The Three Valuable And Most Used Ways For Your Content Creation

The Three Valuable And Most Used Ways For Your Content Creation

Welcome to my new article “The Three Valuable And Most Used Ways For Your Content Creation”, part two of the article “What Is The Article Marketing About?”

As we learned in my last article you may visit here, you need to create relevant, unique, original, updated and informative content on a regular basis.

The Three Valuable And Most Used Ways For Your Content Creation!

Luckily, there are three easy ways you can follow to find and create content for your articles:

  1. Become a writer and write your reports by yourself
  2. Outsourcing – hire other writers to write for you
  3. PLR – Private Label Rights articles

Let me now describe briefly each of the methods listed above!

Become A Writer!

Become A Writer!

Huh, does it sound difficult now? Believe it or not, it is not that difficult to write at all. I am sure you know how to write, you didn’t do that for a more extended period and thus got “out of shape!”

Remember how many times you did write something for someone? Or, how many times did you write content during the school period?

During that time of writing, you developed your style and expressed your personality. It is also what you need when you decide to write for the web. It is important because your readers want to follow the author that nurtures his style of writing, comparing to those that don’t do that.

The next beneficial thing about writing by yourself is that this kind of marketing is very cost-effective. Unless you hire someone what I will spend a few words for later on, also, it will allow you to express your knowledge, skills, and expertise in a way you want and as often you want.

Remember that most effective way of article marketing is the one you publish frequently and regularly. It has no sense or uses to post an article once per month or even fewer than that.

Your loyal readers want to follow you regularly. Besides, Google also likes authors that publish their content more often because Google needs high-quality content for their searchers.

With that said, it is easy to conclude that producing regular content can become a very time-demanding task, especially if you are an individual (running a business as an individual)  or you don’t have a professional or ambitious writer in your company.

It is now where we come to Outsourcing!

By Outsourcing Your Content, You Are Hiring Someone Else To Do The Job For You. Let Other People Write For You While You Focus On Promotionals Tasks!


There are thousands of freelance writers that offer their services online. Doing so, you will be able to save much time needed for content creation and also be able to focus more on your promotional and responding activities related to your readers and potentially loyal customers.

Writing articles is a critical part of the Article marketing strategy, but other unavoidable activities are also promotion, responding to comments, building relationships, and more.

More prominent companies have their virtual assistants or managers and whole teams that master all these tasks quickly, but if you are individual or Start-up Company or a smaller company than writing articles will occupy a lot of your time.

Thus, outsourcing is a great way to resolve this problem.

When Outsourcing, You Pay For The External Service And Acquire The Certain Author’s Rights.

We will cover below also the PLR strategy, which is the third suggested and preferred method for content creation, as listed above.

Please, ensure that the content you receive from the external writer, also cold “Ghostwriter” is unique, and only you get the copy of it.

Ensure that the written content you bought can’t be resold or used for other purposes. Also, don’t change too often your writers because your readers want to get used to your writing style, as notably mentioned before.

Before hiring the writer, try to manage an interview online with him and to set all the details needed to receive proper articles. If possible, check the previous work and negotiate about the writing price. Most usually writers charge on a “per word” basis.

Close the agreement with your writer and get permission to use their content for your purposes.

Some of the writers charge according to their expertise, experience and amount of researches needed for content creation. So, be sure you check all is required and agree about the price before signing the agreement and hiring your preferred ghostwriter.

The Third Method Of Article Creation Or Content Creation, In General, Is Using PLR Content!

The Three Valuable And Most Used Ways For Your Content Creation-Private Label Rights!

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights!” This topic is a huge one and I will cover more about it my report that I will prepare for some time later on. For now, read below to get basic insights in PLR marketing method!

I am sure you already know about such content or at least faced it once online. It is about using already created various content and publishing it as your own without any alteration or amendments and thus become an author.

