How To Entice People To Buy – How To Get People To Buy Your Product

How To Entice People To Buy – How To Get People To Buy Your Product

Hello everybody! I hope you are well today. It is Saturday and a day before the “best day of the week!”, Sunday! The day off! Perfect days to write some more blogs, posts, create other content. Having said that, I decided to write one more post today!

This is also because yesterday I received the best question of this week, from a member of the best online marketing university and online community I am part of, Wealthy Affiliate, (click here and check it out!) who posted a great question!

Keep reading to find out How To Entice People To Buy – How To Get People To Buy Your Product!

Her name is Sharon, and instead of answering her directly, I decided to write a post and share it with the community, because the question is very relevant with online marketing and many readers can find benefit in it.

So, Sharon, if You are reading this post as well, you need to know that you have motivated me to write it. Thanks for that!

Besides, Just to inform you, dear reader, that my website and this post are the results of the training, platforms, and technology I am using as a member of this online marketing university.

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As already said, this is a great question. How to entice and how to find buyers for your product or service is a “hot topic” now as it was before and will stay forever, as long trade exist. I am sure you agree with it.

Just to be clear, our focus today is a buyer who is searching online to buy something he wants or needs. So, before answering this great question, I would like to pull the parallel with the offline world.

Try to think how are you deciding to buy things or services in the real world?

  • Firstly, before going to buy something, mostly, before going out of your house and pulling out your money or credit card, you already decided what to know what do you want to buy.
  • Secondly, you also know where to search or where to go and buy that product, or service…right?
  • Also, you know your budget you want to spend and you know your time dedicated to that purpose.

So, actually, you already made a decision to buy. You don’t need enticement because you know what to buy, you know where to buy and you know how much to spend.



You are a real buyer, in that case, I would say “warm buyer!” The same situation happens also online.
You need the first line “warm buyers” who know where and what and for how much to buy.

Your problem, in that case, is to offer them what they are asking for. Either you can offer them by yourself (in your own shop, if you have one, and such shop must be well established online, what is another big issue to resolve) or (if you don’t have it, ) from someone else.

In a case, you are not the owner of such established online shop, obviously, they will not come to you by themselves (even then you need to motivate the buyers to buy) you need to entice the buyer to come to your shop, right?

Furthermore, it is important to decide what kind of product or service are you going to sell? Is it a tangible or digital product, it is an online or offline service, etc.

So, how to do that and what is the difference between offline and online world regarding the situation mentioned above? Well, the platform and the size of the market available instantly.

How can you stand out in such market and be able to entice your prospective customer, and to transform it form
“cold buyer” to a “warm buyer!”?



This is really not easy. The competition is huge. Many factors are influencing such result. But, these factors can also help you a lot, if you master them.


Let me point some factors which can influence your effort and end results:

  • you need a shop (this shop must have products relative to your targeted buyer)
  • the shop must be visible (and this very well visible) online, it means your marketing strategy must be well don
  • when you run a shop online, it must be very functional, well organized and of appealing design
  • your customer must have several choices with good prices
  • use the magic word “free” in a form of additional offer to the paid offer
  • every customer must be able to buy the product (if we are talking about the product – tangible or digital) in an easy and secure manner
  • the offering of your personal customer support can help a lot
  • offer a long-term guarantee (the longer the better)
  • a money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with the product (only if it is not your fault, of course) is an excellent way to make the customer happy
  • you can also offer a comparison with other shops and mention why is your better choice
  • also, one of the most important points is to get traffic, and a lot of traffic to your shop
  • so, as you can see, it is not only about enticement when you want to sell products or services, a lot more is connected to it
  • traffic topic is another area of discussion
  • entice people by offering live consultation over Skype, WhatsApp or phone about the product or service
  • offer various discounts at various time for various products or services
  • promotions like: “buy one-get two” is a great way to entice a buyer to take the decision to buy your product or service


  • be creative and try to find out new ways of enticement
  • think what would entice yourself to buy
  • do a small survey on the subject
  • not every buyer is the same, of course, but many buyers think in a similar way (to get the best possible product for the less possible money and on time)
  • create a proper or ideal persona and search for such customers
  • ask people around you, your friends and family members what would entice them to buy and build a sell strategy according to received answers
  • start sending emails about your offers (this is working only if you have an email list already, if not start building an email list) – email marketing is still huge and will stay huge because it is the best personal way to contact prospective customers
  • build a relationship with your prospective buyers
  • start building  a list of “long-term” buyers
  • make buyers happy to come back to you more often



1. create an offer that cannot be denied
2. make it appealing
3. offer support
4. use the magic word “free” in your offer
5. write a great review of the product or service and articles about it
6. adjust the price comparing it with other similar offers
7. be creative
8. give guarantee
9. explain how the product or service will resolve the problems
10. give a money-back guarantee
11. make your offer visible to the masses online
12. think about what would entice you or your nearest people entice to buy
13. let them be your testimonials about your product and services
14. make them answer objectively
15. conduct surveys
16. create limited offers
17. tell them to buy now, yes, simply tell them
18. present clearly the benefits for the buyers if they buy your product
19. list clearly the benefits of the product itself
20. be concrete in any case
21.  just simply tell them to buy
22. try to explain why is your product the right choice

23. Emphasize one biggest benefit

24. don’t make any other products bad or not valuable
25. explain why you “love” your product
26. offer to the buyers a gift if they buy your product
27. form appealing price
28. make the buying process easy for them
29. try to make buying for them as a comfortable experience
30. promote your products and services online and offline – for examples on social media and using flyers



You see, one great question and a broad topic.

How To Entice People To Buy – How To Get People To Buy Your Product is not easy at all. It requires great product, your online place, payment method, traffic, work, knowledge, time, persistence, and more.

I Hope I gave you some ideas.
Stay tuned for more content! Please, visit my site more often. If You like the
post, leave a comment below and share it.

Best regards,


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4 thoughts on “How To Entice People To Buy – How To Get People To Buy Your Product”

  1. Hi Igor,

    I agree with you on how enticing and finding buyers is a hot topic that is here to stay.
    I always put myself in their ‘shoes’ when I write my articles and cover all the angles.
    You have everything covered here and more with your list of 30 inputs, all such great ideas!


    • Hi Patsy,
      thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it. As you could see, there are many ways to entice people to buy.
      Still, the valuable product or information is the main platform, it is the basic.

      Everybody like good info or product or service.

      I am glad to provide valuable information.

      Best regards!

  2. Oh wow, such great information! I have always been a horrible seller, so I have always tried for something that sells itself basically. You have a lot of great ides for getting the customer to hit the buy button for sure. Lots for me to try. Going to book mark this and refer to it. Thanks for taking the time to share 🙂

    • Getting buyers is a big struggling for so many businesses and online marketers. The market is huge and offers are coming from all sides
      The customer is looking for solutions for his desires and needs. If you are able to be competitive, to add some more value and to deliver promised and to accomplish buyer’s needs, then you are on the right track.

      Wish you success!


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