What is a call to action about

What is a call to action about

In today’s article, we will learn what is a call to action about. 

Please read the whole article to discover following:

  • What is a call to action about?
  • Why should you use a call to action (CTA)?
  • 7 steps of creating powerful and best CTAS
  • How to use CTAS?
  • Where to place CTAS withing your copy and a website?
  • How to start building your first website within only 30 seconds?

What is a call to action about

You have created your own website. Maybe it is a first website, maybe a second one, and maybe an x one. What you need on your website in order to make it noticed and ranked well on SERPs is a great, high-value content, accurate, relevant, useful and informative copy, your unique piece of copy the audience and Google will like.

I am sure that you created a great piece of information or any other digital creation. It may be an eBook, PDF document, brochure, catalog, report, video course, audio file, landing page, email newsletter content…you imagine.

The content you’ve created is easy to read, simple, appealing, accurate and enticing. Next what you want to achieve is to be ranked high with that content. One of the factors of good rank is also the rate of visitors to your blog, post and page, article…whatever.

Your content and missing visitors!

But, you have a problem with your visitors. Unfortunately, your visitors are missing. The article is still too “young” or your site is not known to the Google in that percentage that it will rank immediately and high. You need to promote more, and to make your site “trustworthy” to the Google so your articles can rank better and faster.

However, let’s assume, for the purpose of today’s article, that you achieved pretty good rank. Also, let’s assume that the article is about kind of an online course or serious of emails with valuable info in it or even the registration to the Online marketing program, or you just want the people to fill out the pre-registration form for a new coming eBook of yours.

But, one unwanted, terrible thing is happening … the registrants are missing. It is opposite of what you have been expecting. Your copy is great, you have promoted it, but still, the people are not registering for your program. It shouldn’t be like that!

And you are starting asking yourself, with full right: “Why is this happening?”

After further examination, you discovered that you forgot to inscribe one of the most important parts of any copy which is created with the purpose to enroll people or to entice them to do something (what you want them to do) after reading your great piece of creation, and this is a Call to Action.

You simply didn’t tell the audience what you want them to do. That is why you need to know what is a call to action about!

Simple but true. Many people still are just representing something and creating great value, but they simply forget to ASK OR TELL THE AUDIENCE TO DO SOMETHING WHEN ON THEIR CONTENT.

What is a call to action about!

What is a call to action about

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Be sure you go through the training (for free, of course) and not to miss any more online marketing actions about asking or telling people what to do when on your site. Tell them what to do when reading your content, regardless if you do that at the beginning or at the end of it. (Most online marketers are using the technique of putting it at the end of an article, blog-post, page …), while at the beginning of an article announcing what will be revealed at the end of it.

A neat technique to encourage and to entice the people to read the whole article through.

Ok, let’s come back to the explanation of what is a Call To Action about!

What is a call to action about

Simple, as the same words say: Call to Action is a call on the visitors of your content to initiate some action. You are simply telling to people what you want them to do after or during reading your content.

In other words, you simply stimulate people to either buy something or subscribe to a course or a newsletter, to visit another offer, to register for the webinar or to take a look at your new product introduction or a demo and more.

You can do that just by ordering them what to do or by simply kindly telling them or suggesting them what to do.

I think, now the picture called “What is a call to action about” is getting clearer, am I right?

Why should you use CTA?

What is a call to action about

There is one reason, but the most important one, why you should use CTAs in any serious copy of your content:



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How to use CTAS?

What is a call to action about

Before answering this question, let’s see why should you ask people to do something when on your site, page, or blog?

  • Firstly you want to send people to your opt-in or landing page to gather people’s email by offering them high-valuable content, product, service.
  • Secondly, when doing so, the next logical question at this point could be: “Why should I ask or tell somebody to act or to do something now, today, immediately, without delay, etc…”Are they not enough focused, or passionate or they don’t fell enough enticed to do so, or maybe your content is not motivating them enough to do such an action…?

Why is it important to tell your readers explicitly what to do? Because, if you don’t tell them somebody else will. There are several steps or points, you need to take in consideration when creating such CTA.

Check 7 steps below, you want to execute before creating best CTA!

1. The purpose – Any website has a purpose: educations, information, selling, memberships, various services … etc. According to that, CTA needs to have its purpose as well. Ask yourself a simple question: “What do I want to achieve with my CTA? What is the purpose of it? Write your answers below that questions and start creating your great CTA!

2. Content – The problem with the content and with correlated CTA, is that you could create the best CTAS in the world, but if your content is not delivering value, something beneficial for the readers, the content which the visitors will love to read, and afterwards be able to go off the page totally satisfied because they could take home some benefits from it, then, in that case, your best created CTAS will have no results.

So, be sure to create content the reader will like to read and to stay on it all the way through it.

3. Relevancy – Ok, you know now already the purpose of your CTA, you have created most appealing content, but your CTA is not relevant.

Here is one simple example:

Let’s assume that the purpose of your site is education about online marketing, and the purpose of your CTA you have created on one of the pages or posts within the site is that you want from your reader to start learning one specific course. This means you want from him/her to register for that course and to start learning.

The CTA for that purpose should look something like that:

But, you created a CTA with a message: “Click here and discover what the course is about!”
Something like this:

With this message, you have invited the reader to discover what is the course about and not o enroll for a course about making money online from scratch!

