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What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership (in short: WAPM) is a question every person is asking when coming in contact with WAPM for the first time.

Hello dear friend!

Thanks for coming by. The fact that you landed on this page and reading this post it tells me that you are interested in building a solid online business. Am I right? If yes, then this post is the right one for you! If I am not then read it anyway because you will be able to discover the affiliate program as no one other online today. WAPM is the program you need to get some insights about because you might be interested in.

It is a program that it is about the people, community, online marketers, created from online marketers for online marketers, on the best available comprehensive platform you can find worldwide, designed for any level of online marketers. Regardless, starter or advanced or a professional online marketer, you can use it for your benefits.

This program offers two types of membership. The free one, called Starter membership and the paid one called Premium membership.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership as the most comprehensive and valuable membership within Wealthy Affiliate!

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

We are going to review today the paid membership, so the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership! Keep reading now about what is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and find out all about this outstanding program!

The questions we are going to answer are:

  • What is WA Premium Membership (in short: WA PM) about?
  • Why join WA PM?
  • Who can join the WA PM?
  • How much does it cost to join the WA PM?
  • The ways of payment for the WA PM?
  • Promoting WA PM?
  • Earning with WA PM?

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership about?

In short: Wealthy affiliate Premium Membership (WAPM) is a paid membership which allows you to have full access to all-round and all-inclusive platforms for learning about online marketing, creating, editing, maintaining, developing, your long-term online business and making revenue online.

This platform is already used by the biggest online business community of more than 1,4 million members, online marketers of all levels, as starters, advanced online marketers and the pros in this field!

Besides all of that, you have all great tools, innovative online technology, and world-class support in a real-time at your disposal on a daily basis.

This state-of-the-art WAPM is a comprehensive system that covers all important elements of building an online business.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

As you know there are many ways how to make money online, but probably the best one to start with is the affiliate marketing business. The What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership article explains also where and how you can start your online affiliate marketing business.

Every such business online starts with a website! It is the first step of the simple 4 steps online building process that continues with building up your website and creating content, than with getting traffic and finally making conversions, the revenue!

That way we can simplify the process in the following 4 steps:

  1. The audience online searching for the desired content – The Customer
  2. They land on your website! – Your website
  3. On your website, they search around and find the product or service they like – Product or Service
  4. Finally, they make the decision to buy your product or service – The Revenue

Fine, that looks simple, although, you may say at this point: „It looks simple, indeed. But, how do I start? I don’t know much about websites, creating content, making revenue and all the other stuff involved!?“ That is why Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is created for, to teach you all of this stuff and above that to offer you the tools, environment and the help you need to succeed.

Having said that, WAPM is a comprehensive system and platform consisting of following programs, systems, sub-systems, features and platforms:

  • Best Education you can imagine
  • Comprehensive Website Platform
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Amazing Content platform
  • Outstanding Jaaxy Keyword & research platform
  • Biggest online marketers Community you can find online
  • World Class, real-time Support

Each of the programs listed above is a unique, great program integrated into the whole system. I could start describing each of them now, but I am sure you would need to stay much longer on my post to read all about.

For now, please, just note that WAPM consists of all these services, tools and platforms.

You can click on this link to check it out by yourself!

Let us move on now to the next question, which is, why the heck you should join the WA PM? Especially if you are thinking about building your long-term prosperous online business?

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – Why should you join the program?

The answer is simple! There are three basic reasons why:

  • You want to build your online business
  • Don’t know where to start and need to learn all it takes to become a successful online marketer
  • Need a proven, successful affiliate program you can promote without any doubt, with all the tools and services you can use on a  daily basis, or whenever you need to

Yes, this all is WAPM! The proven affiliate marketing program, your ultimate online business. The place of your best education, with the best tools and great support you need in a just couple o minutes after you asked for help.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership-Are you qualified enough to join?

