The Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Welcome to The Affiliate Marketing Benefits article today. In this article, I am going to be speaking about the pros of Affiliate Marketing. You are going to find out how you, your vendor and the customer can benefit from it.

So, stay tuned, read the article through its end and get some insights into the favorable way of making money online, Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s now dive into the article.

Affiliate Marketing Is Nothing Else Than Promoting And Selling Products From The Chosen Vendor.

The Affiliate Marketing BenefitsThe affiliate marketer (further: affiliate) is acting as the sales agent, and his job is to make as many sales as possible.

When affiliate accomplishes a sale, it gets paid in commission. The commission rate can vary. So, some vendors offer 50% of the sale price as a commission rate, and some less or more.

Affiliate marketing business model can be beautiful and lucrative, but can also end up with no commissions.

The reason for this is straightforward. An affiliate marketer needs to do his job seriously and appropriately.

Otherwise, no one will gain the benefit, neither the vendor, customer or affiliate.  But, isn’t that so in any other business as well?

With that said, if you do it right, you can earn a substantial amount of money, and all this with a little cost.

In this article today, I will tackle some key benefits of affiliate marketing, and at the end of it, I will introduce to you an affiliate program that you need to take a look at.

It is a legitimate, high-quality program that I am a member of as well. So, keep reading this article and stay tuned for some great stuff.

The good thing with affiliate marketing as a business model is that anyone, literally anyone, has the same opportunity to succeed. However, even if this is the case, not every affiliate marketer succeed.

Many of the marketers possess different skills and creativity, and thus the results vary as well. Your assignment as an affiliate marketer is to enhance your skills and become as creative as possible. It is also because the internet is a “living organism” that causes rapid development and evolution of marketing possibilities online.

To Start With Affiliate Marketing, All You Need Are Four Things:

  • The device you will use to work with: PC, LapTop, iPad or Smartphone (is that mot amazing … you can make money even with your smartphone)
  • Internet connection (best high-speed internet)
  • Necessary IT knowledge (how to use devices, how to log in, how to send emails, how to sign up for social media accounts.). If you don’t know some of them, I can help you with that. Feel free to contact me and ask.
  • The genuine, legitimate and high-quality program you want to promote

Affiliate marketing is still significant. And it will only grow. It is because the internet is now available “only” to half of the world’s population. Within this population, there are many people that don’t practice yet AM and need to learn about it. Further, not all of them have time and motivation to work online.

Besides, the majority of “online people” communicate in English or Chinese language. The third most spoken language is Spanish. So, if you don’t fall into one of these categories, then you also have a space for improvement. Check the report below!

The Most Common Languages On Internet


As other things as well, Affiliate Marketing went the past few years through some modifications, ups, and downs, but didn’t lose a bit of its attractiveness.

It is still one of the most popular and best ways of conducting business online. Even the biggest companies in the world have their army of online (and offline) affiliates.

And the best part is, it will continue to grow and evolve even more. Still, yet it is already a proven business model online, it has its pros and cons.

In this article, I will list some benefits, and to read about the cons, the negatives click here and read my other article about this always exciting topic.

With that said, let me know to emphasize the benefits of the Affiliate Marketing business model.

The Affiliate Marketing Benefits

The Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Before diving deeper into the article, please consider that in every affiliate marketing endeavor there are three main subjects involved:

  1. The Vendor
  2. The Customer
  3. The Affiliate (somebody calls it also: the agent, the middleman).

Each of the parties above enjoys its benefits.

The Benefits For The Vendor

The vendor can be a company or a single person. The vendor has produced the product and established a particular service that would like to sell online (offline as well, of course). Thus, the vendor needs somebody who is going to sell the product or service to third parties unless it is doing the selling part by himself /or herself.

Very often, selling takes a lot of time and energy and additionally costs money. All the promotional activities, travelings, and meetings need financial coverage what can add to a substantial amount of funds. Besides, the production can suffer as well.

The Solution Is Affiliate Marketing!

Having such “Sell-Power” in house, the army of affiliates can tremendously increase selling, and the best part is that the vendor doesn’t need to pay anything to members upfront.

The affiliates will promote the vendor’s products or services at their own cost. They will spend their funds, time and energy to make a sale. And here comes the best part. Affiliates are getting the commission (the agreed amount of the sales price) only if they perform positively. It other words, only if they conclude a sale.

The product is delivered directly from the vendor to the customer. When the transaction is through, the affiliate gets paid under the payment terms. On the contrary, if the sale didn’t happen, the vendor is not obligated to pay anything.

The vendor can have thousands of affiliates and can leverage their business to the highest levels that way. The digitalization era made it possible to scale the business online in a short time to the highest standards with minimum product multiplication and distribution costs. Many vendors created just one digital product and sold it thousands and millions of times thanks to this fantastic technology.

That means that one digital product can be sold millions of times with just one sample. For such results, affiliates must work hard and sell many products.

