What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 1

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Part 1

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What is the Wealthy Affiliate about is a question most asked of the majority of the online people! Especially, when coming in contact with this opportunity! It is absolutely clear and logical question. This is why I want to reveal today what is this opportunity about.

In this article which consists of 3 sequels, you will learn what is Wealthy Affiliate about!  You will find out about:

  • Wealthy Affiliate as a community of online marketers of all levels 
  • Education at WA
  • Websites platform
  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • SiteContent creation platform
  • Jaaxy keywords research tool
  • WordlClass online support

I came in contact with Wealthy Affiliate for the first time back in 2013! But, since then I didn’t engage with WA in a more serious manner, until this year when I started to contribute within this awesome platform. At that time I was not sure what is the Wealthy Affiliate about.

Having said that, while engaging with WA, I have learned all about Wealthy Affiliate great features like the community, websites creation, domains, hosting, the tools, platforms, lessons, training, resources, support, how to use them, how to engage on the platform and much more.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – A unique online marketer community!

Wealthy Affiliate logo

Wealthy Affiliate is firstly a great online marketer community. Next, it is one of the best comprehensive platforms, you can find online. Actually, I think it is best because I didn’t find anywhere else similar platform!

Namely, during the long period of a couple of years, I have informed myself about many online opportunities, read many books about it, went through various training programs, but never found a similar program, and always came back to WA.

So, it is easy to understand and find out what is the Wealthy Affiliate about. This is because of its overall outstanding program, training, and platform, and finally, but most importantly, as said before a community. I couldn’t find anywhere the same program and features coupled in one place.

Certainly, there are great programs out there as well. Such programs offer great knowledge, skills, earning potential and more, but WA is more than that.

Having said that, I can only suggest you to find out why is Wealthy Affiliate my recommendation #1 when it comes to learning, education and building up a long-term online business. After you are familiar with what is Wealthy Affiliate about, you will be impressed by all the features and possibilities you get access to.

Keep reading below about this awesome opportunity and find out why you should give yourself a try and a chance to learn all you need to succeed online. Improve your skills, knowledge, become a better online marketer, find out the better way! Thus, join WA today, best now!

Join WA in two ways! Pick one of the two available memberships! Free one as a Starter and a paid one as a Premium!

First, the so-called Starter member will cost you nothing. Not a dime. Everything included in this membership is for free. And, you can stay a free member as long as you want, without any further requirements or time limit.

Create your account!

Herewith, WA is giving a chance for everyone to get involved in an online marketing business, to get known with it and even to create own two websites, hosted as well.

With Starter membership, you will have access to various valuable features and benefits that will allow you to start building your own websites and get basic insights into the world of online marketing and making money online!

This membership will help you to build your own website and host it on a world-class hosting server and to get insight about the online marketing world.

This membership is great for the people who want to start learning, building up own website and online business and engaging with the large community of online marketers.

Besides Starter membership, Wealthy Affiliate is offering also a Premium membership! This membership is a paid membership and will cost you the first month $19, 00 and afterward $49, 00 monthly.

Create Your Premium Account!

This makes the yearly fee of $558, 00 paid within 12 months. But, because you can also pay the membership per year rate which is $399, 00 paid at once, you will save you a lot of money, the whole $159, and 00. It is a save of almost half of the total price paid monthly.

The third option to pay for the Premium membership is during the Black Friday what will save you another $100, 00 when you will be asked to pay $299, 00 for the yearly rate.

When you find out later in this post what you all get as a Premium member, you will be amazed and convinced that this is a great deal!

After clarifying the costs of this awesome program, online university and unique affiliate opportunity, let’s move on now to an explanation of both memberships!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about-The memberships!


  • Affiliate Bootcamp „Getting your Business Rolling“ – 10 lessons
  • Certification „Getting started“ – 10 lessons
  • Get access to the training created by the members – thousands of training modules about any imaginable topic, related to affiliate and online marketing
  • Build and host two SiteRubix websites
  • Get two free SiteRubix domains
  • if you join just SiteRubix for free, you will get also the free WA membership, and vice versa
  • In other words, either you join SiteRubix and build your two free websites, or just join WA as a Starter member, you have in both ways free WA Starter membership at your disposal
  • 30 free Jaaxy keywords types of research. If you upgrade you can search as much you like, and much more!
  • Jaaxy is alone standing affiliate business owned by WA, but you can use it as a Starter or as a premium member. If you join WA as a premium member you get also the Lite version of Jaaxy whit some more great features included. Like the search for keywords,  build up keywords storage lists, check site rank, view the search history and some more.


Let me start by explaining what means to be a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member with this words: “It is awesome to be a Premium!” Read below why I say so!

Premium membership is an enhanced version of the Starter membership and reveals much more benefits to all Premium members who are willing to use the whole training and educate themselves on how to build a successful long-term online business.

Before we continue with the further description of the Premium membership, let us now quickly explain how much does it actually cost such membership?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about-How much Premium Membership will cost you?

There are four prices included in premium membership:

  • Trial price
  • Monthly price
  • Yearly price
  • Black Friday price

Each of these prices is different. When you upgrade from Starter membership, which is totally free, and you can stay a free member as long you wish, no limitation, the first month, so-called “Trial month”, will cost you $19, 00.

If you decide, after the trial month, to continue your Premium membership and keep paying for a Premium membership on a monthly basis, it will cost you $49, 00 each consecutive month.

But, if you are able to “go early” and pay for the rest of the year at once,   it will cost you $399, 00. That way you are going to save the whole $159, 00.

The last payment option, which is the best one is the discounted price during the Black Friday! Each year, WA is offering during Blck Friday period, the discounted price as a one-time payment. In 2017. the Black Friday offer was set a price of $299, 00 one time payment. Let us surprise what this year the price will be!

That way, you will save $299, 00. This is actually almost half of the regular price. For less than a dollar per day, you will get unlocked all the features and benefits WA program is offering for the duration of one year.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about-Become Premium Member for free!

Still not satisfied with the price? Enroll only two Premium members and you have already earned for your Premium membership. 

Ok, now we know how much the whole “WA membership story” will cost you! Let’s continue now with the presentation of the Premium membership!

Having said that, the Premium members have access to the 7 most important components and features of the overall Wealthy Affiliate program.

These are:

  • Education with all its advantages and values
  • Websites
  • Premium WordPress hosting – incomparable
  • The supreme Content Platform
  • Unique and astonishing Jaaxy Keywords Research Platform
  • A unique community of online marketers that is ready to help any time in no time
  • Best online support system you can imagine

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive system! Created for you! For the people, to teach you and all others, all you need to become a great affiliate marketer! Start building your own long-term online business and success today.

I will not go through all these features mentioned above now, but if you want to check them individually, you can do this by clicking here!! Find out all benefits and what each of these features has to offer, and keep reading below!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about – Compare Starter and Premium membership!

Go to Part 2 by clicking here!

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