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The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

This article will describe the unique and outstanding The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard! Keep reading it! Such a dashboard you won’t find anywhere else online. It is a „state-of-the-art platform!“

With Wealthy Affiliate platform, the story starts with: „Once upon a time, there were two founders … Kyle and Carson. They had a dream to create a place where the online community can engage, share ideas, knowledge, skills and where the audience can learn how to build own long-term online business!.

The Wealthy Affiliate dashboard – The dream that became reality!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

They made it. Now, they are sharing their dream with others. Anybody who has a similar dream and wants to convert it into reality has a chance now to do it!

A wealthy Affiliate is a place for online marketers who want to make money online! Furthermore, it is a place also for all others who maybe don’t want to make money online yet, but start to learn something new!  More than 1,2 million people involved with Wealthy Affiliate, using this platform, can’t be wrong.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate created a system and a platform with all needed tools, services using modern, up-to-date knowledge and technology!  Now, they provide the real online opportunity anybody can join! Click here to inform yourself more about it!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard-A place for everyone!

Thus, they created a place where it is possible to be involved in two essential fields of online presence, learning and making money online.

  • A place where anybody can engage and accomplish all needed tasks from one place, and learn all about how to build long-term online success. We can call it an Online University. It is really a place where the newest online trends, skills, and knowledge is shared, always up to date, with hundreds of tutorials and lessons on disposal for everyone.
  • The platform which enables you to use the necessary tools you and engage on a daily basis with the audience from around the world!

They succeeded in this endeavor, after being present online for 15 years already, building up a successful worldwide online business.

Having said that I am glad to present, describe and explain you the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard. It is my an inevitable tool for all my activities within Wealthy Affiliate platform and membership!

Let us now, after this short introduction, to explain in detail what is the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard about!

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard consists of several main sections and many sub-sections.

When you log in into your WA account and come up to the home page, you will immediately notice that something is going on here. The messages are just rolling in and a bunch of icons appears. I will discuss all of them later in this post!

Actually, the whole user interface of the wealthy affiliate dashboard is conceptualized in a very user-friendly manner,  it consists of 4 main sections.

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard-The 4 Main Sections!

2 Sections at the top and in the middle!

Black toolbar“ section …

… at the top of the dashboard gives access to important tools and services.  Here, you can see the WA logo and use the query bar for asking questions! Ask the community for help on various topics. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard-Black Tool Bar
The central comprehensive “current activity” section …

…which shows various activities within Wealthy Affiliate platform. In this section you can check, in the real, time the following activities:

  • read a newest written blog from a WA member
  • click on the link: „back to top“ to read the newest blogs
  • check new Premium members and say hello to them
  • the lessons and training Wealthy Affiliate University is offering
  • Today’s top 10 posts
  • view comments on the written blogs
  • newly posted questions
  • examine the huge list of new blogs
  • research about success is happening in Wealthy Affiliate. The members sharing their experiences in terms of selling and earnings
  • take a look at the motivating posts from Wealthy Affiliate members
  • study why Google Loves Wealthy Affiliate hosted websites
  • get to know about members accomplishments
  • discover hot topics
  • welcome new WA members
  • pick up the list of the top 10 training of the day
  • and … the list goes on and on with the huge number of blogs presented, Q&A section, comments

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - The Central Section

2 Sections on the left and right-hand side!

„Left-hand side section“

… The menu on the left side of the interface which shows the following: me as a member along with my status as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program, my rank within WA, written posts and the number of my network within WA. Furthermore, it shows the icons with their names about the outstanding services and tools WA is providing and making available for its members. These services and tools are inevitable for your daily work within the platform and online in general

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - The Third Main Section

„Right-hand side section“ …

The LiveChat section shows the LiveChat activities with the „message bar“ at the top of it. Enter text and chat with all the members present at that moment in Live chat. All this in real time. In other words, you can communicate, ask questions, chat about anything you like with the real people! Thousands of people, newbies, advanced marketers pros, are there to help.  Acquire new skills and knowledge about online marketing and other useful topics. Be friendly and enjoy your LiveChat!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - The Live Chat Section

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – In a few words:  An Amazing section, indeed!

Let me now show some overall graphics of the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard and explain the icons representing the various sections nd sub-sections!

The „Black Toolbar“   located on the top of the dashboard provides access to several important tools and services.

The „black bar“ provides access to following tools and services, through the following icons:

  • WA logo
  • query bar
  • pencil icon
  • WA icon
  • dollar sign icon
  • airplane icon
  • the bell icon
  • the envelope icon

Take a look below on each of them!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – The Pencil Icon

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard-Pencil Icon

As shown on the graphic, the pencil icon provides access to the following tools and services:

  • Blog at WA
  • Create Training
  • Write an Article
  • Build a Website
  • Find a Domain

As you can see, within this section, which is actually authoring and publishing section, you can create your own website, get a free domain, buy your own domain and create your content and publish it online. All accessible through the pencil icon, from the dashboard directly.


