How To Find The Ideal Customer

How To Find The Ideal Customer

How To Find the Ideal Customer is probably the most critical issue of any online business! Every business owner online (and offline) is looking to get as many customers as possible! Not just any kind of customers, but loyal customers that are ready to pay for the solutions for their problems!

Therefore, knowing where to go to find them, it’s a crucial strategy of the online marketing Journey. The customers I’m going through a protest from knowing your product to decide to buy.

To do that they are going to different places online to find their desired product or service. They are hungry customers ready to pay for what they are trying to find.

Therefore when speaking about finding your ideal customer, your first task would be to visit the places that your customer is visiting as well. The next task would be after you find such a place to offer helpful advice and a solution to its problem. Providing the answer for the worries and issues you are resolving the questions from our client and getting him as your a client for an extended period.

How To Find The Ideal Customer is not always easy. There are ways how to do this, and you should master them.

In today’s article, I will try 2 make it closer to you all the ways in short terms and explained them to have some starting points and guidelines for future work.

The points that we are going to be covering today related to our topic are:

1. Free content and Content Marketing
2. Creation and building your Email Marketing
3. High-quality interaction with your clients and ideal bias
4. Surveying and researching of your targeted market
5. Creating the profile of your perfect buyer
6. Using online surveys
7. Research of your niche

Please read the whole article to it and get familiar with the topics listed above.
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Latest move now to seven points from above

How To Find The Ideal Customer And The Content Marketing

How To Find The Ideal Customer-Content Marketing
The free content is one of the most usual and most used ways of attracting ideal customers. Therefore, it is crucial that you deliver solutions for the problems of your clients. That way, you are profiling yourselves as an expert in your field.

Your clients are looking at you as a real professional and an adequate person for the cooperation. Moreover, they will be glad to follow you in the future and take a look at your complete content before choosing to buy your offer.

However, it would be best if you consider the purpose of the free content very seriously. The free content is a powerful weapon and tool for gaining new subscribers into your lists!

Collect the attention of your customers and build up a broad base of possible buyers.

Therefore, don’t treat the free content as unneeded, instead teach and train yourself to build high quality and useful, free content.

The free content is all over around us. It is offered online and offline and it is an incentive and attention-grabbing content used to attract customers. Free content can be beneficial, various, high quality and it is, as the name itself says, free to use.

For example, if you have created ten products and you want to sell them all, it is a better way to go to create one product for sale and nine products to giveaway.

It will create a special relationship with your customers, which will make more comfortable for the clients to decide to buy product or service from you.

How to find the ideal customer and your creativity!

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When talking about creating and giving away free content online, there are many pieces of content and events you can create for this purpose.

You can create:

  Free newsletters
  Video files
  Audio files
  Mixed files
  You can offer free one-to-one coaching
  Organizing webinars
  Having phone calls over VoIP technology
  Use social media to promote your free content

It is how you can build your subscribers list and start using Email Marketing which is our second point today.

How To Find The Ideal Customer And The advantage of Email Marketing

How To Find The Ideal Customer-E-Mail MarketingIt is in its longevity and the global reach which makes it one of the most used and most powerful online marketing strategies.

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The next advantage of Email Marketing is that you can point each customer individually and present yourself as an expert in your niche. It will allow you to offer your product and service, what your loyal subscribers will welcome.

The customers are looking for a reliable seller and want to build a fruitful relationship with him before buying a quality product.

Such a relationship will motivate the buyer to decide easier to buy from you. Thus, be sure you’re working on your mutual loyal and high-quality relationship with your buyers

To create and grow your base of loyal buyers you should always pay attention to what they need and desire. 

It would help if you got to know your buyers well and offer them search solutions. If you build up a broad base of loyal buyers, you would be able to create a long-term income. Build a passive residual income. You can completely automate it through the use of Email Marketing strategies and associated tools like subscription forms and autoresponders.

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How To Find The Ideal Customer Through Email marketing!

Interacting with your client through email marketing and building up a personal relationship with him you are transforming him to your ideal customer. Search a customer trust you in most probably we keep buying from you your offers.

Your targeted audience you are searching online for various titles because they are looking for the solutions for their biggest problems. You mentioned that already before, what I repeat it because it is your primary Focus and task when marketing online.

In the purest form, you need to divide when precisely what is the main problem your audience has, from the moment you can accurately define such an obstacle you will be in a position to offer a high-quality solution for the same.

One Convenient Method For Precisely Defining The Problem Of Your Audience Is Researching And Surveying Your Targeted Market.

How To Find The Ideal Customer-SurveyIt is on this point of today’s article and to make it easier to understand and to provide surveys and start researching you can use examples from the everyday life of the Ordinary People and maybe from your own.

Trying to think over and remember some real problems of your neighbors, your friends and if you wish all for your own and your family, and they start thinking and do a bit brainstorming about the Solutions for the problems and how you can improve the lifestyle.

