Storytelling And Online Marketing

Storytelling And Online Marketing

Storytelling And Online Marketing are like finger and nail!

You know the start of many stories: “Once Upon A time there was an online marketer … !” And then the story begins.

So, are you interested in hearing a story about why to tell stories to your audience when marketing online?

If yes, read below about it!

Online marketing is an advertising activity done on the web with the power of the internet.

It is a part of the overall economics; in fact, it became a real independent marketing industry conducted online. It consists of a vast number of activities and strategies.

One of them is storytelling. When I attended to various affiliate and online marketing courses, many teachers and experts in this field mentioned very often the importance of storytelling.

What Is Storytelling?

Before jumping into the article, check what Wikipedia explains about Storytelling!

“Storytelling describes the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisationtheatrics, or embellishment. Every culture has its own stories or narratives, which are shared as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation or instilling moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plotcharacters and narrative point of view.

The term “storytelling” can refer in a narrow sense specifically to oral storytelling and also in a looser sense to techniques used in other media to unfold or disclose the narrative of a story.”
Click here for the source.  

Storytelling In Marketing!

Wikipedia explains Storytelling in marketing as follows:

“Storytelling is increasingly used in advertising today in order to build customer loyalty. According to Giles Lury, this marketing trend echoes the deeply rooted need of all humans to be entertained. Stories are illustrative, easily memorable and allow any firm to create stronger emotional bonds with the customers.

A Nielsen study shows consumers want a more personal connection in the way they gather information. Our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than by cold, hard facts. When reading straight data, only the language parts of our brains work to decode the meaning.

But when we read a story, not only do the language parts of our brains light up, but any other part of the brain that we would use if we were actually experiencing what we’re reading about becomes activated as well. This means it’s far easier for us to remember stories than hard facts.

Developments include the use of trans-media techniques, originating in the film industry which “Build a world in which your story can evolve”. Examples include Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory.”
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Let us now, after we have starting knowledge about storytelling and marketing,  jump into the article.

Every Person In The World Has A Kind Of Story To Tell.

Storytelling And Online Marketing

People like to hear stories in many ways. It was so already millions of years ago, and it is so now. Regardless of the ways of telling the story (mimic, voice, video, text …), it is always interesting to hear or watch the appealing story!

How many times did you read the story to a kid, or how often did you like to hear the story as well? The beautiful tale can awake someone’s attention, keep the person interested in you’re writing, while at the same time establishing you as an author.

One of the essential parts of the storytelling marketing strategy is that storytelling can enable you to stand out.

It is because the story you have to tell is most probably unique and personal one.

Having your unique and personal storytelling ready to share with the world will help you to enhance your only marketing strategy because stories can be a strong marketing strategy.

It is why many successful online marketers recommend using stories within your marketing campaigns.

If you use your storytelling strategy to introduce your brand to the world, you will be able to achieve the needed difference and to stand out from the crowd.

As you know, the online business environment is a very competitive field! To stand out from the competition is not easy at all.

With that said, any attempt to stand out is welcome. It can only help you to become a unique place online for people searching for the topic of your niche.

Storytelling And Online Marketing as “brother and sister” will help you to achieve the popularity online and to stand out.

Another benefit of storytelling marketing strategy is that you can create a large amount of content which will remain attractive to the audience.

Storytelling And Online Marketing

Generally, if you create informative content which is too long to digest can provoke your audience doesn’t want to read it.

To avoid that effect, write your stories in a unique, exciting and engaging way! It is because, as we mentioned above, everyone likes to hear stories.

The best content is the one that works emotions and attracts people to its context. Besides, it needs to deliver value.

If you use storytelling as a way to fulfill the needs of your audience, you will become a mighty content creator, and you are on the best way to conquer the market.

Thus, storytelling and online marketing are going together as a strong “marketing couple!”

Thus, learn how to write an appealing story and how to deliver the most useful and helpful information through storytelling.

I am confident to say that storytelling and marketing are like finger and nail and go hand-in-hand.

However, please be aware that writing stories for a broad audience can disturb your focus own your business.

Why is that?

It is because you need to write stories related to the topic of your website or your niche end, deliver it to your targeted audience.

The targeted audience wants to hear from you or read the content they’re looking for online.

By focusing yourself on sharing stories to your targeted audience, you will incorporate information your audience was to here and help them to decide to become, stay, and follow your brand.

Moreover, they will most probably purchase you can write a story your product or service, subscribe for your program, and come back over and over again

There are mainly three ways how to tell a story. You can write a story on a paper (or on the screen of your device), you can tell the story, and you can show the story by visualizing it.

