The Competence And Your Online Business!

The Competence

Hello dear reader, and welcome to my “The Competence” post today!

This blog post today is for everyone that feels not competent to write or share their skills on the web!

It is the first article of my special series of blogs called „20 magical keys to online success!“
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The Competence As The First Key Of The “20 Magical Keys To Online Success!”

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I am encouraging you to read the post on this page through where I will speak about competence online. I want you to realize that you are also able to share your expertise! I want you to understand that you can start writing for the web and to convince you to start it today.

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The Competence As The Biggest issue For Many Upcoming Online Marketers!

The most significant issues for people when starting an online business is their mindset! The opinion they are not competent enough to share their knowledge.

They feel not skilled or knowledgeable enough to share their expertise. It is entirely wrong mindset! Everyone has a kind of knowledge. Including you. Moreover, everyone should have the right to share it and tell their story!

Do you my friend feel the same way?

Your life is full of experience! Filled with all kind of activities you conducted along your way. You have learned many things and acquired an arsenal of knowledge to share across the web. You can help people online to resolve their problems! Share the value they can enjoy! All from what you have learned so far. In other words, you are competent in many things! Also, you can gain special competence online. The web is a huge, in fact, the most significant resource of knowledge. You can learn many things online and build up your ability.

After reading this blog, you will learn that it is not hard to start writing and to share your competence at all. When I began to write for the web, a few months ago, thanks to Kyle’s support, I was also in doubt if I would be able to do it or not! Kyle encouraged me to do so, and I am thankful for it. I’m 57 now and still motivated to start sharing my experience, knowledge I acquired so far!

After completing all the training within the Wealthy Affiliate program, I am here! Writing this post!  The result is this website and the blog posts! I have also created my first free e-Book: “Email Marketing Basics!” It is about one of the most important marketing strategies online: Email Marketing!

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Enter your best email into the form and click on “Subscribe!” Get instant access to your copy of my e-Book! Writing is my passion. I am not a professional writer, but I love to write. I am still learning and will learn the whole my life. Besides, I am not a native English speaking person! However, I am passionate about writing and can say that I became competent to write about what I have learned so far.

Could you do it as well? The fact you are reading this post tells me you think about it! Be sure; you can do it!

The Competence – What is it?

Having said all that, let’s now dive into the topic of today’s blog post! So, what is competence? My logical explanation I can use is skills or knowledge or the ability to do something well. To clarify the term even better, I found some excellent definition resources online.

Wikipedia is referring to the competence within various fields of activities:

  • Competence (geology), the resistance of rock against either erosion or deformation
  • Competence (human resources), a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform a specific job
  • Competence (law), the mental capacity of an individual to participate in legal proceedings
  • Competency evaluation (law)
  • Jurisdiction, the authority of a legal body to deal with and make pronouncements on legal matters and, by implication, to administer justice within a defined area of responsibility
  • Natural competence (biology), the ability of a cell to take up DNA
  • Communicative competence, the ability to speak and understand the language
  • Linguistic competence, the ability to speak and understand the language
  • Skill

As you can see, the word ability is showing most times! Along with other words as requirements, proper performance, capacity, participation, et cetera.

The is explaining competence as:

  • the noun
  • the quality of being competent;
  • adequacy;
  • possession of required skill,
  • knowledge,
  • qualification,
  • capacity

Example: He hired her because of her competence as an accountant. is teaching us competence has origin from the 16th century (1585-95)!
The defines competence as the ability to do something well!

My favorite explanation is the one from the!

„A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person (or an organization) to act effectively in a job or situation.

Competence indicates sufficiency of knowledge and skills that enable someone to act in a wide variety of situations. Because each level of responsibility has its requirements, proficiency can occur in any period of a person’s life or at any stage of his or her career.

As you can see, during your life you become competent, regardless of the stage of your career!  It is all about doing something well. Can you do that already? I am sure you know how many things how to do something well and can help people online! It is your competence! So you can learn even more!

Visit this link and check how you can get competent even more in the field of making money online! 

The Competence And The Fear Of Failure!

So, don’t be afraid not to be competent enough. The online world is full of various niches. Millions of them. You are or can become an expert in any niche you desire! It is the matter of the proper mindset and commitment. The web is full of information! The valuable and less valuable one. Please pick up the best value and join us. Share your competence. Learn how to become even more competent. You will have great support!

