Start Blogging Business

Welcome to today’s article about how to start a blogging business. Blogging is one of the most exciting and intriguing topics of the internet marketing business.

Did you ever think to make money online? Or did you just started to earn money on the internet? Perhaps you are already making a living online?

However, whatever you decide you will need a blog. Even if you don’t consider using bog for your needs online, blogging is an ideal form and way of delivering useful, accurate, updated, unique and relevant information people seek online.

Blogging Is Today An Unavoidable Marketing Strategy You Should Implement It Into Your Marketing Efforts!

Start Blogging Business

Why is it so? It is because blogging will help you to promote any kind of business online. It is also perfect for affiliate marketing.

Blogging is sharing information. A blog is used to share valued, updated, relevant and useful information, or even to share your experiences, or any other content you want to share with the world.

Creating and sharing your blog thorough out all available channels online you are building up your readership, in fact, the base of your potential customers. You can promote any product or services through your blog.

Having A Website For Your Blog!

Start Blogging Business-Create A Website

As mentioned, a blog is a piece of valuable and useful information you provide to your readers. To do that you need the place online for your blog. Make it visible to the audience.

The best way to do so is to have your website. Start blogging business by creating your website

It is mostly the case of how marketers share a blog with the audience. Having your website will enable to share your blog but also do many other useful things as well?

It is also not a topic of today’s article, but just in case you didn’t yet create your website, or you are searching for the best way to create one or even help, luckily I can help you today with all of that.

Firstly, to create a website, click here or enter your preferred free domain name in the box below and create instantly your free website. You may create two free sites, and what is even better, you may also host them for the full six months for free.

If you do so, as a special bonus, you may ask me all you need, also for free and get accurate advice about creating your first website, or maybe second, or third …?

Immediately after you create your website, you may start creating your blog and share it with the world within seconds from now. Yes, you have adequately heard: “within seconds!”

Building a website became so easy that a child can do it, and best, you can do it also for free.

I am sure you like “free offer” as many people do. Take your chance now and create your beautiful website from scratch, starting today.

Use Your Website And Blog To Sell Products And Services!

Start Blogging Business And Sell Stuff  Online

Your blog can become a “making money machine” online because it is an excellent opportunity to use it to describe all kind of products or services you have to offer to your targeted audience, and other audience as well.

You can even run multiple blogs and promote all kind of different products and services, of course, if you can time and sources to run them all.

However, starting with your first and unique blog is a great chance to start making money as well.

For example, you may start to promote the digital product you have created or even offer ghostwriting services, or sell any other kind of knowledge.

I am sure you possess some great talents you can share with the world. Your specific expertise is an excellent source for starting your blog. Start with what you have and then develop your blogging business on the go.

To read more about expertise, read here, and to learn more about being able or not being able to write for the web, read here!

The important thing about blogging is to write in a way that a broad audience will be able to read it easily.  Your ultimate goal is to share valuable information, which is useful for your reader. You never know how your blog ends up!

Perhaps, you can also get paid from various sponsors to promote recommended products. There is also a possibility to post other articles on your blog and get paid for that.

As you can see, blogging is great for starting the various form of online businesses.

Starting Blogging Business Is Easy, But Succeeding In It Isn’t At All!

Needle in a haystack

Is your blog a “needle in a haystack” to the visitor would have easier to find it? It is clear that stand out between all those blogs running online is not an easy task.

However, you need visitors to succeed. Make sure your blog will become “visible” online!

It is because any blogging business without visitors is not profitable. So we are speaking about tens and hundreds of thousands of regular visitors to your blog, sometimes even daily.

Besides, converting those visitors to your customers is another “hard stuff.” If the blog is not that interesting or the products or services promoted on it are not useful or helpful for the audience, even having an army of potential customers coming to your blog will not have any fruitful result.

Some, to get to the point when your blog is starting making money and keeping doing it, you need to accomplish several crucial steps.

  1. I will skip the step of making a decision about starting a business online with your blog because I assume you brought that decision already, before starting reading this article.
  2. The next step is to choose the niche, product, or services you want to work with and promote on your blog.đ
  3. A further step would be to set up a blog or a blog website.
  4. Afterward, you need to promote your blog massively.
  5. Finally, you need to convert visitors to your customers.

As you can see, the process seems to be very straight forward, but very soon you will notice it is not that simple as it looks.

Let Me Continue Now With The Second Step You Should consider when deciding to start blogging business, which is choosing the niche, product or service for your blogging business online.

To give you some more insights in choosing the proper niche and to accelerate the process for you, click here and read my blog on the topic now. It will help you to find out how to choose a proper niche you can succeed in a way you want.

Choosing a proper niche is important because it can help you to show yourself as an expert in your field and to stay motivated in that field for a more extended period.

I highly recommend starting with one blog and one niche until you get so skilled and experienced in all the activities involved when growing up your blogging business online.

After becoming more familiar with the processes, tools, communities and other factors and bodies involved, you may start thinking about growing your blogging business in the form of extensions to another niche as well.

However, The Best “Formula” For Starting Getting Success With Your Blog Online Consists Of Two Elements: Your Narrowed Niche And A Large Audience!

Best Formula For Starting Blogging Business

To learn more about how to narrow a niche, click here!

Ok, now you have decided what niche, product, or service to choose and need to move to another step which is to build “a home for the niche online!”

It is your website. Use it to place a blog on it. You may also create a website-blog or only just a blog.

I am using my website which runs the blog and also promotes a program that is teaching me all I need to become a super affiliate. Also, I can learn all other “hacks” of the internet marketing business and connect with the great online marketer’s community consisting of people from around the world.

You can read my other blog-posts and find out that all my blogs are directing to that company which is called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to inform yourself more about why I like Wealthy Affiliate and what the two basics programs have to offers, Starter Account and Premium Account, click here to inform yourself about the Starter Free Membership and here about the Premium Paid Membership.

