How To Create The Website For Free

How To Create The Website For Free

How to create the website for free is, in fact, the most asked questions of literally millions of people that would like to create their first site.

Besides, it is also the most asked questions of many affiliates and online marketing beginners that don’t have money to hire a real experienced webmaster or don’t have any experience at all in creating their websites.

I did create several websites already using different tools, programs, and CMS. I used Macromedia “All round editing” system and tools, Joomla CMS, and lastly, I am using WordPress as my favorite platform for creating websites.

If you struggle with your first website or would like to build one without investing any money, let me show you today how you can do that. I am experienced and skilled enough to show you and help you build your website.

With that said, please keep reading the article to find all about how to create the site for free!

Why Do You Want To Create Your Website?

Ok, you decided to create your website, and for now the free one. That is great, and I salute your decision. I know the value of having your website up and alive on the internet. It is a fantastic way to develop many various fields and topics through your website.

However, the main question remains always (which was the question I also asked) remains: “Why do you want to create and build up your website?”

I highly recommend to answer this question correctly and most closely as you can. It is essential that your website is up online for the right purpose. You need to know the exact meaning of your website! Let it be related to your niche or topic.

The topic is your niche, although every niche has also sub-niches, and every item has sub-topics.

In my case I decided to create my website to share valuable information related to affiliate and online marketing issues and to promote, in my opinion, the best educational and creational affiliate program online, you can check it here for free.

The next purpose of my site is to offer also other related info and to drive traffic to the program and information I am presenting on it.

So, before you start creating your website have a clear vision or a “clear picture” about why do you want to create your website. It will save you many later headaches and will set the right path of its development.

If you don’t know the answer to the “Why” from scratch, then sit down and brainstorm a bit and very soon you will have the right answer. If you need help with it, don’t hesitate to contact me and I would be more than glad to help you out.

What Is The Topic Of Your Website?

After you found out why you want to create your website, you need to spend some time to define the topic of it. Your question will determine your niche and will set down the route of your content creation.

Having explicit acknowledgment about what do you want to create your website for, what would be your topic you will share online using your site will decide how you will keep developing your website and what kind of content you will be sharing with your audience.

In fact, for many people, it is not easy to find the right topic for the site they will create. Reasons for that are many.

For example, some people are excellent in more things, have developed more skills, and their knowledge on various topics is excellent. To decide correctly about what theme to use for the website, it might be a problem for them.

Contrary, the people that don’t know what are they good could also have a problem while deciding about the topic of their website.

In both cases, it is brainstorming you need.

Some will brainstorm and find out about which theme best suits them while others will first need to find what kind of expertise or skills they possess.

I always recommend to focus on one topic and start developing the site using that topic, because this approach will help you to present yourself over time as an expert in the chosen filed.

It is better to be known as an expert in one topic than to work on several issues or niches at the same time and thus not achieve the status of an expert in one slot.

By becoming an authority online and building up your brand within one particular niche, your audience will know how to thank you. It will come back to you very often and evaluate you as a reliable and valuable source of info and help!

Such a status is essential to gain success with your niche online, and very often offline as well. So, be sure you choose the best possible topic you are good at and share it with the world!

What Skills Or Knowledge Do You Need To Create Your Website For Free?

What Skills Do You Need To Learn How To Create The Website For Free

Huh! It is an essential question, as well. Right from the beginning, I want to inform you that you indeed need some skills and knowledge while creating and especially when building up your website.

However, please don’t be discouraged now. It is not that hard at all. It is easy to create your website.

After I show you why it is so easy, in no time, you will know how to create the site for free.

Before discovering you the way how to create your site for free in a couple of seconds (yes, you read it right, you will create your website within less than a minute, actually within 30 seconds), I want to inform you that you can create your website in several ways.

Check the list below about the ways to develop your website and also how to do it for free!

