The Soccer And United Marketing

The Soccer And United Marketing

Do you want to know about the soccer and united marketing? What has soccer to do with online marketing?

Hello dear reader!

The soccer is the worldwide sports game. To succeed in soccer, every soccer team needs to be united. Further, every more or less successful soccer team has own fans, followers. They are building groups, teams and need to be united too!

Having that in mind, how is it possible to unit soccer and marketing? This is what we are going to discuss in this article, the soccer, and united marketing!

The last tremendous weeks of Soccer World Cup 2018 and the happenings around it inspired me to write this article. After my opinion, besides, I am sure you will agree about it as well, WC 2018 was the biggest marketing event ever invented on Earth.

Why do I think so?

Keep reading and you will find out why! Let me explain in this article while I call online marketing “united marketing!”Soccer World Cup trophy and a soccer ball

Soccer is the worldwide game, worth in billions!

As already said before, we, the people around the world, billions of people, we’re witnessing the World Cup in Soccer 2018 in Russia. The biggest sports event on Earth. Thousands of people from around the world were traveling to the event and watched games live.

The Stadiums were built just for this event. Billions were spent for this purpose. 210 teams worldwide were on start. 32 in the final Cup. Just one winner, at that, is France with the vice-winner. the big surprise of the tournament, Croatia.

The small country with little more than 4 Mio people. Croatian team delivered great matches, showed big enthusiasm, character and winning attitude. This achievement can be a big inspiration for the followers of the soccer and united marketing. Congrats to France as a winner and Croatia as a vice-winner.

Many big teams lost in the first rounds or in a second round, knock-out phase. It showed that there are no favorites anymore in the soccer world. Same happens in online marketing. Nowadays, everyone has a chance to succeed. The soccer and united marketing together are also a game which can be played on all continents.

The quality of the soccer game nowadays is high. Any team can surprise and make a great result. The soccer game is an example of community, togetherness. Does it remind you of anything? Online marketing and the online community maybe? The soccer and united marketing are actually parts of two different communities, but whit many things in common.

We are speaking about the facts of connecting people, moving masses, sharing values …

The power of the soccer! Tears of joy and sadness!  The soccer and united marketing are really powerful!

During the championships, a lot of tears came out;  tears of joy and tears of sadness. Some people got married. Some people got many new friends.

Every participated country have their „soccer  heroes.“ The „global Soccer phenomenon“ is breaking all boundaries and records. More and more people every year is watching soccer and participating in many events.

More and more kids enter into the soccer clubs and start to train soccer. Soccer is untouchable. The final of the WC 2018 was characterized from the media as „battle between kids from the war (Croatia) and migrants(France)“.

Most players from Croatian team were born or raised after the Balkan war. Many migrants coming to France become Franch national players. What a great achievement, transformation. Somebody would say: „Everything is possible!“

These teams and its players showed that.

The message of the soccer and united marketing!

Message in a bottle

But, what are the other universal and powerful meanings contained in such great performance and event? You guess it is worldwide great marketing influence. Billions of people were engaged.

The soccer community reached all the continents, billions of homes. Friendships were built. Love stories were born! The stories of the victories and defeats. More than 3,5 billion of people were watching the soccer games presented in Russia. It is actually half of the human population on Earth.

Billions were watching the finals, either live, in front of their TV, on squares in front of big screens, actually, everywhere!  The search term „Croatia“ or anything related to Croatia was searched during and after the World Cup 2018, for more than 60 billion times!!! Unbelievable. What marketing power. What a marketing reach!

Can any other event achieve and surpass this one? You guess! The power of soccer and united marketing is enormous.

And all this because Croatia went the whole way, from the qualifying rounds before the WC, during the qualifying phase on the WC and in the knock-out phase, through the final! In England, the game between Croatia and England was the most watched sports event.

Can you see the power of sport in the marketing field? Can you imagine being able to promote your product or service in the same volume? Huh! So, what can we learn out of it?

