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What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 2

In this Part 2 of the article What is the wealthy Affiliate about you will learn about the following:

  • The outstanding WA community
  • Wealthy Affiliate comprehensive platform
  • Available tools
  • Websites platform

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – The Community!

Wealthy Affiliate logo

Wealthy affiliate is a huge online community. 1,4 million (and growing) online marketers of all levels, professional experts engage daily on this unique platform. Thousands of people are 24/7 active on various platforms form Wealthy Affiliate.

The live dashboard section, the LiveChat section, writing SiteContent platform, free SiteRubix website builder section. It is a community that is willing to help any time in no time. It helps to learn new stuff, create content, answering thousands of various questions about various topics.

Outstanding support team, ready for you, answering your questions 24/365!  Within just a few minutes.

Educate yourself about the fastest growing online industry! Affiliate marketing. Engage as nowhere else on the internet.  Join the community that knows how to keep up with their members!

Click here and see you at the inside. For free!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about- A Comprehensive Platform!

Most trusted platform online! Helping you to create your unique content for your site. As a Premium member, you have access to the unique comprehensive platform online.

This platform consists of several very useful sub-platforms. Live Chat, Websites, Training creation platform, research, help center, statistic platform, notifications platform.

The platform which is a great tool for the creation of unique content! Astonishing SiteContent platform. It is a writing environment that allows you to create you best of high-quality content! Organize it! Publish it!

Track your writing goals! Besides, compare you writing achievement and skills with the rest of the community!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Google is after the relevant, highly valuable content! 

Google likes sites with quality content of high value. That includes written and multimedia content. Engagement on the site as well. As a Premium member, enhance the look, feel and the quality of an article or post!

Add an image from the library of more than 1 million beautiful images, fully optimized.

Further, check you written text for grammar and spelling errors. The spelling and grammar checker fully integrated into the platform finds you written mistakes and correct them immediately.

Your content needs to be unique. Google doesn’t like duplicated content, Plagiarism is not welcome! Thus, Site Content platform uses “plagiarism checker” to check your content for its originality. To stand out with your content is not easy. But, it is possible. This tool will help you to achieve that.

Site Content plagiarism checker is integrated within the platform and enables you the all-around editing mode,  all from one place, instantly!

The Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership gives you the access to templates which will accelerate you working routine. Choose from recreated templates or create your own. It is simple. With the few clicks of the mouse, you will have your own template created.

Every good piece of work needs kind of layout, blueprint or a structure. So the well-written article as well. Make the templates to your advantage and benefit!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – The Tools!

By now, you already know a lot about Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure you are amazed. I am too. My problem so far with WA is that I was waiting too long to jump in seriously and to explore this program in detail.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – The resource and reference point!

I repeat, even if I don’t make any money, and I don’t build an online business with WA, I have a reference point on my hand, where I can ask for anything I need related to online marketing and the various topics associated to this fastest growing online, and offline industry.

Many experts who joined the community and became “masters of the game” are willing to help newbies and all others interested in online marketing and making money online niche.

Their experience and knowledge are outstanding. Become a member today and get you “piece of the pie!”

Besides, this fabulous community I have daily access to the WA tools. There are 4 main tools that WA is offering and making them at your disposal.

Wealthy Affiliate program itself – Founded by Kyle and Carson, back in 2005. Created with the purpose to help people online to succeed. Kyle and Carson experienced success years ago and since then, 13 years after, still having huge success.

They have learned how to remain successful in the online marketing and making money niche, which is very hard, and are ready to share their experience and knowledge with the audience around the world.

Keywords and research platform made from online marketers for marketers, Jaaxy. Click here to find out more! If you want to start searching immediately, click here and all you have to do is to enter your keyword and start searching! 

Owned by WA, Kyle, and Carson, created to help people online to find, measure and track the best keywords for your business.

It is a powerful tool for everybody. Search for your best keywords, join an affiliate program, create your own keywords lists.

Free SiteRubix website building platform powered by Wealthy Affiliate. If you have any particular passion, and you want to share it to the world, or you want to build up an online store, or even create community websites, with beautiful designs and functionality.

