What is the Google Sitemap

What is the Google Sitemap

What is the Google Sitemap? This is the question for many people who would like to know the answer about!

In any case, the term itself says a lot about it. Google – Search Engine we all know, Sitemap – kind of map with a specific list (links or visuals) of pages, posts, items of content of your site.

After this short introduction let’s dive deeper into the topic!

What is the google sitemap

What is the Google Sitemap?

The Google Sitemap is inserted in Sitemaps section of the Google Search console. The Google Sitemap is created for Google and Bing search engines.

Google Sitemap will be crawled and indexed by Google which likes Sitemaps because they help Google to find easier relevant content and to index it. At the same please note that sitemaps don’t affect search ranks.

Sitemaps help Google crawlers to find your pages or posts and to index them.

So, basically, the Sitemap is a list of the links on someone’s page! Regardless, new or established websites, blogs, other content, all of them benefit from sitemaps. The new blog will be crawled more efficiently and the older pages will interact better with SE!

Update the website often and the crawler will recognize it through sitemap which is updated automatically. Google “think” that you are adding more new content and will increase the frequency of crawling of your content.

But know this, Sitemap don’t influence your search rank directly.

What is the Google Sitemap-the type?

As the search engine optimization, indexing, technology, and programming are developing, so the sitemaps are evolving accordingly. Thus, we have some types of sitemaps available.


    This kind of maps still exists on some websites! Create such map using HTML bulleted list. The purpose of these maps was to show the content of the site, to check links functionality, the organization of the sites. These maps are written in plain HTML.

    That way the users coming to the site could easily check the list of the pages. Having said that, the viewer of the website could navigate and check the structure of the site with easy!


    XML Sitemap is created for the search engines. These maps help the crawlers to better crawl your website. XML Sitemaps are such maps. As HTL maps show to the users about the pages or posts or comments on the site XML sitemaps shows same to the search engines. Such XML maps list links of every page on your site. Search engines like XML markup language in which sitemaps are written.

    XML sitemaps are submitted to Google Search Console (former Google Webmaster Tools) in Sitemaps section You can submit sitemaps for various content: pages, posts, comments, pictures, etc. Yoast SEO plugin creates multiple sitemaps.


    The name of it says all about. Such maps show the layout of your pages and other items in a hierarchical order, like a tree. You can use the plugin for it. One good example is Slick Sitemap plugin. Also, you need to create navigation menu on your WordPress site. After creation, the visual sitemap is added in the new page in WordPress by adding the shortcode [slick-sitemap] in the area of the content you prefer.

    As you know, you can edit menu, sub-menu, sub-sub-menu just by moving navigational elements one below another, within menu editor in WordPress. It is like “puzzle play”!

What is the google sitemap

Why is Sitemap important?

Google crawlers are searching the internet for the content. They have to relay and hold themselves to something to determine what content is better for showing to the audience. Sitemap helps to index.

Create XML Sitemaps for search engines.  Create HTML sitemaps for visitors of the site and visual sitemaps to show the structure of the site visually. Generally speaking, sitemaps don’t influence search rank directly.

On the other hand, index pages and achieve rank. The clean structured site can help crawlers to find what they are looking for. A sitemap can also help You to edit faster your posts or pages! Sometimes I use sitemaps to come quickly to the post or page which I wish to edit. It works great!

When you open your Sitemap, you have all your posts or pages listed within a small area and in one place. It is very easy to have an insight of the content and to control what content you want to edit.

What is the Google Sitemap and the URLs!

It is very easy to read to URLs of the pages and to click on them. Clicking on a URL within Sitemap, the page or post opens and you can review your page or post and then immediately edit any things you need.

It is important that you open your Sitemaps from your WordPress platform, actually from the admin area of your WordPress (if You are editing pages or posts in WordPress as an editing platform). That way, by opening the post or page from your sitemap, you will land in the admin area of our WordPress and editor of it.

Afterward, You just click on “edit post” or “edit page” and you can start editing your content. Very practical.

So, the importance of Sitemap is diverse! Take a look at some of it:

  • help crawlers to find your content easily
  • edit pages or posts
  • check broken links
  • check all the content and navigation easy and fast
  • transfer the sitemap of our site to Google Search Console for indexing
  • great stuff in Search Console is that it is checking the errors in the sitemaps, errors in links, and other things
  • ask Google to index various content
  • you may ask Google to test your multiple sitemaps
  • and more …

How to create the Sitemap?

It is very easy to create a Sitemap. In a WordPress, serve yourselves by using three very good ways. The most created Sitemaps today are XML sitemaps.

  1. Create your Sitemap by using the plugin XML Sitemaps instead of XML Sitemap!
  2. Create Sitemap within SEO Yoast plugin
  3. visual maps creation by using a Slick Sitemap plugin

You decide what way is best for you what is the topic of another post. Stay tuned for it!

What is the Google Sitemap -Upload it to Google!

To upload Sitemap to Google, you need to do several simple steps.

  1. Create Sitemap using one of your preferred method described above.
  2. Go to Google Search Console (former Google Webmaster Tools)
  3. If You didn’t register for Google Search Console account yet do it now. It is free!
  4. Within Search Console click on your web-location (it is your website)
  5. When control Panel opens go to Indexing > Sitemaps
  6. Here, You need to click on Add/Test Sitemap button, located on the upper right side of the control panel
  7. Now you can add our sitemap
  8. Important note: you need to add just the suffix of the URL of our Sitemap
  9. After adding the Sitemap, refresh the page.
  10. Insert Your Sitemap into the Search Console
  11. Now, You need to wait and let Google index Your Sitemap. This will take some time.

What is the google sitemap
Till now, we covered fundamental important things related to Sitemaps! I hope You enjoyed the article. If You further need any help regarding the creation of your sitemaps, don’t hesitate to contact me and I would be more than happy to help you out!

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What is the google sitemap

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  1. Hi Igor,
    Thank you for the great information you are sharing with us. I´ll follow your advice on Google Sitemap to get my posts indexed faster in Google.

    • Hi Veronica,
      thanks for the comment. I am glad You like my post. Stay tuned for other posts as well.
      Indexing pages is important, because that way you have chance to get rank and hopefully rank well.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. The only sitemap I heard of before now is the XML SITEMAP. I’m still new at creating a website so I have already submitted my XML SITEMAP without really knowing the purpose or the benefits of doing so. I believe I understand the HTML SITEMAP but do I also need the VISUAL SITEMAP if I have already submitted the XML to Google and have been indexed? If I do need it, is there another way to add the VISUAL SITEMAP without a plugin as I am trying to keep my plugin amount low. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Max!

      Yes, you can use sitemap generators as browser apps, or download software or cloud-based software program.

      Just google for some and you will find plenty of them!



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