Ten Tips To Write An Article

Ten Tips To Write An Article

Welcome to ten tips to write an article, the second part of the post on how to write an article. Ten tips for writing an essay will help you to understand the key points you need to consider when writing appealing articles.

As I wrote in the previous article, anyone can write an article. Of course, it is not that easy if you start from scratch.

Luckily, there are some guiding points the starter can use to start writing its exciting articles. Find the guiding points within today’s ten tips to write an article post.

The ten essential points should every newbie (and experienced article writer) consider when writing an article that the audience would like to read.

Here Are My Ten Tips To Write An Article

Ten Tips To Write An Article

1. RELEVANCY – My first tip out of the ten tips to write an article is about relevancy.

Unrelevant item is worth nothing. Chооѕе a tоріс that іѕ rеlеvаnt to уоur wеbѕіtе.

Your essay should match the topic of your site.

Relevancy is one of the most crucial SEO factors.

People will find your item online after entering a specific keyword (the search term) into the search engine.

If your article is about selling t-shirts and your website about selling tomatoes, you can imagine the shock the visitor will experience after landing on such a report. Except you use the t-shirt to promote vegetables.

Thus, reading ten tips to write articles will help you to understand and distinguish some essential factors when it comes to writing quality articles.

The relevance is a crucial factor for starting well your article. Be sure you have relevant material on your website.

2. KEYWORDS – The other critical advice. Find a gооd kеуwоrd fоr your piece. Keyword or keywords phrase is thе рhrаѕе thаt реорlе uѕе whеn they search on ѕеаrсh еngіnе tо find уоur аrtісlе.

If уоu аrеn’t sure hоw tо do kеуwоrd research, just аѕk уоurѕеlf whаt words уоu wоuld uѕе tо search for аn аrtісlе оn preferred topic. For example,  assume now that your website is about marketing advice or any other kind of sharing valuable information or knowledge.

Your content consists of several checklists or articles related to offering the best advice for doing something. In that case, the topics, titles, and keywords of your items could be something like:

  • the “Tор Tеn Wауѕ” tо do …
  • “Sіx Sіmрlе Tесhnіԛuеѕ Fоr” …
  • “Fіvе Quеѕtіоnѕ Tо Aѕk” …Othеr роѕѕіbіlіtіеѕ іnсludе:
  • “Six Great Ideas For…,”
  • “Tор Tеn Tірѕ for…,”
  • “Tеn Secrets Abоut…,”
  • “Three Steps Tо…,”

Suрроѕе now that thе аrtісlе you write is оn wауѕ how to gеt frее trаffіс for a website. The kеу word you chose is “frее website trаffіс.”

Wrіtе, a tіtlе for thе аrtісlе, using thе keyword you defined in step 2. That way, the ѕеаrсhеrѕ will be able to  fіnd your аrtісlе more easily: Fo instance, you could use keywords phrase like “Ten Wауѕ Tо Gеt Frее Wеbѕіtе Trаffіс.”

3. RESEARCH THE TOPIC – Writing informative and valuable content regularly is not an easy task. It is because it requires knowledge on the topic. Updated information is something people online are looking for and need.  You will also find out today that ten tips to write an article provide instructions that rely on high-quality content creation.

Thus, To stay ahead of the competition and to write an updated high-quality, informative article, the author should conduct some up-to-date researches to get updated information.

There are many available sources available for this purpose, especially online.

The most significant resource is the Google Search Engine, which dominates the search market and has billions of pieces of information listed. Due to the regularly increased number of written articles and blog posts, the “Google article directory” is flooded with new or updated information.

Due to the internetlivestats.com website (the one I like to use to check the data flow on the internet) only today, almost 5 million blog posts are written, and nearly 1,8 billion websites created online. As you know, a blog post is a piece of information. If you want to know how to create a captivating blog, click here and find out.

Billions of such pieces of material offer various useful (unfortunately also unuseful) information that every content creator and writer online can use to find relevant and valuable content and get some additional ideas about what to write.

My ten tips for writing an article blog post is another contribution to the world of blogging. In the same manner, many specialized websites are containing a variety of specialized content anyone can check and enhance their knowledge.

