What Is A Dwell Time

What Is A Dwell Time

Welcome to What Is A Dwell Time article today which is one of my series of 7 articles about the seven probably most essential SEO factors for 2019.

After reading this article, you will get insight into one of the crucial SEO factors you should take into consideration when optimizing your web page or blog post for the readers and SE.

It is about the dwell time. Let’s jump into it!

The Wiktionary website defines the dwell time as period an element of the particular system or a system itself remain in a specific condition. You can read about it by clicking here!

The explanation from Wikipedia refers to dwell time as an unimportant factor evaluating the time an individual spent on your content after clicking it. Read more about it here!

Fine. We now know the dwell time is about the time the user will spend to remain on your content after clicked your link to it. It is an essential website metrics that Google is using two get credits to your website for better ranking.

We can also define the dwell time as the time the person use to spend on your website after clicking on a result on the SERPs page, and before leaving your page by clicking on another SERP result.

What Is A Dwell Time – The time the person uses for staying on your content in between two clicks.


For Google, this time is essential because Google assumes that when a person stays longer on your web page or blog post; the same satisfy the reader’s needs.

Contrary, the less time the person spends on someone’s content, Google will assume that the reader will not be satisfied with that content.

I also need to mention that this metrics can also be a bit tricky because if you spend time on pages that don’t require longer staying on it, Google must recognize such pages and adjust the dwell time for these cases.

So, in a nutshell, it is one of many factors Google is considering when ranking your pages, and don’t find it as such significant factor, instead, consider it as one that indicates the engagement of your visitors on your content and should not be the main focus all your content creation.

What Is A Dwell Time As One Of The Many SEO Factors!

Google will use this parameter in the whole mosaic of algorithms factors that will contribute to the overall page rank.

Please, be sure not to mix the dwell time and the other parameters regarding the time associated with reading your webpage or blog post, because it is clear that when somebody comes to your webpage will also go off the page. If this is the case with only one page on your website and then leave your webpage, then we are talking about bounce rate. It is not the dwell time.

What Is A Dwell TimeAgain, dwell time, as the time spent on your pages or blog posts on your website between two clicks on SERP. The first click for coming to your content and the next click for living off your content.

If somebody leaves your content by closing the page or navigating directly to another page, we are not talking anymore about the dwell time.

There are also some other parameters and factors that are very similar to dwell time, but they’re not the same. For example, the average time on page, the session duration, click through rate, rank brain, and others.

I want to mention here that dwell time parameter is created as an essential metric because the search engines want their users to receive valuable and useful content, and not to get frustrated or constrained because landing to non-useful material while searching the SERP.

The Time Your Visitors Spend To Stay On Your Content!

What Is A Dwell Time

If visitors stay longer on your content, before leaving it and clicking on another SERP link, it means your content is useful and appealing, and the visitor will remain satisfied.

It is the reason why Google is so mighty and leader in the SE market.

Google set such standard of searcher’s and reader’s satisfaction after the era of “paid high-rank results” when great companies with large budgets, same as individuals, could buy the rank.

In the modern era of the SE market, every satisfied user is a bonus for the SE company.

Another important fact not to forget is that mobile-friendly pages are more and more in use! Your task is to create mobile-friendly websites and content on it.

If your website is not that mobile-friendly optimized, it is time to do it, now. Another associated important factor is undoubtedly also the site speed factor! It can tremendously enhance or downgrade your user experience.

This is for a straightforward reason! If your visitor clicks on the link within the SERP and needs to wait for your page to load longer than 3-5 seconds, then he/she will immediately click on another SERP result!  Your dwell time factor is going to miss the point.

Mobile Search!

Same applies for searches on mobile or static devices.

What Is A Dwell Time-Mobile Search

Working on appealing, useful and valuable content, your readers would love to read is your most important task. It is incredible how helpful, well written and optimized content can affect many other important page rank factors.

Ultimately, it affects also your conversion rate. Be useful with your content. Create it for the readers, your visitors firstly. SEs want valuable and helpful content for their visitors because they need it for their business. Thus, optimize the content also for SE to be indexed faster and ranked better.


Dwell time is an indicator for yourself and for the search engines! It indicates the level of satisfaction of your visitors and readers of your content. Don’t mix dwell time with other factors associated with time spent on your content. It is solely the time between the two clicks on SERP! The first click when finding your link on SERP, and the second click, before leaving your content.

To make this time longer you need to take care about the quality of your content! The user experience on your site is essential. It includes site speed, the relevance of the written and created material, content optimization, mobile-friendly customization.

As an online or an affiliate marketer, you want to achieve a high conversion rate! It would be not possible to gain with your website if you don’t follow the instructions!  Accomplish the essential tasks involved in making and keeping your visitors, readers, and buyers satisfied all the time!

With that in mind, I want to thank you for reading my article! I wish to see you more often on my site.

Finally, before I go today, I would like to ask you to leave a comment below! Share it with people you know.

If you would like to ask something more, please let me know! I would be glad to help you out.

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