What Is The Niche Market

What Is The Niche Market

What is the niche market is a common question from many people when starting an online business! They simply don’t know what to choose to promote and sell. But, they want to start making money online! They have heard it is a popular and lucrative way of earning. However, they don’t have a clear picture of how and where to start.

Well, today I want to make it a bit clearer why choosing the right niche market, and the right niche is of vital importance when starting the online business. It is the first and most important step on the making money online journey

Unfortunately, the starters in online business don’t realize that the answer lies in them. Before revealing what I mean by that, let’s now explain what the niche market is and how to choose the right niche.

So, Let Me First Answer The Question: What Is The Niche Market?

Wikipedia is teaching us that niche market is a sub-market or a sub-group of the specific market in which the particular product or service is the object of trade. Such a product or service belongs to smaller market section! It focuses on satisfying more specific market desires and requirements.

You can read more about it here!

As you can see, the niche market is a specific sub-market! It focuses on one particular product or services by targeting a defined group of people! It is about narrowly selected potential group of customers! The niche market can also focus on more products and services within that niche, but in the beginning, it is challenging to follow such a business pattern.

That’s an aid; the first most crucial step of any builder of a successful business online is to find and target the proper niche market!

Target The Proper Market!

To target your essential market, you need to define what is your business online going to be and how you can add additional value to the people within your niche market! You need to know why should they come to your online store!

How to do that?

To answer this essential question I have created a list of the seven most crucial elements of the perfect niche that will give us the proper answer!

These are:

Write down

It is the “magic formula” of your best possible niche! Let me explain each of the “magic ingredients” of the formula!

What Is The Niche Market And Your Passion!

The ancient antique philosopher Aristotle has already two thousand four hundred years ago spoken that passion is one of the seven most important human actions!

Passion was driving people for millennia! It is also your motor! It is your life-changing drive! The only way to sustain the long race of online marketing and making online money competition is to follow your passion! Otherwise, on a long-term, you will collapse!

It is not possible to go for “a marathon run” if you are not passionate about running! It is not possible to build skills and knowledge if you are not excited about it. Why is that? Because building skills, knowledge, and business take time and effort.

Passion is the most important “building block,” a “strong pillar” of every highly successful performance. Your final task is to turn your passion into a profitable business. Click here to learn how! Without passion, you will lose your interest! What brings us to the next “element of the magic making money online with your proper niche formula?”

What Is The Niche Market And Your Interest!

Confucius, the ancient Chinese teacher, is teaching us, that to gain success we must first overcome our initial interest!

What is your interest based on your passion? I mean, what kind of music do you like? Which instrument, genre, the style? Your attention will tell you. Are you interested in being a composer or a singer, or a guitar player? Try to define it!

What Is The Niche Market And Your Love!

Pele, the best soccer player of all time is telling us that success is also about the love for what you are doing or learning!

Follow your passion and your interest, and you will soon be very close to your solution! Why do I say close? Because you need a third piece of the puzzle which is love! Do you love to compose or to sing? Let your love guide you.

If you feel steady love to a genre, an instrument or for composing, then this is “the right thing!” Following your passion, interest, and love you can’t fail, in the long term. It will keep you alive also when things sometimes go in another direction as you desired. Maybe even wrong! However, you will not lose your motivation and strength.

However, what to do if you love more things about music? Then you need to listen to your intuition! Which is your next “golden nugget” of your “golden niche!”

What Is The Niche Market And The intuition

Steve Jobs is teaching us that the essential thing in our short life is to follow the desire of the heart and our intuition!

What is intuition?

Consider what came first into your mind without consciously thinking. It is your intuitive answer. That is the choice. Don’t listen to anybody else. It is up to you and your future. You know the expression: “Everything is in the head!” So is your niche!

Remember, it is always about the long run, marathon — not a short sprint. Making money online is a hard and less enjoyable journey. You need to keep your attitude active, have fun and enjoy what you do to succeed.

Your intuition will show you the way! It will show you your best niche! Then, take action! Massive action which is your next important puzzle piece!

The Action!

Confucius is speaking about the action and its adjustment, that when it is evident that one will not achieve the goals, it should not adjust toe goals, instead adjust the action steps! That means that the proper action is leading to success, not the purposes itself.

It would be best if you took massive action to succeed. Even the snail didn’t come from point A to point B without work, no matter how hard it is and the time needed. I know the saying that says: “Those who go slowly come far!” The meaning and message are clear. You don’t need to rush and take the wrong decision. However, it would be best if you took action.

Putting your passion, interest, love, and intuition in action will put you on the road of success. You are going your best way. How far you come depends on your activity. It is the materialization of your urges and drives of passion, love, interest. Monetize them by taking action! Grow your business!

Then focus, focus, focus!

Steve Jobs is describing his focus as his mantra. He is telling that sometimes, simplicity can become harder than complexity. He says further that getting your mind free and focused is not easy, but when succeeded, not even the mountains can stop you.

Can you focus as well? The focus is related to concentration which means: “Now and here!”

So, be present. Focus on everything you do and is related to your selected niche! Focus on your niche itself, on your actions, on your mind. Don’t anything and anyone distract your form your goals: not even your dearest and loved ones.

Focusing will keep you motivated and save your energy. It will point you on the most relevant and essential tasks and arrange pieces into the whole “magic puzzle” of your success. Thus, focus on each section at once. Put them together. Piece by piece. If you are not focused, how can you achieve that?

The tip: not to lose focus, write it down. It is your “holy book of success!” Moreover, it is the last piece of your “magic niche market puzzle!”

Please write it down!

It is your chosen niche and niche market. Please don’t lose it form your sight. It is your online business! Become aware of it and follow your paper. Start creating your profitable, long-term online business. Turn your passion into a lucrative business and success online.

So, there you have it!

It is all your niche and your niche market. Segment your wishes, your niche, and fair. “Dive” into yourself and find your treasure. Emerge with your precious jewel. Let it shine and keep it safe.

I wish you much success!

Your friend,


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