How to get a website traffic

How to get a website traffic

How to get a website traffic is the topic of the day. We are going to discuss driving traffic to your site through the search engine.

How to get a website traffic

It is about organic traffic and free traffic. Keep reading to discover some of the strategies involved. I am going to reveal five strategies anyone can implement in their daily “getting traffic” routine, for free.

How to get a website traffic with the Internet as a huge platform for getting traffic!

The Internet is a huge platform. We know that. Billions of searches every day. Find anything you want on the Internet. You just need to enter the search engine your specific keyword and there are thousands of options to look from in order to find the solution you are searching for.

You might think, “There are” no secrets online. But, there are. The Internet can be very enigmatic. Why? Think a bit! Nowadays, every day millions of people around the world want to start an online business. They have their own passions, desires, great ideas.

Many of them learned how to build a great website related to their passion or idea. They want to show to the world their great work. The websites are looking impressive, appealing, the navigation is perfect.

However, something is still missing. They can’t get in front of other researchers in SE. We know Google is the main search engine. But, the beautiful websites are not shown in the better positions in SERPS.

In other words, the traffic is missing. Not even relevant, specific and “hot prospects” traffic, but, just any traffic, under any keyword found at the website. Yes, I know. It is hard to compete with millions of websites showing up every day, so it looks as no surprise that many are just nog getting wanted and needed traffic.

An inexperienced author of the website has a hard time in the beginning to achieve substantial traffic and rank which guarantee success.

And, this is why I decided to write this article. To offer some help and to offer solutions to that always occurring problems:  how to stand out, how to show yourself to the crowds, especially if you are an entrepreneur. To you, as an entrepreneur, the visitors to your site and especially hot prospects are the lifeblood of your business.

How can you attract them to your site? How can the mas online find you? And, this is the first important problem? The second one is the money! How much money do you have? How can you achieve substantial traffic with “tiny” or even with no money at all?

I am sure that at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey online, the option of getting traffic with no money is your focus, you’re most important objective. The other option would be investing some money into advertising through PPC marketing. That is fine, just, how much would it cost?

The thing is, that even if you pay for traffic, you may come up with “empty hands!”. That is why you should go for other possibilities, which will not cost money. Remember, you have not established a business online and the traffic is not there, what means, no customers, and finally, no money.

How to get a website traffic with “No Money-No Funny” system?

How to get a website traffic

You know the expression: “no money – no funny!” Either you invest some money in advance, or you earn first money online and then invest that money for your promotional purposes.

Having said that, you need to promote without money. Therefore, you have some options available. The first one is right in front of you. You are reading it. You are right, THE ARTICLES!

This article is also posted on the internet for free. I wrote it without money. Just took time to write it and post it on my site. That easy.

Besides, this article can become my real “advertising machine!” I can post it, if I want, into hundreds of different directories specialized for posting articles. I just need to add my website address and some info about it and myself and I have perfect “traffic machine” created in no time.

How to get a website traffic with Article marketing?

How to get a website traffic

The technique is used by many online marketers and it is called Article marketing!” using this promotional strategy you can’t go wrong. Why? Because:

  • It cost no money
  • People like reading valuable content
  • You have all option open regarding your creativity and skills
  • Through article marketing, you are building your online authority
  • Once written one article, you can add always more and more article on the topic
  • Writing articles, you have actually created your digital informational product
  • Add few articles together, offer them as a digital product and your perfect free “lead magnet” tool is done
  • Use articles as the opt-in strategy
  • Be recognized as an expert in your field
  • Write articles for other people and earn money … and much more

This is why article marketing is truly a perfect and one of the best online strategies for getting traffic to your site, blog post or another content.

The written article as your ultimate “Advertising machine!”

Another strategy you should implement in your overall “getting traffic” strategy is blogging. Create your own blog and post comments on other popular blogs in your field of expertise. Post comments on a regular basis for some weeks, on a daily basis.

Even after a couple of days only, maybe one-two weeks someone will read your comments and your posts. Always insert the link to your site when posting comments. It is a sure way to find you by other people.

How to get a website traffic with vlogging?

How to get a website traffic

The next powerful strategy is vlogging. Posting videos on YouTube and on social media is a sure thing to gain traffic. The video needs to be valuable, informative, related to your niche and posted regularly. Minimum twice per week.

As for the last strategy I will appoint today, you can use bookmarking. Crate a website easy to bookmark. There are many social bookmarking sites developed in the past years.

For example, StumbleUpon, BoingBoing, Digg, Reddit. Create content which other people will positively evaluate and you can quickly drive traffic to your site. Don’t forget to add a call to action to your site and to post regularly.

WRAPPING UP How to get a website traffic!