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – The “W” Icon

This icon provides access to Credit Dashboard within Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard-Credit Dashboard

On Credit Dashboard, you can check your various credits and how to get them:

  • Cash credits: the value of $ 0,50 USD each
    – earned through:
    – the Affiliate program
    – cash credit opportunities
    – by purchasing
  • Community credits:
    – they don’t have any cash value
    – earned by: paying – it – forward in the give and take systems like SiteFeedback and SiteComments
  • Transfer credits:
    Send to your friends (need to be a member) credits which they can use them in different platforms within Wealthy Affiliate like:
    – SiteFeedback
    – SiteContent
    – SiteDomains
    – Membership Dues
    Furthermore, such credits can be cashed out for USD (cash credits)

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – The Dollar Sign Icon

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - The Dollar Sign Icon

As you can see from the graphic, this section consists of 7 very important sub-sections with their programs! Each sub-section consists of various programs, services, and tools!

  • Program Details Section
    – Your Affiliate Link
    – Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference
    – Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate
    – The Best Affiliate Training in the World
    – How Much Can You Earn?
  • My Stats
    – Overview
    – Detailed Stats
    – My Revenue
    – Entrance Points
    – Payment Settings
  • Tasks
    – All
    – Descriptions
    – User Profile
    – My profile
    – Questions
    – Goals
    – PM
  • My Referrals
    People who I have invited to WA
  • Links & Tracking
    – Your WA Affiliate Links
    – Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Tables
    – Site Rubix Website Plugin
    – PPC Conversion Tracking
  • Messages
    Messages for Your Referrals
  • Banners
    Promotional Banners 
    – all banners, in various dimensions
    – they all come in 4 formats: an image, direct link, HTML code and as a direct download.
    – Wealthy Affiliate 22 banners
    – Jaaxy 1 banner
    – Black Friday 14 banners

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference Icon

Without any further explanations, click here for the „must read“ article! Inform yourself about this outstanding event Wealthy Affiliate is organizing for own successful members! Attend the Wealthy Affiliate super affiliate conference in Las Vegas, on a yearly basis! All paid by the Wealthy Affiliate company!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference Icon


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – My Notification Icon

Get the latest notifications about member’s activities!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - My Notification Icon


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – Private Messaging Icon

Get and send messages from WA members in private!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - Private Messaging Icon


The central section of the user interface and front-end platform, described above is the central part of the action!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - The Central Section


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – The Third Main Section

is the „Left-Hand Side Section“ of this  user-friendly interface:

This section is just incredible. It consists of several parts.

  • My personal profile photo
  • Personal current, updated Rank notification
  • The written posts number
  • Own network size number
  • Dashboard icon
  • Training icon
  • Websites icon
  • Live Events icon
  • Research icon – The powerful, unique keywords researching software, a tool owned by WA, which by the way is also an affiliate program, you can use on a daily basis and even make money on it.  More on Jaaxy on this link!
  • Live Chat
  • Help Center

This section described above and shown below on the graphic provides current access to each of the tools and services provided in here. Additionally to all other tools, these tools and services are of essential importance for your daily work and your Wealthy Affiliate membership in general.


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - The Third Main Section



The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – The fourth and a very important section

I am using it very frequently. The other sections as well.  You can use the platform for hours. Jumping from one platform to the other and perform various activities fast and easy.

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – The Live Chat Section

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - The Live Chat Section

This section is amazing! Thousands of people engage here. On a daily basis, 24/7/365. People of all kind of nationality, ages, education, skills, knowledge. They all seek for a talk in a real-time, asking for answers to their questions, sharing their knowledge, ideas, in one word, COMMUNICATING. It is easy to communicate within the LiveChat platform! Just type in your message in the message bar at the top of the LiveChat a start your conversation.

Online business is also about communication! Engagement! Sharing ideas, acquiring new skills, making friendships! Build up relationships, online authority, establish trust. Is there a better place to be online? Hundreds, thousands of online marketers and other people who want to become advanced marketers and pros are engaging here! Daily! Ready to help in no time.

So, there you have! The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard. I introduced the Four Main Sections! Let us now take a closer look at the sections!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard- Training Section

This is a special section! Unique! Comprehensive, detailed, state of the art training for Wealthy Affiliate members!

50 Online entrepreneur Certification Lessons, divided into 5 levels of 10 lessons each!


70 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons divided into 7 Phases, each with 10 lessons!


Track your training activities in a real time!


Create your own training and share it with the community! Get access to thousands of Lessons created by the marketers and Wealthy affiliate members!


Training library of hundreds and hundreds, literally thousands created lessons, training modules, tutorials.


