The Product Creation

The Product Creation is the most lucrative and the best way to start making money online! Affiliate Marketing is following!

However, at the same time, it is the most challenging way because as a starter you are confronted with many forms of making money online with own product!

As a creator and producer of your product, you need to resolve two main problems:

  1. Knowing how the business works
  2. Mastering the skill of creating the product

Fortunately, when you learn how to master both issues, it can be the easiest and most lucrative way of earning money for you.

This article will discover to you some essential pros and cons of producing your product. Discover why creating your product can be your life-changing endeavor.

1. You Are In Total Control Of About Everything.

Control the creation and production of your „game-changer.“ Design, develop, create and produce your unique and best-selling product. Define and control your advertising and marketing activities. Control the price and delivery of your product.

Every customer brought into your business is solely your customer. If your buyer were happy with the product, he/she would come back to you later on as well. Thus, you keep control of every future purchase of your product.

2. Most Important two Reasons Why People Create And Sell Their Products Are Keeping Total Control Over The Business And Total Profit In Their Hands.

As an owner of the product, you keep the whole purchase amount included profit. The total of 100% of the money is yours. There is an exception when it comes to affiliates. However, having an „army of affiliates“ by your side, it can generate you much more profit than own product itself.

Having affiliates is the most powerful way of earning much money. Keep reading to find out more below.

3. Affiliate Program

Create your affiliate program to leverage your business. Having affiliates promoting your program will automate your earnings and expand the brand of your business. The usual commissions offered to affiliates is in the height of between 30% – 50%, but sometimes a bit more as well. It is up to you to check the industry and offer the best commissions you can.

It will motivate your affiliates to work harder and make more sales for you. Having a product of high value will guarantee your success. Having built an army of your affiliates will enable you to earn money while not working by yoursečf. So to say, „even in sleep!“ Please take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and create a product that every affiliate would be glad to market for your and their benefit.

4. The Product Crеаtіоn And Building A Brand

Having your brand recognition and acceptance in the worldwide market is a great way to build your authority online and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Branding your product is important to present yourself and your company as a reliable, unique and original business with a unique high-valuable product created for the audience. It can be a great valuable digital book or any other kind of information within your chosen niche.

The product creation and the original name and logo for your brand! 

Create a specific, original and unique name for your product or service, build a brand within your niche and around your topic and make sure your product is qualitative enough people would like to talk about it, present and share within friends.

Create your logo and use it together with your brand name to promote it online and offline. Your logo is most important part of your brand, after having a great product or service, because, you may have the most appealing logo in place, but if your product or service don’t offer value and information your audience will forget about your logo, or worse, share negative „word-of-mouth“ which you want to avoid in any case.

Wow, we have covered some important points so far. These are the four most significant advantages of having their product and selling it online. To recap, as a product creator and owner you are in total control of just about everything, you keep the whole profit, leverage your business through the affiliates and build your brand online.

It is al fine, but is it all so pink? You have heard the expression: „it is not gold all that shines“ so the product creation also has some cons. The product creation is usually confronted with:

  Time consumption
  Website creation
  Higher costs
  Offering the best possible Customer Support

   The Product Crеаtіоn And The Time Factor

You can start as an affiliate within seconds. Contrary, producing their product can take time. Planning, designing and creating the product can be a very tedious task. You still have the option to outsource the production, but it will cost you money. If you are creating an information product, you need to find the author that is reliable and has a proven record of writing such pieces of information.

However, you need to proofread the piece and make it more personal with your individual touch and style.

Besides, you need also a website to put your product on and be able to sell it.

So, take time to prepare well for your business.

   Website Creation

As said in the last paragraph, you need to make your product visible and reachable to your audience. It would be best if you published it. There is a specific process involved you need to know, form creation a website to uploading your product and posting it online.

There are some technical steps involved, and if you don’t know how to do them, you will need to hire a specialist again. It can cost you several hundred o thousands of dollars. We are speaking here about professional work.

You can create your website for free as well, but as more professionally your site is designed, more will your whole business look more significant in the eyes of the audience and your chances to succeed.

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   Cost Factor

Creating its product is always costly more demanding to compare to starting as an affiliate. There are steps and activities involved you can avoid spending some money. To publish your website online, you need your website as explained above.

Your site requires a domain, hosting and a decent design. It all costs money, and if you are not familiar with designing, then you need to hire a designer. Depending on the structure, size, and goals of your website it can end up with substantial amounts of funds.

   Create various content for your website!

Writing articles, creating graphics, media content and other elements for your website will help you to brand your website and product, what can cost you money if not done by yourself. Besides, there are also marketing activities involved that are time and money consuming, especially if you decide to implement paid advertising for your marketing campaigns.