You get diverse rights to use such pre-created content as your own. To acquire such content, you can:

  • buy it
  • get it for free
  • sign up for the membership sites
  • order such content

There are numerous websites online offering such material. I recommend this one which I highly appreciate. I found some great content on it, and you can get a ton of content also for free.

There Are Numerous Ways Available For Using PLR Content!The Three Valuable And Most Used Ways For Your Content Creation

However, depending on the rights you get with your membership or assigned to each piece of content, you can either:

  • use the content as it is
  • modifying the parts of it
  • change the whole content as your own
  • sell the content
  • give it away for free
  • give it as a bonus
  • alternatively, maybe you get assigned some restricted rights

There is a PLR content available with the following various privileges:

  1. PLR With Resell Rights
  2. PLR with Master Resell Rights
  3. PLR with Private Label Rights
  4. PLR with Personal Rights
  5. PLR with Giveaway Rights
  6. PLR with Unrestricted Rights

The rights listed above have their terms, and I will not go through them now. I listed them merely to give you an insight into the possibilities of using PLR products.

Every Piece Of Content You Want To Acquire Has Particular Terms Assigned. Please, Be Sure To Read The Rights Before Consuming PLR Content!

PLR-The Rights!

With that said, you may use PLR products for selling, and for other purposes as listed below:

  • for personal use,
  • as a package with other products,
  • modifying and changing the product,
  • editing and improving the design of the product,
  • naming yourself as the author,
  • creating newsletters,
  • re-designing the sales letter,
  • adding the products to your paid membership websites,
  • adding the content to your free membership websites,
  • printing the content for offline use, and much more.

You can even convey and sell diverse rights as:

  • Personal Use Rights
  • Resale Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Unrestricted Rights

Further, you may use PLR content to build your mailing list, offer it as a bonus and give it away for free.

Please,  never publish plagiarized content. In a case, you don’t know how to modify the written and any other created material than you should hire a ghostwriter to do it for you.

Besides, you have also some free and paid tools available online for checking the plagiarized content as the one I use, which is called SiteContent, and I regularly use to create my material for my website. To use it you need to create your membership account here!

If you don’t want to create a membership account, you may also use a free tool called: “Plagiarism Checker” you can check here!

When modifying the content for your purposes, you can apply some methods for it, as:

  • the title of the article is, as you already know, one of the most critical parts of an article, so change it according to your needs
  • rewrite the content of the item (especially the first and the last paragraph, but if needed the middle one as well)
  • use related keywords phrases
  • personalize the article as much as possible by adding your skills, knowledge, expertise
  • use your experience to modify the content

PLR article is also an excellent source for getting ideas about the content and topics for writing. The saturation of the market with all kind of content is already happening. To stand out, you need to have original, up-to-date, relevant, unique, and informative articles, published regularly.

As Stated Above It Is Not Easy To Come Up With Fresh Content All The Time, I mean Regularly.

PLR content can help you a lot with that and give you tons of ideas about how and what to write.

Another source of getting ideas for writing powerful marketing articles and acquiring writing skills, knowledge and support is definitely the program I am involved in as well, which is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is an Online University about Online and Affiliate Marketing with all the tools, services, platforms and world-class support (even from the owners itself) on a daily basis you can sign up for free as well.

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I am sure you will be glad you did. In fact, I am definitely confident that satisfaction is guaranteed.

With That Said, Let Me Now Conclude My Article With The Following Words:

Article Marketing is a way of promoting your business online in an original, updated, unique, professional manner.  It will enable you to attract readers and contact large targeted audience within your chosen niche, with the aim to gain subscribers and potentially loyal customers for your products or services you promote.

You can use and practice The Three Valuable And Most Used Ways For Your Content Creation every day or at least every week to get the best results possible. Build up your authority online and get the status of a real expert in your field.

I wish you massive success, great articles and a lot of subscribers for your business online.

Finally, please, if you liked the article share it with friends and leave a comment below. I would highly appreciate opening the discussion.

Best regards,



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