identify your online marketing audience

Identify Your Online Marketing Audience

Identify your online marketing audience before starting your online marketing campaigns. Why is that important?

Read the article through and find out! Can you promote online successfully just by organizing general online marketing campaigns? Let me know what you think about the amazing data below! I would be glad to open the discussion about it!

Hello dear reader! Today, we are going to be speaking about how to identify your online marketing audience! keep reading to find out how! As mentioned above, the internet is a place of huge digital engagement. And here is why …

According to website, today only, more than 380 000 computers were sold! More than billion of internet users are using this digital platform for their online purposes. Over 132 billion of email were sent today!
Someone might turn in the head of that data.

Identify Your Online Marketing Audience Day And Night!

Identify your online marketing audience

What is even more amazing is that the internet is accessible the whole day, day and night. Besides, it is the biggest library, a statistical platform available to the worldwide audience. An informational giant. Every businessman or any other person can research, offer and analyze the data within this medium!

Every business can present itself in seconds, worldwide. Moreover, due to the fact that just half of the world’s population is online, the “digital platform” will only grow. The numbers will explode in the next couple of years. In a very short time from now. Such big numbers of internet users, as shown above, tells that all kind of users is searching, presenting, working online.

Identify Your Online Marketing Audience Within The Huge Crowd Online!

Identify your online marketing audience

All kind of people uses the internet! Young people, adult people, even older people. Businessman, students, kids, teachers, sportsmen, artists, musicians, shoppers, etc. Each of them searches for own content! They will pick up the website with the most relevant content, tailored to their needs.

You need to awake that desire on your website. Today’s website creation technologies allow various content to be created on the website. Static and interactive content should make visitors engaged and make them stay longer on your content. You may include written content, audio, video files, interactive content. Various programming software’s and scripts allow that.

Don’t be afraid. You don’t need to be an expert in these fields. Even if you have regular or no any kind of much more sophisticated programming skills or knowledge, even if you don’t possess any kind of such knowledge, you can create your beautiful websites.

This is how advanced today’s technology is working for your benefit! Free services and tools “at any corner of the internet” at your disposal for that purposes, for free.

Use The Free Tool Below To Create Stunning Websites In No Time!

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After creating your website, your ultimate goal should be to pick up the right audience for your business! Get to know them. Reach them effectively. This is achievable in of course. There is an established process associated with it. Check some steps and fields related to this issue:

  • market research
  • hiring a research consultant
  • evaluation of the market research
  • market research at your own
  • profile of the market persona
  • demographical information about the targeted audience
  • building engagement on your website
  • tailoring the internet marketing campaigns
  • creating the proper messages for the audience
  • website design
  • emphasizing the key points on your offers
  • awaking desire, passion, and emotions in your audience
  • analyzing the best ways for reaching your audience
  • taking action on a permanent basis

Let’s now examine the steps and activities mentioned in the list above!

Identify Your Online Marketing Audience Before Starting Up Your Online (or offline) Business! Know Your Route To Targeted Visitors And Prospective Customers!

Identify your online marketing audience

Before launching your marketing campaigns, business owners should conduct market research activities. Focused and targeted marketing campaigns will generate a much better response and more visitors to your site. You need to establish your way through the “wood of online users” by knowing what kind of online visitors you would like to attract to your website.

Knowing the market where these people are circulating, how much money they spend, how often are they online, what kind of content or pages are they visiting the most and many other relevant data will make your online marketing campaigns much more effective!

Market research can be done by hiring the individual market research experts as private consultants or the market research consultant company. You can also, of course, conduct market research solely on your own! If you know how! Hired consultancy is a much more expensive way of doing market research.

This is the negative side of it. The positive side is that the market research will be done faster, on a bigger pattern of consumers, in a more professional and accurate way. The evaluation of collected data as well.

Professional market research data can also help you to create your perfect online marketing “persona”! It is the profile of your prospective customer. Collecting important demographical data will give you insight and the parameters for the creation of such a persona.

As we already know from my other articles, and also form the well known general marketing principles, the targeted audience is the audience you have to aim for. So, your important goal should be to identify your online marketing audience under any circumstances.

Identify Your Online Marketing Audience Among More Than 4 Billion Internet Users!

