How To Get Traffic For Your Website

How To Get Traffic For Your Website!

Dear reader,

As you already know, if you are in the online marketing and making money online niche, then traffic for your site is something that you need without any discussion. So, this post is about how to get traffic for your website.

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How To Get Traffic For Your Website

How to Get Traffic For Your Website!

As in other things in life, like, if you need to get apples, you need to go there where the apples are, or to the place where somebody is selling the apples.

If you need to get shoes, you will go there where the shoes are. Same for bread, umbrellas, DVDs or ice cream.

Nothing is different with traffic to your website.

YOU NEED TO GO THERE WHERE THE TRAFFIC IS. If you want to get MASSIVE TRAFFIC, then you need to go there where MASSIVE TRAFFIC is.

If you want to get traffic to your site, or blog, or page, or newsletter, or article, of course, YOU NEED TO GO THERE WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE WHO SEARCHING FOR SUCH STUFF. You need to BRING SUCH TRAFFIC TO YOUR PIECE OF WORK, TO YOUR OFFER.

Where is the Traffic Happening?

At this point, the logical questions are: where is such traffic happening, and how to drive such traffic to my „lane!“

Well, we don’t need to be too clever to know that biggest traffic happens on search engines, and that, for the biggest „highways of traffic“, namely the biggest search engines. You know already all of them. Starting with Google, then following with Bing, Yahoo and others.

The next source of traffic or places where significant traffic is happening is obviously social media platforms and social networks. You know already plenty of them.

You need to know that social media platforms and social networks are great sources of traffic, but the problem is that you need to post regularly the content on it. This can be very time consuming and tedious task. To learn how to get traffic for your site is not an easy and quick story, but it is absolutelly an imperativ and very possible.

The time management and persistence is the key. There is also various software available for that purpose, but the real-time, manually managing system could be also a solution.

The Huge Population Daily Engaging Online!

How To Get Traffic For Your Website

There is huge population circulating daily on such social media platforms and social networks. There are literally billions of visitors looking for their „stuff“, the content they like or need.

The platforms are built for offering various services and useless:

  • instant messaging platform
  • blogging platform
  • social networking platform social networking site
  • the communication-based social networking platform
  • multi-lingual social platform
  • image messaging social platform
  • photo sharing and visual bookmarking social media
  • social media platform
  • dating-based social networking
  • music-focused social networking
  • the intelligent social networking platform
  • video-sharing social networking site
  • photo-sharing website

In total there are more than incredibly 6,2 billion monthly active users circulating through the social media platforms named above.

Moreover, the number is multiplicated through the various actions the visitors are taking on the named platforms.

You can use any of them or more of them, or just pick one and stick with it. Remember, all platforms need to be taken seriously and postings should be done regularly. On some platforms, like Facebook, the posting should occur daily for a couple of times.

Engage daily or weekly for a couple of times!

In general, you may post and engage either daily or couple of times weekly, but it has to be on a regular basis. You always need to take care of the posting policy of each platform you are using and post relevant valuable content.
Just to name few most popular platforms (among many others, which should not be neglected) designed for multiple reasons and purposes named above, which many of you already know and use them:

  1. FACEBOOK –  1.59 billion approximately monthly active users
  2. WHATS APP –  1 billion approximately monthly active users
  3. YOUTUBE – 900 million approximately monthly active users
  4. TUMBLR – 555 million approximately monthly active users
  5. INSTAGRAM –  400 million approximately monthly active users
  6. TWITTER – 320 million approximately monthly active users
  7. GOOGLE+ – 300 million approximately monthly active users
  8. SKYPE – 300 million approximately monthly active users
  9. VIBER – 249 million approximately monthly active users
  10. SNAPCHAT – 200 million approximately monthly active users
  11. PINTEREST – 100 million approximately monthly active users
  12.  LINKEDIN –  100 million approximately monthly active users
  13. REDDIT – 100 million approximately monthly active users
  14. BADOO – 20 million approximately monthly active users
  15. MYSPACE – 20 million approximately monthly active users
  16. STUMBLEUPON – 25 million approximately monthly active users
  17. FLICKR – 90 million approximately monthly active users

Shopping Stores as the Next Great Traffic Source!