Attend to hundreds and hundreds of various classrooms on various topics!


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard- Training Section


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – Website Section

This section is a real “Wealthy Affiliate treasury of jewels!”

Here you can:

  • Access all websites you have created within WA platform
  • Check their Site Health
  • Most important, build your website or websites
  • Buy domains within Wealthy Affiliate platform
  • Register domains and manage them
  • Acquire free .siterubix domains!
  • Create your content within the superb SiteContent platform which I use all the time.
  • Get and give comments and feedback on your created content.
  • Engage and contribute to overall better SEO.
  • Finally, get world-class support 24/7/365
  • Ask about many topics related to online marketing, your website, and more.

Thus, Wealthy Affiliate provides the whole 4 parts system!

  1. Buy your own or get a free domain
  2. Build a website (within only 30 seconds)
  3. Create appealing and valuable content
  4. Publis it.

I call this system:
Round editing trip!”

Great stuff. All in one place, on the same platform!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - Website Section

Create your first site today! Start now! Click here and start turning your passion into the prosperous long-term online business!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard-Siterubix platform

Click here to find out why do you need a free website builder!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – Live Events Section

Check the schedules of live events within Wealthy Affiliate platforms and program!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - Live Events Section


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – Keywords and Affiliate Programs Research Section -JAAXY

In this section, research keywords, create your own keyword lists! Check your site rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines! Search for relevant affiliate programs in your niche. Conduct some other activities shown below on the graphic.

Jaaxy is owned by the Wealthy Affiliate! Has its own affiliate program! It is one of the best keywords research tools available online! Click here to create a free account and start searching for your best keywords!

A few facts about why should you use Jaaxy?

  •  specially created and developed from marketers for affiliate marketing and marketers

  • research your best keywords and your competition with ease

  • use Jaaxy and manage keywords, your websites,

  • stay ahead of the competition

  • conduct proper and valuable market research

  • Jaaxy has a great looking tool

  • it is a very intuitive and user-friendly interface

Affiliate Programs Research Section -JAAXY

Take a look at the easy-to-use Jaaxy Interface!

  1. Toolbar
    – Search
    – Site Rank
    – Affiliate program
    – Jaaxy Help
    – Upgrade button
    – My Account
    – Keywords
    – Alphabet Soup
    – Saved lists
    – Search history
    – Search Analysis
    – Affiliate Programs
    – Brainstorm
  2. Search Bar – enter a keyword and start your research
  3. Keyword list – examine found keywords for the best keywords
    – Avg
    – Traffic
    – QSR
    – KQI
    – SEO
    – Domains
  4. Related and Brainstorm keyword 

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard -Great Jaaxy Interface

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – Live Chat Section

Chat live with real people! Every day, during the whole week, all year long, many people from around the world engage with Wealthy Affiliate! They share their ideas, skills, and knowledge! Asking and answering the question as well.

LiveChat is a great place for anyone to get a quick response from a skilled member or an experienced online marketer. The founders themselves, frequently answer the questions!  Jay Neil, the Wealthy affiliate teacher as well.

Start engaging now and become a part of this unique online community! Click here to join us! It is free! No danger or risk! No credit card demand!

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - Live Chat Section


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – Help Center

Another Wealthy Affiliate „Star in the sky!“.

Get help and reach support within Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is easy to do that! Chose between several options and sources to get prompt, accurate up-to-date help! Resolve any kind of problems you may have. Wealthy Affiliate world-class support team answers within a few minutes on a 24/7/365 basis.

In the Live Chat section, ask for help and discuss anything related to online marketing. Use the private messaging system! Ask questions and communicate with members in private!

Most important: Wealthy Affiliate is in a first-place a community online! It is ready to help any time in no time. All you need to do is to become a member and to ask for it!

Click here, do it now and I will see you at the inside!


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - Help Center


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard -World Class Site Support Ticket Submission Center

Available 24/7/365

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard - Site Support Ticket Submission Center


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard –  Ask a Question Section

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard -  Ask a Question Section


The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard – The conclusion!

I hope this post clarifies a bit closer the functionality and usage of The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard!

It is a multifunctional platform!  Contains many features and sub-platforms which are very easy to use.  Every visitor and user can understand how to use it and benefit from. The comprehensive “all-around trip” functionality with all the tools, services, and all platforms available, accessible from one central point, makes user experience and daily work much easier and faster. All in all, a very user-friendly platform!

Learn, teach, engage, discuss, create, publish! Build a long-term online business! All from one place using modern technologies in place.

If You want to start using the platform now, just click here! Create your Starter account, for free! You don’t have any risk and no credit card needed. 

I wish you a lot of success with it and as always, if you liked the article, please leave the comment below and I will be more than happy to reply!

Best regards!


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