Hiring a marketing pro will cost you additional money! Learn how to advertise online, and you will save money you can direct into your activities.

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However, maybe I didn’t convince you to join us today! Maybe, you don’t want to start learning by yourself! Perhaps. You don’t want to become an expert in your field! Moreover, the online marketing niche!

Maybe You Don’t Want To Do The Job by Yourself?

Further, maybe you don’t want to learn by yourself how to create as many sales funnels as you like, in any possible niche! Instead, you want to hire a pro and outsource the whole process, and spend at least the following amounts:

  A domain name between $10 – $15

  Hosting depending on your needs and chosen plans, you can expect to pay up to $10-11 per month. There are also free plans included but with minimal options. Bets would be to get professional, unlimited hosting for your website with excellent support, reachable 24/7/365. Please review the policies and program every time looking for a hosting company

  For creational purposes, there are sites with freelancers ready to create content for you for just $5 per article or piece of another material. Check httр://www.Fіvеrr.соm or for that. Please be sure to check the author and ask for a review of some of his completed work to be sure to get the job done professionally.

Check The List Of Web Marketing Types!

  You can outsource online marketing activities as well. There are dozens of possibilities for how to market your product or service. I have created a blog post on our online marketing platform about types of web marketing available for your marketing activities! Check it out here, for free. It is a comprehensive checklist of 87 possible ways of online marketing. I recommend to check it out. It will give you some additional ideas about how to market your product.

  The proper, outstanding customer support is an essential part of your success with your business online. The customers must have a way to contact you and get accurate, instant and professional help when needed. Offering proper customer support, available 24/77365 will take your time, energy and money, especially if you are hiring outside help for this purpose. Your customers deserve adequate support.

Your Clients Need Outstanding Customer Service And Support!

They need to have the possibility to ask questions, complaint, share their concerns with you as the owner of the product and business, and to get appropriate answers and solutions for their problems associated with your product and service. Outsourcing is also a possibility, especially if you don’t have time to do it by yourself. It cost money again. Regardless, you also need to be involved, at least occasionally if not always, what would be the best option. Your presence will boost your credibility, customer’s trust and will only benefit your business.

As you can see, being a product and business owner gives you many benefits but also many responsibilities, more compared to an affiliate marketer.

The Conclusion

Either way, starting as an affiliate marketer or having your product in place, it is a great way to start your own business online. There are some positive and beneficial things about both of them.

   Working from the comfort of your home

Spend more time with your loved ones. Share your ideas and if the possible build up a business online with your nearest and dearest. Working from home will put you in control of your time and work. Manage your time per your schedule. It is a privilege to work and lives that way. It is a dream of millions of people around the world. Would you also like to achieve it? To find out the better way? I am sure you would.

   Part-time or Full-time job

Imagine working a much you want, whenever you want, with whom you want? A privilege, agreed? Start part-time. Don’t quit your steady job unless you are sure you can make a living from online marketing. Although making a living online is a dream job, it needs to become a reality. It is hard work and doing it only part-time will not guarantee your success. It would be best if you grew to full-time online entrepreneur to grow and succeed. However, Even if dedicating a few hours daily to your online business, be consistent. Be determined and focused. Maybe you will need to restrict other activities you would normally do, but online business needs their schedule and dedication. It is the price you have to pay to succeed.

   You are developing their own business online

Another beauty of online marketing opportunity. How about having your own business online and becoming an online entrepreneur? Alternatively, even create more activities online? The sky is the limit. The internet platform is the limit, which is a platform of 4 billion o people connected with a mouse click. It is a fantastic large base of potential customers. Not all of them will wait for you nor will buy from you. Many of them already are online entrepreneurs, but, being involved with a part of them, can boost your online business to the sky. What would be the number of clients that would make you happy? How many clients can you attract to your company? Can you help your customers and offer them solutions for their problems? Can you promote successfully? Answer the questions, and you will have the solution and clients interested in your offer.

   Being own boss

The Product Creation - Be Your Own BossRunning own business means being the owner and probably the boss. I say perhaps because you can also hire a boss. However, I am sure at the beginning you are going to be your boss. Running a business as an affiliate marketer or the owner of your product will position you as boos in both cases. Your earning will depend on your efforts.

   The responsibilities as a product creator!

The responsibilities are differently related to the model you choose. Although running own business as an affiliate marketer you will be earning commission per sale, while as the owner of the product the total profit. It is up to you how to proceed. Do you want to take the entire responsibility and create your product will depend on many factors, as described above? If yes, make a decision and start. There is no better time to start today. Online business is a modern industry growing daily. However, the beauty of both ways is that you have the choice.

