What Type Of Digital Information products To Create

What Type Of Digital Information Products To Create

What Types Of Digital Information Products To Create is a question that I hear many times? Although it is pretty normal today that many people create digital products in many ways, there are still people that are not sure yet which type of digital product to create.

I hope this article will resolve the problem of being certain about What Type Of Digital Information Products To Create.

Today, we are going to be discussing the types of digital products and their formats. Designing and creating digital products is an excellent way to make money online on your own.

To be the owner of your business online, make significant money to become a recognized online marketer, you need to have either your own product or service.

of course, it is not a must, because Affiliate Marketers make serious money as ell, but having own product is completely different experience within the make money online niche.

At the same time, it is a challenge, especially for a beginner that never created such a product before.

Keep reading to get some more explanation about some most popular digital product formats you can create at home without the need to implement very specialized techniques, knowledge, tools, or software.

There Are Three Most Popular Digital Products Formats Used By Most Creators – The „Three Musketeers“ of Products Creation

What Type Of Digital Information products To CreateWhat Type Of Digital Information products To CreateWhat Type Of Digital Information products To Create





As you probably know, or assume, digital products come in a variety of different formats. Today, we are going to focus on three of them:

  1. Written format
  2. Audio format
  3. Video format

These formats are available for every PC or LapTop user and are easily created using some ubiquitous and easy-to-use word processors, either free or paid once.

The word processors you can use to create textual files:

  1. Microsoft Word – paid
  2. Google Docs – free
  3. Open office – free (so-called Open-source software)
  4. Notepad – paid (comes with Microsoft Office package)
  5. Different word processors and text editors you can Google online

For my purposes, I am using Microsoft Word and Notepad, and I am happy with those. Besides, I am using the Site Content platform; you can check here.

It is a sub-platform of a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate platform included in my Premium Membership. It allows me to create great articles, checking grammar and spelling mistakes, add images that are optimized, and after finishing building it, directly publishing it to my website.

I can only recommend checking it out.

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It is a fantastic package that you can check for free by clicking here. You will be astonished about what you get all.

If you want to compare some word processors available on the market, click here and check the comprehensive Wikipedia list that compares several features of each of the processors listed on the list

Besides, you can also check another Wikipedia list of text editors, here!

As a third comparison source, I found a handy article about 12 Best Free Word Processors you can read it here.

Writing An Article Is A Matter Of Expertise, Research, Time, And Motivation.

What Type Of Digital Information products To Create

If you master just one type of digital product creation, it will help you to start resolving the problem of  What Type Of Digital Information Products To Create.

Starting with your first product, you will definitely be able to create other types as well.

Depending on the topic and length of your written material also depends on your finished product.

It can be a single article, a report, an essay, an eBook, a book, a template, checklist, cheatsheet, online courses, tutorials, audio, and video formats, and more.

You can convert all of these written pieces of information in a pdf file for better delivery and download from the net.

Written material is an excellent way of producing a digital product.  I am writing this article now in a Microsoft Word processor, but I could use also any other Word processing software. However, Microsoft Word and Notepad are my favorite tools for these purposes.

So, open your preferred Word Processor now and start writing your written piece of information.

For the sake of practice, create an article about the topic that comes into your mind. If you have a website, then create an article related to the problem (niche) of your website and publish it.

Start practicing your writing skills today. It is all about practice.

The Second Type Of A Great Digital Product We Are Covering Today Is An Audio Product

What Type Of Digital Information products To Create

An Audio digital product is simply a material created by recording somebody’s voice using various voice recorders.

Same as with Word processors, there is a variety of free and paid voice recorders you can use for such purposes.

The most commonly used, and probably most known free audio recorder is Audacity, you can check it here. I prefer Audacity because it has all you need to record high-quality audio files, and it is free.

It is free, open-source software, still very sophisticated, secure to download and to use.

Click here to read more about the best audio editors.

Practical tip: Today’s smartphones are equipped very well (some of them excellent) with various software and technology, as with voice recorders as well. You can use your smartphone’s dictation software to create your audio file, save it to your phone, and afterward transfer it to your PC or LapTop to organize your audio product for your audience.

Created audio products usually come in an MP3 file format. The great thing about is that besides using media players on your PC or LapTop for playing this type of file, you can download such data to your mp3 player.

Also, you can download it to your smartphone and listen to it on the go, whenever you have time and feel so.

Audio files are a great way of delivering your content if you are not the “writing person “and like more to speak your content, instead of writing it.

Further, audio files are a beautiful additional piece of material as complementary content included within your whole digital offer, which can consist of written, audio and video files. We are going to speak about video files soon.

Many authors add such audio files to their written content.

Many book directories online, list “Audiobooks ” on their listings. An Audiobook is a written book converted into the audio file. It is a great way to consume the product on the go.

