How to make money from home for free

How to make money from home for free

How to make money from home for free is the biggest question mark of every new online marketer and anyone who want to start making money from the comfort of own home, without spending any money, or at least very little money!

Is it even possible to earn money online without any investment? There are literally dozens of ways how to make money from home for free, but, in this article, I will try to explain and describe the process how to make money from home for free which consists of just 4 steps! It is the best way of building a long-term successful online business, without any money spent!

How to make money from home for free, in just 4 steps!

Yes, you heard properly! Just 4 steps!

If you are curious about it, then, please keep reading! If not, then just follow this link and find out more, where, how, when and for how much you may start making money online! Even before you finished reading this article.

How to make money from home for free-Banknotes, land and shovels

How to make money from home for free starts with the first step, the creation of your website!

Yes, this is the first step. Straight to the point. Before the big introductory writing, I want to emphasize the very important first step of the process how to make money from home for free.

This process actually consists of 4 basic steps.

  1. Creating own website
  2. Building up the website with the relevant, high-valuable content
  3. Getting traffic to your website
  4. Making money, earning you revenue!

As the title of this article says, it is about making money from home for free. That means you want to completely run your online business from home, what is a great starting position to start building your presence on the web.

There are many ways how to do that, but, as said before, every online business starts with the website. The website is your “window into the world” and the place where you can show your business in any form you are going to run it.

Having said that, obviously, and according to our topic today, you want to create your website for free. There are literally dozens, when not hundreds of great website builders online available. Paid and free. Much software and application producer are offering their products for such purposes.

Today, we are going to be focusing on the free website builder and the creation platform I am using as well.

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Now, choose your SiteRubix domain and build your free website!

How to make money from home for free continues with the second step, creation of unique, relevant, up-to-date, high valuable content!


How to make money from home for free-WordPress Blogpost platform

OK, my friend. You have your website now, up and running! The second most important step is to build up your content! The content on your site has to be:

  7. SE (search Engine) OPTIMIZED

All the features above have their own methods of creation, the technology used, the skills and knowledge involved, and some procedures to follow. It would take me hours to describe all of them from now on, but, don’t be scared, it is not that difficult if you follow the guidelines I have learned as well, and you can too.

Anyway, creating such content is still a piece of work, especially for the newbies or inexperienced online marketers! It is not always easy to do it, especially if you don’t have any kind of guides or instructions to follow. But with every creation of your content, your skills will only improve and in no time you will be able to create the content described above.

How to make money from home for free, let me help you!

Of course, if you need help to start, or you want to accelerate your creation by enhancing your skills and knowledge, then I can help you out. You can ask me anytime how to do it, or even better, you can join the best online marketing university online, by clicking here, for free, and start learning all about it.

Your content is actually what attracts your audience. Keep your visitors engaged on your site and motivates them to do some actions on it. They can, for example, download an e-book, leave a comment, fill out some forms, participates in quiz and surveys, leaving you their emails or as most important action BUY SOMETHING FROM YOU. This can be a membership on your site, a book, an online course, a product, a service, or they may pay to participate in your webinar or online course. It is up to you to decide what you are going to offer them on your site!

How to make money from home for free action is being upgraded by getting traffic to your website, and that means a lot of targeted traffic!


How to make money from home for free-People walking over the zebras on the street

The TRAFFIC! The lifeblood of your business! You know the saying: ” no traffic – no visitors – no conversions – no money!”

Traffic is your visitors on your site! They can come from many destinations. One of the most important ones is the Search Engine. There are three most important ones:

  1. Google, according to holding in 2018 approx. more than 80% of the search engine share market, and growing
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing

You need to get traffic to your website. Use your search engines for it. Get high rank in the SERP (Search engine result pages). Attract visitors by creating valuable content, so the Google bots can for you and position you high in the google index.

Optimize your pages well for SE! Create your accounts on social media sites: Google +, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. Write articles and share them on articles directories. Create blogs and share them.

Some more ways of getting traffic to your website!

Conduct PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaigns. Capture emails on your websites and create appealing email-marketing campaigns! Organize webinars. Share tutorials (textual, audio and video) and create content to share it for free.

Exchange links with valuable established websites and uses great relevant backlinking strategy. Create your social media channels. Create and share videos on YouTube.

Participate in various relevant forums. All of that, you can make from your home. Without investing any money. Just PPC campaigns need some money. And this is also what you can control it. To learn about it, follow this link and visit great lesson about PPC campaigns!

Yes, you will need a lot of traffic to convert! Without traffic, there is no conversion. Remember, to get the desired traffic to your site, it is about hard, permanent, dedicated and committed work involvement. We are speaking about free traffic here. It is always harder to get something for free, don’t you agree?

The nice thing about is that it is possible to get substantial traffic, but it will take more time and effort. You need to be clear with it!

The process of how to make money from home for free finishes with earning money!


How to make money from home for free-A lady with the banknotes

Earning money is your ultimate goal when creating your long-term online business! All your activities are directed at this goal. The whole knowledge, learned skills, the technology, platforms, website builders, your time spent for this purposes, support of your family, and other “sacrifices” online are in the service of his majesty “the goal of making money online!”.

You decided to go harder way. For free, without spending any money. I have to inform you, it is not going to be easy. making money online for free activity is highly conditioned by the psychological abilities of an online marketer.

Psychological virtues like:

  1. Motivation
  2. Goal settings
  3. Determination
  4. Dedication
  5. Commitment
  6. Patience
  7. Hard working attitude

.. are most desirable and most needed when working online and making money online for free.

Investing some money in promotional activities, maybe also in content creation can accelerate the process and promise better results, but there is no any guarantee, regardless of whether you use a paid or free way of earning online.

The freeway will save you money but as you know: “nothing is actually for free on this world!” you will need to invest time, skills, knowledge and all your psychological ability to succeed!

Luckily, there is an easier way to go, a better way. I can help you out. Click here, create your Starter account and find out how! It is free!

And, if you really don’t have any idea how to start your online business, or you already struggled with many programs online, or you didn’t have success with the creation of your own business, I recommend you to start as an affiliate.

How to make money from home for free with Affiliate Marketing?

Although there are many ways how to start making money from home for free, literally, dozens of ways, the Affiliate marketing is the best way to start making money online for free because the products and services you are going to promote and sell are already created and ready for you to start making desired money!

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There you have it!

To recap, check the infographic below!

You need to complete just 4 steps to start making money online. This is my recommendation about how to make money from home for free.

As mentioned above, there are dozens of ways how to make money from home for free, but the affiliate marketing and the 4 steps process are going to build you a profitable long-term online business.

This is what you crave for. Sustainable, successful long-term online business! Residual income. Steady revenue! You need to build it up. It is a process. And, you can do it! Many others did already.

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