TV in service of the soccer and united marketing!

Watching the game on TV and having a drink

TV is still a huge marketing tool. It is a media through billions of people are reachable. But you also need an event to achieve such numbers. You need a message that people love, admire, want to see and identify with it.

The players were called „heroes!“ The teams were actually amazing marketing teams. Immediate, natural and casual „marketing tools!“ They were promoting their own countries, and all other products related to them, like clothing, drinks, their stories, messages, marriages, families, parents, friends.

By learning and getting familiar with new things about the countries the teams are coming from, people around the world were able to learn more about the benefits of that country, about their culture, a way of living, products, services. What a deal!

Such big events can move big masses. Big events, in general, can move masses and are moving masses of people. As said, the huge events move huge masses. World Cup 2018 was a positive huge event. People wanted to see „their heroes“ fighting on that green lawn for their goals, pride, sports achievement.

People were following them and produced euphoria. The emotions were big. Everybody enjoyed the event. In this days the world was unified. The people in own countries were unified. That round ball and the players made the people around the world feel great by watching them as their heroes.

The heroes of the soccer and united marketing!

A strong man in a gym

Do you have your hero? Do you have something great to share? What can you show to the world? Be the hero! Be the online marketing hero! The World Cup 2018 produced the biggest marketing event and possibly beneficial for many people, ever. No one marketing agency or institution can achieve that, at that all in just a couple of weeks.

For example, only in Croatia, during the event of WC 2018, the people were traveling, drinking and eating, buying various merchandise related to the WC 2018,  up to 15% more than usual. The calculation was in billions. Everybody involved in the process profited from it.

I am sure, that you also, by watching the WC 2018, discovered something new, learned something new about some countries, new people, new events, sport. love, joy, and finally, about some new products and services. Besides, you’ve learned more about the community of great people that love the sport.

Of course, no one single person can achieve that. Not even large corporations can do that in such a short time and at once. Many Social media sites have hundreds of millions and some of the billions of visitors! Like Facebook, for example. Steady 2,2 billion visitors daily. But, this is achieved through the years, with a lot of effort and all the benefits and services predisposed and settled.

The folk, the soccer, and united marketing!

People who glory and applaud

But, WC 2018 and the soccer game is a „folk sport!“ The benefit was huge. WC produced joy, happiness and sports achievements. This is what we can learn from it. Work hard, train, enjoy what you do, show skills, enthusiasm, hard will, dedication, focus … and you can succeed. This is the biggest message sent to the humans, around the world.

This is what we need in online marketing as well. Benefit for the others, a benefit for yourself, hard work, dedication, determination, focus, community … engagement.

WC 2018 created an engaged worldwide community and a big family of the people that like sport. Great happening and experience.

This is what it takes to move masses. Great happening and experience. Engagement. Online marketing is the same. You need an event, product, service that can serve the masses. To achieve starting results you don’t need the „biggest stuff!“. Soccer is a dinosaur of sports events. Get a small„dino!“

Create, re-sell, offer something the masses can use. The masses around you. The online world is such a field. It offers a wide range of reach. There are masses of people everyday present. Play your online marketing game. Score the goal.

Offer benefits to that masses. Be productive, helpful, encourage them to move on. But, be authentical, offer something unique. Be up-to-date, universal. The masse will recognize your effort. The people know what is valuable.

Get and share value! Be inspired by the soccer and united marketing!

People working on PC

Having said that, if you want to discover something valuable, click here and find out how and where you can get access to the tremendous valuable product and services within the biggest and best online marketing community.

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Become a part of the biggest „Online marketing World Cup 2018!“. Play the game of online marketing and start now. You will learn how to become a winner, how to score your best goals for your future.

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Be ready for your online marketing game.

Start your game now! Move the masses by implementing the strategies and skills you will learn. Score your GOAAAAALLL! Be proud of your achievements. Become a winner, a successful online marketer and start your own online business, worldwide.

