marketing
  7. Promotion on the Internet
  8. All about social network
  9. Create YouTube videos
  10. Promote on YouTube
  11. Creating a YouTube channel
  12. Expanding your user network
  13. Google Analytics
  14. Online search engines
  15. Google Search Console
  16. Finding the best quality keywords
  17. Discover how to find the best niche
  18. Get skills to reach position number 1 on Google
  19. Learn how to edit WordPress and all the topics related to this fantastic platform
  20. Find out how to make money on the internet
  21. Build a long-lasting online job
  22. Transform your passion into an online reading business
  23. Create your product online
  24. Provide Online Services
  25. Find people who will create your content
  26. Create your community

and, more!

Why Do I Like Wealthy Affiliate – The  Educational And Making Money #1 Recommendation Online

WA is definitely my recommendation #r 1 When it comes to finding the legitimate and legitimate online program and business!

It is an excellent online education! No other program on the internet provides such quality and quantity of valuable information!

Get the best tools, world-class online support! All available in one place in just a few mouse clicks.

By becoming a WA member, you no longer have to search for solutions for your online promotion! The quality of online education is guaranteed! Socialize and improve your online marketing skills.

I warmly recommend you and invite you to join this unique program today! Right now! Join me on this unique online marketing journey. I will be your mentor, and I will support you at any time.

If you become a member, you can contact me at any time. I will be happy to help you with programs and topics related to the system and education.

You will not be sorry! Take a decision now and click here to inform yourself and create your free STARTER account.

You Do Not Have To Pay For Anything!

Either now or in the future! If you want you can stay a free member forever. There are no hidden additional fees, you do not need a credit card, and you have no risk.

Additionally, you can create your own two free sites! Furthermore, get free domains, and free hosting!

As a WA Starter Member, you can even start earning by promoting this program! Be rewarded for enrolling people into this amazing program!

I hope that with this article today, I have been able to explain Why Do I Like Wealthy Affiliate! Also, why I decided to stay a member as long as possible! I hope that to a certain extent, I managed to make you interested in testing this program! Creating a FREE STARTER account today!

Hopefully, you will decide to become a WA PREMIUM member as well. Otherwise, you will not be able to discover what you have been missing all these years!

I would very much like to see you at the inside! To greet you within the WA program and system.

I wish you best online marketing efforts,

Your friend Igor


In case you want to learn more about this program, completely free, click here.


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Thank you in advance!

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