The Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Representing the most comprehensive affiliate program in the world. Outstanding Online Marketing University. 

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Easy-to-follow, up-to-date 4 steps system for building your own long-term successful online business!

Anyone can master these steps!  I call this system, Closed Online Marketing Circle – COMC!

The Wealthy Affiliate Review And Rating




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Let’s Look At Some Numbers

  • 3,75 billion people online currently, and growing.
  • Between them, more than 1,3 million Wealthy Affiliate online marketers.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

Billions are spent every year in the affiliate marketing niche.


The Wealthy Affiliate Review

  • More than 598,000,000 products you can potentially promote as an Affiliate.
  • Over 100 000 affiliate programs, you can join. No one is alike to WA.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best between them.
  • 120 lessons.
  • 30 seconds to build your site.

A Unique Online Community Ready To Help

Join Over 1.3 Million Aspiring Internet Entrepreneurs.
A community ready to help at any time.

The Wealthy Affiliate Product Overview

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

A wealthy Affiliate is a place for best affiliate marketers in the World and for those who want to become successful online marketing entrepreneurs in any niche.

It is a program about …

Many of the topics learned here can be used offline as well! The Wealthy Affiliate program and the system were created for the people. It is all about people!

Wealthy Affiliate Education

Who Is This Program For

Regardless of their online marketing level, everybody can benefit from this program.

Including you my friend.

The Outstanding Platform

Built with the latest, highly sophisticated technology that anyone can use.

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (OEC)

5 Courses 50 Lessons

==> Learn the process of establishing an online business within any niche you like <==

The Lessons of Level 1

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

World-Class Affiliate Bootcamp Training

7 Courses 70 lessons

==> Learn the process of launching the world-class online business in a niche connected to the advertising of Wealthy Affiliate! <==

The Lessons of Phase 1

The Wealthy Affiliate preview And Her Majesty Jaaxy

 World’s Best Keyword Research Tool
Build your own Keyword Lists of your best Keywords
The Wealthy Affiliate Review-Jaaxy

Want To Try For Yourself?
Enter the word you want and start searching.

Build Your Own Websites


Power Them On The State-Of-The-Art Hosting

==> World’s best Website Builder and Hosting powered on the latest technology!<==

The Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix

  • Starter members can build 2 FREE Site Rubix websites. Fully incorporated management of your sites and domains.
  • A Premium member can build and host up to 50 websites (25 SiteRubix sites and 25 on own domain sites)
  • Choose from more than 2400 beautiful WordPress Themes.

The Wealthy Affiliate Preview And Professional Domains

Get Your own professional Domain, for less than $15/year. Transfer external domains from other registrars in an easy and quick way. Point domains registered outside of Wealthy Affiliate to WA Servers and host your websites.

Domain Related Emails
Ask For And Post Feedback And Comments Feature

Ask for feedback and comments about your website.
Post feedback and comments on other sites.

Get Technical Support 24/7/365
No Upsells

“Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Tables” Tool

Compare Wealthy Affiliate with any other program or service online

The Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Tables

Wealthy Affiliate – Ambassadorship

It is a special category in WA.

Contribute to the community and achieve the Ambassador rank and appreciated status within WA. Share your knowledge, skills and gain even more benefits.

One of the main goals of WA is to be the best reference place for learning and teaching. Probably it is already. 

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Lovely Online University. The ultimate place to learn about turning your passion into your own business online. Learn and afterward teach about affiliate and online marketing and how to make money online
  • Amazing worldwide helpful community
  • The most comprehensive online platform in the world

The Bad:

  • WA is not a “get-rich-quick opportunity.” Your success with WA is based on learning, writing creating, building, engaging. 
  • For some people, the language issue could be a problem. Not everyone knows that well the English language.
  • You need some time to invest in success. As already said, WA is a place to learn, teach, communicate. Taking regular action is important. If You want to gain success quickly, “overnight”, then WA is not the right place for You!

Let´s Recap Now!

Who is Wealthy Affiliate  For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who is interested in LEARNING MOST RECENT THINGS IN THE INTERNET MARKETING INDUSTRY.