To show the story to your audience, you can use videos, various presentations, and webinars.

The story can also be presented in a form of different episodes that create a kind of journey for your visitor.

If you decide to write the story, you will use articles, web pages, or blog posts to share the word. It has to be in a written form.

With that said, please keep in mind that the online audience uses different ways of content reading or watching, which means you should consider presenting your story using both methods, in a written and visual form.

Storytelling And Online Marketing

It is because some people like more to read the content and other people like more to watch or listen to it.

Every story so do yours as well consist of several crucial parts and is also trying to engage with the reader, watcher, or listener. Besides, storytelling and online marketing need to be incorporated in a way people can understand easily.

That means:

  • using the language they can understand best!
  • also, asking questions and
  • providing answers to questions they provide

If you are telling a story about your brand, products, or services, you will most probably want to explain to your readers how you created such a product or service!

Further, you might also explain within your story how you started and reach a certain point or about any other relevant process to your business online.

The people are always interested in the timeframe of any action! Show your explanation about the time involved to reach certain stages of business success and explained in the form of a story would help you to build a kind of relationship with your readers.

Your audience will understand about the time they need for specific steps to take to develop business success what in return will cause they will most probably ask for some additional help as well.

At the same time, if you try to personalize the story in the way of pointing the core message of the story to your audience, it will put you in a position of authority online that cares about own audience.

The Audience Is The Center And The Focus Point In All Your Online Endeavors Associated With Your Business.

The Audience Is The Center And The Focus Point

The modern technological revolution in the form of digitalization and internet access shifted the focus from producer to customers.

Your audience as a customer is a population of your business online which is hanging online looking for all kind of Solutions. They have desires, needs, fears you need to discover, fulfill and resolve.

Using storytelling through various channels to offer solutions for their needs will benefit your marketing in multiple ways:

  1. you will be able to build a relationship with your audience
  2. you will learn about the channels you can use to tell stories and to share them with your audience
  3. by providing help and useful information you will develop yourself as an authority online in a particular niche
  4. you will also be able to understand the mindset of your audience, where they hang online, what they are looking for, how long are they searching for the issues, and other important information
  5. you will also learn how to communicate online and how to create the best possible storytelling campaigns

Get to know more about your target audience and help yourself to create best stories people will love to read, watch, or maybe even to listen.

You need to adapt yourself to various marketing channels and to provide the best possible solution for your storytelling through these channels. It will make your storytelling campaigns enjoyable and successful.

If you like to watch my video about the benefits of Storytelling Marketing, please click here and enjoy it!

When Creating Your Story, You Need To Structure It Properly.

Structure Your Story properly

Similar to any other offline story, the story you’re going to share online has three main parts:

  1. The beginning of your story
  2. The middle of the story
  3. Finally, the end of the story

Please consider that we are speaking here about the stories related to your niche and resolving the problems of your audience! In other words, to give the solution for their struggle.

With that in mind, you will start a story with outlining the problems they are encountering and make it clear to them they can get the help they desire if they engage with you.

It is also essential to show to your audience that you understand your niche and their problems, and you know how to resolve the issues.

Doing so, you will be able already at the beginning of your story to connect with your audience. Please keep in mind that on the other side of your screen there are real people which their real problems. You need to talk to them as a friend and the person who can help them.

After defining the problem and presenting yourself as a person capable of resolving the question, you want to offer solutions for two issues identified at the beginning of your story.

Be friendly, show yourself, as an expert that can resolve the problem! Become personal with your audience, and demonstrate understanding for their needs!

Make them feel great knowing that they can rely on you and your help! By subscribing to your service, program or channel, let them follow your brand! Make them satisfied customers! Enable them to be happy to know you and your brand.

At the end of your story, you need to make a clear Call To Action and motivate your audience to become your loyal customers because your offer will provide those help, guidance, and solution to their issues.

To read more about Call To Action and to find out what is it and how you can create it, click here and check my other training about this so important business online strategy you can’t avoid.

The Conclusion – Final Words

I am sure that after reading this article, it is going to be more clear why we tell the story!

Storytelling is a strong, potent online marketing strategy. Everyone can tell kind of story. There is a slight difference between general storytelling and your online marketing efforts! The story you tell has to be related to your niche and your audience.

The story you tell needs to incorporate an understanding of the reader’s problems and offering solutions to them.

Master storytelling associated with online marketing and problems solving! Establish yourself as a compelling and helpful storyteller and online marketer.

Moreover, you will become an online authority your audience will love to have you at their side. Your audience will be happy to rely on you! They will come back to you more often and ask you for solutions and advice! Also, they would love to hear more info about your products and services you provide.

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