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

To answer this question is very simple again! Anyone who knows how to use a PC, or LapTop or even a Tablet and a Mobile device is qualified to join WAPM. Wealthy Affiliate is gone mobile and you may operate within the platform the same way as on PC, laptop or Tablet.

There is no any other skill required. Completely uneducated online marketers, newbies in this niche can join. This is possible because all is explained form the scratch, in detail. How to start building your website, how to create content, how to get traffic to your website and how to convert!

The whole journey of the online marketing success is explained step-by-step, but you need to make your first step and step into the program.

If you like, check here the 10 lesson course for free.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership-the cost of membership!

Wealthy Affiliate offers 4 types of membership all with different fees!

Free Membership – Zero cost. You don’t pay anything! All for free!

No credit card needed here! The free membership allows you to have access to the training which will teach you how to set up a website and start making money off it, and these with your own 2 completely free websites, hosted for free as well. You can develop those websites and keep learning through the basic courses on a step-by-step basis.

WA allows you to stay the free member for as long you want, even for years. Though, with some limitations as locked Premium training, limited communication, and video tutorials.

As in every other school or university, the entry-level of education is followed by the upgraded education. If you want to become a serious online marketer and starting building serious online business, you need to jump to a higher level of training and education, more advanced one and start using also advanced tools and platforms.

Therefore, WA is offering a comprehensive WA Bootcamp training, a Premium level training with other enhanced features, platforms and support.

To get access to the higher level of the membership, you need to upgrade to Premium Membership. If you wish to do so right now, click here! You can start with the Premium membership for the first month per discounted price. keep reading to find out for how much!

First Month Premium Membership – A special discounted offer of just $19

To unlock the full benefits of the Premium Membership, WA is giving you a possibility to know all the features, systems, tools, platforms, to chat with the members, to comment and ask what you need, to contact support, to start building up to 50 websites, and much more, for a discounted price of only $19.

This offer is valid for the first month of your WAPM. Afterward, you need to become a WAPM for the full price of $49 monthly, if you don’t go for the yearly membership, which is available for the reduced price of $359. Going yearly you save the whole $199. 

Further, WA offers an option of just a $29 per month. Read below how …

A quick recap of the fees:

  1. Free membership – $0 -stay a free member forever
  2. Premium membership First Month Trial – $19 – just for the first month of the Premium Membership
  3. The monthly fee for Premium Membership – $49 – On a month-to-month basis
  4. Yearly fee for Premium membership – $359 (You save $199 in total on a yearly basis)

Monthly Premium Membership – Payable on a month-to-month basis – $49

Premium membership is a perfect membership for anyone who want to stay along for couple of months, to check all the benefits, to get access to everything within WA and to convince itself if the WA is the right program to stick with it on a long-term basis, which I honestly recommend because after my opinion it is!

WA Pm has many benefits. You can start discovering all of them by clicking here.

But, if you are not ready to discover the benefits yet by clicking on the link above, you can check the list below for many of the benefits you will find inside WA PM:

  • Attend weekly live completely interactive classes
  • Get overview and access to hundreds of hours of real expert education, more than 300 hours
  • Access to  50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Lessons
  • Absolve the 70 Lessons of the outstanding Affiliate Bootcamp training
  • Full access to the unbelievable directory of thousands of training units
  • 12 Classrooms about all imaginable topics related to online marketing and building up an online business
  • Possibility to create your own training and earn money
  • Create your own expert blog within WA
  • Use the free website building platform you can build your website on, in  a less than 1 minute
  • Choose from more than 3000 (and growing) incredible website designs
  • Add some of the more than 51,973 add-on plugins to your website
  • Build your own 25 WordPress websites on your own domain ( no extra costs)
  • Additionally, build your own 25 SiteRubix WordPress websites using free SiteRubix sub-domain
  • Purchase your own domain within WA platform
  • Implemented SiteSpeed feature for fastest loading websites
  • SiteProtect platform, the powerful free SSL Certificate
  • Virus and malware protection for your created websites
  • Analyze your website within the SiteHealth platform and check the overall health of your website
  • SiteComments platform for better engagement on your website
  • SiteFeedback platform for getting the feedback for the whole community of members within WA to improve your website design
  • Cutting-edge website training within hundreds of training lessons, videos. modules about becoming an expert with WordPress website building platform
  • State-of-the-Art hosting
  • Website monitoring 24/7/365 as long as you stay a Premium member