The next high traffic „avenues“ are shopping stores which sell almost any stuff you can imagine.
According to, last year visited the biggest retail websites in the US visited so many  visitors on a monthly basis:

  • Amazon – more than 197 millions users monthly
  • eBay – more than 127 millions users monthly
  • Walmart – 113 million users monthly
  • Alibaba –  is an also a huge retail website with more than half billion of users.

Of course, there are also other resources, but those mentioned above are the biggest „highways of the traffic“ you can drive on, and you can use them for free. Share your content also with your email list, if You have built one.  It is still a great way to communicate and to build the business.

Sure, if you want to „drive in a special lane“ then you will need to invest some money and to pay for it.

It depends on you.

The Content Is The KING!

Remember, THE CONTENT IS THE KING! Anything you do to drive traffic to your content, it will not bring success if you don’t offer valuable content. These days, (according to Google there are more than 130 trillion websites online) it I not easy to achieve to stand out between such huge amount of content.

The question here is: “How many websites of those are offering valuable content?“

The solution is to provide great content, which can offer additional valuable info compared to the other content offered online. Therefore, you will need to work a bit and research content of your niche and create additional value.

Besides that, the very important task is to monitor your visitors, using tracking tools like Google Analytics for example, as the great one and free one, to look the demographic data and to adjust your content according to received feedback.

So, you have now the road to drive on. The one with a lot of traffic on it. How can you achieve that you control such traffic, that the drivers are driving toward your destination? Your goal?

You agree it is not an easy task. There are so many competitive drivers out there who want to link that traffic to their destinations to sell them their products or services! Somehow you need to stand out, between all of them. The drivers need to be attracted by your invitation.

First and foremost, all the drivers need to know that you have something great to offer at your destination. How they will know, simple, show them. How? Creating your final destination in that way to be nicely visible to them and to show them how to get there.

Another „easy“ task, right?

Two Problems!

So, right now you have two problems to resolve, and this all within so many drivers with so many different wishes, needs, desires, goals …

  1. The first problem is to know where the traffic is and
  2. the second one is how to link that traffic to your destination and to use it to convert

The destination you are inviting the drivers too should already be there! Even if the drivers don’t know yet about it.

This destination is your website. Your online store, affiliate program. Blog. Discussion board. Social media page. Even offline offers. Shopping sites. Whatever you are into.

I assume that you have already built it. If you have a problem because you don’t know how to build or create it, then we can help. And, you need to build it in a way that is appealing one? If you know how to do it, then you resolved already a big problem!

If not, we have a great and simple solution for that. You can build your website now, and this is only 30 seconds. Click here and start building it for free!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please remember, that your website needs to be in any case MOBILE FRIENDLY, not only LAPTOP or PC FRIENDLY. Your „final destination“ needs to be visible and reachable to all devices, fixed and mobile, which have access to the internet and are showing websites.

More and more users are using mobile devices to search, engage and share content.

The “Salvation!”

Now, we are already close to our „salvation!“

Ok, you have built your final destination for your drivers! You have great, appealing website created in no time. Is that good enough for your „drivers“, read: „visitors!“?

Are they going to stay with you at your destination shortly or long time? Do you have what they need out there? Are they coming back again next time, or maybe even third time, or fourth ..or …?

This is the next problem to resolve: to keep your visitors as long as possible on your website and make them read, listen, watch about your products and services and hopefully decided to buy something from you, right there, from your website!.

You, see, how the circle is working? How is the traffic one of the most important parts of your online business, but not the guarantee of success?

The chain should be firm and all the chains in line!

All the parts of the chain must work to succeed!

  1. Your final destination for the “driver”
  2. Traffic
  3. Appealing and valuable Products or services you are offering
  4. Conversion – Buying decision – Earnings

If any of the parts are not working, there will be no sales! Simple as that!

So, now, let’s say your destination is a perfect one. All according to the standard of the industry, etc. You have even great offers there. Appealing, valuable products or services. You have even great bonuses for free, as a „bait“ for your visitors. Prepare everything to keep your visitors as long as possible on it.

Create a lot of great content, updated regularly, posting periodically new stuff on it, so your customers can stay longer with you and engage, but… where are the visitors?

Is it like a hotel without guests?

