How To Make Money Online With A Website

How To Make Money Online With A Website

How To Make Money Online With A Website is a hot topic these days! Moreover, it will stay for years to come! There are millions of people around the world that would like to know how to do it.

Making money online with a website includes several areas which you should master and become confident in becoming active within each of it. In today’s article, I would like to emphasize seven easy steps you need to learn to start making money online with a website.

The steps are related more to the process from the beginning to making money rather than focusing only on a mechanical part of it. I hope you will enjoy the article. If so, please, when finishing reading it, leave a comment below and share it with friends.

Maybe, some of them would also like to know how to make money online with a website!

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OK, let’s now jump into the article!

All Starts With An Idea!

How To Make Money Online With A Website

Since thousands of years, people were dealing with ideas!

Today, ideas are one of the “moving forces” as well!

The idea motivates and generates action!

Plato was one of the pioneers discussing the concept.


Plato – The Philosopher!
How To Make Money Online With A Website-Plato
Check here what Wikipedia says about the idea from the philosophical point of view:

”In philosophy, ideas are usually taken as mental representational images of some object. Ideas can also be abstract concepts that do not present as mental images.

Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. In a wider sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking or serious reflection, for example, when we talk about the concept of a person or a place. A new or original design can often lead to innovation.”
Source: Click here for more!
Click here for the source of the image!

I wan to emphasize the following terms about the idea:

  • Ideas can be understood as mental representational images
  • It can also be abstract concepts
  • Moreover, the original idea is a drive to innovation

So, before defining your niche and start creating your website you may draw, think of, sketch, notice on a piece of paper your business online by expressing what kind of a business on the web you want to run, even maybe innovate.

As learned above the concept can also be abstract, what has some similarity with the “online world” very often discussed as “an abstract field of action,” and not reality.

However, the main point here is either to think of, write draw or create a set of images that represents your future business (kind of a mind map) and show how that would look.

This step of how to make money online with a website process could be essential for you because it will set all the steps you need to succeed. Be sure you draw, write, or sketch all the steps through and in the right sequences.

Take a bit of time to create such a “scenario.” In the end, it can become your “road to success. Moving now from the ancient philosophical standpoint about the idea, let’s check now what the modern “business dictionary” has to say about the idea as a term:

“1. A thought or collection of thoughts that generate in mind. An idea is usually made with intent, but can also be created unintentionally. Ideas often form during brainstorming sessions or through discussions.

2. An impression or notion that tries to portray the overarching scope or outline. “Give me a general idea of how much the project will cost,” refers to the fact that the supervisor needs a general estimate of how much the employee believes the project will cost.

3. An opinion or belief. “My idea is that a telephone call is more personal than email,” represents an opinion of which method of communication is more personal.”
Source: click here!

As you can see in the explanation above, there are many terms related to the idea.

Let me list them below now:

  • Thought
  • Collection of thoughts
  • Generated in the mind
  • Intent
  • Unintentionally
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Discussions
  • Impression
  • Notion
  • Scope
  • Outline
  • Opinion
  • Belief is the state of mind.
  • Moreover, the personal attitude related to creativity and intentions to do something in the future.

From the whole list above, I would like to pick up the “generated in mind and the brainstorming.” In other words, use your mind and brainstorming techniques to generate the best possible idea of your future business online.

Create the “skeleton” of your business. It will help you tremendously to achieve your goals faster, more accurate, and satisfactory for your clients.

It is because you will define the most critical steps of your business development and pick the best niche. You will also set the best progress strategy that will suit the needs of your audience and yourself.

So, don’t hesitate to spend some time brainstorming and come up with the best solution for your future successful business online.

Brainstorming About The niche!

How To Make Money Online With A Website-Need help?

Ok, we know now what an idea is and why is it meaningful!

Now, you need to find out or better said choose the right niche four yourselves.

It is the second essential part of the whole, making money online with a website process.

What is a niche? A niche is nothing else than a segment of the market.

Best niches are those that target a specific bigger (or a smaller) group o people but are focused on a particular product or service. To find out what would be your best niche, you could first define your expertise.

What is what you are good at it? I am sure you have special skills in some area. You know the best what you know best.

Take some of your valuable time, sit down and brainstorm about your expertise, experience, skills, a specific knowledge. Write down all your skills. Be confident about your education you possess.

Then, think for a moment how you could help the people? How your skills or knowledge will help them to resolve their issues. Your niche must offer a solution.

That is why you need to be right at what you know. Your expertise must be able to provide solutions for your audience.

You can’t build a successful business online with your niche if you don’t know what you do and how to help people. Unless someone else is doing all is needed for you.

So, again, take your time to define your niche. It is worth it. Don’t just run after money. Deliver solutions and show expertise. It will pay off in the long term.