As soon as you enroll You will have access to all this:

  1. Tools & Training – WA Logo, Search Bar tool
  2. Activity Dashboard
  3. Icons sections
  4. Get Started Online Certification Courses-5 levels education
  5. Live Chat
  6. Affiliate Bootcamp – 7 phase world-class training. Each class of 10 outstanding lessons
  7. Additional great tools and sections

Dear visitor, as You can see, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place online to be when it comes to EDUCATION, CREATION, ENGAGEMENT, MAKING MONEY ONLINE ON A LONG TERM. Join today and start using all numerous (dozens) tools and services, which are tailored for anyone, regardless of the level of the skills and knowledge in the online marketing world.


Website support / Hosting/ Technology

Wealthy Affiliate  Price


1. LEVEL: STARTER membership $0 / monthly
2. LEVEL: PREMIUM membership $49 / monthly

3. LEVEL: YEARLY PREMIUM membership $359 / Yearly


Comparison Of  Membership Options

Still can´t decide to enroll as a Starter or Premium member? Here is the comparison chart about these two memberships.  Check it out and choose the better option for you at this moment:

The Wealthy Affiliate Memberships

My Personal Final Opinion Of Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely an outstanding and unique online reference place where you can learn how to engage online, share content, communicate, make money, build authority online.

It is a successful business online for more than 14 years already. The great affiliate program, with more than 1.300.000 members.

To start your online business you need a top product or a great service. WA has both.

The great WA community is helpful, supportive and has the same interest as you. Where else can You get that, and this from the first minute of your membership? Enjoy all the training, courses, lessons, classrooms, and live support. All for a very affordable price.

Get Marketing Today. Also, For Free.

All mentioned above in this Review is yours on a daily basis for a just small fee. As a Premium Member, You are qualified to get more awards, to make money online through a very supportive affiliate program.

Learn what you always wanted to learn about Internet Marketing and how to make money on the web.

There is no one topic that isn´t covered by Wealthy Affiliate Online University. 


Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Wealthy Affiliate At A Glance

  • Great product 
  • Best service available daily
  • Unique helpful and active online community
  • Practical handy “easy-to-use” tools
  • Top world-class training
  • Perfect Affiliate program
  • Outstanding Website Builder
  • Create and host from 2 websites as a Starter
  • Create and host 50 websites as a Premium
  • Free and Paid domains
  • WorldClass Hosting
  • Free and paid membership
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly payment
  • You can stay the FREE member forever or upgrade whenever you want
  • Creation of multiple businesses 
  • World-Class support
  • Contact co-owners in private
  • Become creative (create various content)
  • Create own training on WA
  • Build your authority online
  • and more


Entirely Legitimate!

Legit opportunity

Claim Of Bonuses!

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online business! It is a place where You can meet thousands of people from around the world daily.

You can learn all about Networking and how to create and build up beautiful authority websites. Remember, as a Premium member You can host up to 50 websites – all included in your plan.

Create your courses, training, blogs, articles. Prove yourself as an online authority. Build your marketing reputation. Get advice and support from founders Kyle & Carson and the whole affiliate community.

My Wealthy Affiliate Fast Action Bonuses

  • If You decide to enroll today for free and take the test drive and after the next 7 days enroll as a Premium, I will guide you “per hand” through the set up of  Your own website. 
  • You can contact me at any time in private.

Create and host your own 2 FREE SITERUBIX domain websites immediately after you sign up! Stay as a Starter member for as long You want. No limitation. As soon as you feel comfortable with upgrading to Premium, do that.

I did it too and I am very happy I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Why you wouldn’t be too?

As I promised at the beginning of this article, here is the 4 steps system to make money online;

  1. Build your own website
  2. Offer the product or service
  3. Attract customers
  4. Earn revenue

Simple as that! Remember, you can be up and running in just 30 seconds from now after you started to build up your websites. It takes literally so much time.  Don’t wait anymore, start now!

If You liked this Review, please leave a comment below! Feel free to ask any additional questions you might have and I will be happy to help you out. Just fill in the form and post your question!

Your friend,


WA Premium Member
Active contributor

10 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. Hello Igor
    You have loads of information on WA and it is presented in an easy to read format, In the start of your review, I suggest, it be best to mention what WA is actually about the 4 basics.
    1) You get taught to Start a free website.
    2) You get shown how to, Get your website ranked by Google, Yahoo & Bing,
    3) Learn to attract visitors to your site,
    4)Learn how to Monetize your site.