We mentioned before that there are few great „highways full of traffic“ available and known to you, where millions of visitors (drivers) daily are „traveling somewhere!“

Your Own „Online Infrastructure“ and Your Concerns Related to It!

When all the „infrastructure“ and offers are set, your BIGGEST CONCERN WILL BE TO DIRECT THAT HUGE (I say on purpose: „huge“, because you need a mass of visitors to your destination) TRAFFIC TOWARD YOUR ONLINE PLACE, DESTINATION … YOUR WEBSITE!

You can do that by giving them „road signs“ in a manner that they can’t fail the road to you. You can pay for it, and you can do it for free!

Paid or Free Method?

Which one method is better? Paid of course, but free one can be great as well. You need to know how to do it. You need to educate yourself in that direction, get skills and knowledge to know how to do it!

I will recommend going that way, especially if you are short on money. No one method guarantee success in terms of sell-buy process, but getting generic, natural traffic is best what you can do! Just because of one reason: the people like what you have to offer.

They came freely to your destination, just by following the signs. You didn’t force them by paying the „third force“ to do that for you.

You have been friendly to them, inviting them in a natural way to your destination. They liked your content at your destination that they said:“this is great, this is what I need, I will buy this!“

Isn’t that great? if you achieve that, you will feel so proud you did it. It is really an achievement. But be prepared, it will not happen overnight. You will need to invest time. And as you know: „time is money“, for many reasons. So, actually, if somebody says, for free, in this sense, it is not for free. It cost your valuable time and management.

But, as you know, if you want to build a business in your real world, nor digital one, how much you need to invest to build a business, from scratch? How many time will you need, or activities, or actions? Think about it.

The online market is huge!

Yes, the online market is a huge, market in front of your eyes, achievable from one position only. You can reach huge masses of people without the need to pay expensive TV or radio commercials. But, it needs some skills, knowledge, tools and time.

How long would it take to reach hundreds of thousands of people in real world, by not investing in TV or Radio promotions?

So, traffic is around you. Grab it. Build your website, reach groups of people online, on several social media, join discussion groups, join online communities, create surveys, etc. Speak and write about your products and offers. Engage. The people are there. The people are bread and butter of your business.

This is all that it takes. You have to reach masses of people to have big success.

My Message on How to Get Traffic For Your Website!

How to Get Traffic For Your Website

This is my message for now. To have significant success online you need a lot of traffic and a lot of visits on your offers. And remember, „the content is the king“. The people coming on your offer, need to like it. They need to find a value for them in it. You would do the same, right?

Work as often as You can on it. Build your website, your online authority, create valuable content! The time is on your side! Use it to build your online success!

Conclusion on How to Get Traffic For Your Website!

How to Get Traffic For Your Website


  • Everybody can create valuable content and drive traffic to own website!
  • You can learn how to get traffic for your website!
  • The magic is in You! – let creativity wake up in you!
  • The web is evolving, so you have too. The online promotion as well. You need update information and skills. We offer all of that! Join us! Click here and ensure your up-to-date knowledge and skills.
  • The core system remains – it will stay for a long time in the future
  • Email is still alive – it was never dead, and will never be. This is the most personalized way of communication! Use it in your favor! Don’t spam but use it wisely!
  • Social media varies in its popularity – not every social media platform will bring you same results. Depending on your engagement, popularity of the platform, tools you are using, quality of your content and ads, and more other factors, you will have the results.

Engagement and Creation!

  • Engagement is important – Engagement is the backbone of your business. You have to be present. The people need to see you, hear you, read what you have to offer. Engage regularly!
  • Open discussions – go to the discussion places online and discuss your niche, the needs of your prospects, and about all other relevant topics. This will help a lot.
  • Create a website – this is actually one of the first things you need to do. I mentioned it here, but it is actually your “window to the world!” On your website, you can do many tremendous things and build appealing content. If You want to create a website in just 30 seconds from now, for free, click here!
  • Create authority on the web – this is something you need time for. As in any other field, either offline or online, you need to work in order to build your authority.
  • Create appealing content, regularly, offer value, engage, position yourself as a skilled and knowledgeable person in your niche, and over time you will build authority.
  • When Google “see” you as an authority place online, your ranking will improve and more and more traffic will come to your “online location and destination!” Start building your authority today by learning how to do it. Click here and get started now! It is FREE!
  • Don’t be discouraged – many people start building their online business, or at least try to do it, and then after a certain amount of time, they stop. Don’t do that. All said in this article above, needs time and persistence.
  • Skill and knowledge will not be enough if you don’t stick to your goals. Every success is built on ups and downs, success and failures. Understand it as a learning process.