It is free information about both programs. You don’t have to buy anything, and you don’t have to subscribe to anything. It is risk-free, the credit card is not required.

Besides, you can always contact me and get additional free support and help in creating your first blog online.

There are many handy tools available online for website creation, free and paid ones. The one I use is the so-called “CMS system” what stands for “Content Management System” called WordPress that even huge businesses online use to present their business.

WordPress covers more than 30% of the websites running online, and it is one of the most attractive, useful and straightforward CMS systems you can find online these days.

CMS Is A Tool That Allows To Change, Add And Delete The Content In A Quick, Simple And Easy Way Without Being A “High-Tech Master!” Even A Newbie Can Use It!

Start Blogging Business With CMS

You can build your website and start running it online within seconds, believe it or not. There are thousands and thousands of pre-made templates available for you to use and website-creation is explained into the last detail.

The whole “feel and look” of the website created with WordPress is fantastic. Totally professional, and the beauty of it is that you can build your site for free as well.

If you choose the paid version of the templates you may add some enhanced features the free versions doesn’t have.

However, many businesses started with free versions and upgraded later on to paid versions. Even the paid versions are very affordable.

The WordPress templates or “Themes” can vary in price tremendously. Depending on the complexity of your needs, very complex WordPress Themes can cost even up to $30 000 and more.

Still, you can use many great Premium WordPress Themes for only a $30 – $40 that will do the job correctly with many great features included.

If you can’t or don’t want to invest at all in a WP Theme, go for the free versions that will make it possible for you to create a great looking website as well.

However, there are also other CMS systems that can do the job in a significant way, like “Joomla” or “Drupal” but WordPress is always the first choice I highly recommend.

Blogger is a popular blogging platform among many bloggers online, but it is a limited platform you can’t use to grow your business. It is perfect for creating blogs but not in a term of running a business online. It is more suitable for informative purposes of all kinds.

Promoting Your Blogging Business!

Promote Your Blogging Business

OK! You have a blog now. What is next? Do you want to create content and let the Google do the job by allowing searchers online find it, and maybe help you with high rank, or you want to improve your blog as well and start massive promotional campaigns online?

However, it is evident that just having a blog (even the best informational blog online) is not a useful strategy if people online don’t know you have it. I am sure you agree with me about that!

Also, having a few visitors here and there isn’t enough to make profits online. Moreover, having a couple of hundreds of visitors on your blog is either not enough. What you need are hordes of visitors to your blog.

To achieve such traffic, you can do it in several ways.

I will name 5 of them to give you a brief insight into ways of driving traffic to your website-blog:

  1. You are such an expert in driving traffic to your blog (using free or paid methods)
  2. Somebody else is doing this for you after you hire such an expert ( a very costly  story)
  3. Your blog is so great that it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors daily in an organic way, using Google
  4. Your affiliates are driving traffic to your blog
  5. You are paying for the traffic using different paid promotional possibilities

Each of the named methods above has its pros and cons. I will not go through them now. However, use the paid ways of getting traffic only if you know what to do. Hire only proven “traffic makers” you can contact and discuss your goals. Get some examples of traffic generation from their side.

Whatever promotional campaigns you create your ultimate goal is to attract targeted visitors to your blog. It is about people that are interested in your offers. Best, if they are not that far in your “sales funnel” from the decision to buy.

To define your targeted visitors and thus, a targeted market place where those people hang on, you will need to do some researches online and determine your “fictional targeted persona” that will match your customer.

Converting Visitors To Customers!

Convert Visitors To Customers

“Park visitors” on your blog. Keep them on it. It is an important step to start a blogging business. You need a steady influx of readers that will potentially become your customers.

Let them find your blog online and “park” themselves for a while to go through your content. Make your blog engageable and motivate your visitors to reside on it.

Converting visitors to customers is one of the most challenging parts of the blogging-business process. It is because the competition is enormous.

If you don’t create outstanding information that helps your reader you will probably not make sales. They need to desire your program, product or service.

There are various processes and ways included in the conversion of the visitors.

For example:

  • offering giveaways,
  • providing bonuses to them,
  • asking them to subscribe to your mailing list,
  • following them,
  • over-delivering, going “beyond the borders”,
  • competing with the competition within your niche,
  • also, more.

Still, many people earn online. It shows that it is possible to gain financial success even if making money online became an “a tough battlefield!”

Targeted visitors are better visitors for your blogging business. They already have in mind your product and service. Also, they want to know more about it. Lastly, they have decided to buy it after reviewing it properly.

It is always about:

  • the quality of the product,
  • delivering the proper service,
  • offering the high-quality program, you sell
  • helping others,
  • resolving their problems,
  • finding solutions for their needs and desires.

If your products, services, and programs can help and offer such a solution, the conversion will happen naturally. People will most likely come back to you again and search for other products as well.

The Conclusion

When people decide to start blogging business they enter into the new world of information delivering. They start a new experience they probably didn’t have before.

Becoming a great blogger is definitely an existing development and experience many starting authors will go through.

The blogging business is intensive and practiced around the world. People like to be informed. Share valuable and useful information and your blogging business will explode.

Start your blogging business today. Create your website for free, by clicking here or by entering your free domain name into the box below.

Moreover, If you want to learn more about blogging click on the banner below. Create your FREE Starter Account today. I would be glad to see you at the inside.

Lastly, I want to take you for your attention and the time you spent to read this article. If you liked it, please leave a comment below and share it with friends.

In a case you need some more questions or would like to discuss the topic, please let me know.  I would be more than happy to help you out and to open the discussion.

Also, I hope to see you more often on the site and reading my blogs.

Stay well, market better, convert best!

Best regards,

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