You are competent enough to deliver solutions to your audience, and you know in what niche. To find out more about the competence and expertise you need to possess, click here and read another article on the topic.

Choosing The Product Or Service Within The Niche!

How To Make Money Online With A Website

All right!

You have defined your niche now. The next, third step of the whole process about how to make money online with a website is about choosing the right product or service within your niche.

Your chosen niche can contain several or even numerous products or services to select.

After defining your best niche, your task is to choose the right product or service within the selected niche; you are going to be selling online.

As mentioned above, your competence, expertise, and other skills are essential to becoming a trustful, authoritative, and reliable promoter and seller online. All that must be relevant to your product or service, unless it happens that the product or service is so good that sells by itself.

It is especially important that if you don’t want to build your website, because of whatever reason and decide to sell things online even without a website, you learn more about the ways how to do it. If you like you can do that here!

So, the main point I want to emphasize in this paragraph is you need to define what would BE the product or service of your interest, within your chosen niche, which you want to sell to your TARGETED audience online!  

Finally, when finding the right product or service, be sure you use it by yourself as well. It is something you need also to consider very seriously. Below a short list of some essential points to be aware of when choosing the right product or service.

      • use the product by yourself first
      • learn all about the product or services before offering them to your customers
      • get experienced in your product or service
      • always have accurate answers on questions related to your products or services
      • be confident about your offer
      • give always honest opinion about the product or service
      • choose a legitimate, proven and valuable product or service
      • select the products and services that will help your audience to resolve their issues

I hope you could get an insight into how important it is to choose the right niche and the right product or service for your business online. Moreover, it is also imperative to become a “master” of your product or service.

Don’t get into the position you don’t know what you are promoting or selling because the product or service look so lucrative and promising to you.

By knowing your product or service from “in and out,” you will be able to present it, promote it, and earn on it in a much better way. Besides, you will leave a great impression to your customers that will likely come back to you later for any possible upsell you might have.

Creating Relevant Website!

Create Your Own Relevant Website

Fine. We are getting closer to completion of our process about how to make money online with a website.

Moreover, this step is about the site. You need a website. The majority of online marketers have a website.

It is their asset online, their shop, and their “business home online.”

The website must be relevant to your niche and your product or service.

It is obvious why do you want to do that! Imagine yourself searching for best “bananas,” and you land on a page that says “best bananas” but the site is selling other fruits. The site is not relevant, and you would probably leave from the site.

It is a straightforward example, but the principle is the same for other niches, products, services as well. Having a relevant and to the point website, that offers solutions related to its niche and the products or services it promotes, will be your “driving force” for generating sales.

The irrelevant site will do the contrary, making your potential customer leave and probably never come back again!

Today’s customers online are spoiled, and they know they have become the focus of many businesses on the web.

Why should they try to “figure it out” on your site what is your website about and search through many pages or posts to find what they need when they can see that in minutes (maybe seconds sometimes) on a relevant website?

The other benefits of the relevancy are authority and branding. By creating relevant content and more critical, context, that matches the topic; you will establish the trust, credibility, and position yourself as an authority in the field.

It is never enough to emphasize the importance of relevancy, authority, branding, and reliability when speaking about running a business online.

As with other brands and bodies online, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process you need to go through as well. I am sure you are aware of it.

So, be sure you create a relevant, to the topic website that will reflect your business, products, and services you are going to promote and sell. It is a must.

Also, form the SEO standpoint it is necessary to create such a relevant site because Google likes it, and as already mentioned your audience like such sites as well.

For any additional help, please contact me, and I would be glad to help you out.

Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Site!

Where Is The Traffic?

Let’s take a look now what we have accomplished so far.

You have a perfect niche, an ideal product or service, and your beautiful website.

That is all great. However, can you make money now already? Of course not!

That is true. Your site is online, alive and has a vast portfolio of the products or services or even just one product or service, what in some cases works best, depending on the niche and your skills.

However, your website is just here, online, nothing else. No visitors are coming visiting your site. How is that possible? It is easy to explain. Just answer this question: “What did I do to attract people to my website?”

A website online is a place people will visit if they know it exists, and they find you by matching the right keywords you use within your content! Also, if someone shared your link online, the visitors could visit your site!

Still, you need to put your website in front of the people. It would be best to target the market and your audience. Keep that in mind.

Converting Targeted Visitors To Your Loyal Customers!

Converting Targeted Visitors To Your Loyal Customers

Converting targeted visitors to your loyal buyers is one of the most crucial tasks you need to master.

You know the old “marketer’s saying:” no conversions no money!”

Please be aware that we are speaking here about monetization.

It is because we need to distinguish the transformation of making money and the other kinds of conversions.