   Both ways are great to start making money online

And can be very lucrative if done correctly. For some people, affiliate marketing is by far better way to start and for some having an own product. Either way, you can have success. In both cases, you will be your boss and responsible for your fortune online. Important is to take action. Become your boss today and take action now. Click here to accelerate your start and business growth, starting free!

Building up an online business can become a very lucrative earning source. I recommend to start part-time, and as soon you became so successful to live from it, quit your job and become a full-time online entrepreneur. You need to know that there is no guarantee you will succeed or make „big bucks,“ especially when starting. Although the internet has enormous leverage potential and business can grow fast, the whole success will depend solely on your actions. That is also the beauty of it. You have control over your success. However, it takes time, effort, skills and knowledge to succeed.

The goal of this article was not to make you false promises or present you some „fictional earning potential scam stories.“ It is moreover an attempt to „open your eyes“ and show you two ways you can follow when starting your own online business. Could you choose one of them and go for it?

Besides, I have presented you the way how you can begin educating your self and building up your online business, starting for free. Use that possibility. It is worth it. There is a lot to learn. Upgrade to Premium and enhance your online marketing skills. You can only gain.

Begin your Online Marketing Journey As An Affiliate! As soon You Acquire Needed Skills And Knowledge Enhance Your Business And Create Your Product! 

Start as an affiliate, and as soon you feel confident enough to start your product production and build your affiliate program, go for it. However, you can Implement both strategies. People are making a lot of money online by selling individual products and as an affiliate marketer as well. Educate yourself in both directions and implement both ways into your online marketing business to gain the most success you can.

Plan your success. Create a map of your business plan. Set your goals. Find a mentor that knows how to do it with notable success on his back. It is also what I am offering to you. It is a popular, very successful program for more than 13 years online, with more than 1,5 millions of members. The owners are there for you every day. Great mentors. After investing millions in the system, they have created the comprehensive program and platforms you can start using immediately. They are giving it to you for a fraction of the costs.

I highly recommend starting your online marketing journey with successful online marketers. Please make your first dollars and keep it up. It may turn up in a very lucrative online business. There is no risk involved because you can cancel your membership any time — no additional costs for that.

So, that was all from me for today!

Please, if you liked the article, leave a comment below, and I would be more than glad to open the discussion. If you have any question you would like to ask me, please contact me and I would be more than happy to help you out! And, most important, don’t forget to click on the banner below and create your Starter account. You have nothing to lose. Give yourself a chance to succeed!

Wish you all the best,

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12 thoughts on “The Product Creation”

  1. Hello, Igor and thanks for putting all this in perspective.

    As I was reading your article I began to think “This could be a lot of work” and then you listed the cons when considering this kind of marketing business. 

    No matter what kind of business one would like to get into, Time is always going to be a factor whether it’s online or on land.  But the part that would be the most difficult, (especially for me), is the amount of money one would have to invest just to get an idea off the ground never mind the actual making and branding of the product.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that this is a bad idea.  I think it’s a great idea for the right person with the right skills and, I think writing and design should be part of those skills.  One can learn these things but It would be better, I think if they already had them before jumping into an area they are excited about but unfamiliar with.

    I think being an Affiliate Marketer could be a little bit less stressful as well as easier to manage.  Yes it still takes time and commitment and a website and good training, producing good content and support but it would be a lot less expensive

    I like your idea about creating something to sell through a website but I’m afraid it’s not for me as I am not that creative nor do I have that much time to devote to such a venture.  Affiliate Marketing I could do and am working at it through your #1 recommendation.

    Thanks again for putting this in perspective for me, Igor and all the best,


    • Hi Wayne!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it! Yes, you are right. Starting making money online with your own product can be very stressful, costly and time-consuming. But, it also depends on the product you want to create. Definitely starting with a digital product is an easier and relaxed way to start. Starting with an app or software, or any other tangible product can be more stressful.

      Luckily, there is Affiliate Marketing that is available to anyone wishing to start with “ADFY” products (All done for you).

      However, both ways in order to make money require commitment and effort.

      I wish you define and choose your best way to start, whatever it would be. And I wish you a lot of success with your solution.