Many competent online marketers are making a living online by utilizing their competence! With us, they are at your side. Ready to help anytime in no time! Become one of them as well.

You are competent!

So my dear friend, as you could learn so far, the competence is a very relative and broad term! You are definitely competent in a particular topic. Make it your niche! Show to the world your expertise!

For example, I love tennis, astrology and online marketing. I am practicing those skills for many years. Some of them more than 40 years. Now, I decided to dedicate some of my time to my third passion which is online marketing. I was not competent to speak about it at the beginning of my journey with WA!

To get more skills and knowledge about online marketing, I did and I am still doing the following things:

  • Joined Wealthy Affiliate
  • Accomplished all the lessons and training
  • Conducted my extra researches and gaining more and more knowledge
  • Improving my skills and knowledge on a daily basis
  • Created my website on my own by using the tools and services provided by Wealthy Affiliate
  • Enjoying the WordPress platform, outstanding hosting, and world-class support on a 24/7 basis
  • Using SiteContent platform for creating and publishing articles
  • Started to write and share my skills and knowledge
  • Getting more and more competent
  • While teaching others getting more skilled and knowledgeable

So, if I did it, you can do it as well. The first step is always the most difficult one. You need to start! Follow what you love, and the competition will be the last problem you will need to master. As mentioned earlier, you are competent already! All you have to do to discover your expertise is to sit down, take a piece of paper and write down what you are good at it.

While I was researching on the topic, I discovered that competence has four stages! The four stages of competence are an explanation about how to become competent in any field you may desire!

Wikipedia explains the four stages as follows:

1. Unconscious incompetence

The individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit. They may deny the usefulness of the skill. The individual must recognize their incompetence, and the value of the new skill, before moving on to the next stage. The length of time an individual spends in this stage depends on the strength of the stimulus to learn.

2. Conscious incompetence

Though the individual does not understand or know how to do something, they recognize the deficit, as well as the value of a new skill in addressing the deficit. The making of mistakes can be integral to the learning process at this stage.

3. Conscious competence

The individual understands or knows how to do something. However, requires concentration. It may be broken down into steps, and there is heavy conscious involvement in executing the new skill. Demonstrating the skill or knowledge

4. Unconscious competence

The individual has had so much practice with a skill that it has become “second nature” and can be performed easily. As a result, the skill can be performed teach it to others, depending upon how and when it was learned.”

The Competence And Key Points!

As you can see, the key terms are:

  • stimulus to learn (learning)
  • making mistakes is the part of the learning process (errors)
  • executing and demonstrating new skills (execution)
  • teach others about those skills the individual learned (teaching)

So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes in your „getting competence“ process. Making mistakes is an integral part of the learning and teaching process!

Remember, the most competent individuals are making mistakes sometimes!

The Conclusion

Let me summarize now the main points you can take home with you after reading this points.

• You already have enough competence to start sharing your expertise online
• Increasing your capability nowadays is easier than ever.
• Many resources available offline and online will help you to skyrocket your competence
• Be stimulated to learn and to improve
• Don’t be afraid of making the mistakes along the process
• Practice your skills, execute and show them
• Teach others what you know and build your audience online

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  1. Hello, I tend to believe that this site is really directed to me I am one of those people who find it hard to write articles or even blogs, but now as I have already subscribed to your marketing affiliate tips, I find it of more important and ready to enjoy the five bonus as I am really willing to start soonest possible, believe me that I have several friends who have this similar problems with marketing skills and tips.

    i like it the way I receive your posts as this is the second time I am offering comments to your site, hoping to grow more skills and learn more tips from you. Thank you.

    see you soon as we interact in your website.

    thanks, Joy gateru.

    • Hi Joy!

      Great to hear that! I would really like to help you and your friends to learn more about it. if you need help contact me in private as well. Invite your friends to join! Let them learn and start an online business! You are at the right place!

      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  2. Hello Igor,

    You have again delved into the true meaning of being competence.  I myself was lucky to stumble into Wealthy Affiliate and till now im very happy because there is tremendous amount of support on your journey of internet marking.

    Thank you for your advice i will be learning from my mistakes and continue my goals.

    • Hi Francis!

