What is Google Sandbox About

What is Google Sandbox About

What is Google sandbox about is our topic today!

What is Google Sandbox About

Did you ever hear about Google Sandbox? What is it? What it stands for? Why is Google using such “thing”? Actually, Google Sandbox experienced many of you. Many webmasters, website owners, newbies in the website creation world, starters in online marketing, unexperienced website creators.

All of them had once that problem.  Many people say: “Why is my site still not ranked, not found by Google, etc.?” Why doesn’t this Sandbox filter affect some SEOs and website creators?

Maybe, You as well. I am sure about it. If that happened, it made you suffer. But, you can get out of it. Let us first learn what is Google Sandbox?

The Mythical Google Sandbox

What is Google Sandbox About

Google Sandbox is a tool, filter, Google is using to find website spammers or low-value website without relevant content.resulteuslt of such action is that your site, even one or two months after your Search Engine Optimization, is not visible on the search results made by Google.

This means that Google categorized your site as not relevant or doesn’t see any value or the importance of it. In that case, you need to do something about it. You need to start creating relevant and valuable content to avoid such valorization from Google.

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Let us come back to Google Sandbox again, check more what is Google Sandbox about and see how we can get out of that unpleasant situation?!

How To Get Out Of The Google Sandbox?

What is Google Sandbox About

As, you know already, your website is your “window to the world”, your showcase, your place where you can store all kind of content you have created, starting with written articles, graphics, images, blogs, audio and video content, surveys, forums, opt-in boxes, newsletters, etc.

You need to focus on your website and start creating valuable and original content. Don’t think on Google now. Google is too sophisticated and too complicated for you to think about it. Think on your readers, clients, and content you want to offer to them.

Google will recognize it and appreciate it. Google wants to have websites with great value, because that way many visitors will stay longer on such websites, and thus, will longer use Google as the main search engine for their searches. As simple as that!

You can’t avoid that fact. No tricks, no false and unevaluated content. You need a website which is offering high value, fresh, up-to-date, relevant content, created regularly. So, knowing more what is Google Sandbox about will also help you to create better content. To do it in a better way!

Furthermore, you need to concentrate on web marketing and SEO.  This is another subject, which we will talk about in our other articles. Check here for starting!

When you create such website or content, Google will find relevance and importance in it and then, you are done! You will be safe and out of Google Sandbox!

Google will respect your site and your content and will treat you just fine! Sure, it is not an easy task. Achieving respect from Google, between trillions of websites out there, is a pretty tedious task, agree about it?

How to Earn Googles Respect

What is Google Sandbox About

One of the most important parts of your efforts in the direction of getting Googles respect is obviously properly made SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

For that purpose, you may use your knowledge (if you are a starter or a newbie, you may acquire such knowledge and skills by joining us, I am part of such great online university as well, by clicking here. Don’t worry, you have starter package available which is totally free), experience, and some great tools. I am using Yoast SEO for that purpose, although there are some other as well.


The content can be created in various ways. But, the written content is actually, for now, the most relevant content. Write articles, blogs, and stories, create forums, join forums. Furthermore, provide useful information to your readers. Be interactive, engage yourself and ask your readers to engage. Start building relationships. Offer support. Resolve their problems. Give them solutions for what they are asking for. This is all that will help you building your readers base and your authority online.

You can additionally read about creating great content here!

Submit your content to high quality and relevant web directories.

It is a process. It is not a fast scheme. Be patience and start building your online presence and authority now, after you finished with a reading of this article! Get creating and marketing your content today! Click here to get accurate, up-to-date, help, for free!

Follow tips and strategies and you will be out of Google Sandbox in no time! Your Google rank will boost! What is Google Sandbox About will not be an issue for You!

More Help About How To Avoid The Google Sandbox

What is Google Sandbox About

The online marketers, webmasters, online experts and others still doubting and have a lot of discussion about if Google Sandbox is still there or it is not, and if it is used or not by Google.