With that said, the article writer needs to conduct some researches related to the content and context of the article.

Either online or offline, the author can read other books on the topic, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and other related audio files, visit libraries.

There is also a possibility to interview experts in the relevant fields and attending seminars and subscribing for courses. In other words, the writer should conduct all activities pointed to finding new related content and valuable information.

I hope my ten tips for writing an article will also offer a valuable resource any content creator can use to get my own ideas for writing.

4. WRITE A DESCRIPTION OF ONE OR TWO SENTENCES – telling thе rеаdеr whаt thеу will gеt frоm rеаdіng your аrtісlе: “How mаnу wауѕ do уоu use tо get frее traffic for уоur wеbѕіtе? Yоu’ll learn ten of the best hеrе.”

It is most useful to tell to the readers straight at the beginning of the article what can they expect with your piece of information. Make the reader interested in the content they can read within your article.

The web platform has one significant advantage over the traditional offline and “hard copy” model. That is, the articles written on the web are in a digital form that enables multimedia implementation like audio and video files.

With that in mind, you can invite a reader to read your article with an audio invitation and a description of the topic. However, either using a written, audio, or video form, a short description at the beginning of the article is always useful.

5. “SELL” THE ARTICLE IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH – use thе kеуwоrd in your first paragraph аgаіn: “Frее website traffic іѕ a fеw сlісkѕ аwау іf уоu knоw whеrе tо lооk…” It is also essential that the first paragraph is visible “over the fold.”

It means when readers use their LapTop or  PC and open the article to read it, the first what is visible is the content between the upper and lover screen boarder. If your visual appealing content or text is immediately visible, the reader can start reading it and, if appealing, eventually decide to keep reading your piece of information.

If The First Paragraph Offers Interesting Information, The User Might Keep Reading The Article

Ten Tips To Write An Article

6. CREATE A NUMBERED  OR BULLETED LIST – Crеаtе a numbеrеd or a bulleted list, and explain еасh еntrу wіth a couple of sentences.  Numbered lists provided that “work well.”

Emphasizing the most relevant or most important points of your content is a great way to keep your readers engaged and interested in the topic, and finally, your article.

There are many advantages to having readers longer in your article.

Not to mention “bonus points” at Google that honors pages with more prolonged engagement and activity time with better rank, following by building a relationship with your readers and authority on the subject, and more.

Numbered or bulleted lists are immediately visible and draw the reader’s attention. Some people “scan” the lists quickly and then come back to the article and read it through.

So, don’t forget to create numbered or bulleted lists within your article to draw attention and to emphasize the critical points of the topic.

7. END OF THE ARTICLE – End thе аrtісlе wіth a ѕhоrt раrаgrарh. Uѕe thе kеуwоrdѕ оnе more tіmе: “You саn see thаt ѕоmе of these wауѕ tо get frее wеbѕіtе traffic аrе еаѕіеr thаn others, but whу nоt trу all оf thеm.

The real question іѕ which wіll work bеѕt fоr your website…” Many writers (and I like to end the article the same way) use the summary paragraph at the end of their article.

Although it isn’t аlwауѕ nесеѕѕаrу, it is still a good practice to give the readers a “shorter version” of the critical points you emphasized within the article.

You can end the article with some other content, as shown below. However, submitting your preferred link at the end of the material will enable readers to find you (your website) easily online.  It is in case you submitted your report to article directories.

But, if you posted your article on your website, then inserting the link at the end of the article is a great way to invite your readers to your other piece of information or a great affiliate program, for example.

For example, like this: “Now when you have learned more about affiliate or online marketing, please check here and find out how you can start your affiliate or online marketing journey today …” Such an invitation is also a part of the strategy called “Call To Action,” which I mentioned below.

8. MULTIMEDIA – Don’t forget to insert the multi-media content into your article. Enhance the look and engagement of your essay. Insert picture, video, or any other form of engagement: surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, audio files.

I received many questions about how many pictures or videos should go in the article? You can insert as many you like, but mostly one or two photos and one video will do just fine.