Very often, I use such products as a relaxing method whenever I feel I should “read “something and want to do it in a faster way, with my eyes closed.

It is a great way to absorb the content pleasantly.

Audio files are also a much faster way of content creation. That way, you can use such files to create great content for your tribe even on vacation easily.

I would say by laying on the beach where you need just a microphone and a safe option on your smartphone or dictaphone. Or, even during your lunch breaks or any time you have additional time to spend on content creation.

It is also evident that this way of your content creation is much faster and easier to implement compared to a written one.

The back draw with this product is that sometimes, people don’t like to be heard or seen on Video. If you are also one of them, the solution might be outsourcing.

There are many people online and many websites that offer such services for a very affordable price. Some of them are:

  • Guru.com
  • Upeork.com
  • Fiverr.com

My extra tip: sign up here for the program I am a member as well which will give you the opportunity to engage and meet hundreds of online marketers of all levels.

Engage with them daily through LiveChat and establish relationships and friendships. Many of them know how to create great content.

I am sure you can arrange with some of them to cooperate in the field of content creation.  Why not use it to your advantage?

The Third Type Of Product Creation, We Are Going To Be Speaking Now Is Video Type.

What Type Of Digital Information products To Create

The Most Used Type Of product Creation, The Video Type.

As you already know, video marketing, vlogging (video blogs) and other use of video creations is the most popular way among people around the world when it comes to content creation.

It is a natural, fast, and enjoyable way of content creation. Already a short, entertaining video, in length of just 3- 5′ can convey a great message and attract attention.

For example, you can create a video series of short videos to teach people how to create something, or how to use specific software, or show your various talents.

People are also visual beings and like to watch things. If you can create appealing videos, you are on the best track of success.

The most popular video platforms, YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, store millions of videos in their databases on their servers.  People around the world conduct billions of views daily.

For many online marketers, it is also a great way of earning money through advertising on their videos. But, when we speak about product creation, the most common forms of such use with video technology is teaching niche.

Many marketers online create video courses as their primary way of product creation.

That way, they efficiently share their expertise by showing life how to do, learn, or consume something.

Still, there is an issue associated with this kind of content creation. And, it is about the technical part of it. It is a bit challenging to create such products because you need to use your webcam or camera and specific software for such an undertaking.

Usually, such videos are saved and downloaded as an MP4 video file format.

There are also other types of video file formats used by a large audience.

I will list five of them:

  • Mp4
  • AVI (Audio Video Interleave)
  • FLV (Flash Video Format)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • MOV (Apple Quick Time)

I am not going through each of those files now.  But to remind you, each of these formats suits the best different fields and attract their specific audience.

Some types of products are more practical, and some are less. Some video formats are the best options for individual files, and some are not. It is because each form has its specifics.

However, the most used one is Mp4 that is easy to create and to download.

Use the most prominent video platforms, YouTube, and Vimeo to stream your video product from there.

Maybe you would ask now: “What kind of video format should I use? ”

Well, it depends on your target audience and the message you want to deliver. The topic of your Video is significant because it will attract a specific audience.

You can create how-to videos as most popular once, following by screen capture videos and talking heads videos.

You can use videos to teach, explain, entertain, enroll, learn, show many various things. It comes up to your niche, specific topics, skills, knowledge, and more.

Overall, if you want to succeed in the video product creation field, you need to take action. It will help you to get the best experience in video creation, and as you create various products, the process will become more comfortable.

So, get started today and create your first Video.

Wrapping Up

Digital product creation is “hot stuff.” It is a billion-dollar industry. People around the world create millions of pieces of such products every year. Now, It is your turn.

I hope that after reading this article, you know what type of digital information products to create.

It is essential to understand that you don’t need to create just one format of your digital product and to stick with it forever. You can definitely focus on one type, but with all the possibilities you have, I suggest to try out other once as well.

People around the world have different preferences and learning styles. Some like to read written material, some like to listen, and some want to watch.

People react on different signals; acoustical, tactile, and visual. The main thing here is that, by creating any product listed above, in various formats, you will add a lot of value to your final information products.

Make it possible for your customers to enjoy various formats and enable multiply the possibility of its usage.

In other words, try to mix and match and make the whole “digital product consumption “much more enjoyable for your consumers.

So, I hope you got some valuable information out of this article today. My goal today was to remind you how easy it is to create an information product and what are the most used formats today.

Let me know if you still have problems with what type of digital information products to create. I am curious to know if you already have an idea for your information product creation.

If you liked the article, and have some comments in mind, or you would like to ask me some related questions, please do so, and I would be more than happy to answer all the questions and help you out. If you feel you want to share this article, please do it, I appreciate it.

I wish you the very best digital product creation and do hope to see you on my site again.

Best regards,






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