You completely missed your CTA and the relevancy. Why? Because you want your reader to start learning now about making money online from scratch, and not to inform himself/herself about the course he is going to visit. This can be done with another relevant CTA and before your invitation to act now. All this is telling me that you need to know what is a call to action about!

So, the message here is: “be specific and to the point with your CTA!”

4. Location on the site and on your copy – This is another very important part of the CTA strategy! Ask yourself few questions:

  • Where do I want my CTA to be located on my page (post, any other content)?
  • How often do I want to show it?
  • For how long do I want to show it?
  • When, at what moment do I want to make my CTA visible?

I suggest you make your CTA always visible.  The homepage and every other page (except landing page) are the perfect places to post your CTAS. You just tell the people what to do everywhere on your site.

There are several other ways how to do this as well:

  • Within your content
  • During webinars
  • In various presentations
  • Every additional published article

To do that use status bar at the beginning or at the end of the page! Create a sidebar widget on your page! Some online marketers are placing the CTA on different multiple places across the continent. This is something I leave to you to decide about.

I just think, that “overwhelming” the reader with too many CTAs can be unproductive. The readers want in the first line to read your content, and afterward to decide what to do.

Some online marketers are placing CTAs on various places within their blogs or published articles. Few are posting at the beginning, or in the middle, in the end, on two of those places, in all three places within a copy.

Email marketing and CTAS!

Please, don’t forget email marketing! Email marketing is still the most powerful marketing system. Every second, millions of emails are sent. Every email should contain calls to action, even in the subject line, and in your signature file.

Social media and Videos are great places to post your CTAS!

Use social media to post CTAs. Videos are also an excellent place for your CTAs.

Nowadays, you can use CTAS in different places because the power of media is getting bigger and bigger.

There are so many devices, platforms, and social media platforms available that you have so many options existing for your CTAs. Use them.

Luckily, If your website is visiting “warm-readers” on your site, it means relevant readers,  they will decide much easier what to do when on your site. The other readers will most probably take an extra decision, without being pushed too much. Remember, that the readers decide to stay or to leave the page within only 3 seconds after coming to your page. If your content is not appealing at that point, they are gone, probably, forever.

Make your headline and first sentences of your paragraph appealing (this is completely another topic, but just to mention …) and try not to “bomb” the visitor with huge CTA at the beginning, in other words, don “scare your readers” by being too “pushy”.

It is proven that CTAS on exit work better.

What is a call to action about

I assume you are using WordPress as your website creation platform. The site you are on now is also created and built in WordPress environment. As you can notice, I have posted a status bar as CTA at the bottom of the screen.

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You will need to spend just about 30 seconds only (yes, you’ve heard correctly, just 30 seconds) and your site will be up and running.


Of course, you will need additional editing, but your URL, website theme, and hosting are in place. For free.

5. Research, test and monitor the success of your CTAs – There are literally dozens of great appealing CTAs. Even more than that, of all kind. Research a bit about it and find out what suits your needs best. Test your CTA for a certain time and finally, you will have to best CTA for your purpose and needs.

6. Ordering or imperative tone – Working best. People like to be told what to do. Not everyone, of course, but in general, if they are told in an appropriate way they will follow the order. There is nothing bad about telling them what to do. Be straightforward and help them to make a decision. Sometimes, people need to be enticed to do something.

7. Link CTA to sale page, to a membership site, to a review, shopping cart, to your autoresponder
(click here to read more about autoresponders) or any other relevant content – After the line, this is probably one of the most important “magical ingredients” of an accurate and strong CTA!

What is the purpose of best CTA without showing to the people the “entrance door” in the program or membership site, or showing them the way to go to payment service provider? Don’t forget such links in any case. This is not what you want.

As you could see above, the creation of a powerful, enticing and relevant CTA is not always an easy task. Go through the steps described before and you will be on the way of creating best possible CTAS.

The last thing we don’t want to forget is explaining the modalities of creation (writing) of such CTA!

The message you want to send with your CTA can be written in several ways:

  • Write your CTA as a strong proactive verb and use such verb at the beginning of it
  • CTA can be written as  just one word or combination of two or three words (short phrase) or a longer phrase
  • CTAs can be written as text or created as visuals
  • Audio CTAS incorporated in your voice messages can be very effective
  • Use Video CTAS
  • Nice enticing colors used for the visual emphasizing of your CTAS can significantly enhance the conversion rate
  • For example, blue color casts confidence and calmness, while red color motivates action, etc.
  • There are also some other ways to create enticing CTAs, like pop-up CTA, slide-in CTA, the CTA bar ate the top or at the bottom of the page …

I would suggest writing a short, strong and appealing CTA which is not overwhelming the reader but still leaves a strong, easy-to-notice message about what you want from the reader to do. Let your CTS be as effective as possible.

There are so many examples of great CTAs online. You want a high percentage of conversion, and there are some vital steps you need to do to achieve that:

  1. a website
  2. great product or service
  3. great content
  4. lots of traffic
  5. STRONG CTA within your content

If the purpose of your site is converting your readers into buyers, then the PROPER CTA is a must to have on it.I am sure that by now you have learned what is a call to action about!

My final message:

Don’t forget to create best CTA you can and put it in a place within your copy which will actually be visible all the time. Don’t struggle any more with what is a call to action about! 

If You like the article, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to reply.
In a case you have any question, leave a message below and I will be glad to help you out!

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