The spammers itself, provoked Google to create such tool. They didn’t care much about what is Google Sandbox about. The “website spammers” got banned and then again spammed and got ranking back. For that purpose, obviously, spammer used another domain name.

Google is a very friendly search engine and doesn’t penalize immediately such websites, so it can take certain time, sometimes a couple of months before that happens. All that made for such spammers easy to earn money online. These days are gone. Now, using Google Sandbox, the problem of such kind doesn’t exist anymore, it is solved!

It is interesting that only new websites (new domains) are affected by the Sandbox. Old domain names could avoid such problems. You may use (if you have it) or buy old domain names (this solution of buying old domain names can be very expensive), what on the other hand, it can cause not to come along with your needs.

You may visit: www.expireddomains.net or https://www.domcop.com/domains/high-semrush-traffic-expired-domains and maybe get the solution there.

The other possibility is to buy a domain name, then create just one or two pages, get some backlinks to get indexed, and leave it at a certain time, let’s say a year. Afterward, start using it. Maybe, you will get around the sandbox.

Finally, you may buy a domain which you will use in the future at the time you want to start your website.
I recommend to go for the natural and best way: create your website, start creating your unique, relevant, valuable content and Google will recognize your site and rank it pretty fast.

What is Google Sandbox About Conclusion

What is Google Sandbox About

Google Sandbox is a filter. Google use such filters for new websites coming in. When there is a keyword with high search volume and high competition, Google uses such filter. Google place a new website in a kind of quarantine to avoid, to actually block the spam websites.

This process can last from several months to one year. That way, Google prevents spam websites to rank high in a search engine results. What is Google Sandbox About is, therefore, an important topic for starters and newbies in an online marketing arena!

My site, you are on now, which is a very new website, Google found very quickly (just within two weeks) and ranked fast. One of my articles ranked within first ten results on Yahoo, few days after creation. You may check the article here!

I could achieve such great result because of the lessons I went through within online university I am part of. If I did it, you can too. You can start right now, for free, by clicking here.
Join us today and start learning all you need to succeed and get all skills you need to build online authority in your field!

If You liked the article, please leave a comment below. If you need any help. please contact us. We are here to help.

8 thoughts on “What is Google Sandbox About”

  1. Thank goodness I got good training early on and never had to experience google sandbox! It’s heartbreaking to put in all of that work only to be tanked by google. Thanks for your links to getting the right training.

    • Hi Shalisha!
      Thanks a lot for your comment!
      Yes, it is frustrating when your work lands into the sandbox! Hopefully, my article will help many to overcome such an unpleasant event.
      Best regards!

  2. Hi Igor,

    I hadn’t heard of the Google Sandbox term before reading about it here, I now know what it is!

    It’s interesting how Google picks up on spammers and non-relevant articles through a filter, and it’s great how it solved the problems.

    It sounds like you are doing quite well with your website, having it rank so quickly congratulations!

    This was an interesting and informative read, thank you.


    • Hi Patsy!
      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it is great to see my pages are getting a high rank, but this is for now for Bing and Yahoo.
      Landing on position 1 and 2 on certain keywords. It means that I have learned some skills so far.
      Still, need to achieve that with Google.

      Great topic and site of yours. Keep up the good work!

  3. I realise that google has a strict rule about what it regards as important information and how it ranks new posts and websites. At times it is very difficult to get your posts indexed.

    • Hi Andrew!
      It seems so. I am getting very good rankings on Yahoo and Bing, but not on Google.
      It is much harder to achieve a high rank on Google. I guess it takes much more time and effort.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. I’m glad I came across your post. I’ve heard of Google Sandbox but really wasn’t sure what it was about and hadn’t taken the time to look into it more. This post definitely provides value to anyone looking to make money online. Thanks, Curtis.

    • Hi Curtis!

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      The post is part of coming series of posts within my Google category on the site.

      Come back whenever you feel to read about more Google topic.
      Anyway, Google has thousands of tutorials and advice how to use Search Engine, about optimization issues, and about all the products Google offers.
      The list is huge!

      I will try to contribute a bit and provide some useful and relevant info.

      Best regards!


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