  1. Hire a webmaster that will create a website for you (it is not an option for you because it cost money!
  2. Use paid website creation software (again, it Is not an opportunity for you because it cost money)
  3. Buy already created and hosted websites (one more uninteresting option for you because it cost money again)
  4. Use website from others to share your content as a guest author (hmmm, maybe an option? why not, it can be free, but it Is not your website, right? And you want to create your site, not use someone’s else’s one)
  5. Create your site on free CMS (“now we brought water to our mill” that allow website creations for free. There are many available online, and the most popular and very comprehensive and advanced one is WordPress. I created this site also on WordPress CMS, and I love it. I can only recommend to use it as well.
  6. Code your website on free website editors you can use to code the Html (Hypertext markup language – the script that defines the structure of the page) and other scriptings of your website. The problem here is that if you don’t know how to code (and you probably don’t), you will not be able to create website pages and the whole site.
  7. Ask a friend that knows how to create a website for help.
  8. You can also ask me to help you out. To return the favor, I am only asking to join for free to the program I am presenting you through the banner at the end of this article. Alternatively, you may inform yourself about it (without needing to enroll, if you don’t want to) for free, by clicking here

Does it look too complicated for you?

So, after reading about ways to create the website, let us say some words about what you need to know before starting creating your website:

  1. Know what software or program to choose and how to use it to create the site for free
  2. Understanding the scripts for website creation and how to use modules or chunks of code for inserting them into the coding of your page or post. In other words, at some point, you will need to know how to code. Not too much, but still enough to insert some content or correct some bugs or pieces of content manually.
  3. Getting familiar with the structure of the website or CMS
  4. Implementation of the multimedia content into your posts or pages
  5. Editing procedures of the content
  6. Optimization processes of images and pages or posts
  7. SEO processes
  8. How to ask Google to index your pages or posts?

Of course, I didn’t mention the hardware usage. You would need to know how to use the hardware and OS and other software installed and related to the website creation.

You will also need to know the English language because the majority of the software, tools, services, and support issues come in English.

Although all mentioned above seems to be very “complicated stuff” in reality, it is not so. It all depends on your learning curve and your motivation to learn the issues properly.

However, there is one solution to your problems and for skipping all that listed above!

Moreover, as I promised before, I want to reveal it to you now.

Click on this link now and start creating your website for free using the free website builder that will help you to create your website within seconds. You will even get your free domain name and free hosting. Host your site for the next six month in consecutive and check all you want for free.

If you like the offer, become a Premium Member, and get access to your free 50 websites hosted as well, for the duration of your membership.

If you stay the Premium member even for the next 5 or 10 years, you can create and host your website on the most advanced, fast and secure hosting platform in the world, all included in the membership.

Is that not amazing? Host your 50 sites! The whole program you will get access to is much more than that. You can check here what I mean! It will all cost you just a couple of pennies, less than a cup of coffee a day.

If you would like to discuss it, please contact me, and I would gladly open the discussion and help you out.

What Tools And Services Do You Need To Create Your Website For Free?

What Tools Do You Need To Learn How To Create The Website For Free

After defining the skills and knowledge you need to create a website, it is a logical and obvious question to ask about the tools you need for website creation.

If I want to give you the shortest answer ever, I could say you need only the proper CMS, which is WordPress (my best recommendation).

WordPress is the most used website creation platform online worldwide, and it is continuously updating. It is open source CMS anyone can use it for free.

However, there are also some other tools needed for successful website creation. Please note, when I say “tools” I mean hardware and software.

To list some of them:

  1. It would help if you had a PC or Laptop, or even a smartphone. There is website creation software available you can use to create a website even on your smartphone. I don’t recommend to do so until the smartphones work the way they do for now. If you try to do so, you will find out why I am telling this.
  2. Further, you need internet access. It is too much to talk about it, but please, keep in mind that still half of the population worldwide don’t have internet access and they are still not able to create, develop and run their websites online.
  3. It would help if you had the website creation software. Luckily, I can offer you access to a free website creation software by clicking here! Alternatively, you can use the box below this list and start creating your free website now.
  4. Content creation platforms! Click here to get insight into great advanced content creation platform, called Site Content I am using to create my content as well. This article is built on it before I posted it on my site. Also possible directly through this platform, It is excellent “all editing system” I love to use!
  5. Different free multimedia editors. Create various images, video project, podcasts, webinars, written content, music files by using multiple available software online. If you need info about some of them, please contact me, and I will let you know.
  6. Free hosting platform! Available here!
  7. Website creation support for free! Join us here and get all the help you need, 24/7/365. Never again get stuck with your website creation!

So, does it look too difficult for you?