Edit your photos for the SE crawlers because crawlers can’t read pictures and videos. They are read-only text files software. That means to insert the Alt text and Image Title Attribute. That way, the crawler will know what your photos show to the audience.

Make Your Article Useful And Informative Reader Would Enjoy To Read

Ten Tips To Write An Article

Offer high value, and your reader will enjoy reading your article. Don’t write shorter articles than 1000 words because the length of the article is another important SEO factor.

You can create even more extended pieces of materials, as well. Some of my items are longer than 2000 words and more.

Still, researches showed that articles (with great content) of the length of approximately 1800 words performed best on SERPS.

Tip for the video embedding: Google loves YouTube. Google owns it! Read here and here
about the YouTube acquisition 13 years ago.

So, by embedding YouTube videos, you will raise the popularity and engagement of your written item.

Build your authority as a writer and entice the readers to come back to your site or blog by writing appealing articles that deliver great context for the reader. Remember: “if the content is the king, then the context is the kingdom!”

9. CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH – Add a conclusion paragraph – after you finished writing your central part of the article, share your final thoughts! Wrap it up. Please, at this point now, don’t mix the conclusion paragraph with the end of the material.

Although very similar and could be easily replaced, the conclusion paragraph offers a bit more information and final thoughts on the topic.

It is always useful to conclude something about the written text. It can be better memorized, and the conclusion can define further actions of the reader. If you read more articles, you may find that the conclusion paragraph looks different from many of them.

Some of them are shorter, some longer. Some include CTA, some not. Few are focused solely on the context in the article, and several are relating to other items as well.

Whatever your conclusion would be, it is maybe the best praxis to offer you an honest personal opinion on the topic and summarize the context.

10. CALL TO ACTION (CTA) – Please, don’t forget to include “CTA” in your article. Regardless, if you post your article on article directories or your website, or maybe you promote your article on social media, having CTA is crucial to tell the readers what to do next.

I mentioned CTA at the end of the list, but it could be easily discussed anywhere else within the file. The only thing to take care of is not to “overwhelm” your reader with CTA’s.

People very often like to be told what to do. CTA can be anything. From subscribing to a newsletter to downloading a report or buying a product or service. It can also be an invitation to your next online webinar.

You Can Create CTA In Various Forms. Entice People To take Action

Ten Tips To Write An Article

Motivate people to make a preferred decision using written, visual, or audio calls to action. Use various graphics like buttons, banners, photos, words, links, create a video or audio CTA, and message.

The most common forms are a button or a relationship. I prefer the same, either the button, banner, or a simple link.

Said so, my CTA today for you is to click on the banner below. It will direct you to another article.

There you can read about the great offer I have for you. Inform yourself properly before you make the final decision.

It is about the most comprehensive, “all-around” place, unique online, where you can meet thousands of people and join the community of online marketers.

It is the place and the system that marketers created for marketers of all levels.

I am promoting this place and system on my site, as my #1 recommendation online. You can see it in almost all my posts.

It is because I believe it is the most valuable place online for everyone who wants to learn how to turn own passion into business online. 

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Yes, you may visit the company’s website and register there. The only difference is that if you do that through my site will earn some commission. It is an award for my effort.

The price always remains the same. You have no additional costs, and there are no hidden expenses involved.

Besides, you can join for free as well, with some limitations in the usage of the platforms.

My Final Thoughts 

There is no doubt that article writing and “blogging” are still one of the most essential activities online. Companies and various businesses around the world pay a fortune to best writers and “copywriters” on the web. There are millions of others that write valuable articles daily and make money online by doing so.

The billions of posts online are not a coincidence. All the authors recognized the need and value of sharing high-quality information. It is a “door to rank heaven” and building authority online.

Google needs excellent content and information for their readers. As long people provide such informati0on online, Google will keep making billions of dollars. To get your “piece of the cake,” you need to stand out.

So, with that said today, I wish you a great time ahead. Enjoy a wonderful Black Friday 2019, and I hope to see you at the inside.

Your friend,

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great read on content creation, it has always been a big interest of mine, writing helps with reaching out to others and sharing your thoughts and ideas, besides writing is also a great stress reliever.

    You have many excellent points on writing good content, I have heard that Wealthy Affiliate offers a vast amount of training on this subject, is this true?

