The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy

Our today’s subject “The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy” is a really hot topic! Web content marketing is still alive and will be for years to come. By increasing the number of the web searchers looking for valuable content online, on a daily basis, the proper, relevant web content becomes more and more important.

Read below why is important to create relevant content and optimize your websites, pages, and post for the search engines in a proper way.


The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy

We all know already that the searchers online, including your own visitors like sites with a lot of content on it. Search engines do the same. Crawlers of the search engines are following the links on the web and are crawling through your written content.

Also, search engines are looking for more and more new content, filled with quality text, because that way they keep their visitors engaged.

Having quality content on your website, relevant one, written in a way which is appealing and interesting for your audience, will bring you a lot of benefits in a form of engaged visitors, backlinks, and conversion


The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy

There are big differences between different websites regarding well-written content. Many websites have also a different number of pages or posts. As you know, there are websites with more than a couple of hundreds of pages or posts, and some with just a few.

Obviously, websites with more relevant, fresh, quality content have more chances to get better results in the search engines and thus more traffic, what will lead to more conversions. But, despite that, every page or post on such sites needs although having a specific topic, needs relevant content, keywords, and resources or links added to it.

Don’t make a mistake to create just any content on your pages. Stick to the relevant, fresh, original and high-quality content. The web content marketing and its relevancy is thus a very important part of your overall making money online strategy!


The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy

Suppose you are the owner of a business, or an artist or a sportsman, or you are offering yoga lessons! Your ultimate goal is to bring your business, job, skills, and knowledge in front of your audience and in front of the most possible large number of visitors to your site.

Perhaps your yoga lessons (as a broad niche) are about the lessons for the people who have problems with the spine (narrow niche about yoga lessons) and your website, or page or post is about that topic.

What you should do is to refer to that service and use the title for your page or post that is to the point, what
means relevant to your service and content about it. The title could be something like that: “Yoga lessons for people with spine problems!”

Furthermore, your chosen keywords should reflect that topic and be picked up and used within that title.

Additionally, you may narrow the topic even more, by adding same age or sex category. Something like this: “Yoga lessons for females with spine problems under 50!”

Important is to highlight the yoga lessons and spine problems because it is the topic of your page or post.

There are two key motives for the creation of the relevant content!

  1. Every visitor of your site want to understand immediately and in an easy way the topic of your website, page, and post.
  2. Search engine algorithms


The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy

Easy understanding of the course of your website, page or post!

Every visitor of your site is visiting your site by clicking on a certain link in the web browser. This link is actually
the invitation for the visitor to start visiting your content. Your visitor could click on your link by finding that link on the SERPs.

The search engine is listing your link according to the crawlers and complex algorithms of the SE. It takes only about three seconds before your visitor decides to leave your content, or stay on it.

Thus, it is of the highest importance that the user (your visitor) understands within those three seconds after landing on your page or post, what is this content about. Following the easy-to-navigate structure of your website, the visitor will be able to make the appropriate decision about further exploring of your work.

Make that as simple and easy as possible for the reader, your visitor, potential customer to understand your content
immediately after landing on it.

The web content marketing and its relevancy requires also the navigation related to the topic of the website and to the specific page or post!


Search engine algorithms and optimization!

People are searching online by entering some specific search terms into the web browser of the search engines. Thus, as specific and relevant your content is to those “search-terms” or you may call it also, keywords, your visitors are more likely to stay on your content and make use of it.

Besides, the search engines will reward such well-optimized page or post and place your content on the higher positions of the SERPs or even assign the positions near to the top of the search results. That is also why the web content marketing and its relevancy is so important!


Keyword “Stuffing!” Somebody calls it “Keyword density!”

As we already learned, “search-terms” or “keywords” are essential for your SEO and achieving traffic and high results within the SERPs. Such keywords must be relevant, unique and easy to read and understand.
What is most important, such keywords must sound naturally and logically.

Moreover, there is one more thing that still many (especially newcomers) webmasters, or content creators are making. It is about “Keyword density” or “Keyword stuffing!”

Don’t spam search engines by adding too many keywords within your content. Search engines and the crawlers don’t like that. I suggest that more than 0,5 or 0,10% of the written text on the page
or post is not suitable for the proper SEO.

Relevant keywords and proper keywords density will guarantee the better search results within search engines. It is important to be aware of the importance of the proper keywords relevancy and density all over the website, and not just in the single page or post.

Don’t ruin the web content marketing and its relevancy by adding too many keywords into your content!


It is not to conclude that every website consisting of more pages have also pages or general use. Not every page or post of the website is relevant to the topic of that website.

Still, such pages need to be well optimized for search engines as well. Let me list some of such pages, for the better understanding of the meaning:

  • About Us page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us
  • Subscribe Page
  • Advertising page
  • Social Media page
  • Pages used for links exchange
  • And some other…..

As better you optimize such pages, the better will be the overall rating of your site and your overall content would be considered as the professional and well written one.

