How To Learn To Make Money Online-Closed Online Marketing Sell Cycle

How To Learn To Make Money Online-Closed Online Marketing Sell Cycle

Dear reader,

would you like to know how to learn to make money online?  

How to learn to make money onlineThis post is about how to learn to make money online! Nowadays, so many people are trying to make money online. They want to have a better life.

Many people see the opportunity online to make money. The opportunity is waiting for everybody to make it happen.

Therefore, I decided to write this post, to give an insight into the cycle of making money on the internet. Most of all, it is up to You. Join the best online university about online marketing and discover how to learn to make money online!

Why should You join us and discover how to learn to make money online?

Because You are already part of it. Part of “an economic wonder of the 21st century!” A”Monster”, a “Mastodon” of the widest “business steppe” called making money online. 4$ billions of people daily on the internet, and growing at your disposal to make money, daily, instantly. Therefore online marketing and make money online “stuff”! In addition, You need to inform yourself about how to learn to make money online!

Suppose now, you are sitting in your comfortable chair at home! Having your laptop open and “the whole world” opens to you on that screen. You are starting with online marketing. The only problem is how to learn to make money online? How to learn about the whole cycle of earning on the internet? I call this cycle “Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle – COMSC!”

Biggest Purchasing Community Ever At Your Disposal within that COMSC, from One Small Place!

Amazing, YOU HAVE NOW INSTANT ACCESS TO THE BIGGEST PURCHASING COMMUNITY EVER. FROM YOU CHAIR! Without hassle, traffic jams, loud environment. Hence, no need to travel to appointments (although, still many people do that)!  Wouldn’t be nicer to travel for your own fun, relaxation, to enjoy life?How to learn to make money online

All you do is open your OS, start marketing from your home and the whole community can be your buyer. You are ready! The prepared coup of coffee turned on silent music, have a plan what to do! “Secret blueprint” which will make you reach in a matter of a couple of days! Started posting free ads, buying ads, sending emails, setting up an autoresponder series of newsletters! Created free products or services, or various programs as an incentive!

Created selling videos, communicating live over skype or on webinars, over WhatsApp! Using any communicational tool available today.  Doing all this stuff, in general, all that “Online marketing promotional stuff”.

Too many systems involved in your strategy?

You are starting to do everything imaginable at your disposal! Mixing many strategies, systems, everything putting in the same pot. Success is your main concern now. Start making money online is your focus! We didn’t mention the creation of own product, or acquiring someone else’s products to sell!

You are becoming overwhelmed because you don’t have the right system in place! Wondering how to set up a system,  where to get it, or you just “hate” all kind of systems! Having in mind only goal and result turns away your focus on the right process.

Follow the system, don’t focus on the goal and result only!

Let me explain something please! You need to learn about the whole system! is going to push you forward, You need to learn about the whole system! is your root of the business. You need to learn about the whole system! is the foundation of your business. You need to learn about the whole system which is the foundation of your success. You need to follow the system, and not to focus solely on the result.

And here is why! Let me before all, mention that of course, you need to have a certain goal! But, concentrating solely on the goal, puts you in a position to forget what to do! That way it is easy to neglect the process of achieving that goal. And this is where you miss the system. You need to have the system in place and follow it till you reach your goal.

“How To Do It” The Question!

Especially relevant question is “How to learn to make money online?” You need to learn about the whole system! We will teach you “how to do it” and “how to reach your goal”! Learn to do things properly! Replace idea and aim with daily praxis. Focus on important “building block” parts to build a nice outcome! Use your skills to put pieces together and to earn money!

When you build a house, or compose a nice music, or write an article, you need know-how. There are certain steps to follow for completion of that process!

We are living in a geo and ecosystems! The Earth is moving in a system, our solar system is located in the system. The humans consist of a complex a system!

Know The System!

YOU NEED TO KNOW THE SYSTEM THAT YOU WANT TO APPROACH AND USE. Finish whole learning about how to learn to make money online by focusing on every important part of that system and build each part of it! Then, you will reach your goal.

You might think now: “This is fine, I understand that. But, where do I get that system? How do I know it works? Who is going to teach me that system?  Whom can I trust? Does it work? What about making money out of it? Dozens of questions appear.

You become insecure, start to doubt! Losing patience, starting to get nervous! Slowly, you are getting your hands off it. Frustration is forcing you to quit, to turn and not to do it! All because you need to answer so many questions.  To find the way to accomplish the tasks and overcome obstacles on your way to success!

Two main reasons for starting an online business!

I guess You decided to start earning money online just for two reasons! These are, to earn a lot of money, and to earn it fast. You decided to go online with the goal in mind! But, did You also start thinking about setting up a system? About learning stuff? What about the time needed for it? How to prepare yourself to start building your foundation for your long-term and profitable online business?

Think again! If you want to achieve your financial freedom and a life of your dreams, obviously you need enough money!  Your own way of earning money, your own business. The business where you will be your own boss! Working for yourself, be with your loved ones! Having free time to enjoy it!  The time just for yourself and your family! What would you need to achieve such living style that in your “real-offline” life?

Real life business And Virtual life business!

Why is the real-life business different from the “virtual-non-realistic business”? The people online are spending real money. Now also more and more expanding virtual money of cryptocurrency. The people online are real people. They leave in a realistic world. Such customers know what it takes for them to earn money before spending it online …

So, the “online stuff” is “realistic-stuff” too. But, here comes the best part! The system online is easier, faster and still different in some parts of the system offline. Actually, I would say, different in many things, very important things.

Let us compare some important key points of both online and offline making money systems available.

Your Store!

For example, you decided to build your store of selling stuff like Amazon did, or eBay or any other retailer. Imagine the system behind Amazon. No need to spend words on it, right? Huge base of products, a huge amount of employers, huge delivery system etc.