Similar happened to single vendors (persons) as authors of such products. Many of them earned great money using this business method. As I said before, anyone can become a vendor online and build their army of affiliates. When considering such a business model, the only (still for many people big obstacle) “hack” related to it is the creation of such a digital product. But this is the subject of another article.

In Summary, The Most Significant Affiliate Marketing Benefits For The Vendors Are:

  • no need for traditional employment of sell-power
  • there are no (or very little) promotional costs
  • the vendor is paying the commissions only after a successful sale
  • there is no limit of the number of marketers
  • a vendor can focus more on other activities
  • a producer can cancel the affiliate agreement any time without any further mutual obligations
  • the merchandiser can leverage the business very quickly and to the highest levels with minimum costs
  • affiliate can work at their own pace what makes them more motivated

The Affiliate Marketing Benefits For The Customer

The customer is the one who is paying for the program, product, or services of interest. The customer is searching for such opportunities online daily. You, as an affiliate, attract such customers and bring valuable affiliate opportunities in front of them with attention to sell them.

Through your products, reviews, support, explanations, care, and sharing of benefits of the products and services, the customers get a more accurate and detailed presentation of the same and can get much more familiar with the offer.

That all enable the customer to make a proper and more precise decision to buy. The affiliate marketer will show all the features, functionality, the goods, and the bad of the product or service and in many cases, offer some additional valuable bonuses customers can enjoy if makes a purchase.

The bonuses are an extra effort made from the affiliate marketer’s part to add some more benefits for the client what will, in turn, motivate him/her to buy.

So, it is a win-win situation. The customer gets outstanding support and more valuable product, and the affiliate and vendor conclude the sale and earn money.

The Affiliate Marketing Benefits For The Affiliate

Luckily, the Affiliate Marketing business model has many Affiliate Marketing benefits for affiliates as well.

In my opinion, the most beneficial part of such a business model for the affiliates is time management and the possibility to earn serious money regardless of their position in the company. As you already know, In a traditional company, the hierarchy in the company is strict and well known.

Contrary, in the Affiliate Marketing Business Model, even the workers at the bottom of the hierarchy in the company can earn even more than the owner or the boss itself.

An affiliate marketer can conduct affiliation even part-time. In an Affiliate marketing business, the reward is very straightforward. As much the affiliate sells he7she will also earn. The earning potential is much more significant than in a traditional working model as an employee.

The member can earn extra income, can become a full-time affiliate marketer, and can also, if done correctly, make so much money to become a vendor as well.

It can grow to the levels to become a boss himself /or herself and to create their products and services. Many successful entrepreneurs online became successful businessmen after the affiliate marketing carrier as an affiliate.

Please, remember that the Affiliate Marketing business model understands either working as an affiliate or build up its own affiliate base.

Having own product is, in fact, a must if you want to build your own affiliate marketing business. Not everyone can do that from the beginning (the easiest way to start with it is a creation of a digital product), and thus beginning as an affiliate is a better way to go.

The main point here is that the Affiliate Marketing business model online leaves anyone the option to choose between creating own products and services and building their own affiliates base or remaining as an affiliate and sell other’s products and services.

Isn’t that wonderful?


After considering all the points above, it seems that the Affiliate Marketing business model is a real deal. It has many benefits for the vendor, customer, and affiliate marketer. Anyone willing to promote products and services online and work hard to make money online can do it.

But, as any business has also their “less beneficial parts,” please, click here to check the cons of Affiliate marketing business model. I am sure you want to know even about the negatives associated with it.

Although there are not many, it is useful to get to know what could negatively affect your Affiliate marketing journey.

However, I sincerely hope that you will not get discouraged because of some obstacles that may arise on your Affiliate Marketing adventure. It is still a great way to start your own business online and become a financially independent successful online marketer.

Now, do you as well have affiliate marketing ambitions and want to become a vendor, or do you want to start your affiliate marketing business by becoming an affiliate?

If the second is your choice, and you are looking after a great Affiliate Program to promote and benefit from, don’t wait any longer. You are in the right place, and you can become an affiliate marketer right now.

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I do hope you will check the program and let me know your further steps.

If you need any further help, please let me know, I would be pleased to help you out.

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading my article, and if you liked it, please post a comment below and share it with friends. I am sure there are some of them that seriously consider starting their own business online as well.

With that said,

I wish you an excellent Affiliate Marketing adventure and all the best,


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13 thoughts on “The Affiliate Marketing Benefits”

  1. I am willing to get started with Affiliate Marketing, I will be starting next year because I am trying to put some stuff together. I have read so much about it and I think it is just right for me. Wow! This Black Friday deal you’re talking about, I want to get it so that I will know I have 1 full year and won’t bother about monthly fees. I love this.

    • One year is a great time to get expertise, to get involved in writing properly and to put your site together properly. Black Friday is indeed a great offer because it offers a lot at a very affordable price. Nowadays any regular expenses are always a hurdle for many people. That is why having a program and system at your side that doesn’t cost a lot and offer all that WA offers is an opportunity to be taken when it shows up.

      Going yearly will definitely putting aside “monthly obligations” and free your path of learning and building up your site for the whole year. Wish you much success.

