How to write good content for website

How to write good content for website

How to write good content for the website is one of the most important questions today asked from many online marketers, especially from the newbies!

Writing is fun! For me at least! I like it a lot! But, for many people is a “fright and horror!”, especially when they need to write for the web and offer valuable content. How to write good content for website and offer value is always a great topic, as it was the case 15 years ago, so it is now as well.

There are so many tutorials, free and paid once. Many great authors are offering online and offline courses, writing ebooks about it, creating videos, DVDs, audio tutorials, all kind of digital way of learning.

They want to share their knowledge and make money out of it. And they do. They share valuable content to the audience for their benefit, and for others, no doubt about it.

With this post, I want to contribute with my opinion, my insight, and my experience so far.

This post is about it!

how to write good content for website

Why is good content important at all?

First of all, let’s check why is good content important at all and afterward let’s take a look how to write good content for the website. Are You ready? Great! Let’s go!

it is actually very simple. In the first place, the Search engines “love good content!” Why do they like the good content? Because the competition between them is growing daily! So what, You might think? What has good content to do with SE(Search Engines)?

Actually, a lot. SE want to have you as long as possible on them, searching for stuff, so the number of searches grows. This is important because then, SEs can earn more with promotions, through expanding of other relevant offers, programs, solutions, etc.

If the content on SE is not valuable, then, most likely, the audience will change the SE. You may imagine the result of it. So, this is one very important point and factor for SE. Next, if You write valuable content, and this regularly, SE will “like You”# and will crawl your pages more often, index them more often, and rank you better. That way, you are going toward building authority on the web. The win-win situation for all parties included: You, SE and the audience.

You see, valuable content, explained in simple words, is your “gate to rank”!

Now, when we know a bit about why is good content important at all, let’s take a closer look on how to write good content for the website!

How to write good content for website?

HUH, GOOD QUESTION, RIGHT? let us first exclude one big myth about it! YOU DON’T NEED TO BE TOP WRITER TO WRITE GOOD CONTENT FOR WEBSITE! Moreover, you need to be PASSIONATE WRITER!

Start to write with something that makes it easy for You to write. Your life is full of some stories, for sure. You like or love some people, store, book, film, story, flowers, animals, country … so many topics to write about. Maybe you have an extraordinary skill, or maybe just ordinary skill, which is fine, too … maybe you like to sing, or you can sing very nice…you see, so many things to write about…

M+aybe you are a scientist and have done many types of research, or you are a good sportsman …

When you decided what are you going to write about, then, just start writing. Out of your soul and mind. Put it all on the paper )I mean screen), or even, first on the paper, then on the screen.

Let your thought flow. The words will come, automatically. Remember, You are good at it. You know already what to write about it. You have it in your head, in your mind. It just needs to come out, throughout your pen. Practice. More times per week. Write an hour, or two, or three. Start slowly, 20 minutes, 30minutes of writing, rest, 10 minutes, rest, etc. Set the pace as You feel. Let it be fun for you, not a burden.

How to write good content for website-Start slowly and then increase the volume!

You could also start the first couple of days to write only for half an hour, and then go for more! As you get more experienced. play with it. Practice. You know how to write. You did it in a school already, You just forgot a bit about it, because you didn’t practice.

If You write something you are PASSIONATE ABOUT,  about your SKILL you possess, as said, already, the words will flow, and writing will become fun for you.

how to write good content for website

What else can you do to improve the way about how to write good content for website?

We mentioned in the earlier chapter, that practice combined with your passion or skill can help you to start writing good content. There are some additional ways you may “give a boost” to your writing.

I would recommend reading good content. Read online about the preferred topic. Also, find the articles, ebooks, websites, documents you are interested in, related to your topic of writing, to your passion, to your skills. Check what various authors are writing about. This tactic will help you to see the styles of their writings, the structure, and length of articles, the sizes of chapters, the length of sentences, etc.