Identify your online marketing audience

As you can see from the data mentioned above, there are more than 4 billion internet users and more than 380 000 computers sold daily. This is a huge audience whit a huge audience with lots of different interests in the search.

Your goal is to find your interested audience. The audience relevant to your topic, niche, offers and to direct them to your website and business.

This targeted audience is the “lifeblood of your business!” Thus, evaluating market research campaigns is the unavoidable process involved in an overall online marketing strategy.

Tailoring your online marketing campaigns by taking in consideration mentioned evaluation and adjusted to the needs and interests of your audience will bring you much further to online success.

Data obtained based on research are the “building blocks” of your tailored online marketing campaigns. Tailoring the campaigns means also creating proper messages and promotions for your audience!

What Is Your Message To Your Prospective Audience?

What do you want to deliver to them? Knowledge or various digital products? Or maybe tangible products? Or maybe memberships? These are just a few of the many possibilities online!

The message can be delivered in many ways! In a written form, through the use of audio or video files, or through live presentations online! You can do that even offline. By inviting your visitors through online invitations to your offline presentations, you will be in a position to build an even closer relationship with them. That way you can also know them better.

But, because of the reason that we are speaking about online marketing your message on the internet should be delivered in a manner that it is appealing and easy to find from your audience. Remember, we are always speaking about the targeted audience.

For This Reason, Identify Your Online Marketing Audience To Build Up Your Targeted Stream Of Visitors To Your Website, And Then Offer Them Great Content!

Identify your online marketing audience

When speaking about the appealing message on your website, proper website design comes into play. Web design, same as online marketing is a very broad topic. It has many fields and factor to consider when designing your website for online marketing.

The ruling principle is simplicity. Although website should be simple to use in terms of navigation, the elements on it, as linking, valuable content, the style of writing and designing, readiness, color scheme, proper wording, interactivity, loading time, engagement, etc, play in the whole story of successful web design a very important role.

The demographically targeted audience will also play an important role when deciding how to design your website. There are people out there looking just for information! Others like to see a more interactive website with less or more advertising on it.

Make Your Home Page Appealing And Create Fast Loading Pages or Posts!

Some people are looking for appealing content already when opening the home page. Generally, people don’t wait longer than 3-4 seconds page to open. Consequently, your page loading time must be very short. This includes great hosting and smaller graphic, audio and video files.

Optimizing your audio and video files is a must when uploading such content to your website. Besides, every website must be Google (or search engine) friendly in order to gain a high rank in SERPS.

Due to the more and more growing mobile audience, your website must be optimized for mobile devices! The photo resolution must be optimized for the web as well. If you are creating your website on the WordPress platform, the fewer plugins the better. In other words, no more than 5-6 of them.

As you can see, many factors can influence the attractiveness of your website. Having said all that, I would like to underline the following: when designing your website get used to implementing the  guidelines listed below:

  • simplicity over complexity
  • easy-to-follow navigation
  • easy-to-read content
  • mostly three colors in use
  • whitespace on pages
  • clean design
  • interactivity
  • great content
  • optimized graphics for the web
  • audio and video files, optimized for the web as well
  • encouraging visitors to engage
  • awake emotions, desire, passion at your audience
  • an easy way to contact you if needed
  • support
  • build a relationship and trust through your website

Test And Take Action!

In addition, two further very important factors I want to emphasize in this article are testing and taking action! The main problem with all the online marketing strategies and techniques is conversion! In fact, you can undertake many needed activities and nobody can guarantee your success!

Therefore, testing and evaluating your campaigns by taking permanent action is the way you should follow. It is your key concern when speaking about the creation of successful online marketing campaigns!

Finally, Identify Your Online Marketing Audience And Do All You Can To Stand Out In The Crowd!

Identify your online marketing audience

Stand out in the huge crowd of billions of websites is obviously not easy, but it is possible. Are you ready to learn and follow the process of dominating your online marketing?

If yes, allow us to help you. Join us today and create your starter account, for free! Click here to discover the benefits of your Starter Account! Then, click below on the big yellow button to create your Starter Account today!

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Open your door to successful online marketing! However, I would be glad to welcome you at the inside, and if you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to ask! After all, before I leave I would ask you to leave a comment below.

In conclusion, I salute you and hope to see you again on my site!

Best regards!