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

      Best regards,

  2. I definitely agree that creating and selling your own product that provides a need or fills a demand would be the best way to make money. Necessity is the mother of invention and if you can fill a need, then you will be on track to making money from it. This will take time, hard work, money and lots of research into hiring the correct people to help you. While this may be one of the best – it’s not the easiest. Almost anything you can think of has been invented. But I love the recommendation for creating and selling content or information. That would be one of the cheapest ways to invent, design and sell a “product”. One thing you didn’t mention I’d like to also point out in this area is copyright. Make sure you copyright your idea or product! And be sure your idea or product isn’t infringing on someone else’s copyright. Otherwise, I agree affiliate marketing is the way to go to being your own boss and making money online. But it also isn’t necessarily easy. It takes time, patience, hard work and creativity, Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Sherry!
      Your whole comment is true. Straith at the point. Still, there are a few points I want to emphasize. Although almost everything is invented there are still niches which are not. That being said, the narrowing is the key. You can narrow any product or service so much until you fond something with much less or no competition. There is always a “hole” to find, even a small one. It is the perfect one to start. of course, it takes a bit time, effort, brainstorming and research to find it, but once you have it you have your “magic weapon” in your hands.

      The other point that, in fact, you mentioned is copyright. It is obviously a very important one. But, copyright is something that it is not influencing the product invention and production. It is more a formal need of securing your rights on the product or service and the way of ensuring you truly possess your product or service. 

      In my opinion,  you can be productive without copyright, but not vice versa. That means that the invention and production of the product is something that will make it possible to build your business. 

      However, it is a very important issue and a part of the whole production and selling process, I am glad you mentioned it.

      Wish you much success,
      best regards,

  3. Hi Igor.
    You said the Product Creation is the most lucrative and the best way to start making money online. I appreciate you. Your post is really very helpful to learn what should I do mainly as a creator and producer of my product, most important two reasons why people create and sell their products are keeping total control over the business and total profit in their hands. You described the Affiliate Program, product creation, website creation and so many things that I need to know.
    I will share your post to others.
    Thank you so much for your helpful post.

    • Hi Monalisha!
      Thanks a lot for your comment.  The two main ways of making money online I described in my article are the most common ways of earning on the internet.  Both ways require time, determination, dedication, passion, skills, knowledge and after all massive advertising in order to monetize them.

        The website creation is a useful method that will tremendously help you to promote your products or services regardless of selling own products or services or being an affiliate marketer.  Certainly, there are also ways to promote products and services without a website but you need to know that the website is a great platform for many other activities that can boost your online business.  

      Thus,  you need to consider a website not only as a tool for market your products and services but also as a real platform for the overall engagement,  building relationships,  educate others,  discover what other people are searching online,  creating other very useful and interesting, above all helpful content.

       I’m very glad you liked my article and I’m also very thankful for sharing my posts to other people that might find it interesting.

       I wish you a lot of success.

       Stay well,  market better, convert best.

      Best regards,

  4. Thank you for the real, eye-opener article about online money making possibilities. I really agree with you that nowadays a perfect customer support is a must. I’ve become a member in some money making programs and some of them had terrible customer support when I needed help. What do you think a good customer support should give in general? I also agree with you that in any business – so in the online world as well – it is better to think first as making a part time possibility and then, after you have achieved some goals and you have learnt a lot, you can leave your old job behind. You are right that a business plan is of key importance. I think Affiliate marketing is the better choice for me as I couldn’t create my own product.

    • Hi Agnes!

      Creating own product is indeed a nightmare for many people. Luckily, Affiliate Marketing is a great alternative to making money online. One of the most important features of a good or great Affiliate marketing business is outstanding support. Knowing that you can call or write immediately after needing an important answer or resolving an occurred issue, is crucial help for maintaining your business alive.

      In my opinion, great support should have four important features:
      1) quick respond after only a few minutes
      2) available, reachable 24/7/365
      3) accurate help
      4) Up-to-date support

      I wish you a lot of success,
      Best regards,

  5. I see both as a win, win for me. What would you recommend? Which one is better to start off with? Is there one that is more easier then the other? I ask cause I know that there is time that you have tp put it and if there is one that is more easier then the other, then its something I can look into.

    • Hi Claudia!

      If you ask me what I would recommend then I say it is always better to have own product, for many reasons. The probably most one is that by having own product you are establishing your authority online and position yourself as an expert. Further, you keep all the profit and can build your own “army of affiliates!”

      On the other hand, having a successful affiliate marketing product or service by your side, it is a proven system that you need only to promote properly.

      The choice is yours.

      Best regards,

  6. I think that these are all important points to take into account but you need to know how to market your product and grow your brand to be successful selling your own product. I think that getting affiliates to promote your product out of the gate may be a good investment. Do you prefer getting affiliates or selling your product all by yourself?

    • Hi Jon!

      Both methods are important if you want to leverage your business. Affiliates are a great way to exponentially grow your business without any further cost or engagement on your site regarding advertising. It can tremendeously boost your business. Definitelly you should follow both ways: advertising at your own and building your affiliates base!

      Best regards,


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