Best innovative hosting and website monitoring technology

  • World Class 24/7/365 SiteSupport in a real-time, wait for the response no longer than maximum five minutes
  • As a Premium member enjoy the fastest and most powerful servers in the IT industry
  • Write your content on the unique, outstanding SiteContent platform
  • Import and enter in your content the images  you choose from more than 1,000,000 of them
  • Check your writing accuracy by checking the grammar and spelling errors
  • Google and other SE are asking for only unique content. Use the Plagiarism Checker incorporated within the SiteContent platform to instantly check before publishing it, the uniqueness of your created written content
  • Various pre-prepared templates to use for your article creation. Create also your own templates. All within SiteContent platform
  • The biggest online marketers community of all levels ready to help any time in no time, active 24/7/365
  • Communicate daily with over 1,2 million members
  • Enjoy unlimited access to help
  • Achieve Ambassador status by helping others
  • Instant help available 24/7/365, post questions and get immediate help
  • Join Live Chat sessions and communicate internationally from the comfort of your home
  • Get the instant website and hosting support, in a less than 5 minutes
  • Directly contact to founders, Kyle and Carson, daily. Nowhere else available
  • Thousands of online experts at your disposal
  • Multiple support access
  • Ask technical, technological and website questions
  • Even many of the WordPress plugin and theme owners are there for you. Ask them any question you might have

… The benefits don’t stop here!

As you probably know, keywords are your “gateway” to indexing and getting found on SE and for better SEO. Thus, creating relevant, best keywords is a skill you should not miss. Wealthy Affiliate is helping you with it as well.

As a Premium Member, you have access to keywords research platform, the Lite version of the amazing Jaaxy keywords Research Tool, created from online marketers for online marketers. You can use Jaaxy to:

  • Find your best keywords – among billions of them
  • Research for your niche – between of thousands of them
  • Become an affiliate member of this unique software and service
  • Earn money with Jaaxy
  • SiteRank platform will allow you to track your website ranking
  • Analyze your competition websites
  • Brainstorm feature will allow you to discover and separate the newest trends
  • Reveal your best domains for the given keyword

Wealthy affiliate involves the network of more than 1,4 millions of online marketers. The biggest international online marketing community worldwide. Accessible 24/7/365.  As a Premium member, you have full access to it.

Yearly Premium Membership – $359 – You save the whole $199 or even $205 if you choose yearly membership from scratch!

We know now that Premium Membership is a great membership, a pearl of WA Memberships. You can get this pearl for even a discounted price. All you have to do is to go for Yearly Premium Membership which costs $359. That makes a monthly membership of $29.92. You save the whole $205. You can go yearly any time you want. So, if you go yearly after the first Trial Premium Membership with the discounted price of $19, you will save the whole $199.

Either way, you save money. Think for a moment about it: monthly membership of just $29.92, what makes less than $1 per day! Open the whole world of online marketing expertise, top up-to-date education, the innovative platforms, tools, services, support, websites, hosting, in a couple of words, the whole rounded comprehensive system online, established for the almost decade and a half online already!

Can you invest less than a dollar daily for your future long-term online business? Or better asked, do you want to do that?

Stay a PM for one year. Test it out. Give yourself and your online business needed time to develop and to become a long-term success. Quit one cup of coffee a day. Instead, give yourself a chance to succeed. No one business can be built in a short time. You need to build your expertise, your online authority, credibility, and trustworthiness the audience will recognize and choose you as their reference point. That takes time.