Growth and Time!

  • As you grow by the time, you will be more and more skilled and self-confident. Every sincere effort, every skill, and knowledge, one day pay off. Go for it and just keep doing it. Learn, practice, grow!
  • Take time – give yourself time to achieving your goals. Don’t rush, but don’t also “let it go!”Use the time in your favor. Organize yourself, manage time wisely and work at your pace. Just don’t think: “I don’t have time”, or “Time is rushing so fast”, or “How much time do I need”. All such inputs will destruct you. Be your time your friend, your companion and you will master the schedule.

I hope you enjoyed the article so far. Read more articles on the subject on the site. After you leave this post or the entire site, come back more often. I would be glad about it. Thanks for reading it.

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If You need any help, feel free to ask, I will be glad to help!


A Quick Reminder!

As a quick reminder. Work on building your audience. Offer them value, regularly. Make them come back to your offers more often.

This is the key. We are speaking about a system with no money investment for promotion. The traffic is there. You just simply need to ask the traffic to come to your street. Invite it. Tell the drivers to visit your site.

Go there where the traffic is and direct it to your offers. Use search engines, social media, discussion groups, write and show. Work on your traffic on a daily or at least weekly basis. Track the traffic and their response. Change what is needed according to the tracking and results of it.

Be active, be proactive. Be engaged and patient. Creativity is what counts as well. Remember, it is work, action, as in any other business as well. This article is written for your information in a more general tone. You can also learn more in detail about it if you join the system and education I went through as well, for free, by clicking here!

If You do this, as my special bonus I will help you to start and build your website for free. You can also contact me in private, through email or even on Skype conference. The great online community I am part of is also here to help, full of members who are already earning money online and are experts in the field.

You have nothing to lose, you can only gain. No header tricks, no catches. It is just pure engagement, action, learning, skills, the knowledge. Don’t wait any longer. Get started now! FOR FREE!

Click here and take your place on your journey to success.

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  1. This post has a great deal of useful information. I like the way you have included lots of facts and figures to show the large potential of starting an online business. It gives a little boost of the self esteem to know that we have a great opportunity at our fingertips. Thank you for the info.

    • Thanks for your comment. The potential of starting an online business is there. Available to anybody. To have success is another story. Many factors are influencing it. To know what works and what is not working is important. Internet and online business is evolving rapidly, but some “cornerstones” stay there and will stay for time to come.

      Traffic was, is and will be one of the most important “cornerstones” of an online business. There are literally dozens ways to get traffic,and everybody need to know what works best for him.

      Before that, learning about it is a must. You may go harder way and learn it by yourself over the time, or, ask the people who already made it and know how to attract traffic.

      Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start and run an online business.

      Best regards!

  2. Hi there, Igor. I enjoyed reading your post on how to get traffic for your website. Some fantastic tips here and I’m sure they will come in very handy!
    I have to start working a little harder on my Social Media Campaigns and you have spurred me on to do this.
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff!
      Thanks for your comment.

      There are so many choices today to start with social media Campaigns.Probably the best way would be to choose two social media platforms and to stick with it.

      Do some researches about the time management when talking about posting your info.
      Every social media platform has best time and frequency to post on it.

      You can find also here at WA great info about it.

      Wish you success!
      Best regards!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this post! There is a lot of great information here! I have found Pinterest to be a huge driving force for traffic for me. I often hear people get frustrated with it and to them I need to say that marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Stick with something and get good at it rather than dabble in many different areas and you WILL see results (assuming the content is strong). Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Jennifer. 

      Thanks a lot for your comment. You are right. marketing is a marathon. Great comparison. I like Google+. I have to try Pinterest too. But, I am focused now on creating content. It takes time to put all the pieces together.
      I am very glad you like my content. It is an additional motivation for myself to keep creating useful content.

      Please, feel free to check my website and posts. If You like any of the posts, I would be thankful you live any comment below it. I will return the favor.

      Wish you a lot of success.

      Best regards,


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