Make money from home for free

Make money from home for free

How to make money from home for free and using the computer to print money in 6 easy steps is today’s topic I want to focus on!

Make money from home for free

I bet that this title attracted your attention? 

That’s because I’ve been doing a lot about choosing a good title for the article. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have not written this article about forgery or some worthless quick earnings scheme. This article is about creating a successful website that will attract a lot of traffic and bring you a lot of money

It’s a huge topic and I could write a whole book about each step. With this article, I just want to outline in the main lines at least six crucial steps for creating a long-term successful web site.

Let me jump straight away to the 6 steps you need to accomplish in order to make money from home for free!

Make money from home for free

Step 1: Choose your niche!

Choose something that makes you happy while researching and something you like to write because you will spend a lot of time doing both things. What you choose should not have a lot of competition. For example, do not select “electronics”. I guarantee that you will never have a better rank in search engines from Sony or Narrow down your niche to something like “high-quality electric guitar speakers!”

Conduct researches for some time. If you have some budget available, check how much your keywords cost for advertising. Other ways, use free keywords which work fine as well. I invite You to check the best keyword research tool online and to use it to get 30 top keywords for your website.

If you can’t find appropriate, high-quality keywords, what I doubt, you might want to choose another niche. Check out some sites with similar topics to see who you are competing within the search engine. make money from home for free with the niche you adore!

Step 2: Select your service provider and register your domain

Make money from home for free

Choose the service provider you trust. If your internet connection is not persistent and constantly fast, or your server is constantly crashing, in that case, you will have great problems with maintaining a successful online job. Do not get rid of quality just to save a few pennies here.

Your domain should contain the most important keyword you hope to achieve excellent ranking in search engines. Your domain name should be something unique that is associated with your niche and easy to reach the brand name.

When I say this, I mean the easy memorization of your domain that will easily relate to your website. This could somebody call “the relative public awareness of the phenomenon!” – Mindshare!

Please, keep reading until the end of the article where I will reveal the service provider I am using, with the best and fastest, most reliable hosting in the industry. Besides, you can start creating and hosting as a Starter your unique high-quality 2 websites, totally hosted, for free forever. Or, you decide to become a premium member and create and host up to 50 websites. The choice is yours! Anyway, to make money from home for free, you will need at least one website hosted on fast and reliable servers!

Step 3: Create your content

Make money from home for free

Simply: Your content must be unique. Period! You don’t want to miss that! There is no discussion about it. if your content is plagiarized, Google will ignore you. Google is now so advanced in search algorithms to find duplicate content, that it has the ability to evaluate the content quality while comparing with other content on the net.

If your content is not unique, Google will refuse to list it. Besides, Google wants for its customers, to deliver useful and unique content. Many have been trying to compile junk websites “made for Adsense” by simply copying content from other sources, which Google decided to end.

My clear advice is not to try to trick Google. Google is the biggest “online rainforest dinosaur” you really do not want to make it mad. If you can’t be indexed and placed on the list at the beginning, then you already have a big problem. To prevent this, give the dinosaur what he wants, and that is a relevant, unique, and current, high-value content.

You could easily start creating a site with just a few pages, however, believe me, you will need more than that. Somewhere around 30 to 100 pages you will need to satisfy Google with your content. I am currently close to forty posts. The best ranking I’ve achieved with a few posts is the first and second place on Bing and Yahoo search engines while I’m not on Google yet.

If you do not have any idea what to write, then Google with its over 200 products and services, all about search engines and topics related to researchers is an area that you could write about for months. So, make money from home for free with great, high-quality content what will, in turn, bring you many rewards.

Step 4 – Create your website

Make money from home for free

This is also a huge chapter about which I could write for weeks and write countless lots of books. Otherwise, it’s already written, and I believe thousands of books on that subject. When we talk about money when creating a website,  you can create the same with and without it.

Of course, I will show you today a free way to create up to 50 web pages with the fastest and best hosting on the market. Read further to find out! Nowadays, the most popular system, the so-called Content Management System (CMS) for creating high-end websites is WordPress, which is actually firstly considered as a blog system, holds more than 30% of the world market when we speak about web site creation.

If you do not want to use CMS then you can use various software, and certainly one of the primates and most famous is Dreamweaver of Macromedia. CMS has the advantage that updating the site is so easy. In fact, it is completely automated. After you receive the notification from the system about it, just, click “Update Now” and the system will update the website automatically.

In addition, CMS has many options for upgrading with various modules, so-called Widgets or add-ons, with thousands of different types and with which you can easily create interactivity with users and their engagement on your site, and further enhance the overall design of the site.

Furthermore, CMS will also make it easier for you to publish your content daily. Such a system should be acceptable to search engines. WordPress, often referred to as the “best blog system”, is much more than just a paradigmatic tool for beginners and advanced website designers.

What has SEO to do with making money from home for free?

What’s extra to WordPress is that it is free. Search engines love blogs because they deliver a very valuable content and are easy to update. Pure content creation is not enough to successfully “rank” on search engines. What is needed is to create a website that is highly optimized for search engines. This area is called SEO-Search Engine Optimization. This is a very wide area we cannot speak now about. This is the subject for another time.

What you basically want to do with optimizing websites for the search engine is that the website can be easily be crawled for quality by the search engine robots, also called “spiders”.

Further, among other things, you need to include appropriate meta tags for that purpose and not to override the inclusion of keywords in your content. This is called “keyword density” and “keyword stuffing”.

