How To Find The Best Keywords

How To Find The Best Keywords

How to find the best keywords is actually one of the most important issues of any website content creator. It is important because it is a way of attracting visitors to the website and possibly converting them into buyers!

Affiliate Marketing is a very important way of making money online. In fact, it is one of the most used ways of earning on the internet. Affiliate Marketing means that you are promoting someone else’s products or services in order to receive a commission for every sold piece of product or service.

It is why you need to have the way to attract visitors to your offer or to be found online by them. Luckily there is an excellent solution for this problem! The keywords. There are keywords and key phrases. As the name itself explains, keywords are certain words and key phrases are phrases containing one or several particular words in a single sentence.

Keywords are everywhere on the internet, and there are millions of millions of them. In the same way, millions of webmasters are searching for the proper keywords or keywords phrases to use and insert them into the billions of web pages.

How To Find The Best Keywords Using Keywords Research

Keywords research is one of the most critical tasks any excellent webmaster needs to know how to do. Moreover, keywords are the foundation of a good website! The keywords are the base of any good content!

Regardless written, video, audio or graphic content. In reality, keywords are the words people insert into the search engines when searching for particular information.

Over the last year’s Google developed itself in a giant online directory with billions of pieces of information. All kind of information is available to billions of searches, more than 3 billion daily! They are looking for the most relevant part of the data.

They use specific keywords or keyword phrases to find this information. It can be the same or a similar word or phrase related to the content or information that is the subject of the searching.

If you want to search on content about how to make money online or maybe how to create a product or maybe about how to increase your traffic to your website you could use the searching terms similar to those phrases. Having said that, one keywords phrase could be, simple as: “how to make money online.”

How To Find The Best Keywords And Jaaxy

While searching for particular keywords or keywords phrases, it can happen that other people might also use the same or similar keywords to search for related content which should not bother you. When you create your material, you want to know what keywords and keywords phrase the people are using for searching online.

Luckily there are many tools available these days for this purpose, the free and paid ones! You can choose the one you like and use it in your daily work. The one I use is called Jaaxy, and it is my number one recommendation when it comes to choosing the best keywords research tool for my needs. It is because this tool has many other options and it is a comprehensive platform which you can check by clicking here!

If you want to test it now, and find some best keywords for your content, enter some keywords in the plugin below! Don’t worry, it is entirely free, and it will generate very useful and best keywords for your content. I highly recommend to test it out.

How To Find The Best Keywords And The Other Tools

How To Find The Best Keywords

However, there are also other tools as well available for finding the keywords you need. The prevalent and known one is the Google Keyword Tool.

However, both tools enable you to check the number of monthly searches the keywords are getting within your niche.

There are some parameters you have to consider when trying to discover the best keywords for your needs!

Especially within your niche, like for example the number of monthly search volume which I recommend to be higher than 600 and possibly lower competition number of the websites that are using a particular keyword.

This number can be lower as 400. As close you match the keywords to the zero the better. There are some opinions that if you find the keyword with zero competition means that people are not creating content with this keyword and something is wrong with this particular keyword or keyword phrase.

The other opinions say that it is best to get keywords with zero competition. I don’t know if it is really so, but it is logical that as less competition you have the better chances are to get more visitors and achieve better page rank. It is up to you to test it out and to use the most relevant and best keywords for your content.

Depending on your niche and purpose of your website and your searching intention, you should search for the keywords that match such a plan.

For example, if your website is more a business website, then you should choose keywords with such intention. A business website wants to attract customers, and this is why the keywords need to attract potential buyers and not only information seekers.

There are more categories of keywords you can search for and implement in your keywords research strategy.

How To Find The Best Keywords Within Various Categories Of Keywords

Various categories of content need various specific keywords. Let us check now some of them.

1. Keywords That Contain The Name Of Your Website, A Niche Or You As An Author.

Let’s say your site focuses on a specific niche, or you are delivering the written content with much information, eBooks, courses, tutorials and similar, then find keywords that contain the name of such material. It is ideally suited for the people that already know what they want to buy and to search. It is easier to sell them because they have almost decided to buy it.

2. Keywords That Contain The Name Of Your Product 

If you are promoting a particular product and it is the main product or the entire focus of your business, then it is necessary to choose the keywords that contain such a name. For example, if you are selling only “jogging shoe” than your keyword or keywords phrase should include the words “jogging” and “shoes.” It is especially true if you are promoting and intending to sell a specific jogging shoe.