      Thanks for your comment. Glad to read it. Wealthy Affiliate teaches everyone to become a better online marketer and how to succeed. If you have enough passion for online marketing, it is only a matter of time when you will become a successful one!

      WA is the biggest online marketer community ready to help on a daily basis. There is a lot of knowledge and skill included. Engage daily, or at least frequently and get all you need to turn your passion into a real online business!

      Please, feel free to come more often to my site, leave comments and share my posts with your friends. I am glad if my advice can help!

      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  3. Learning is an ever ending cycle that we have to keep advance ourselves if we are to have that competitive edge that the reason ilove this blog Even more  it has proven to their is still alot that I need to learn on affiliate marketing and how to go about if their is away I can be permanent students I would love to keep learning from you  this very great and good article.

    • Hi Charles!

      Thanks for your comment. You are completely right. Online marketing, as the life itself, is an ongoing learning process. The beauty of online and affiliate marketing is that anyone, literally anyone who knows how to use modern online technology and devices connected to it, on a basic level, can succeed if it is ready to give what it takes. 

      We can say that online marketing is a kind of “giving-getting” process. Om has own rules manageable by anyone. Take your chance and start learning all about the successful OM. With WA you have all support, knowledge and skill on your side. I am glad if my modest contribution helps as well on that journey.

      So, please, come to my site as often you may like and comment on my posts, share them with your friends and enhance your skills.

      if you need help, send an email. Besides me, there are many valuable and skilled online marketers within WA ready to help any time, in no time. Use that force to become successful online marketer as well!

      Wish you all the best,
      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  4. Loving your post! I like how you break down confidence and I definitely agree with you, we shouldn’t be afraid of being incompetent! Competence only grows with knowledge and trying out new things. Any new skill can be learned with enough determination and effort. I think the number one reason for failure is giving up which most likely stems from people believing they are not competent enough!

    • Hi Stephen!

      The competence as a term (noun) means the capability (capacity) to do something successfully or efficiently. It requires knowledge and expertise. So, I am sure that almost anyone is expert in doing something. Anyone is able to adapt, learn and to improve. 
      Anyone on a different level, of course. But the main point is that anyone has something that already knows and something that can improve with.

      So it is a process. I am sure you agree with me. Every process has ups and downs. So, the competence as well. Competence is very closely associated and connected to, as you say: “determination and effort!” All very competent people went through this process. Nobody is born to know everything or a lot. 

      All this is true for every aspect of life: acquiring knowledge and skills, sport, music, literature, cooking, singing, babysitting, whatever.  So for the competence as well. It is so easy to understand competence, but still for many people scarry. Don’t be scared. be courageous to learn things and competence will come easily to you. 

      Online marketing is a matter of learning and practicing. Nothing else. You may get some tricks here and there, but in a nutshell, it is a process of learning and practicing. Period! This is how you build your competence.

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I would be glad to see your comments more often on my site, on my blogs. Please share them with your friends. Show them how to become competent and swim safely in the ocean of online marketing!

      Wish you much success!
      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  5. You are so right, competence is definitely the first key to success.

    And I would also agree with you that the training at Wealthy Affiliate will help you so much to learn everything you need to know about online and affiliate marketing, so that you too will be able to build your own successful Affiliate marketing website.

    Your video is really helpful to show people how to join Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you so much for a great post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it!

      Wealthy Affiliate is helping many various profiles of online marketers to become competent in any niche they want to. This is the power of this program. It is giving anyone the key to success, the needed knowledge, and skills. As more I search online and do my researches about the online marketing and related topics, it brings me always back to Wealthy Affiliate that offers all that. besides, no other program online is offering so many accompanying things, services and tools, like: great support, the widest base of active online marketers on a daily basis, many platforms to use for creation and publishing activities, website builder, live chat, private contact to founders, and much more. You already know all about. And, moreover, what is also a very important part of the whole WA package: all this for a very affordable price. many of the features also for free, forever. Is that not awesome?

      How is possible not to become competent with such support? By joining WA it is just a matter of time when you will become a competent online marketer and matte of someone’s motivation and determination. For all the rest is taken care!

      I would be very happy to see you more often on my site and to leave comments on my blogs. Share them with your friends and show them how to become competent as well.

