Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube - Part2

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2

Let’s talk more about Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2!

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube - Part2

The film and music industry created hundreds of millions of videos as well, and through monetization of YouTube videos, at the same time earned hundreds of millions of US$.

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2 is about creating videos on YouTube that turned out a very lucrative business for many different profiles of the people and companies.

How is that possible that these subjects are producing such “magic”? Better asked, what programs, systems, tools are they using to achieve such “magical results”?

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2 will explain that YouTube is, of course, not the only one source for earning possibilities online, but it is a recognized and well-organized system. The second biggest search engine online, platform and hosting service, a legit business comparing to many other “scam” programs you can find online today, offering nothing but just a “quick earning schema”, pyramid system of making money, where you will only lose money, without earning any penny.

YouTube handles 1,5 billion regular users monthly, over 3 billion searches per month. People around the world are submitting  400 hours of new video material every single minute.

The most viewed video was the famous song Despacito from Luis Fonsi, with 4.8 billion views. Listen to the song below:

More than half US marketers advertise on YouTube. YouTube, thus processes more video material than 4 popular search engines combined (besides Google, of course), Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL.

If you know what to do, and if you are dedicated to working on a daily basis, the creation of YouTube videos and building up your YouTube channels can become your steady source of earnings and can build your existence. YouTube is now the very attractive solution of making money online for anybody and for many others still to come.

Last year, in 2017., $127 million is earned from the top 10 YouTuber.

YouTube Creator Academy!

To help people to create best performing videos, fully optimized, YouTube created Online YouTube Creator Academy. You can visit the YouTube Creator Academy here for free!

At the YouTube Academy, you can:

Learn YouTube 24/7  Grow your channel with guided lessons and courses picked just for you.
Study with others  Join a boot camp and dive deep into a topic with other creators.
Watch our channel  Explore a library of original and curated content from YouTube’s education gurus.

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube - Part2

As we already know, due to this fabulous service and earning program, many unknown people without any creator knowledge or skills, without film academy education, without art school or actor education made lots of money posting their videos on YouTube.

But, not everybody can achieve that outstanding results.  The majority of people are not earning so much money. To earn “Big Pot” on YouTube, You need millions and millions of views, regularly. To achieve this, your videos need to awake a lot of interest by the viewers and they should come back constantly.

Learn more about YouTube advertising!

You can read in Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2  that to achieve success as a newbie, you must have an interesting topic, regardless of the niche. One of the reasons why many people don´t earn big amount of money on YouTube is also the advertising matter.

Watch the video on this link about best ways to advertise on YouTube. The video was created by Jay, the mentor and educator within the online community with more than 1,3 million members,  where I am a member as well.

Learn everything, literally everything related to online marketing and making money online. Click here to read more about it!

When you post an ad from one advertiser who showed interest in posting their ad on your movie, because you started to build up a significant amount of visitors and you started to receive many views on your video,  the user might just skip that ad and/or your movie with an ad on it, and to move on another one. This is very frustrating especially at smartphones when your movie become useless.

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2 – The price for advertising 

The price for advertising varies from 0.30$ up to 8.00$ (what is very rare, but it goes on average somewhere between $1.00 and $4-5.00, mostly $2.00) for every 1000 displays. The method of paying for 1000 displays is called CPM (Cost Per Mille). The advertiser is paying YouTube CPM for posting their ad on your movie.

But, the point here is that You don´t get that amount. In the end, You are going to get around 1/8 of the CPM. Why is that?

Let´s take a look now how it works and what this means in praxis. For example, you created a video that becomes a subject of interest of one advertiser and you achieved about 300 000 views, what multiplicated to $2.00 per 1000 displays makes a total of $6000 of earnings.

But, is that so? Do You get all this money? Certainly not. Why not? As already mentioned before, the advertiser interested in posting the ad on your video is paying CPM to YouTube to post their ad on your movie or movies. For this service, YouTube keeps a “nice piece of the cake” for itself, what makes 45% of that CPM amount. The rest is for you, what makes RPM (Revenue Permille) minus withdrawn tax.

Also, from this amount Google is taking their part if the video is posted on YouTube and depending on the watch time of the visitor and interaction of the visitors related to your video, the amount can be reduced further on. So, in the end, You can come up with the 1/8th of the initial total CPM price.

How YouTube pays out!

YouTube will pay you out through AdSense within 60 days, and if you collected at least $100 within one month (for the USA, what depends on the country you are in). On the YouTube channel, you can also get the “estimated valuation of your revenue”.

To enhance the earnings , you can, as soon you noticed, that you have a great video which is appealing and attractive for the audience and is getting more and more views (what has to count, of course, in millions of views on a regular basis), to talk to the various marketing agencies and their advertiser about making business with them.ou

So, to get paid think about following:

  • Make sure that Google uses your correct payee name and address
  • verify your address.
  • you can select different forms of payment
  • checks
  • EFT – which stands for electronic funds transfer to
  • SEPA which stands for Single Euro Payments Area
  • wire transfer
  • Western Union Quick Cash

Google will probably need also your tax details inside Adsense account. The payment is received from Google next month after your accomplishment of the payment threshold and without any problems with your account. The selected payment method will decide the date of the payment.

I am sure you are thinking about making substantial amounts of money on YouTube. Everyone promoting on YouTube is “dreaming about it!”. It is a huge platform with a lot of traffic, but, to achieve the level of primary income, you will need to perform in a massive way.

How to make “Jackpot!” on YouTube?

Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2 will teach you that you need to be constantly present with your videos while building up your audience on a daily basis. You will learn that in terms of success you will need to conduct the massive promotion.

There are millions of channels and YouTuber on YouTube. How will you stand out? YouTube grew up so big that to compete within YouTube is not “piece of cake!”. Monetizing Your Videos On YouTube – Part2 clarifies that making money with YouTube It is hard work. Still, many are making money online, so you can too. Be unique, steady, persistence, and maybe the “Jackpot!” will be yours!

Enhance the earnings!

You created an appealing and attractive video with millions of views. Now is the time to contact various marketing agencies and advertisers. Make business and enhance your earning with and through them.

To get money from YouTube you need GoogleAdSense account or bank account.

Although you are not getting the full initial CPM paid the amount, you can still earn good money on YouTube.  As already said, some people are making excellent money. Some people are specializing just in creating movies for YT. They work daily to achieve high amounts of revenue on that platform.

Placing ads on your video is just one way of making money on YouTube. For almost 95% of the people earning money on YouTube the most important and lucrative one.

Don´t forget: the goal of the advertiser (besides the optimization efforts and smart placement of their ads) is to pay as less as possible to YouTube (and thus to the owners of the videos) and at the same time reach out as many as a possible number of people.

As stated before, allowing paid ads on your videos is not the only way of earnings possibilities on YouTube. To learn about more ways of earning money on YouTube, click here to continue reading!

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