Conversion means motivating someone to do something on your site.  It is a kind of “call to action.” It doesn’t necessarily need to be about monetizing.

It can also be something else, like wanting your visitors to download your free report, to subscribe to an email list, to give you her/his phone number to get in touch privately, to fill in the form, to complete a survey, and much more.

Still, conversion in a traditional, online marketer’s meaning is about turning your visitors to your customers. It is the hardest part of the seven steps about how to make money online with a website we are speaking about today.

Making other people buy something you promote is always a tedious task unless you have a product “that no one can reject!”

Making your product or service a “special offer” and adding some valuable “freebies” will only improve the conversion.

Create an offer your customer can’t refuse. It is a must. Don’t sell the “raw product” only. Offering add-ons like “giveaways”, exclusive one-on-one coaching (for a limited period) and support (it is a must), regular updates, excellent customer support, valuable upsells (although some people dislike up-sells, while others welcome such offers) and being creative can boost your sales and business growth.

Sometimes the creativity makes the difference. It is a talent that differentiates you from the crowd and makes you stand out. Be creative and enhance your offers. To read more about how you can be more creative, click here and read one of my other blog posts.

Thus, put all of your efforts into converting.

Your business will grow and your income as well. It is your ultimate goal, to achieve the best possible conversion and monetizing rate and to grow your business.

At the same time, building the positive relationship with your subscribers (email marketing is a perfect tool for it) and your authority online is something you need to implement into your overall online marketing strategies and never lose of your sight.

FYI, you may subscribe to my free E-book about Email Marketing to get instant access to some powerful and useful tips about one of the most powerful online marketing strategies, E-mail Marketing.

The report I am giving away for free is called E-Mail Marketing Basics. The title is self-explanatory. The report describes some basics you can use to conduct this kind of promotion and the strategy of building a relationship with your potential customers on your list.

You can get instant access by entering your email address into the form on my website.

Making Money!

Making Money


You started to convert your visitors into your buyers, and you are starting making money online. Wild thing.

The efforts pay off. Somehow making the first dollar online awakes specific and unique feeling.

You are becoming an entrepreneur online. Be proud of your achievements.

You mastered the process of how to make money online with a website and decided to keep developing your business.

To do so and to earn even more money, you can either create more sites, enhance the present one, or outsource the tasks.

As your business grows, it will be an unavoidable process. However, it is a topic for another time. Outsourcing is also a big industry today. A large number of people are offering help in developing other businesses, through their writing and editing skills.

Once your business starts to grow on “autopilot,” you may consider starting teaching others how you succeeded in what you do related to your business. It is another excellent source of income-you should incorporate into your success.

Showing others and helping them to succeed according to your success is best you can do to enlarge your company and raise your income. It is also a great way to get new customers for your other products and services you sell.

Makin money online will not be a problem anymore.

My Final Thoughts!

Website is your front door to success online. It is your online asset and your tool you need to have in your arsenal. The site offers many possibilities for creating many different kinds of content, placing that content in front of “online people” and providing the best possible context.

Create your website for the people first, then for the search engines. Behind every site (page or post) sits the real person and is reading or watching your content, deciding to follow your advice, offer or contact you related to your business.

Make the UX as best as possible. Curate your website and your business online as a real business, and your customers will know how to value it. Google is always saying to create “rich content website” with the best context.

It is not just a phrase. It is a strict guideline you should follow. Google needs such sites to keep up their primacy in the search engine industry, and you should always keep that in mind.

To keep that position in the industry, maintain the content useful, helpful, attractive, updated, and relevant for the users. Google needs you, and you need Google.

It is a win-win situation if you follow the rules and know how to play the interactive game of online success.

Moreover, remember, you can’t trick Google.

Furthermore, you should not. Use this biggest online directory and a place with billions of searchers daily to your “business vehicle” and your benefit.

The organic traffic is still one of the most important traffic sources, especially if relevant as well, what you should aim for, and the best part of it is, it cost zero. Nada!

It is a real customer’s force you want to use it for your business, daily!

So, I am sure we can agree that to make money online with a website you need a proper mindset, tools, a set of particular skills and specific knowledge associated to creation, development, promotion, and conversion of your website.

Luckily, I can help you with that in two ways. Click on the links below to find out how!

With that in mind, I would like to thank you now for visiting and reading my post and do hope you liked it. If so, once again, please leave a comment below and to share it with friends.

In a case you need any further help or would like to discuss the topic, I would be glad to help you out and open the discussion.

Hope to see you more often on my site,

With best regards,

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8 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online With A Website”

  1. Dear Igor,

    Once I read, approximately 380 new websites are built every day. 1000’s of searches are made on Google on a daily basis on the “How To Make Money Online With A Website” search term. Thanks for the Great inspiring article! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful article. I got great insights from your topic, All Starts With An Idea. Because of the advancement in technology, you can easily turn your idea into income with the help of your website.