Be inspired by the positive attitude and spirit of the sport and the effects it leaves us. The engagement, the online community, the perfect product, and the service will open to you new horizons and new possibilities!

Free up your abilities, creativity. Show your passion.  Start today! The soccer and united marketing that became so powerful can teach us a lot about a positive way of thinking, engagement, community, the power of sport and its relation to marketing, and much more.

In that manner, I can add that you can’t move such masses as WC in soccer, but you can move „your own masses!“ You can become the marketing champion of your masses. As any young soccer player, as a starter, when started to learn the first soccer steps, you can also start learning and develop your „baby steps“ in online marketing and start building your own online business, your own „World Cup“. Become the star of your online marketing.

Experienced online marketers, the soccer, and united marketing!

Online marketers at the meeting discussing the topic

If you are an experienced online marketing player, become also a part of this great online community and share your skills, knowledge. Improve the game of this community by adding your values. Join the team!

Do it today! Do it now! Click here to reserve your spot now! For free! Join the great online marketer’s community, the unique one, ready to help any time in no time. Engage and share!

You have your penalty kick now! Don’t miss it! Kick into the right corner and score your goal! I hope to see you inside the team, and wish you much of success!

And, please if you like the article, leave the comment below. If you need any further help, please, contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out!

Join the discussion about the WC and marketing! Actually, how many matches did you follow? How did you like the WC 2018? Let me know!


And, don’t forget to visit this link! Join us for more discussion, engagement, and online experience!


4 thoughts on “The Soccer And United Marketing”

  1. Hi,
    Your site is cool one and educating contents of internet marketing. Very informative and full of lots of offers including free of cost. The ads on the right side are most relevant to the niche.

    • Hi Ravinder!
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      I appreciate it.
      Please, feel free to come back whenever you want and discuss my posts!

      Best regards!

  2. Great post on the force of soccer with united marketing. I never thought of soccer as an attractive niche, but after reading I started reading I could see the potential.

    The only thing is how can someone market soccer? And what is the difference between marketing and United marketing?

    • Hi Khalfish!
      Great comment. I will try to explain!

      Soccer is marketing itself through many channels: offline and online!
      Soccer games, TV in more ways, online LIVE TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, exhibitions, selling products to the fans,
      sponsors …

      The connection between such game and such big marketing is the passion for the game, high quality of the game, the huge audience around the world,
      many championships organized, many sponsors in charge, a lot of money in the game…it is a billion sports industry…

      Hoe can soccer help your marketing?

      Well, here is an example!

      let’s say you are a fan of one club or a team! In that case, you may build up a site about it and post relevant stuff about the club or team: images, articles, news, etc.

      Furthermore, you may add some other articles or opt-in forms or squeeze pages to that site, about other relevant products or content.
      It has to be relevant, this is important! It means you may sell soccer shoes, balls, jerseys, sports drinks, etc… All relevant to the soccer game and soccer players.

      The next example could be: visit offline a big soccer event, where many people are participating and distribute flyers about your products or services, or distribute the URL of your website …

      Test it out. let the imagination play. mastermind a bit about it. You have got the point! Where is soccer in charge, there is a big or huge audience connected to it!

      The difference between marketing and united marketing is just in words!
      I called it “United marketing” because, at the time of the WorldCup 2018, many people were united as they never normally do in a private life.
      Soccer is moving masses. Millions and millions of people have the same goal: to watch games and root for own team.
      They are united and they promote the soccer game, the passion, energy, joy!”

      As you know, there are many marketing ways offline and online available. What is the difference between marketing and online, offline, content, article, sports, digital and other marketing?

      Wikipedia says about marketing:

      “Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer. With the customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded that Marketing is one of the premier components of Business Management – the other being innovation.”

      Enjoy marketing!
      Thanks for your comment and I would like to see you commenting more on my site!
      Thanks in advance!


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