There are many guides written online related to various humans problems and 4-day Solutions as many places for researching and sharing such issues as well, for example, just in concert and blogs and forums related to the specific niches.

In the same manner, various search engines that you visit almost daily have organized photos for sharing the problems and finding Solutions for them what can help you to find answers also for the issues of your audience.

Of course, it is all to be related to your niche. For example, two rarely known search engines, Google is the leader in the search engine industry, and Yahoo have to Great tools at your disposal, you can use to find answers for the problems of your audience, which are Google correlate within the GoogleTrends and Yahoo answers.

Use them to research the problems and answers that you can relate to your niece and your audience and if you want more than a search of the various forms online.

When You Found The Solutions For The Problems Of Your Audience, It Is Time To Create The Profile Of Your Ideal Buyer!

How To Find The Ideal Customer-The Customer ProfileDoing so we’re going to walk through a particular process as defining your niche, researching about your ideal buyer, identifying their problems, the deepest desires, demographic features and grouping into your targeted group of buyers.

During your researches, you build a pretty big base of data you need to analyze, group and segment. To do the job better, you can ask yourself several questions that will help you to specify your ideal customer very precisely.

The questions you can ask could be as follows:

1. Where online are targeted clients are circulating?
2. How often and when are they coming to those places?
3. What are the demographic data?
4. What problems do they have?
5. What is the occupation?
6. What are they doing online?
7. What are they buying mostly online?
8. What is the age of Rage?
9. What is motivating them to buy something online?
10. What devices are they using mostly to search online?
11. What time of the day are they mostly on internet?
12. How long are they staying online when searching

Answer The Questions Above Precisely, And Very Soon You Will Have The Picture Of Your Ideal Customer!

It is crucial for your online success. Having the base of targeted ideal customers will keep your business alive. Make the needed effort in this direction and start building your successful online marketing business, regardless of the niche you prefer. It is a winning formula for any niche you desire. You will always need loyal and targeted customers to make a profit online.

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The Conclusion

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6 thoughts on “How To Find The Ideal Customer”

  1. I like how you made it simple to follow by giving a list of steps to follow. I have read other places as well that offering free content to your audience gives them a chance to trust you and your content. I am always looking for information on how I can better my website with solid advice. I will definitely be using this content for future reference.

    • HI Wendy!

      I am glad to deliver valuable content and to help if I can. It is my priority and needs. Many people are looking for the right info. Having a reference point makes it all easier. As you said, there are many interesting and valuable places online that deliver valuable info. I hope my contribution is one as well or will become one. At least, I am trying to achieve that!

      Thanks a lot for your comment and, please, if you liked the content share it. maybe there will be others who might like it.
      Thanks for that as well.

      If you would like to ask something or discuss any relevant topic, please, feel free to contact me on my site and I would be more than glad to do so.

      Wish you much success,
      Best regards,

  2. Customers are the back bone of your business, that is how you make money. But you do have to know who your are targeting. The content is key and your website as well. You always want to have the right info on your website to reach those that need to hear the truth. I really like what you wrote that everyone need training and I’m all about that. Thank you for this post.

    • HI Claudia!

      It is true what you say. Targeted market and customers are best for your business. Interesting content on your website with the right info is the way to go. Improving your skills, knowledge, being up-to-date and enhancing your overall marketing experience and skills are the things you can’t avoid anymore. I can only agree about all you mentioned in your comment.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Best regards,

  3. There are many things that go into finding the right customer but a few things I have learned at wealthy affiliate is target people that are late in the purchasing cycle with words like buy or purchase and even find people that are entrepreneurial. What is the method you use the most to find ideal customers?

    • Hi Jon!
      In my opinion, before finding the ideal customer it is crucial to define the ideal market. I have made some researches on GSC and found that different keywords and topics attract a different audience from different and specific markets. Another very interesting thing to discover was that in the same manner, different Search Engines were applied.

      Google is always the king, but different topics attract also more Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo or Bing users. Also, some of my posts were ranked on #1 On Bing and Yahoo but a low place on Google, around 120. Though, I had a post on the second page of Google as well.  I found it as a great result for now. Besides, it is also very related to the local search market. 

      I have also discovered that many people go (link) to Google from Facebook and vice versa. That shows the power of social media platform. Everything is inter-related and the customers are everywhere.

      I am not using yet paid to advertise so the organic traffic is very important. besides, Google+ “closed the doors” so one source of traffic is gone. I am not that crazy about getting traffic yet, instead of building up my website. But, it will come the time I am going to start promoting heavily, especially by creating social media accounts.

      In a nutshell, finding the proper keywords related to the niche, products, and services, will attract the most related customer. Thus, attracting targeted customers from targeted markets is the key. 

      Best regards,


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