How to get a website traffic

Remember, DRIVING TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE IS A WORK. It doesn’t happen just like that.

You need to:

  1. Choose the niche (your content)
  2. Create content
  3. Build up a site
  4. Write articles
  5. Put pen to paper and write blogs
  6. Produce vlogs
  7. Submit your link to forums and social sites (ezines, Usenet, etc.)
  8. Post on social bookmarking sites

These are just some valuable strategies for driving traffic to your site. There are others as well. Anyway, here you have something to start with.

Thus, directing and managing traffic to your website is a must in order to make money online. Again, making money online, in a nutshell, is simple 4 steps process:

  1. Decide on your niche
  2. Create website
  3. Gain traffic
  4. Make money

Although it sounds and looks simple many newbies and other online marketers are struggling with getting traffic. And, as you already know, all of them, including myself, want relevant traffic full of hot prospects.

At the same time, it doesn’t have to be so hard. It is not a magic. Although Google is using around 200 algorithms, which are regularly changing, to make indexing and top ranking more demanding, it doesn’t have to be so mystical.

The traffic generated through Search Engines is called organic traffic and is the best traffic. Besides the strategies listed today in this article, there are numerous other available. Most of them don’t cost money.

But, what you need is time and patience. If you can permit yourself to have some persistence, the right mindset, to separate needed time for this purpose, very soon, you will “ripe fruit”.

Wish you success!

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20 thoughts on “How to get a website traffic”

  1. Hi Igor, great post, and really well written and easy to understand. You are right, success in the internet world really does take time, patience, and consistency.

    Since starting my website a year ago, I have to admit, it’s been one of the hardest things I have ever done considering I literally stared knowing nothing about website building. If you’d have told me a couple of years ago I would be in this line of work I would have laughed. But I am, and thanks to great people helping me with SEO I am finally gaining more and more traffic.

    Thanks for all your great advice; you have given me the incentive to actually start vlogging!

    • Hi Stefanie!
      Thanks a lot for your reply!
      Getting traffic is not easy, we know that! We know also that it is not a rocket – science, but it is a science somehow.
      Why? Because you have to know how to get it. You need to follow the stats about it, modifications of it, adjustments to market,
      trends, newest technologies, etc.

      Analytics is getting more and more important!

      But, still, the “content is king!”.
      The people are seeking for the solutions to their problems.

      Sometimes statistics are not the solutions, just a “roadmap!”

      Get the solutions in front of as many people as you can and the traffic will flow!

      Wish you a lot of traffic,
      best regards!

  2. Hi. I agree with you. People may know how to put a website up, but getting traffic is extremely difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing! Thank goodness we have a platform that teache us all of the ins and outs of getting traffic to our website.

    • Hi Shalisha!
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Traffic is around us, everywhere. Offline and online. Directing such traffic to your site, post, the blog is a matter of knowledge, skills and hard work, on a daily or at least, weekly basis.
      Having best knowledge about attracting traffic and not practicing that knowledge will not help at all. Combining knowledge about getting traffic and needed actions, practice, will bring desired results!

      Doing all is needed to drive traffic to your site on a daily or weekly basis is the most important part of the successful website.

      Best regards!

  3. Hello Igor, great article on website traffic. I use social media and SEO to drive traffic to my website. I’m building out my site, and trying to get my niche website out there to the world. Keep it simple, and work hard. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with the online business!!

    • Hi Ahmad!
      Thanks a lot for your reply! building traffic is a work. As harder you work on building traffic, more results you will have.
      There are free and paid ways to achieve substantial traffic on your site. Depending on your budget and various efforts the traffic
      will flow.

      To get free traffic takes more time, but it is worth.

      Keep up the good work!

      Best regards!

  4. Great article here and I appreciate your tips on how to get website traffic. This is so important as being a site owner and will look into your proposal of article writing.
    Can you explain in detail for me how this all works? How many articles do you publish each week and what results should I expect from Article Publishing?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff!

      Thanks for your reply! Publishing articles is a demanding action.It is solely up to you how many articles do you want to publish. I am publishing in a differently intervals. Sometimes, I publish one per week, sometimes two. Sometimes one per two or three weeks.

      But, to achieve the best results, it is recommended to publish regularly, at least one per week, or even better, two per week. It is also beneficial if the articles are published in the same time on the day of publishing. You may even publish every day.

      Depending on the number of your articles, you may expect very good results in terms of building up your online presence and authority in the subject you are writing about. But, before writing 100 and upwards articles. it is not easy to achieve substantial success. Some authors are writing and couple of hundreds of articles, even up to 1000.

      The main goal of writing articles is to drive people to your content and then convert them to your subscribers or buyers of your product and services.