Also, by doing this, you will develop your sense of writing. You will be able to see that many authors are writing in a natural way. As they would speak with the friend, on the street, in a cafe, in a school, at the sports field … Make it simple, but effective. You are writing for the audience, not for the scientistic journals and for PhDs. If You write for them, then you may make it a bit more complex if you wish so.

How to write good content for website in a natural way?

Writing in a natural way is the best writing language, under the condition of the topic, of course. Practice writing to your friend, to the member of your family, your postman, teacher, or to your girlfriend, or boyfriend, whoever.

Practice it in this way certain time, until you become comfortable with it. As soon you start to write easy, as you would talk to somebody, you are a big step forward to writing good content for the website, or the web in general.

The third step I would recommend is to check some fine tutorials about copywriting, or eventually to go through a particular course about it. Please, remember that writing for the web is not only about writing a perfect article or a book. This is more like additional help offered to your audience.

One way or another, start writing. About your passion or skill. Don’t botter the mistakes or fear or whatever what is de-motivating you to write.

The most important point is to start and to practice. Beleive me! I went through it too. At this moment I wrote already 1100 letters, and I feel great. It becomes much easier with practice and time. If you feel insecure about the outcome of your article, then just after finishing it. Ask your closest person to listen to you until you read it through.  Ask the person about the opinion on your content.vThen adjust it if needed, and publish it.

Congratulation, You made it. Your first article is written, confirmed and published. What a feeling! Great stuff!

How to write good content for website through outsourcing?

Now that we know how to start writing good content, I want to look into the situation that you still want to have help when starting, in the term of outsourcing. You decided to ask for a professional or other help from outside. This, because you don’t have time to write by yourself, or you don’t feel to write! Maybe, you just want to have it done in a more professional way.

how to write good content for website

This is fine, too. But, it will not help You to get used to writing for the web. You need it done by yourself to improve. There are many possibilities out there when speaking about outsourcing. I will not go through now because I am encouraging you to write by yourself.

If I can do it, then certainly, you can do it. I am writing in English and I didn’t even go to English school, or didn’t leave in USA or England, just learned the language regularly in my regular school.

All you need is:

  1. passion or skill about the certain topic (about product, service, idea)
  2. the decision to start writing (the proper mindset)
  3. practice (very often and with rests in between)
  4. improvement along the road (additional education, advice, support)

Having said that, outsourcing is fine, there are many valuable writers out there, but this not going to make you better in writing. Stay determinate, focused, practice regularly and one day people will ask You to write for them.

how to write good content for website

How to write good content for website-The conclusion!

In Conclusion, Writing for the web is fun! It cost you nothing, but time and will. All you need is your preferred hardware like PC or laptop, the software for it, the topic you decide to write, the right mindset and you are ready to go.

Be passionate and share your skills. Don’t fear, practice and you will overcome all negative attitude about writing.

How to write good content for website as a real master of writing!

Once, you mastered the skill of writing, you will love it. How to write good content for website will be a pleasure for you! Beleive me! It is nice and fun to see own work published! Give it a try! The fact you are reading this post, it tells that you are interested in writing. Start today, don’t wait any longer anymore.

how to write good content for website

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How to write good content for website

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  1. hey,
    Wow! so much detail right there this is a great post and to think the amount of money that i normally spend on writers for my blog I cant help but think I overpay this people anyway thank you very much for this eye opener since I think I can actually write my own content now plus there seems to be a nice offer in your recommendation so I will definitely join as a premium member.

    • Hi Dave!

      Thanks for your comment. That would be great to see you as a Premium member. There is a lot to learn here at WA! If I can help, feel free to ask. Wish You a great journey with WA and a lot of success!

  2. Most people really overthink when it comes to writing good content. You just gotta find something you’re really interested at and you want to learn about it more. Basically passion. Find your passion and write about it. It doesn’t even matter if you make some mistakes and so on. The important part is to get the message across. Make people understand what you’re saying and what you mean. That’s all there is to it.

    • Absolutely right! Engagement and building relationship with valuable content is priority. The rest just follows! 

      Thanks for reply!


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