How To Do Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Without A Website

How To Do Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Without A Website Is an essential topic for people that have problems with website creation but would like to enter into a business online without needing to create one, especially when starting!

Today’s article is about reasons why you should start affiliate marketing without a website and how to do that. Also, I emphasize the importance of website creation for your affiliate marketing purpose, comparing to affiliate marketing without a website.

When deciding to start making money online with affiliate marketing without a website, there are few questions you could ask. Many people ask them! Those are:

1. Why do you want to do affiliate marketing without a website?
2. How to do that?
3. What are the pros and cons of such an approach?
4. Why is a website creation such an essential task in affiliate marketing?

I am going to be speaking about those issues. I will try to give the answers and show you why you should consider creating a website!

So, please keep reading below to find out more related to today’s topic, and if you like it, leave a comment below. If you had any additional questions, I would be glad to answer it and help you out.

Thanks in advance!

Let us now to dive into the article!

Why Do You Want To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

I am 100% sure you have heard many times about affiliate marketing already. Affiliate marketing is now as it was years ago as well, one of the most popular ways of making money online for the majority of online marketers, of all levels.

Especially when starting, affiliate marketing is “best of all” methods to use to start generating some income online. However, be aware that people that already run a business online can also make some extra money through affiliate marketing.

Mainly it is because many people think it is enough to sell other products to make money. Still, all the other tasks accomplished the owner of the product or service.

However, before making such a decision, let’s take a closer look if it is the best way to start that way!

With that said, let me now discuss if you need a website for affiliate marketing, or maybe even not?

Do You Need Your Website For Affiliate Marketing?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Without A Website

To answer the question straight away, theoretically, you don’t need a website to start your affiliate business online.

It is because the method that also sells is known as “promoting affiliate links!” In other words, you use the assigned affiliate link to promote it across the web. The link is used to send potential buyers to the owner’s products and services.

Still, why affiliate marketers use the website as a tool to promote other products and services, instead of using only the link without the website? The reason is apparent: everyone can do that very quickly.

Every affiliate marketing can use the same method to promote online, thus creating a huge competition, which is very hard to beat! Besides, you will not be able to stand out by promoting only by using affiliate links!

Remember that there are millions of affiliate marketers doing precisely the same thing as you are.

Can you imagine the difficulty in it? I am sure you can.

Now, the most logical comment or question would be: “Ok, how can I then stand out and make the breakthrough? The answer lies in the more aggressive and more intelligent activity.

That means you need to do exactly that with your marketing efforts: promoting chosen products and services more intelligently and aggressively!

It is about promoting other products and services as they would be your own. That means creating your website first! When creating your products or services, you would create a website as a “storefront” and “window to the world” where your prospective buyers can visit your offers.

Further, I would say you don’t need a website to start affiliate marketing, but it is highly recommended to create one. It is the only way how you can stand out from the crowd and build your brand or the authority online, in your niche!

Reasons Why To Do The Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Without A Website

Ok, we concluded before that it is better to start affiliate marketing business with a website. However, maybe despite the recommendation, you want to start affiliate marketing without a website.

That is fine. It is your decision, and you like it that way. It is because maybe you are struggling with:

  • you don’t know in general how to create a website
  • lack of money to invest in website creation
  • don’t have enough funds to invest in a proper, professional, state of the art hosting
  • missing support while creating your website from scratch
  • not knowing what tools to use when creating your website
  • it is difficult for you to find out what platforms for website creation to use
  • CMS is a secret to you
  • you don’t understand the website scripts
  • you have problems with content creation
  • don’t know how to use images and other media within the content
  • insufficient knowledge about content optimization
  • unconfident about becoming a webmaster
  • need to rely on cheapest or free methods of advertising
  • not having an idea on how to promote your website
  • Shall I continue?

As you can see, there are many reasons why somebody would start doing affiliate marketing without a website. And there are more I didn’t even list them now …

But, I can help you with that immediately. Moreover, you can also start creating your website right now, seconds after you finished to read this article.

Just click this link and inform yourself how to do it for free. The other possibility is to enter your free domain name into the box below and start creating your website now.

Ways Of Making Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer Without A Website!

How To Do Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Without A Website

It is a tricky part! You can promote your affiliate links without a website almost in the same manner as advertising your website! The next issue associated with this kind of advertising is the affiliate links and website relevancy.

You will operate with your website within a specific niche. If your affiliate link is related to that which that is fine. However, if you decide to promote additional affiliate programs (means affiliate links), you will advertise links related to your niche or links not related to your niche what depends on the product or service you want to advertise.

There is a drawback of promoting more different products and services from scratch!  It causes activity within different niches. It also means that you would need more websites related to each of the affiliate links you promote.

You need to know that affiliate links are coming together with the associated page. You can build additional pages on your website for that purpose as well, but the relevancy remains an essential issue.

Luckily, if you decide to work in an affiliate marketing niche without a website, you have some possibilities on hand. Check the list below on how to do affiliate marketing and earn money without a website as well.

It is a small guide about how to do affiliate marketing and earn money without a website you can use for your reference!

Implement the five marketing tactics listed below in your overall affiliate marketing strategy and resolve the problem about how to do affiliate marketing and earn money without a website!

One of the most used and known these days is video marketing. You can create a video and post it on various video marketing platforms. The most popular one is YouTube. Create your promotional video, create your YouTube channel, and promote your chosen product or service.

The second way which you use, I am sure daily is the “social media way.” Use the power of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to post your affiliate links and promote products and services.