3. Keywords That Contain The Name Of Your Service

Same as with “products” keywords, if you are focusing on a particular service and want to promote and market it, create keywords or keywords phrase with such name. For example: “babysitting” service should have such words in the whole keywords phrase.

4. Keywords That Contain Words That Motivate Buyers To Buy

These keywords target the other people that have already decided to buy a particular product or service. You should help them to take the final step easier and pull out the credit card to buy it. Such keywords contain words like: “buy,” “order now,” “on sale,” “bonus,” “purchase,” and similar…It will help people to take the last most crucial decision to buy the product or service. You can incorporate such words into the whole long tail keywords phrase (see point 6) or into the title or even into the URL.

5. Keywords That Create Urgency

Urgency is an excellent strategy to motivate people to take action. There are also marketers that very often use the scarcity as an effective marketing strategy. The emergency can be even more potent because you are resolving the problems of others. The searchers are looking for solutions. Finding the urgency keywords will identify such searchers and offer them the desired solutions.

For example, you can use keywords like: “losing overweight quickly,” or “start eliminating allergy now,” or “fast overweight reduction,” or “how to gain more muscles fast,” or maybe “how to become stronger in a month.”

In a nutshell, you want to use keywords or keywords phrases that use words like: “urgently,” “fast,” “quick,” “eliminate now,” “reduce soon,” “lose in a week” .. And so forth…

All the keywords you use should be relevant to your product or service. Make sure you are going to resolve problems of the searchers and give them solutions for their searches.

The keywords research tool will quickly find such keywords. Whatever keywords or keywords phrase you are looking for, in whatever niche, you should aim for the high volume and low competition keywords.

6. Long Tail Keywords (LTK)

The Long Tail Keywords category of keywords contain keywords (phrases) that contain more than two words. It can include even up to 4-5 words. Don’t use more than four keywords in a keywords phrase. There are people also using more than that, but if doing so, you may have difficulties to show your snippet correctly within the search engines results pages.

A search engine might not show the whole slug of your URL. Such LT keywords rank easier in the SE listings because they have lower search volume. Besides, narrowing the LTK will give you an advantage over the broad term keywords phrases. It will provide you with better results related to sales.

7. Forums And Keywords

Many people use forums to ask questions, get solutions for their problems, post advice or also offer solutions, or even promote their businesses. It is a perfect method to inform yourself in a specific niche. There are thousands of relevant keywords available for your niche. Browse it and find your targeted words and keywords phrases.

Then, use your preferred keywords research tool to find relevant keywords based on the found keywords on forums. Pick up the newly found keywords according to the search volume. It is how you will pick up the best keywords for your niche.  Now, use the tool below to find some relevant keywords! It is free! I am using it too and as a Premium Member, I have some additional features at my disposal as well.

You can check it out here, for free!

Few Words About Forums

How To Find The Best KeywordsForums are a great place to find out people’s problems. They know that you can offer them products that resolve their issues and give them the best possible solutions for a variety of concerns they might have.

Buyers are always targeting some specific keywords, and your task is to find out such keywords to attract your potential customers.

You want to drive targeted traffic to your website that includes real buyers, not only information seekers.

Although you need to deliver valuable information for the readers and visitors of your site, your ultimate goal is to convert such visitors to your loyal buyers.

Discover Your Competition

After building a list of relevant and targeted keywords, you need to discover your possible match. There are millions of websites online that compete in various niches and selling millions of products and services. In one word, the game is enormous and very competitive. Discovering your competition can help you to position yourself within the online marketing space better, examine the behavior of your competition, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Failing knowing more about your competition it is like going to the sports field of any sport and not knowing nothing about your enemy. You will not be able to create a proper strategy for your battle or game.

Learn More About How To Find The Best Keywords

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Final Thoughts

Keywords are an essential part of the overall online marketing strategy and tools for every online marketer. You need to use the proper keywords or keywords phrases to be found from the searchers online.

Using proper and targeted keywords will enable you to attract more targeted visitors which can boost your business online. Google likes well-optimized pages for the readers and for itself. Learn how to optimize your website, pages, and blog posts for the visitors and the search engines.

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