SiteRubix, as a simplest and easiest website builder, can instantly help you to get started with your own awesome website, and this in less than a minute. If you want to see SiteRubix in action now,  Click here to start building your own beautiful website, for free!

Or, use the plugin below and choose your .siterubix domain and within seconds you will be creating your personal website!

Don’t miss fabulous training and support offered while building your own website!

Any business online starts with the website!

WA Community-the most helpful community in the world. Get accurate, instant and valuable help when you need it. All for free. Literally, thousands of people are ready to help. All you need to do is to ask. The expertise from around the world “in front of your feet!” Join the community today to discover the whole expertise you can only imagine.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – More about Websites!

One of the main features and platforms Wealthy Affiliate created for its members is a website platform SiteRubix! Check the paragraph above to start creating your websites! Create very fast, secure, totally protected websites from spammers, scammers, and hackers.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Check below other great features of the website platform!

The SiteProtect platform provides protection in three ways: comment spam protection, passwords protection, and speed site protection.

Further, get access to a comprehensive online training library with hundreds of online tutorials in all formats, audio, video, written material. Attend to weekly live webinars hold by the WA trainer Jay!

You don’t have to be a technical expert in order to build your websites. The comprehensive training about how to build, maintain, improve and create content on your site will lead you from the start till the end of building most attractive and valuable websites.

Contact online live SiteSupport for any possible reason regarding website creation you might have.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – SiteHealth! Your way of online trust and authority!

The SiteHealth platform will track the improvements to your website! The depth analysis for your site will help you to know in what direction your site needs to be improved. It is a great help to your overall understanding of the website development and improvement. This platform is tracking the following:

  • Publishing frequency – how often you are publishing your content. Google like to see fresh content published approx. twice a week, between 6-10 articles monthly!
  • Overall trust of your site – as you site improves you will gain trust online. It is an important part of your overall website success
  • The quality of your content – Fresh, updated, valuable content is your priority when creating website content
  • Visitor engagement – find out how your visitors engage on your site
  • Your own engagement – are you involved enough in your site development? Check it out here!
  • Plugins you use on your website – too many plugins on your site are slowing down the speed of your site and makes your site more confused. Reduce them to the acceptable number
  • Website feedback you get – feedback from real people about your site is a valuable source of your site quality
  • Site comments platform – engagement on your site is important for the online trust you get from your visitors. get comments and build your online trust.
  • Google rank – better rank, more traffic, more visitors, more conversions, more earnings

These are all the features Google is looking after! They are very important in order to build your online authority website!

Finally, the SiteSSL platform you get for free will enable you the secure and fast loading websites. It is a must these days in the online world to have access to website encryption feature. Besides, websites with SSL certificates rank much better than those without it!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about? – Powerful website platform for Starter and for Premium members with even more features!

As a Premium member, you will have a platform at your disposal which allows you to create and host up to 50 websites. The websites are created within WordPress development environment incorporated into SiteRubix platform. Having said that, more than 3500 beautiful themes to choose from which are mobile friendly as well.

Stay up-to-date with your design by using the theme of your choice for any niche you may build. Each theme has on features, plugins and more than 51 000 add-ons along with the whole WordPress functionality.

Create any content you can dream of. Textual and multimedia content, shopping carts, connect with the social media sites, straight from your sites, by clicking a mouse. All already prepared for you and included in your membership.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Learning, practicing, creating, and building! Become a master of website creation and online marketing!

In a case, you want to start building your site by practicing first, in any time you may even delete your website and build a new one. Easy, without any hassle. Learn, practice, create, and build! Become a master of website creation!

When finishing creating your website and going live on the internet, you want it to load fast. The SiteSpeed feature allows the fastest possible loading of your site and thus best user experience for your visitors.

This feature will make you visitor of you site happier because it can open your pages faster (mostly in less than 3 seconds) and thus, will stay longer on your site and probably decide to convert.

Besides, site speed is one of the most important parameters of SEO, because Google likes sites that load fast, what in return will contribute to your page rank. And, as you know, with a better rank comes also more traffic and with more traffic, the conversion rate is increasing.

The SiteDomain platform offers you domain registration with the domain of your choice. Read the paragraph in this article about the domains to find out more about it!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about - Free Starter Membership banner

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