The further way of promoting affiliate links is paid advertising. I need to warn you here: you need to know what you do, because, if not, very quickly you will spend your hard-earned money without achieving any good results. It would help if you targeted your related markets and audience.

The next trendy way of affiliate marketing without a website is e-mail marketing, which is the most popular method of building a relationship. With more than 2,812, 469 emails sent IN ONE SECOND (according to )

Be aware: almost half of the sent emails are spam.

If you want to become a successful and recognized affiliate marketer Spam is No! No! No!

However, is that not amazing? Billions of emails are sent daily. Create your email list and send your promotions to your email subscribers!

The last way I want to mention today is about offline marketing!  It is the traditional method of marketing, which is still alive! You can use it in many forms: TV commercials, radio advertising, layers marketing, mouth-to-mouth advertising, newspapers add, various posters, and much more.

Use the power of all methods mentioned above and become real affiliate marketing “guru!”

Do You Really Want To Become An Affiliate Marketing “Guru”  And Master The Issue Of How To Do Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Without a website?

How To Become A Guru In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is part of online marketing and economics in total. It became a real industry. Millions of affiliate marketers around the world are focusing on and practicing affiliate marketing.

Many of them are making affiliate marketing serious money online. It is why more and more people are trying to find their luck with this most comfortable making money possibilities for beginners.

In the same manner, many of them are practicing affiliate marketing for years and experiencing big success. Those are called “super affiliates!” People call them also “Affiliate Marketing Gurus!”

Do you also want to become one?

Moreover, this without a website? I have to tell you now: it is going to be pretty hard to succeed without a website. Unless you are an online marketing expert with such experience that you are conquering the online space with your exceptional marketing skills, knowledge, and efforts.

Until you acquire such skills, I highly recommend starting with a website. Learn all is needed to become a “super affiliate” and then discover and also implement other ways of affiliate marketing. If you want, even the one without having a website.

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Final Thoughts

So, I am sure you agree with me that we can conclude: yes, it is possible to earn commissions and make money online as an affiliate without a website.

However, it is a more difficult way comparing to having a website. It is up to you to decide which way to go. I am recommending using a website as your online asset, store and a tool to present yourself to the world in a more efficient and proper way.

Regardless of the way you choose, without or with a website, be always sure you follow the affiliate program’s rules and policies.

I wish you happy marketing, best possible affiliation and great earning online.

If you need help please contact me. I would be pleased to help you out.

Lastly, if you liked the article, please leave a comment below and share it with friends.

Now, after all, I don’t want to leave you with empty hands. Please, check here my #1 recommendation when it comes to starting affiliate marketing business and creating your own website within any niche you desire. Get the info you were looking for and subscribe for free. I would be glad to see you at inside.

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10 thoughts on “How To Do Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Without A Website”

  1. I tried affiliate marketing before without a website by posting the links of products and services in my social media. The problem is that it’s limited from country, limited products you can share, and limited time it can be profited for commission. Yes, it’s possible not you make your own website but the result is not as stable and profitable. Having your own website to be used as a way of introducing, reviewing and recommending products and services is still the best offer on the table. 

    • Yes, having a website offers much more possibilities for the owner of affiliate links to promote other products and services to build authority, trust, and a brand.

      Thanks for your valuable feedback and in fact, great testimonial!

      Best regards,

  2. It’s definitely possible to build an affiliate network without a website, though I do think we’re better off with a website. For me, it adds some credibility. However, I do realize that some people just aren’t going to create one, and I know a few who’ve succeeded in building their affiliate businesses via social media and other outlets, so it’s definitely possible. A website would add that extra credibility and as you said, it’s highly recommended, but definitely not impossible. 

    • Hi Todd!

      Yes, in fact, there are more marketers that know how to make money online without a website! Many of them made really great money by promoting products on webinars, social media, by dropshipping, etc.

      Still, I am a fan of having a website!

      Thanks a lot for your valuable comment!

      Best regards,

  3. I’ve been wondering about this Igor,

    Before I started my blog, I never did crack the code of earning from Affiliate Marketing without a website. I’ve tried solo ads but never worked but video marketing, that’s something! Somehow my video has good engagement, it would be great if I can utilize it to earn from Affiliate Marketing. Is it safe to add our links on videos?

    • Do you mean YouTube videos or any other platform or videos from your website that are not YouTube videos?

      If you create your own videos on your website you can definitely add your links. If you create YouTube videos and on other platforms, you need to check the affiliate links policy!

      Thanks for your feedback,
      Best regards,

  4. I have tried earning money through affiliate marketing without a website but it’s not my kind of thing. I felt like a salesman and I really hate sales and selling mostly because I suck at it 😛

    I started my website a couple of months back and I gotta say that I like the process a lot more. I mean people who are really in need of the information I provide within my blog come to me, and then if they want, they purchase the products I recommend.

    That passive way is what I preffer.

    • Yes, it is a big advantage of having a website. You can use it form many more purposes comparing to not having one.  I would always recommend building a website!

      Thanks for your feedback,
      Best regards,

  5. I imagine it’s kind of like trying to pull the rabbit out of the hat, affiliate marketing without a website, as I haven’t tried it before. There are those who can be successful marketers without a website for sure, but the majority of people out there I think would benefit from using a website. A great product to use starting out you’ve referenced well here in Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great platform and online community, highly recommended, well done!

    • Thank you!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a “multipurpose” system! You can use it for learning, promoting, building, creating, engaging, communicating, making friendships, building authority and much more. It is also a great affiliate program you can promote it with or without a website.

      I have created my website and the focus point on it is WA!

      Thanks for your comment,
      Best regards,


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