Especially, if you use your links exchange page on your website, which is not related to the topic, and you start exchanging non-relevant links, which in the end, might be fine, keep in mind that still such pages are the part of your overall content, and it is always better to make it relevant to your topic. So, the web content marketing and its relevancy depend also about the content of your single pages and posts!


As mentioned above, non-relevant pages regarding the specific topic might interrupt the overall relevancy of your site, although some of them are also important for your site. Having said so, the proper optimization of such pages will reduce such unwanted outcomes. The web content marketing and its relevancy require also the proper content optimization for the search engines!


The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy

Without any doubt, your website content is obviously one of the most important parts of the successful online presentation and growth of your business. Create your content with care. Be specific, unique, up-to-date, relevant, creative and informative. Post regular content.

Enjoy what you do. Provide your visitors with your best skills. Make yourself a web author with knowledge and offer valuable content. Your visitors will thank you. The web content marketing and its relevance can be improved with the creation of the valuable content related to the topic of the website or either specific page or post!

So, when you decide to create a content for the visitors of your website, specific page or post keep in mind the two crucial and essential factors of your online success:

  • Online visitors
  • Search engines

Online visitors need search engines and search engines need online visitors, and you need both.

I hope that today I could contribute to your efforts to understand better the importance of the web content and keywords relevancy!

Now, before leaving you, I want to offer you a possibility to learn more about proper web content skills and show you the way to the mastery of online web relevant content creation! Furthermore, you can learn all about modern and traditional online marketing and get needed knowledge about such skills and techniques.

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12 thoughts on “The Web Content Marketing And Its Relevancy”

  1. I’m so glad this topic is about relevancy. So many times I type in a search term in Google, only to get a site that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I’m looking for. How quickly I hit that back button!
    I think relevancy starts with understanding your keyword. In WA I was taught to think about WHY someone is typing in the keyword before I even begin writing. If I can understand the “Why” of the keyword, I’ll be able to write content that’s relevant, thereby decreasing the chances of the back button getting hit. Great article!

    • Hi Shalisha!
      relevancy is in a first line related to the topic of your post. Further, it helps people to find your article or site when searching online.
      Having visitors to your site will help you to get better page rank result. Thus, having relevant keywords is one of the most important parts of your SEO!
      I am glad you like the article!
      Best regards!

  2. Wow. What a great article. You’re right. Content (good content) really is king! Google is the information highway. If you type irrelevant content or content that’s just not helpful to the reader, they’ll click the back button.

    Also, I agree about keyword stuffing. Sometimes, I’ll read an article that stuffs the keyword in places that don’t fit and don’t make sense. I immediately hit the back button. Thank you so much for an informative article.

    • Hi Shalisha!
      Thanks a lot for your comment. I am very glad you like the article!
      Creating good content is a must these days, especially if you want to achieve online authority and
      great rank in SERP.
      I am glad to deliver informative content!

      Feel free to come back to my site whenever you feel and leave a comment.

      Best regards!

  3. Writing quality content does take some work, but it is all worth it in the end. Because like you said, for the success of a website, it needs visitors. And not only any kind of visitors, but visitors that are central and interested with the topic at hand.

    • Hi Reyhana!
      You are right. Targeted visitors are best for your website and your online success!
      To drive such visitors to your site, your written and published content must be relevant, up-to-date, to the point, informative,
      engaging, unique.

      There is no use to write any kind of articles just to write about something. Writing is not that difficult, it takes time and some effort (researching, writing skills, quality content …), but at the end, when the article is written and published, it makes the author feel great!

      Wish you a lot of success with your articles!

      Best regards!

    • Hi Thomas!
      Thanks a lot for your comment! I appreciate that you like my site! My goal is to deliver useful and quality content.
      Every closer step to that goal is my big step to the accomplishment of it.

      Please, feel free to come back to it whenever you like and leave comments!
      Wish you a lot of success with your endeavors!
      Best regards!

  4. Hi, This is all very interesting and helpful. I’ll have to consider focusing more on some of your tips.
    Especially the title and keyword factor I think is very important.
    To find a title that is relevant, a good keyword and catchy. Not easy sometimes. Do you think numbered titles rank better than ones without numbers?

    • Hi Stefan!
      Thanks for the comment!
      There are many factors which are influencing the page rank. The important one is certainly
      relevant content. Backlinks are very important too. Having at least one image on the post as well.
      But, having the numbered title or non-numbered title doesn’t make any big difference when speaking about the
      page rank.
      There are many numbered pages ranked high (even on the first three positions in Google).
      The importance lies in the fact that the title is relevant
      and have included the relevant keyword in it.

      There are many other factors which are deciding about the page rank.

      best regards!

    • Hi Joseph!
      Thanks! Relevant web content is best for SEO! Regardless if creating the online content for the page or post or for other purposes,
      be able to create relevant, fresh, up-to-date, unique and high-quality content is the way to go if you want to start building your online presence and authority and start getting targeted traffic.

      Use your creativity, knowledge, researches and all your skills for creating appealing and engaging content every visitor of your site would love to read.

      Best regards!


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