Also, it is very important the page loads quickly. Namely, the vast majority of people around the globe do not have a super-fast Internet, while the average web browser will only wait for about 3, at best 4 seconds before clicking on another web address and leaving your site.

If your website loading is too long, you will lose a lot of traffic on the web.

When visitors come to your site and decide to search for it, to surf around, then they must come across easy navigation that will enable them to quickly, accurately and easily search your site. If that is not the case, they will quickly leave you.

Step 5: Attract traffic to your website

Make money from home for free

There are several ways to do this:

You can buy it by creating ads and then bidding on certain keywords so the ads will show up whenever anyone searches for them.

One way is, which is actually the easiest and fastest way to buy the traffic, by creating ads with certain keywords so that ads always appear when someone searches the internet for those keywords.

Contrary to paid ads, there is also a way of getting free traffic, which is essentially a part of today’s article! The topic of the day is how to make money from home for free, so, we need to focus on the free method. Actually, there are many paid and free ways to get it done! But, we will focus on those free. As just said, You can get traffic also for free.

Here are some suggestions how:

  • the most important way to attract traffic to your site for free is a good rank in search engines. I have already written about this in the article. Such a way is most important because it is natural, organic and automatic. By reaching a high ranking position, among the top 5 sites, millions of people will click on your site. That’s your goal. While you are sleeping or going to a gym or fishing, your website will attract traffic and customers. In any case, do your best to get the position of the first 5 results in Google SERP and stay there, which is certainly not that easy.
  • if you can’t get to the first 5, then make sure you reach at least the first 10.
  • After the SE traffic that comes, a line is email marketing. Do not be surprised. Millions of emails are sent every second every day of the year. The email did not die. It is still alive And it will be a long time more. I think that email marketing is the even more powerful way of generating traffic through SE because it is more personal. You are connecting to your subscribers and “hot prospects!” This is the most personal way of communication. It is most suitable for people. How many times have you checked your inbox today?
  • Following, the social networking is huge as well. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn… And others. Use the power and popularity of social networks to achieve traffic. To make money from home for free, using social media platforms and power is a tremendous way to get clients from around the world.

Apart from these most important ways, there are many others like telemarketing, one-on-one skype conference, webinars, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger marketing etc. The capabilities are enormous. These are all modes which will help you to make money from home for free.

  • Write articles about your niche topic with a link to your site that you will include at the bottom of the article separately in the section where you are citing the author and possibly additional sources about the article that you will create after you’ve created the articles directories (special online listings with hundreds and thousands of submitted articles) to be used by the publicists and distributed to thousands of readers
  • Submit your site to free websites that are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly
  • Send some of your articles to sites like Reddit, where people share content, comment, and vote about it. If your item is popular and appears on the first page, the amount of traffic you will receive will crash your server.
  • Participate in the forums and submit a link to your website in your signature. Do not spam or you will be thrown out. Set up intelligent comments.
  • Comment on the blogs with the link in your signature.  Always inform yourself about the right to participate. And again, do not spam. Make sure the blog does not use no-follow because you will only lose time.
  • Set your free ads on your lists. It provides you with the high volume of backlinks from popular websites, plus you get free traffic to your website from ads.

There are many ways to attract traffic. If You want to make money from home for free, be creative but do not be too creative. Do not use illegal means because it may bring you traffic in the short term, but it will only harm you on long distances. To make money from home for free you need to work hard, on a long-term. Don’t strive to use illegal ways of earning money from home.

Step 6: Monetize your website

Make money from home for free

This is the most fun part! Now, when getting your traffic, how are you going to make money at all? Remember, you want to make money from home for free!

  • You can sell advertising – probably the easiest way is Google AdSense!
  • Join Amazon Associate program
  • Sell various merchandise: I recommend drop-shipping. Why would you do anything about packing if you do not have to? It’s just too much of an unnecessary work! Use the available time for advertising!
  • You can Start Affiliate Marketing! That’s what I do now. Look at the end of the article about what it is it and which program I joined. Best of the best in the affiliate marketing space, the easiest way is to promote your affiliate link through your site. Make sure it’s a quality product or service you promote.
  • Just the heaven is the limit when we talk about monetizing your site. And here you are, be creative, but not too creative. Don’t do anything stupid to provoke  AdSense or your best affiliate program to reject you.
  • Learn how to promote and sell two or three opportunities, business opportunities, and promote it to the utmost.

At the end of our today’s socializing, we can conclude following:

You have learned today how you can turn your computer into a cash machine using 6 ways, which are effective but not that easy to accomplish. There are many ways to gain traffic and to make money from home for free. Today’s article gave you a short insight into some possible methods of getting traffic for free.

Now, go out on the internet and have fun with marketing on the net! Make money from home for free using all online marketing skills and knowledge you have. If you need more to learn, just visit the links below and discover where and how you can get all additional expertise and full understanding of the topic.

Good luck!

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  1. These are great tips for people wanting to start a business online from home. So many people are clueless (not due to any fault of their own). They just don’t know and there aren’t a lot of reputable places to teach them.
    One important thing though. I didn’t see “keyword research” in any of the steps. Or did I miss it? Before you can create content, you need to have your topic or keyword to write about. Still, great topic and great article.

    • Hi Shalisha!
      “Content is king!” You know this expression. Creating content is not that difficult if you know how to do it.
      Creating content around relevant keyword is a must. Thus, keyword research is a very important step. I am glad you mentioned it.
      There are people who are firstly creating content and then adding relevant keywords, and people who first decide about the keyword and then write content around it.
      One way or another, both elements are of the highest importance.

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!
      Best regards!


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