Now, imagine your own online store: a website, products you can choose from literally thousands producers and distributors. In no time for very little cost. No huge base of employers, without warehouses, saved delivery hacks. You can even do drop shipping without having a warehouse, packaging service etc.

This is the first big difference. You can have an online store for your business. Actually, dozens of stores, located in one spot, on your hard drive! Amazing! You need a single computer, software, chair, table, lamp or any other source of light. Sorry, you don’t need even that, the screen has own light, right?

Your Products!

Ok, you have your store now. Obviously, the next question would be, what to put it in it. In this part of the system, you might get problems. There are millions of products out there available immediately.  You can choose from so many of them for your store.

And this takes minutes, or in the best version, few hours. Decide about your niche and search for products online. Get products, for free or paid ones, for little money. You can build your store with few or with more products, it is up to you. No limitation of space, warehouse, employers, desks, the location of your business, etc.

Your Exposure!

After deciding about the product you will sell, you need to show it to the world. There you set your “show-window” at your store. The customer needs to stop by and to see your product. A potential buyer will inform himself about your product or service.  The customer must say: “wow, I need this, I am going to buy this”. You need somehow to inform the customers about your store, shop, shopping center. However, you want to call it, your unique space for selling stuff online.

This part of the system is very important. You want to get customers coming into your store. Now, You need traffic full of customers. Consumers need to “drive by”, to “stop by” and to check what you have to offer. If you focus solely on the goal, on sale, you will forget this very important part. The customers will remain far from you. You know the story: no-traffic, no-customer, no-customer, no-sale! And I mean here, targeted traffic, not just any traffic.

You see, we are talking about very important part of the whole online selling system.

Your Traffic!

Ok, let’s assume you have traffic on your website.  You have targeted traffic, means potential customers! Your visitors from that traffic decide to buy something! How can this happen? How will the customer be able to pay for it? Easy! You just set up a payment processor for it. There are many out there available. Obviously, you will go for the most trustable. Logical stuff! So this part of the system is important too.

Finally, the buyer pulls out his credit card. Pays for the product. The distributor, the seller delivers the product either offline or online for download. Two significantly different ways of getting the product! The offline delivery system of the tangible product must be in place, otherwise, you will not be able to deliver.

Fortunately, somebody takes care of it too. There are systems in place allowing that. It is not difficult to imagine what has to be in place to deliver physical products. One must have the warehouse, packaging, transportation service, logistics, post office, etc…

Also, this part of the buy-sell process online is already there, for you, in place. You just need to know how to implement it into your business, how to deal with it. Again, another vital part of your system. I would say,”system in a system”, or even better “systems in a system”. Every system has on the topic, sub-system, process.

One simple but powerful system!

All systems and sub-systems, in the online world are part of just ONE SIMPLE SYSTEM.THE WHOLE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE IN PLACE. Store-product-promotion-customer-sale-delivery! This is a closed system. Which part would you consider as “The most important part” of the whole closed system? Most of all, how to learn to make money online is one of the most important questions you may ask! We can help because we have the solution for You! Keep reading and you will get it.

Furthermore, to make money online helps if you have an online store set! You need it because you can arrange store-window and offer products. Missing traffic and customer, you can’t sell. Lack of promotion will not attract people to your store. If You don’t offer the possibility of payment on your website, you won’t collect money. Finally, a delivery system or secure ways of delivery, are important to deliver promised.

So, you have the picture now? The system must be in place to be able to start making money online. Organize yourself,  You need to learn about the whole system! You need to know about it, or somebody else is going to help You with it. All parts of this closed system are the lifeblood of your business.  The huge number of valuable buyers ready to buy.

The People!

How to learn to make money onlineThe whole system is in place for them. They desire and need the product or service. They are going to spend money on your offer. The people are the most important part of your closed system. They are the most important lifeblood of your system.

The closed online marketing selling system, COMSC consists of just a few parts. One might think it is therefore so simple. In a nutshell, it is. Just a few steps which are easy to follow.

As in our lives,  we simply eat, sleep, snore, work, play, and do other natural, and for us “simple things”.  Behind all these processes are systems in place allowing all that to happen. In the online world, there are also systems in place. You can focus on to “simply work online”. The important task to accomplish is to find out which one is the right system to follow. What will You decide about it? What system do You want to use to succeed?

I am happy to be able to invite you to check the system I am part of. The system that will teach you all the steps involved in making money online. You will learn about the whole “CLOSED ONLINE MARKETING AND SELL CIRCLE”.  The learned process will help You to achieve your goals.

Join The System!

Join us today. It is free! Become part of the proven system and one of the best online community in the world. Click here now to find all out about the system. it will not cost you a dime. All prepared in place for you. You will learn about many “simple and powerful things” and how to use them. How to learn to make money online

Don’t wait for a second anymore. Start learning the system, focus on how to learn to make money online. Go through the lessons, get knowledge and experience. Become part of it, get skill and knowledge you need, you desire, get help. This is a solution for you. It will resolve many of your woes, doubts, problems. This system will guide you, train you and show you the way, the better way.

I guarantee to you, that if you click here, and start working on how to learn to make money online and most noteworthy join the system, you will be glad you did it. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. No risk, no upsells, no tricks, no false promises. Use this free. proven, successful, millions making system for your benefit.

You are just one click away from it.

Start learning about the whole system of success right now!

Visit his link now and learn all about the “Closed Online Marketing Making Money Circle”.

Dear friend, if you liked the article, please leave the moment below. If you have any question related to online marketing please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to help you out.

Remember,  our outstanding and unique community within the system is there for you, instantly, within seconds! It is all about PEOPLE and SYSTEM!

Bunch of experts who earned millions online and other friendly people are here to help you out! Give yourself a chance!


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