    People will leave your site if they are not told what it is all about within the 1st few paragraphs, as you know we as humans are lazy readers, and will only really read if the content is interesting to us.
    I hope this helps, and you have made a great start here.
    All the best

  2. Hi Igor,

    This is a super article on Wealthy Affiliate. It´s a super program and a must for anyone who wants to enter the world of online business.

    I was really interested in your points on sending articles to Street Articles. This was new information for me.

    Thank you


    • Hi, Sean!
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      I am glad you find some useful info on my site.
      Would be glad to see you more often on it checking the content.
      If You think somen+body could use the info, fell free to share the post.

      Wish You all the best,
      Friend Igor

  3. Hi Igor. I really enjoyed your review about Wealthy Affiliate. It is very detailed and has all the information you need to know.

    Wealthy Affiliate seems like the perfect opportunity to start your online career.

    I am new to creating websites and want to know everything there is to know about online marketing.

    I just have a question or two.

    As a complete newbie to online marketing and creating websites, will I be able to follow the training Wealthy Affiliate offers with ease or do I need more experience?

    If I want to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, do I need to provide my credit card details? I first want to check it out myself before I commit to anything?



    • Hi, Rika!

      Firstly thank You a lot for You comment and questions!

      my WA review will be finished in total today!
      Please, review it again later on!

      You can absolutely follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate. The training and lessons are
      created for complete newbies as well. You should start with Get Started course.
      You can review on my site what You get as a Starter for FREE!

      Here is what you get with Starter membership:

      When you become a member of WA, you are automatically enrolled in the
      Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Level 1 which is included with your
      Starter Membership.

      This course will walk you through the step-by-step process of building a successful
      business online that earns revenue.

      By completing this course you will have skills that will help you to get rolling!

      You can access the Getting Started course HERE!

      You will learn following:

      Setting up your account profile at Wealthy Affiliate
      Interaction with fellow expert marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat
      Understanding the process of earning money online
      Choosing your own niche from scratch
      Creating your very OWN niche website
      Setting your website for massive success in search engines
      Activating website extensions that add many new website features
      Understanding how to create, find, and install one of over 20,000 plugins on your website
      Create your very first page of content on your niche website
      Create relationships with others here at WA and developed your own following
      Receive timely help/support when you needed it
      Understand the process of finding low competition, high traffic keywords
      Create a list of a bunch of awesome keywords
      Create valuable content within your niche that is getting RANKED in Google
      Learn new skills that will lead you to long term SUCCESS

      Go through the course and take action! You will learn what You need!

      Go and enroll as a Starter, you can do it through here as well,this is my affiliate link, and you will see if You need to leave the credit card details!If the system ask You so, you can either
      continue and if You don´t want to do that, reject the subscription!

      Would be glad to hear about your decision!


  4. Hi Igor… your site looks amazing and your review is really thorough. If I am not already a member, perhaps I would sign up through this review. Anyway, there are so many reviews of Wealthy Affiliate on the web so it really boils down to who does it best. Safe it is to say that yours is one of the best I have read.

    • Hi Norma,

      Thanks a lot for Your comment. I am glad You like my site.
      I would be more than happy to have you “on board” through my

      I can only encourage You to do so, and if You
      need and help regarding building your own site or whatever,
      please ask me, and if I can and know I will help.

      Remember, WA is a great community and if one person doesn´t know
      the answer or some question, somebody in community will.

      You can start as a Starter for free, build your site and then if You
      decide to go Premium, you do so.

      Hope to see you soon on “inside”!

      Best regards,
      friend Igor

  5. Wow! This is so far the most detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate I have ever seen! You did an amazing job! And you got your future posts ready! I can see your niche so clearly. Wow Igor!

    All I can add on this is that all the above is a complete true! And believe or not, there is much more inside the Wealthy Affiliate lol

    Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the best place to be. And it is good for everyone, from newbies to very experienced marketers with well-established business – online and offline. Since provides all the tools and knowledge for turning a passion into an online business and a great income!!!

    Thanks for the amazing review of my favorite online platform in the World!!!


    • I am already re-designing the actual WA Review.
      You may see it finished tomorrow.
      Same, I need to complete several pages on my site.
      Will do it in coming days.

      I am glad You like my review.

      Stay tuned for more content in coming days.



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