    • Yes, there is indeed a lot of training available, from three sources:
      – the WA courses
      – weekly live webinars held from Jay
      – the community

      Hundreds of training lessons, tutorials, LIve Chat section to get instant answers, contacting co-founders, company support, video training and more. The main thing WA is teaching you related to writing for the web is how to turn your passion into web content and your business online.

      They teach you to write naturally, in your language and to build up your site with your interesting content. The other main thing is to practice writing.

      If you deliver valuable and useful content for the reader you will find your way. Depending on your expertise and passion, the experience you have to share with your audience, there is always somebody who will want to read your content.

      The main thing is to start.

  2. Hello Igor;
    I am passionate about writing, but the idea of writing a blog or just publishing a thought traumatizes me.
    Your detailed techniques in the simplicity are favorable to me, and allow me to pass a course concern my fears to write.
    I will subscribe to not miss anything of your future publications.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks, Moi Moi.

      If you have something interesting and valuable to share you have nothing to be afraid of. I would you be if you help people? Any help is awarded, sooner or later. It is one of the principles of life. I am sure you have something to share with your prospective audience. It is just about starting. Try to write a blog for yourself and show it to your friends or family members before posting it online. If they like it you “broke the ice”.  Define the target audience, do some research on the topic and then decide to start writing. If you don’t make the first step, it is in fact, not possible to make the second, and then the third …you got the point.

      Regarding subscribing, I can say that you can subscribe if you wish for my eBook about Email Marketing and get a copy for yourself. It is free, of course. I am thinking to turn my posts into a newsletter so you may subscribe to that as well. 

      Thanks in advance if doing so.

      Best regards,

  3. All of these tips are very helpful especially for me as I frequently get writers block.  With that being said my favorite tips that resonated with me the most is selling your article in the first paragraph. I have found people stay on the page longer by doing that alone.  

    Secondly I also love where you mention using lists as this helps break up text paragraphs and organizes ideas and concepts nicely.  

    • Hi Pamela.

      Yes, people search online for information they need, and they want to get it fast. If they see within few seconds after landing to your post that the first paragraph is not “interesting or inviting” they will quickly pass over to another search. With billions of blogs written online, and billions more are coming, readers are getting more and more spoiled. The competition is huge but, contrary, as in every event, the competition can be a good one and a bad one. Thus, following the best niche practices and putting the effort in your work, the result should come.

      Wish you much success,

  4. Hi, there is some great advice being provided here to improve your blogs and writing.

    Writing is a science (and an art) and as such it can be consistently improved and become more effective.

    Implementing great advice like this is a great way to improve your game and help you get the traffic you desire.

    People should enjoy reading your writing, and if not then nothing else matters. So make sure that is always a high priority.

    • Hi, jake!

      thanks a lot for your comment. I am trying to do my best. I am glad my content offers some good info. By writing content for my site I am also learning more about the topic and enhancing my skills. It also motivates me to keep creating content.

      My site is all about online and affiliate marketing and I am looking forward to creating my own product as well. 

      However, I am glad you liked the content.

      Wish you much success,

  5. I think that’s the reason why I struggled with my first website. I tried to be all for all people that I posted just about anything in that website. In the end, it didn’t rank well on the search engines and resulted to being abandoned. Relevancy is the key, and if the articles of a website is relevant to the theme it has, people and the search engines would not be confused what your website is all about. Now, with my new site, I will try my best to be coherent with my article postings.

    • Yes, relevancy is important. It is also an important rank factor. And it is no wonder why. If you, for example, want to find an answer on a certain topic online, you would search under the specific term using the search engine, right? So, if you don’t get the appropriate result you will probably be upset about two things:

      – you will probably change the search engine
      – you will probably quickly pass away from unrelevant content

      It is why Google is appreciating so much the relevancy,

      However, it is not difficult to keep relevancy if you focused and know what to write about. I found one thing very useful: while writing relevant content you also enhance your own skills and knowledge, the ideas and topics for writing are “coming in” easier and your content becomes more appealing while at the same thing building your authority on the topic.

      Wishy ou much success,


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