How to improve the writing skills

How to improve the writing skills

The topic of the day is How to improve the writing skills!

How to improve the writing skills

Do you want to become a writer?

The desire to improve your writing skills is overwhelming you? Interested in learning How to improve the writing skills! You desperately want to Learn how to create your own content and become an author?

If so, then keep reading! Contrary, if no so, keep reading anyway! Because after finishing with this article, I am sure you will reconsider your decision about becoming an author.

Anybody can write! Not everybody can be the best writer in the world, but writing is a skill the is achievable for many people.

Said so, I am sure the statements below are already known to you.  Many of “online marketing people” telling us following:

  • moreover, PRACTICING WRITING, in general, is IMPORTANT!
  • and the list goes on and on …

Although this may be true, I am sure, that now, you are thinking following: easier said than done! At the same time,  it is obvious that not everybody feels comfortable with the idea of writing. Why is that actually? Many people write almost every day some stuff. Throughout the school, the writing was a normal issue. But, when it comes to writing about specific content, many of them are stuck! But, anyway, we all agree that to be a better writer, you need to know how to improve the writing skills!

How to improve the writing skills and obstacles!

How to improve the writing skills

Have said that, improving writing skills is associated with several obstacles. With this in mind, it could be a psychological problem, an educational problem, time problem, motivational problem.  There are numerous reasons why somebody doesn’t like to write or doesn’t want to write! That is fine! Not everybody is motivated to write.

But, if you decide to create your own content as an author, and you don’t have money to pay your own author who will write for you, who will out your ideas on the paper, because you don’t have lack of ideas, but lack of writing skills, then, you need to “heat the chair” and “grind keys on the keyboard!”

All things considered, are you ready to find out what skills you need to succeed? Be surprised, there are few essential You need to master!

Improving the writing skills!

Besides mental process, writing is also a physical process. In the first place, writing needs sitting. As a matter of fact, sometimes, you need to sit for hours. Watching the screen, typing with your fingers, holding your arm in specific position, etc. It can get tiring. Fortunately, in a physical sense, there are some techniques which make it easier for you to write.

First, you need calm, bright space. You don’t want your eyes to suffer. You writing surface need to be well illuminated, what is actually not a problem with the hardware available today. we are talking here about writing on PC.  Of course, you can decide to write first on the paper! Then to put it on the screen. In that case, it is essential that you have enough light to write.

Second, you want to position yourself in front of pc or lap-top properly! The distance to the screen, the height of your head to pc and a comfortable way for your arms placed smoothly on the keyboard, are very important factors, too. Finally sitting properly in your chair. Your back need to be straight, head in the position centered toward your screen, distanced about 40 cm from it.

Third, a useful tip is to set the stand under the laptop, to raise the screen to the desired height so that eyes look straight in front of you to the screen.

How to improve the writing skills and a longer-time writing!

If You write a long time, then you may place a small pillow between your back and chair and something between your feet to relax the muscles and spine. If you are experienced writer, you will already know what to do because you have already developed your way of writing and techniques.

Writing is highly individual skill, so, you have to play with it! Practice and you will master it very soon. In particular, this is about much to it. I would suggest at the beginning to start writing no longer than 20-30 minutes! Than take rest, of about 15 -30 minutes and then continue again.

Generally speaking, while practicing over time, you will set up your own pace. If you feel sore during or between writing, you may even stretch or make little gymnastics exercises to relax.

How to improve the writing skills-What to write about?

How to improve the writing skills

To answer this question, I would need your help! Why? Because this is really totally up to You! What are you good at it? How passionate are you about writing? Tell the readers about your passion, about your talents!

Share your knowledge and your experience about it! Send your message!  Explain the goals you want to achieve with writing! Whom are you writing for? In what language?

Create a list of your main questions and answer them. You will have the solution about your subject. As You start writing, the words will start to flow. The topics as well

One tip! When writing for getting traffic related to your niche, your product or service, narrow your topic to a single keyword! Then, write the article around that keyword. You will find very quickly literally thousands of topics to write about. Only the “unlimited internet is the limit”!

There are also other techniques and methods for findings ideas and subjects you can write about! For the sake of the time now, this is something that I will cover in my coming articles. Today, I wanted to give you some starting and very important points, you can implement easy and fast. Beleive me. All is about practice! So stay tuned for it.

How to improve the writing skills by writing!

How to improve the writing skills

Ok, Now …

You chose the topic and have prepared yourself mentally and physically for writing. “Built a wall or set wire fence around your writing place! Have a gun next to you if somebody is trying to distract you! Put the headbands and clothed the stomach around to sit upright! Clothed the gloves so they would not bore their fingers! Turned on the reflectors, and put on sunglasses. Your legs are warmed by jumping on the ground, you have stretched your hands and .. then … suddenly everything stopped!”

You lost your thread! You lost your flow! Inspiration is gone. Your topic of writing begins to be foggy! You are in a panic!

.. Small joke, of course! What I want to say here is, that the easiest way to start writing, and the fastest one, is to prepare your outline! Create your template for your writings. As you prepare your writing physically, you need to prepare your writing technically and mentally. Don’t be scared! Writing can be a lot of fun and really easy, but if you don’t know where are you going, you can lose and finish anywhere, right?

How to improve the writing skills-Tell your story!