The WAPM will give you a hand and show you the way! The better way! But, you need to do your first step. Choose your interest and join us. Build your website, create content, attract visitors (relevant, valuable, massive amount of them) and start making money, on a long-term. Is less than a dollar per day worth it?

If yes, join us now. Click here and see you on the inside!

And remember, you need just one recurring PM member to cover your membership fee. Is that too difficult to achieve? You tell me!

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is great, but still, you are not sure yet what kind of membership should you join?

To answer this very common and important question, let’s us first assume that you are getting interested in joining WA, but still not sure what kind of membership to choose because you are not yet in the whole story of the online marketing niche!

Let me help you at this point!

WA and its Starter Free Affiliate program (btw you can make money at WA even with free membership)  is perfect for the people who want to inform themselves about WA possibilities and get some starting points about making money online, but not sure yet if they want to start building a long-term online business and become a skilled online marketer!

They are not interested in learning all about how to build a website, create appealing content on it and how to make money with it.

So, if you fall into this category, this is the right membership for you. Test it out. Maybe, during the course, you might change your opinion, and become interested in the second kind of the WA Membership which is as stated before, the full PM for the discounted price of $19.

The WA discounted first-month Premium Membership is a perfect membership for the people who want to continue their development and are interested to find out more about what is like to build an online business. They have tried the free membership and became interested in more and are looking forward to starting building a serious online business.

Besides investing some starting money, they are also ready to invest needed work to get them to the next level of expertise and online marketing! They are encouraged in taking further steps and want to start securing their spot in the online marketing arena.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – The full Premium Membership!

Finally, we are coming to the Full Premium Membership, payable monthly or yearly! These members made a serious decision. They want their dreams to become reality. Determined to succeed, they will follow the whole training, take their time, build their online business and become real online marketing experts.

To work online is not a problem for them because they take decisive action. They are ready to get on the highest levels of online marketing. They want to succeed!

But, I need to warn you! The success doesn’t come easy and fast! Just because of the reason you decided to go Premium on a long-term, it doesn’t mean you will succeed in any means. You need to develop your mindset and to stay persistence. Wealthy Affiliate will help you as far it can show you the way, give you the tools, support, but the whole work is up to you.

Depending on your efforts, on your level of expertise, on the time invested in your online business, you can expect success! As in any other business, online business is no different. It needs to be built. Just the fact that many things online occurs per a “click if the mouse”, doesn’t reflect the business, and building an online business is not getting that fast!

It is a journey that can last.

I joined WA as a Premium Member because I was curious about online marketing, wanted to learn all is possible to get an insight into this only growing industry and to build my own online marketing website. I wanted to take the full advantage of this great program. The website you see and the content you read in it is built and created on a WA platform using the services and tools I have access to.

If you want to take a look around the WA, please visit this link and see the video created by the co-founder of the WA, Kyle!

It is a 30:25 minutes video, comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate Walk-through video. Within this video, you can look around WA and get some insight into how you can benefit from WA and how WA can help you succeed with your online business.

Before leaving you today, please check the latest update about the latest WA releases in the last 9 months. Amazing stuff. WA is a community of international online marketers. You know that already. But, you also need to know that based on the feedback of the community, WA is progressing, evolving in the last 13 years tremendously. Always up-to-date, innovative and helpful for its community Wealthy Affiliate is here the stay for years to come.

Click here to check the latest post of the Co-founder Kyle about the changes WA went through in the last almost decade and a half

Do you have any further questions about WAPM?

Although I tried to present the WEPM in a comprehensive way, it is possible that you might have additional questions! In that case, you may contact me personally and ask me in the following ways:

  • Send me an email
  • Contact me through the contact form
  • Ask for WhatsApp number
  • Connect per Skype

The aim of this article is to make WAPM more clear to you, so don’t hesitate to contact me.  To review the great Wealthy Affiliate program in general, visit this link!

As always, if you liked the post, please leave a comment below, I would be more than happy to open the discussion with you and to help you out as far I can.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

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