10 thoughts on “Identify Your Online Marketing Audience”

  1. Thanks for this article! Very informative!

    I’ve bookmarked it to refer back to when I need to hone my skills.

    Since I am new to affiliate marketing, I still have a lot to learn and have heard many comments about “Content Being King”. Providing informative, quality content is crucial to being a success online.

    Thanks again for this informative article. I truly enjoyed your point of view.

    My best to you in your  endeavors.


    • Hi Karen!

      For the newbies the whole online marketing topic seems to be complicated and difficult to execute.Actually, it is much more simple. The key for the simplification is to start learning about it and take action!

      Content is indeed king because it is the main subject and concern of the search engines! They need great content to keep their visitors engaged and coming back to them.

      Thus, create great content and SE will honour you. Although  millions of blogs are written and published daily not all of them are valuable. Create better and regular content, compete well and you will be able to gain success!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it and thanks also for bookmarking it. Please, feel free to come as often you feel like to my blog and leave comments, share it and ask if you need help.

      I would be glad to help.

      Best regards!
      Stay well, market better, convert best!


  2. Great article. Very comprehensive and helpful. I enjoyed reading it because it reminds me to work harder with delivering great contents to my audience regularly and to stand out from the rest without focusing too much with competitions. 

    The leads are huge in the internet and the opportunities are also numerous. Everybody uses internet and online marketing is undeniably the most important in any business today. 

    Thank you for this article full of great tips on how to be successful in online marketing. 

    Looking forward to more of your useful tips. 

    Best regards, 


    • Hi Che!

      Check some of the internet stats for today:

      – more than 5 billion Google searches
      – more than 5 million blogs published
      – more than 2, 5 billions Facebook users
      – more than 200 billion emails sent!!!

      Huge audience and huge ACTION! The traffic is enormous. Take just a “bite of the pie” and you are done!
      Learn how and make it happen!

      Wish you success!
      Best regards!
      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  3. Traffic and your audience are the lifeblood of your website. There are billions of users online and you’re so right. You have to stand out above the others to get noticed.

    You want to have a website that is user friendly with quality content, excellent videos and internal and external links.Marketing campaigns are a smart part for your website as well. It’s vital to your business to know what people are doing and how they are doing it.

    The bottom line is that you want to communicate with your readers and you first have to know what readers do and want.Very informative article!

    • Hi Rob!

      You are right! Very simple process! If you know how to do it, right! WA is teaching us the simple 4 steps process of making money online! Master each of the steps and you are done!

      Is it really that simple? Yes, it is! But, if you try to complicate, the whole story is not going to be so simple any more. Following the WA advice and guide you can’t go wrong. Staying up-to-date and using modern technology, along with improving own skills is a solid foundation to move on in this huge arena of online marketing and making money online!

      Thanks for your reply and support! 
      I am always glad to deliver useful content. I totally agree with you. Know your audience, their behaviour online, offer them great value, engage, build relationship and convert!

      Thus, best regards, a lot of success, and …


  4. Great post and good info!

    I have a site myself for a while, and the most important thing it to know how your customers act, what they want, and this will help to find out how they buy, what they will buy, and making you money.

    Identifying them is the most important task you have, so the tips you give are very good for helping new people in this!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Hi Emmanuel!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, knowing your targeted audience is crucial for online business. Thus, creating your targeted audience personas is actually a step in the online marketing process you can’t avoid! The right market, the right product and the right people are the essential parts of the whole “make money online” business process!

      I am glad my post is helpful!

      Feel free to come back to my site, leave comments and share it.

      Thanks and have  a wonderful day!
      Stay well. market better, convert best!

  5. Thanks for this long, but very interesting and useful article. After reading it, I have realized how huge is the internet marketing audience and how many opportunities are online. I had been worried about competition quite a lot, but now I can see that there’s still so many opportunities on the internet. And you’re right, it starts with identifying my online marketing audience, and then delivering suitable content for them.

    Thanks again! 

    • Hi Sandy!

      Thanks for submitting your comment.
      Yes, we all struggle with the identification of the proper audience for our niche! I am glad you recognize the importance of sorting out the right “personas” for your online business. It makes me even more happy to know that my article helps!

      Thanks again, stay well, market better, and convert!!
      Best regards!


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