Monetizing Your Videos On You Tube

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part3

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part3 will give you an overview of 16 best ways how to do it. Keep reading to find out how!

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube - Part3

Monetizing videos and making money on YouTube by posting ads from various advertisers on your video is one way of earning money, but very important one for the majority of “YouTuber”! We mentioned that in previous posts. Go here to read about! 

Now, let´s check below also the other ways of gaining financial prosperity and financial freedom thanks to the amazing YouTube platform.


Monetizing Your Videos On You Tube - Part3

The term “Viral” reminds on a virus itself. The video is spreading fast, effectively from one person to another without paying any money and advertising to achieve this circulation. When your video becomes “virals” it becomes automatically very interesting for YouTube itself and for other marketing agencies, and most probably, they will contact you as soon this happens, offering your cooperation.

Such “viral media” is a perfect tool to “spread the word” about own product or service around the World. More than 1000 channels on YouTube are making 6 figures amounts in $ US each year. YouTube paid out in the last 8 years more than a billion of dollars, mostly to film and music industry.

If You create such a “viral video” you are on the way to earn a lot of money. You found your “Golden Goose”!


Monetizing Your Videos On You Tube - Part3

This is the simplest method of earnings with YouTube. The ad is shown in your video. Any of your videos can be set to display promotion and so as a “money-making video” and YouTube will start posting an advertisement on it. The most popular type of the promotion is so-called “true view” and what is actually a “pre-roll” advert you can skip after five seconds.

To earn money post at least 10-20 videos weekly!

If You skipped the ad after that time, the advertiser is not paying anything. To earn some money, it is necessary to post at least 10 – 20 videos on a weekly basis and to get leastwise several hundred thousand views on a daily basis. To become more successful, you need to re-invest some of the received money into movie production.

You are investing in a quality equipment and in a high-quality video production, very professionally done with all needed apparatus. However, you can record movies also with cheaper solutions like Smartphone or GoPro cam form your hand.

So, we come to a conclusion that you can earn with “viral video” (if you are really so lucky to achieve that) or with dedicated all-day work combined with financial investments into the creation of videos that are pointing the specific topic of interest from the YouTube visitors.

It is not possible to contact the Youtube subscribers. because of the reason that YouTube platform is a free solution (service), registered subscribers are the “product for sale”. That way, YouTube is making the profit and You become just as a spoil and their tool because you are the one who is creating such engaging and attractive videos for the users.

On the other hand, it is easy to understand such youtube policy, because somebody needs to cover the expenses for the YouTube servers.


Check what Wikipedia says about MCN:

multi-channel network (MCN) is an organization that works with video platforms such as YouTube, to offer assistance to a channel owner in areas such as “product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development”[1] in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue from the channel.[2]

These networks are companies that buy a bigger number of channels and play with the “Law of big numbers”! This set of channels is functioning separately from YouTube, although the service itself is offering the list of others as well, it means “affiliate” agency and the net collaborating with.

Pros of such cooperation:
You get right from the start a system of promotion and earnings that are already developed and tested, and at the same time, the guaranteed certain level of CPM (for example $10.00).

Cons of such cooperation:
The part of your earnings from your videos goes except YouTube, also to MCN. This margin can differentiate from 10% up to 50% and more.





One of the most important and the most lucrative way of making money (besides placing ads on video) on YouTube are by far  REVIEWS OF THE VIDEO GAMES. THE INDUSTRY OF VIDEO GAMES IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD.


Most young people are filming themselves and posting all kind of videos on YT. Some of them are earning a significant amount of money.







 Commenting, descriptions of the actual brands.


Somebody donates money solely according to own decision to certain authors for their content. For this option, as an author and creator, You need to fulfill specific requirements and have positive results.


Paid product recommendations. In your own video, you mention a specific company or brand that financially supported your video creation and recording or You can recommend a particular product, for which you get an honorarium.

From such these transactions, YouTube does not earn directly and there is no control because it would be too complex to go into the content of each video and into the mutual agreements between creators and advertisers.

YT gives us the opportunity. in the settings to emphasize the option of a paid recommendation, as part of the protection system. It is necessary that you mark your videos always as “monetize” and thus making identification of such videos easier for YouTube.

When advertising that way, YouTube suggests to read the laws of the own country carefully and make sure that the agreement between you and the seller is arranged properly. This option is available to everyone, but it is important to mention the following: it is purely about the verbal and visual mentioning of the sponsor, and optional insertion of advertising in your video is not allowed.


Monetizing Your Videos On You Tube - Part3

Is it possible to earn from YT? Yes, absolutely! Many people already are.

  • Make money on YouTube utilizing various methods and entering into various cooperation.
  • Become independent YouTube partner, you can work with MCN agencies;
  • Enter directly in a YouTube program through which potentially qualitative authors are supported or
  • Sign the agreement with the advertisers, with partner agencies and services in a case you find a “Golden Gal”, what means you produce a great viral video.

Be paid through sponsorships and recommendations. Finally, receive money through the creation of your channel with a substantial amount of subscribers, considerable viewership, and specific topic.

Here, we are speaking about “Content” marketing. You may create various culinary blogs, reviews of video games, smartphones, your YouTube video insert in your content plan and are interesting to your audience and to a potential advertiser who will support You.


is actually the most common and biggest opportunity for the ordinary people to earn money with their videos on YouTube. The marketing agencies are always on a search for unusual and effective channels of promotion. In a case that your video becomes viral, most probably, or almost for sure, you will achieve success in a form of sponsorship, further promotion,  the existence of protective face or credible brand ambassador.

YOUTUBE can help You to begin to brand any of your creativities and/or skills, to move yourself to other channels or other types of media where you will be able to benefit financially.


Monetizing Your Videos On You Tube - Part3

And the answer is … : very good! For some people even excellent. YouTube is a legit company, offering many ways of earnings. To succeed on YouTube, it is not an “easy ride!

To do that you need:

  • a good and clear plan,
  • an agenda,
  • a blueprint,
  • very attractive and appealing videos,
  • very narrow niche and
  • a lot of effort.

Thus, get many views on your videos and build your financial future on YouTube. The YouTube platform and services are there for you. Build your video channels and become a successful creator of your videos. Get ready, find a narrow niche (start with the field you like the most and feel comfortable with). Get a camera, be productive and start making money on YouTube.

Watch the video below to get some more clarification how you can start in 2018 to make some money with YouTube! Some very good information in it.

Finally, stay tuned for more content about other up-to-date topics in the field of Online Marketing.

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