How to improve the writing skills

Beleive me, your template is going to be a great help for you. It is a backbone of your writing. Additionally, I have a very simple tip for you, but powerful one: if you don’t come up with ideas about what to write, practice writing about any story you could tell the reader. Pick up something you think off, and start writing about it. It will help to move ou on! Just tell the reader the story. Simple as that! This is the best way to improve our writing.

The next very important point is to have some tools prepared! You can get them all online! This tools will help you writing efficiently. I am talking about the grammar tools, word counting tool, and time checking tools.

There are many valuable programs out there offering such tools in one place. I am using a platform which I have on disposal 24/7 included in one of the best learning programs in the world!

How to improve the writing skills by writing-Special Tip!

How to improve the writing skills

Special tip! I am using the system which I call  “All-around editing and writing trip!” The platform and system are called SiteContent. Offered by one of the best online marketing universities in the world. Check out the system by clicking here! Use this amazing tool to write, edit and publish your content on Your website, immediately after finishing it. Check spelling, grammar, use templates. Create own templates. Write an unlimited number of articles and publish them instantly.

This tool has everything you need to write efficient and fast! It is even incorporated in the publishing system allowing you to publish your article immediately after completing it. As said above, with just a single click on the “publish” button, you can publish your article in no time.

 If You want to check the whole system and beyond that to learn much more about all you need to succeed and become recognized author and publisher, online marketing expert, all for free,  click here and start right now!

In conclusion at this point, we covered several important points related to the ever-popular subject about how to improve the writing skills, and thus, let me finish today with the following words …

… Don’t be too concerned about your writing skills! You can write!  Easily! Just practice.  Start writing. Practice few days, or even few weeks offline, before going online.  Buy a notebook! Start writing anything in it! Use your imagination and words as they come “into your head”.

How to improve the writing skills by writing-Practice writing!

How to improve the writing skills

Just write. From day to day you will become more and more skilled and things are going to open to you.

You are going to become familiar with writing. The words will flow, you will comfortable and relax, and you will start to enjoy writing.

No more worries about how to improve the writing skills!

As soon you feel comfortable with it, start writing seriously, related to your topics. When that happens you are skilled. Just go for it. Of course, if you still want to get additional help, I would recommend subscribing for free to one of the most comprehensive online universities in the world! Because, this is the place where you will master the skills mentioned above, and a lot more. Honestly, I would be happy to see you inside. It helped a lot to me, why shouldn’t to you also!

If you decide so, just click here and you will be prompt into the program! Or, if You want to check some more articles before that, hover over this link and click on it, to take you to the next level where you can read about how writing exercises improve writing skills!

If you liked this article, please, leave the comment below. If you want to talk about it, or need any kind of advice, I would be more than happy to help You out.

Happy writing,

10 thoughts on “How to improve the writing skills”

  1. I like when someone explains in steps, I wish I have hard about blogging, years ago, I would have started along time ago. The steps you are explaining seems so simple, but it does take time to learn to write. Even when you have a topic, it can be hard to keep it up. I find if I have a subject I want to write about, I pick subtobics and go with those before I try to write a bunch of words by free writing.

    • You are completely right! But, I have to tell you that to learn how to write is really not that difficult. Just a small tip: Practice about a month every day, or every second day by writing half of the page and then come up to the whole one or two pages (Word document-A4). As soon you achieve that, you are done.

      At the beginning just write what ever comes up in your mind. Just put it done on a page. Write about things seem easy to you to write about it. Speak with your natural language, ynd the words will just come one after another.
      Wish you luck!

  2. Hey Igor, I agree with regards to creating a template prior to commencing writing.
    I generally think about what I’m going to write about the night before, construct my title, then create a series of 6-8 headings as this helps split my blog post up into small sections.
    Working in small sections refrains from making the writing project daunting, helps me immensely.
    I many times open up a Google’s Doc page and proceed to write my content on a tablet away from the computer screen, once finished copy my writing over to my web post and finalise with imagery prior to publishing.
    For me, being organised helps improve my writing skills and averts becoming overwhelmed which in return delivers a more natural style however I’m far from an experienced blogger, these are just tips I have picked up.

    • Hi Simon,

      thanks for your comment! Very good point. Good strategy!Exactly this is the point, the “article writing world” is actually
      easy, although many people think it is so hard.
      You can write literally everywhere. PC, tablet, paper, offline, online, on travel, at home, in the office…

      Content is around us. It is just matter of decision and time management.

      Thanks for the comment, appreciate it!

  3. Write, Write, Write! You just have to keep writing and I like the tips you gave Igor! they were very helpful to me and I’m ready to pump out some quality content.

    • Hi Jeremy!
      Although I love online marketing and Love to create sites I didn’t ever play games or do similar stuff, so I really
      don’t know how to rate your site. I am a fan of writing.

      Your site looks fine to me, it accomplishes the purpose of presenting the games.
      I am not that big fan of big Google Ads on the page, but to make such adds can be productive, I guess.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment. Appreciate it.

      The best luck with video games! I know it is a huge market and niche.

    • Hi NIkola,
      Thanks for the comment!

      Nice website about games! Unfortunately, I am not a gamer!
      It is amazing how the games are developing. I am sure the gamer have what to
      look at your site!
      Good work!


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