      Thanks in advance for that!

      Wish you a lot of success!

      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  6. To me competence is like common sense.  While it should be obvious it seems that it rarely is. I have a hard time understanding the lack of competency in society today.

    However what works great is articles like this.  An article like this helps to educate and it appears that is very important these days.

    Just want to say thank you for taking the time to do the research and provide all the great information.


    • Hi Dale!

      I agree with you 100%. Nowadays it is easier and most affordable than ever to educate, acquiring knowledge and skills. In one word, to become competent. With this article, I wanted to motivate my readers and visitors of my site to jump into the “online marketing boat” and to start getting their competence, or maybe sharing it. 

      By conducting researches, I am enhancing my competence as well. So, the old saying: “by helping others you are helping yourself” has the full meaning here. 

      Researches take time. The passion behind is the motor of it. I am glad my articles found a good resonance. It motivates me more to keep writing and to enhance my competence.

      readers like you and others that visit my blogs are helping me as well on that road!

      Thus, thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you more often on it. leave comments and share my blogs with your friends. maybe, you will help them as well to become competent in any endeavor they may undertake. 

      Thanks a lot for that in advance!

      Wish you a lot of success,
      Best regards!

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  7. I love football and I love poetry as well. I’ve tried writing a post but whenever I’m done I just feel it’s not good enough for a global audience. It has really been truncating my desire to become an infopreneur but after reading your blog I feel inspired to make a move and take action. Thanks for writing.

    • Hi Louis!

      My dear friend, don’t give up. I found myself in the same position as you are now. kyle helped me and encouraged me to keep writing. The result (after couple o months) is in front of you. I love to write. I make mistakes as well. But I am passionate about writing. Stick to WA! Learn and practice. You will very soon be able to write for the audience and become competent.

      Look, I am not even a native speaking person, and you liked my article. Do you see? You can do it even better. Hugh, you motivated me right now to write about it and could write it now words and words. But, this is just commenting, thus I will control myself.

      The most important thing is not to give up and to write. Write whenever you can. The words will flow. believe me, it is really that simple. use some tools to correct the grammar (for example Grammarly, Spellchecker, SiteContent has spellchecking too …). Publish! If you don’t know where to start writing here is a task for you: take  a piece of paper and write down on it (regardless of the headlines, structure, bullet points, whatever, just put your thoughts on a paper for now) all about why you don’t feel comfortable to write for the audience? that will help you to release your blocks. Then, organize those chunks of text in a meaningful and logical whole. Create paragraphs of approx. 300 words and add headlines to each of them. Create opening headline, sentence, and a paragraph.  At the end add conclusion paragraph. Add some photos to the whole text (at least one photo on one article or if you want one photo to each paragraph). You see, you already created a great article. Play with it for 2-3 weeks, two-three time per week, for one to two hours. best would be the whole month or two. Voila! You are done!

      A note: you can start writing for yourself on a piece of paper or you can do it on your PC or LapTop using notepad or a Word document. 
      If you need help about how to start or how to structure the article, what tools to use, etc, send me an email or contact me in private here at WA! I would be glad to help. Also, I would be more than happy to see you more often on my sit and to leave comments. Share my posts with your friends and teach them how to become competent. It will help you too!

      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  8. Being competent requires some level of ability in what we do, therefore competence can not be overemphasized in 20 magical keys to success in online business. Thank you for precisely hitting the nail on the head and providing this helpful tips and I’m sure to start following up with all these tips so I can be successful in my online business.

    Thanks, have a nice day. The post was helpful

    • Hi Salim!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I am glad my post was helpful. Yes, you are right! Becoming competent in something by creating needed abilities is what almost anyone can achieve.

      There is no magic in online marketing. It is a combination of marketing activities conducted online and the right mindset. Every magical trick made by the magician has the skill behind it. When we are looking at him we see magic, but it is actually a process of some trained activities and know-how put together in order to blur someone’s eyes.

      In the same manner, every success behind successful online marketing has hard practice, tools, skills, knowledge combined together to achieve the masterpiece.

      Simple but at the same time demanding!

      i would like to see you more often on my site and leave comments on my blogs. Share them with your friends. maybe, you will motivate them as well to start online marketing.

      I would appreciate that.

      Wish you a lot of success,
      best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!


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