    You are correct, our website is our online asset. I do have some friends who earn a lot of money by just flipping their websites, they do it as a real estate business.

    Having a beautiful website with wonderful design, layouts, and offers without traffic is of no use.

    No Traffic = No Sales!

    By providing great value via our content we can drive potential organic traffic.

    I need to focus more on my conversion, thanks a lot for the great advice.

    Much Success!


    • Hi, Paul!

      thanks for the reply. Yes, I wanted to write an inspiring article and I am very glad if made it. With currently 4,2 billions of users around the world and 1,7 billions of website, it is really difficult to find a keyword that stands out.

      Furthermore, it is not easy to drive traffic to the sour site. If we take a look at the numbers, there are 3 users approx. per one website available. Getting traffic to your site becomes a “masterpiece.” Luckily, not all websites gain massive traffic so the math doesn’t count, and there is still room to attract targeted traffic.

      I remember a few years ago marketers used to build many websites to boost the business. It is interesting to hear that this strategy works today as well. With that said, it seems that with slightly amendments, the affiliate, and online marketing didn’t change that much.

      The traffic (the visitors) are the lifeblood of any business online. Having a website will contribute to that goal.

      Wish you massive success,
      Best regards,

  2. Good Day, Igor.

    I like the way you breakdown how to make money online. 

    A friend of mine has a website but unfortunately he is not getting very much traffic. He doesn’t really have a plan or any products to sell. A family friend says that selling online is very much like selling in the real world.Is this true? 

    He’s a retired car salesman and he’s been very successful at it. If you met him, you’d never believe he was a salesman. He comes across as just a nice guy that people love to talk to.

    What exactly do you mean by niche and why is it so important?

    How do you get traffic to a website? How does that work?


    • Hi Paul!

      Well, considering the basic principle when talking about making sales you need (as in a real-life) the most important entities or subjects:

      1. The seller
      2. the product
      3. the buyer

      However, there are differences between selling offline and selling online. In the offline world, traditionally the product was the main focus. This is changing now. Online, the main focus is a customer, its problems and finding solutions for their problems. Besides, the technology “behind the scenes” made the online customer (as I called them) spiled customers.

      They have literally millions of options online to choose from what in the real (offline) life you don’t have in a manner you have online.

      I am sure you know what I am talking about.

      A niche is a smalle segment of the market. For example, if we speak about pencils, the wide niche would be “pencils”. The narrowed niche would be “the ballpoint pen for kids of the fourth class,” You got the pint.

      It just a topic of interest of a special group of people. As narrowed you target it you have more chances to succeed, because the competition gets smaller.

      Getting traffic to your website actually became a real industry. You have two ways of getting traffic:

      1) Free traffic
      2) Paid traffic

      there is also so-called “referral traffic” where other people send traffic to your website per recommendation (kind of word of mouth marketing, done online). Still, it falls into the first category.

      To go more detailed into the topic, it would take a lot of time now. You may visit my site and search for the topic and read some articles about it.

      I hope it helps

      Best regards,

  3. Hi Igor! It all starts with an idea. I have recently been reading on a platform that was suggested to me via email, that making money online was easy and it could take me under a month. I see the process for generating money online is much more complex than what I initially though. But it’s interesting.

    I already have my idea for my website. I’ll follow all the steps you list here. Thanks!

    • Hi Henry!

      Huh, making money online within a month is possible only for those who either:

      1. Already have a large base of subscribers or new visitors
      2. is established online marketer and is launching a new product or seller
      3. invest a lot of money into the very aggressive paid marketing campaign
      4. conduct amazing massive and huge marketing campaigns through webinars (daily) and other effective activities

      The others (especially the regular newbies) that need to build up their business in a natural way, could need months, even a couple of years for that!

      Wish you massive success,

      Best regards,

  4. One of my favorite topics, making money online with a website! This is really valuable information for those who are looking to start an online business. I agree, it all start with an idea. I think it might be a sound formula to create sites based on terms such as discussions, opinion or personal attitude. Niches, products and of course creating quality, relevant content are all factors to think about in order to drive equitable, organic traffic. You’ve referenced a great product in Wealthy Affiliate, well done!

    • Thanks for your reply!

      Helping others and resolving their solutions is the way to go. We all know that! However, not all succeed in this adventure. It is because there are so many other elements involved that can distract one to keep focusing and to build up the business online.

      One of the elements is also an appealing website. Knowing how to create one and make it attractive for the audience, at the same time producing relevant content is an essential part of the whole “making money online” story.

      Wish you massive success,
      Best regards,


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