      It is really all up to you. Publishing a larger number of high-quality, unique, relevant, up-to-date articles over the time, will bring you better positions on SERPS and more online traffic. This is the ultimate goal of this strategy. 

      The process of writing articles is simple:

      1) Create a website
      2) Chose the topic (your niche)
      3) Write articles about it
      4) Publish them

      Researches shown that writing articles of 1500 words und upwards (not more than 2000 words, best around 1800) are producing, for now, best results.

      You may write articles by yourself or outsource them. I like to write my articles by myself. Also, add at least one image to your articles. You may add also more, but one image will do the job well. Follow the training here at WA about writing articles and … start writing! Besides publishing articles on your site, you may publish them also on other articles directories (free and paid ones).

      Wish you a lot of fun and success with your articles.

  5. Good post! Getting plenty of quality website traffic is certainly the key to sales and success. You make a good list of ways to get more traffic.

    I believe the number one best way is quality content. The more quality content you create (SEO aside), the more recognised you’ll get by google and other search engines.

    • Hi Stephen!

      Quality content is what Google wants to see published on a regularly basis. The simple reason for that is that by having quality content listed will keep the searches longer on the search engine, what will keep Google (and other search engines) on the top of the search engine industry. 

      The complex algorithms are taking care about picking up the best articles and list those websites on better positions within SERPS.

      Search engines are actually big directories with huge quantity of content. To stand out it is a must to have quality written articles listed. Although, it takes time to be recognized as an specialist of the certain subject, or an authority regarding the topic!

      In any case, writing and publishing quality content anybody can do and one can never go wrong with it.

      Best regards!

  6. Hey Igor, thanks for the fantastic content. I have been online now for a couple of years now, but have never considered using article marketing as a free traffic generation tool.

    I do however have a blog and was just wondering if you re-purpose your blog content for articles, or do you write a completely new article for the article directories ?

    Secondly, which article directory in your opinion is the best for article submission ?


    • Hi Wayne!

      Thanks for your comment. 
      Article marketing is the most common and widely used online marketing strategy, when speaking about free ways of online marketing. You can use both strategies:
      > writing new articles
      > re-write old content, or re-purpose it. 

      The main thing is that articles need to be  unique, relevant to your topic and with the up-to-date content.

      Regarding the article directory, the most known and used is EZine directory. But, You need to consider that using such directories requires steady and regular publishing with high volume or articles.

      There are literally thousands and thousands of authors publishing own articles. Standing put is not easy.The frequently publishing of high-quality and up-to-date articles is the way to go.

      Best regards!

  7. Good article Igor.
    I hadn’t thought about offering to write articles for someone else.
    Can you explain to me how to “SEO” optimize my site?
    Well, off to create content…

    • Hi Jimmie!
      Well, SEO optimization is a little wider topic.
      For the start, you may follow the lessons here at WA.
      Further, you have some plugins available on your WordPress sites, like Allin One SEO or Yoast plugin.

      Find some more articles on my site about SEO. Otherways keep visiting my site for further
      articles on that topic!

      Basically, SEO is not a magic stuff. It is about following some basic rules and about consistently
      adding content on your site with the proper optimization.

      For start, visit my post:
      You may also read this article as well:

      If you would have any more questions, please feel free to contact me and ask. I would be glad to help if I can.

      Also, if you like the posts, please leave a comment below and I would be happy to answer.

      Best regards!

  8. Hi Igor.
    I have recently begun a website and I can confirm what you say. It is both very cheap or free to start, but a lot of work to make successful. It takes skills in research, writing and social networking. I am not so good at networking. You suggest StumbleUpon and Digg. I will check those out thanks.

    • Hi Peter!
      Thanks for the comment.
      In the end, it comes to the right mindset.

      Having success in the online marketing arena is a hard, everyday work. Consistency is important.
      There are many ways to get free traffic, but this “free traffic” is not totally free.

      Why is that? Because, if you consider that in a modern world “the time is money”,
      then spending time on proper marketing will reduce your time to make money while you try to make money online.

      Still, I think that free advertising it is at the beginning the proper way to start an online business.
      You may add some paid advertising, depending on your budget.

      Keep a great work and wish you a lot of success!

      Best regards!

  9. Very nice and motivational post. I just learnt a whole lot of things that i am going to try out. Especially submitting my links to forums and social sites. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Queen!
      Thanks for your reply!
      Getting backlinks to your site and thus more traffic is one of the available ways of getting more visitors to your content.
      Search engine crawlers are following links on the web. Having other sites pointing to yours can tremendously increase your
      traffic to your site.

      Wish you a lot of traffic and success!

    • Hi Stefano!
      Thanks a lot for your reply!
      I am very glad to hear you like the article. I hope it will help you
      to get more traffic to your site!

      Much success,
      Best regards!


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