  2. Excellent overview of affiliate marketing.  Have you been finding success with just this program or are you an affiliate of other programs?  Are you planning to branch out if you haven’t already?

    I always like the idea of having more than one stream of income so to speak.  It sort of insulates you from potential loss of one.  

    • Affiliate marketing is, for now, my part-time issue. I am not promoting anything else but WA for now because I am still building up and adjusting my GMT website. Definitely I am thinking to create my own informational product and to branch out in the near future.

      my big issue, for now, is lack of heavy promotions because I am occupied with website creation. I am doing it all by myself and it takes a lot of time to put all things together. However, I enjoy it and love what I do. I have already so much content on my site that I could easily create several AM eBooks and also create an info product I can sell.

      My next step very soon will be starting using social media and maybe some other channels to start promoting AM and WA. Please be aware that having more than one stream of income would mean to double or triple your work, and thus, your time. In my opinion, it is a good approach to “put together” one income stream properly and then expand if possible.

      I wish you success.

  3. I like this post. Simple and well understood. Thank you so much for putting this up for our consumption. Affiliate marketing is my favourite model to make money online and I want to get serious with it. I know it will not be easy but with time and focus, I will be able to reap the benefits you have shown in here. Thank you.

    • Yes, you are right. It is not easy o succeed in AM. It is also not easy to succeed online in general, if you chose another stream of income. Even if you have your own product or service it is not going to be easy to make a living out of it. Thus, in my opinion,
      starting with the proper affiliate program I best because you can focus more on promotion. 

      Still, if you don’t take your business seriously, who will do it for you, right? It all depends on your goals, efforts, and consistency. I am also sometimes not consistent enough. It is because of my other duties and work.  But, I am fine with that. For now. 

      Affiliate Marketing has definitely benefits and if done properly anyone can succeed.

  4. I realy like the information you have provided here it’s very beneficial information for affiliate marketers as I am a newbie my self and love all the helpful insight I can get thanks for the information you’ve provided me I think I’ll be staying tuned in the future it’s great to see someone providing helpful information especially if your new great article and great site over all – Jonathon 

    • Hi Jonathon.

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate that. It is good to hear you like the content and the site. It is hat we learn here at WA. It tells me that I make progress. For you, as a newbie, the one thing is very important: taking action. That means, Follow the training, build up your site and become an expert in your niche. depending on your interest and effort you put into your work, the result will be accordingly.

      In other words, it is simple. If you don’t build up a site you will not have an asset to work with. A website is a great platform for many things you do online. If you don’t create content, you need to outsource it. if you don’t outsource it you will have no content. If you don’t promote your website and business, who will know about you and your offer, and so on.

      There is a great old saying: “The longest trip starts with the first step” It is also clear that big words and saying are easy to say, but taking action and to transform such saying into practice is another story, right?

      So, do you best and see where it ends.

      Wish you success,

  5. I love the freedom and flexibility affiliate marketing gives me.  I love promoting products and services that I use because I feel I can help people make an informed buying decision. All the while working from home from a schedule I create.  With that being said I never thought about how affiliate marketing truly is a win win situation for everyone. 

    • Yes, you explained very well. Freedom to work whenever you want, having many products and services to choose from, scaling your business according to your efforts, and much more. In my opinion, using the products and services is of essential importance for every affiliate marketer. of course, there are many marketers that don’t use products and services themselves, but if you do, the customers are always better served.

      Wish you much success,

  6. Hi, I have been into the Affiliate Marketing scene for about 3 months or so. I am with WA. I am so happy with my experience so far. I have tried many other methods and I hated all of them. I also spends tens of thousands of dollars.

    After I found Wealthy Affiliate, I finally feel like I am on the right track to building a lucrative and successful online business.

    In terms of passive income, affiliate market is a great strategy and business decision.

    It will take you lots of time and hard work. However, the investment in your time is worth it.

    • Hi, jake!

      What I love with WA is that I can freely and gladly promote it because it is a legitimate and successful business online. Seeling education and support, help other people is always a good thing. It is not easy and it takes the time that is true. But, I rather take this road than promoting and selling the “cat in the sack”. Also, I would not feel well if offering something that has no value.
       I would also like to emphasize that success in online and affiliate marketing depends a lot on proper promotional activities. Organic traffic is the best one because it shows that your site is really valuable and in the long term brings a steady flow of potential customers, but conducting thorough and massive promotional activities will bring revenue and success, maybe even in a shorter time. I have experienced that while organizing webinars in the past. 

      Wish you much success,

  7. I’ve been marketing online for years now and if it weren’t for Wealthy Affiliate, I would have given up already. You’re right when you said that while affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business online, there’s also a possibility that the affiliate won’t make money or commissions. I experienced with having no income at all, for a span of 3 years. After reading this article, I realized there’s no one to blame for the lack of income but myself. I should have done my part and should have honed my marketing skills and system. Today, with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, with their training and supportive community, I am starting to see some money coming in.


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