Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver

Top 4 ways to over-deliver are today’s topic of this post!  We are going to be speaking about 4 easy ways to impress your customers! Keppe reading below to discover how you can over-deliver!

Top 4 ways to over-deliver

Many people around the world are searching on a daily basis for the products and services they would like to buy online. While deciding which company to choose to buy from they find many different companies that actually under deliver what they promised.

Or, they are offering poor products or services because they want to earn quick money without creating valuable merchandise. That also means that the product is delivered late or incomplete, in poor shape. Very often, after leaving their email address the customers are floated with the upsells.

This is the reason why finding the right company that delivers what it is promised and best over deliver, it is really the best situation that can happen to the customer. If you find a company that over delivers, stick with it.

Over-delivering is the best way and the best tool for the company to build the trust, loyalty and the best promotion they can get. Who doesn’t want to receive what is ordered and even more than that?

So, what can you do to over-deliver? Let us now take a closer look at it. 

In this article today we are going to be talking about what the Top 4 Ways To Deliver mean for the seller and for the customer! In a case you are the customer, as mentioned above, finding the company that implements this way of acting and delivering what is promised can be selected under certain criteria.

There are some very powerful strategies involved! Every reliable and serious seller online should consider them and use them in a daily praxis. But, before listing them, lets now define the term delivery! says about over-delivery the following:

To deliver more than is required or expected. Also (occasionally) with object.

After reading the definition above, it is obvious that one needs to deliver more goods or services as required or expected by the buyer. Is that possible to do as a seller? It is! In a digital world and with digital products, everyone can do it with ease.

When speaking about the tangible products then it could be a bit more complicated to over-deliver, but with a little imagination and will this is also possible to achieve. Especially when combined with digital products or services.

Take a look at the video below about what one of the best sportsmen of all time, Magic Johnson says about over-delivery!

Now, let us examine the top 4 ways you can implement to over-deliver. 

They are:

The delivery itself

The Freebies

The Brand and the “Personal Touch” of your online business 

The great support

By implementing just this four very important strategies of getting trust and building a great reputation as a seller, regardless a small or a big company, or even an individual, regardless the niche you are in, your location in the world the kind of product or service you are delivering, it will boost your recognition online and position you as a reliable seller.

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver – Impress Your Customers By UsingThe Simple Trick For Over-Delivering

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver

The simple trick you can use to over-deliver is to claim one delivery time and to deliver faster than you claim. That comes into the category of reliable and fast support. It means if you have a product or service and you claimed to deliver this product or service within a certain amount of time regardless of hours or days, or even weeks! In that case, you need to be able to deliver promised faster than you claimed.

For example, if you are selling tangible products, and claiming that you are going to deliver within seven to ten days, your customer would be very satisfied if your delivery arrives in front of their doors, let’s say within 5 to 8 days.

In a case you are selling a digital product, and you are claiming that you are going to deliver immediately after the purchase, in order words the customer will be able to download the product seconds after the payment went through, and for example, this digital product contains also the DVD or paper book with it, and you are claiming to deliver these DVD or a paper book within the next three days, it would be great for yourself and for the customer to start delivering the DVD and the paper books already the next day.

This is one of the simplest ways of over-delivering


Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver- Impress Your Customers By Giving Them Freebies!

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver

The other strategy which also contains a characteristic of over delivery is “Freebies!” You are giving away something for free, additional to your sold product or service!

And, be aware here! If you really want to over-deliver, don’t give away just one product or service. Create a bundle of several useful and very valuable products and at them to your main product or service.

Be sure that bonuses are relevant to your product or service. This can be a free additional product, free membership or report. You may even create a separate page for this purpose.

Further, giving away vouchers and discount coupons and some additional courses can boost the satisfaction and readiness of your buyers to keep buying from you in the near future.

There are sellers they even add something for free additionally a week or two after the purchase. Some of them inset into the parcel something for free. This is where useful if you have a webshop or even an e-commerce site.

The freebies can and don’t need to be on the sales page. It is up to you. The customer will be very happy about it! In return, it will come back to you later on for further products or services as soon as you launch them.

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver – Impress Your Customers With Your Personal Touch

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver

That way, you are not only starting to build any kind of relationship with your customers, moreover, but you are also starting to interact with your customer in a more warmer way.

Besides, you are building your brand and giving your whole business Your Personal Touch. The customers will remember you much easier and they will be very happy to come back to you in the later time and probably put themselves also on your further email lists and thus request to receive further offers.

Another very useful and very beneficial strategy is even to call a customer or to talk them over the VoIP technology what day will really appreciate and make them remember you what time to come.

Getting more closely to and build up “warm relationship” with your customers means for you that the customers will start engaging with you more often.

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver – Impress Your Customers By Providing Them The Great Support

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver

Thus, they will expect from you to deliver them great support. This is especially very important if something did go wrong with your product or service.

Having continuous and instant support in place is one of the most essential parts of your online business. The customers must know that they can reach you whenever they need! They must be safe about your product or service.

Said so, make your customers happy by letting them know they can send you an e-mail! Make them possible to call you per phone, per Skype or WhatsApp! Maybe also by using any other VoIP technology! Offer them the instant possibility to resolve any possible problem that may occur related to your product or service.

By doing so you will impress your customers and they will know how to thank you in return. This is also a reason why you should provide quick and cheerful help if needed!

This kind of effort from your part could make the big difference between succeeding or failing during your online marketing endeavor and journey.

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I hope this very simple but very powerful 4 ways described above, are easy to understand and to implement for you in your daily work whenever you are selling products and services online!

Without any doubt, acting so will help you tremendously to run a successful online business! What is most important, it will make your customers and yourself very happy!

Put your all effort in all needed actions to make your customers satisfied and you will set the foundation for the long-term successful online business.

The Conclusion

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver will definitely help you to enhance your online business experience and to gain new loyal subscribers and customers.

Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver are not difficult to master and to implement. Start today with the implementation of them and enjoy your success!

Over-delivering is not difficult if your mindset is up to it. In shortest, to over-deliver you need to provide more value than expected.

The Internet is full of offers of any kind. Millions of products and services are available every second, actually milliseconds, with just a click of the mouse. To compete successfully it is sometimes needed to deliver. Deliver what you promised, add some more value than promised and offer great support.

Regardless what are you up to, Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver will work always, in any niche, with any product or service.

Using the Top 4 Ways To Over-Deliver It can only help your business! Position your business best! Find the best place “under the sun” in the online world!

Wish you a lot of success, and
Happy over-delivery!

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4 top ways to over-deliver

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