Did you learn something today? If you are a beginner in website creation, you certainly did. If you are an advanced or experienced website creator, you may consider starting using the tools and services I am suggesting in this article.

However, it is not difficult at all to create stunning, beautiful, and modern websites anymore. Join us and get all the tools, software, and support you need to create and develop the website everyone will look after.

So, do you want to become a real webmaster starting today? If yes, I am sure I can help you as well. Check in the next paragraph how I can help you with your website creation!

How Can I Help You To Create Your Website For Free?

Get Help About How To Create The Website For Free

I can help you to create your website for free in several ways. Let me explain now how!

  1. I can show you where to go to learn how to create the site for free!
  2. Next, I can show you how to learn how to create the site for free!
  3. Because I have produced several websites, and I have mastered the tools, processes, and other related things, I can help you during the process of creating the website for free!
  4. Creating the website is the start of building up your website. The further step in the development and maintenance of your site. I can help you with that as well.
  5. Further, I can help you in using the CMS WordPress which is an (in my opinion, and I am sure the opinion of many others as well, the best CMS platform these days) comprehensive, modern, handy and straightforward platform for website creation. Remember that more than 30% of all website online (and we are speaking here about billions of pages) are built using WordPress.
  6. Learn with me how to create content for your website!
  7. Let me show you how you can join the community of online marketers that are ready and willing to help you with your site creation daily, throughout the whole year.

Yes, I can help you with all that. 

However, what you need to do to get that help from me for free is to join the program, I am a Premium Member. You can join for free as well. I was hoping you could do that because I know how beneficial this program will be for yourself.

You see, creating a website is just a part of the whole story about affiliate marketing and your presentation online. Your website is your asset online; it is a place people will visit and get to know you or your product, service, program, or your business in total.

To learn how to leverage your website and how to use it for success, you need to have a guide. 

You need experience affiliate or online marketers “watching your back” and being ready to help you whenever you need. The outstanding support you are going to get after joining the program I recommend as #1 place on the line, is there for you 24/7/365.

I will be there at your disposal as well. I will help you to accelerate things even more. You may contact me anytime through email system or LifeChat platform within the community.

It is why I want you to join us and to keep developing your website with us. It will help you to learn faster, and very soon to become a real webmaster and successful creator of your website.

Thus, please don’t wait any longer, join us today by clicking here, or on the banner below, at the end of this article! Get all the help you need. If you want to inform yourself even more about the program and community I am offering access to today, click here and do so. I will be waiting for you on the inside

Hope to see you there soon and be able to help you with your website creation.

Before I leave this paragraph and “jump to” final thoughts section below, I want to mention to you also the possibility to join as a Premium Member, to get instant access to Premium Membership which will cost you less than a cup of coffee per day.

It is the most comprehensive educational and supportive program not alike online anywhere.

You can inform yourself (before deciding to join) about it (for free) here!

My Final Thoughts!

Creating your website is always a great happening! Especially if you are creating it for the first time. The technology is advancing daily and knowing the skills, procedures, tools, and more associated with the process of creating your free website is necessary to accomplish the task.

If you don’t know how to create your website and how to use the tools, platforms, and services needed for the creation of it, then you need help from experienced webmasters. Otherwise, you are risking to mess around and not to create your website the way you would like to.

Luckily, there is a place that you can join for free as well and create your first two free websites! If you upgrade even up to fifty sites, wholly owned by you.

Besides, you get the best possible hosting nowadays.

Please, keep in mind that if you are up to Affiliate or Online Marketing, having your own website is something you can’t avoid anymore.

You need the website for many purposes:

  1. Presenting yourself and your business online
  2. Share your content with your website
  3. Create astonishing posts and pages and attract your targeted audience to your website
  4. Convert visitors of your website to your customers
  5. Promote your website on social media
  6. Get thousands of loyal subscribers what will help you to build your email lists
  7. Become a real author! The authority online and valuable source of information with your website

Remember, besides an info platform for the audience online; your website is a place you can use to install your webshop and make money on the internet.

Knowing how to create the site for free is a must! Especially, if you want to become a real webmaster and show your website to the world.

Start creating your website for free, it is the best way to start the website creation process. 

Then, start updating like investing in a professional WordPress Theme! Start using professional Autoresponder (click here to learn more about Autoresponders)! Learn about PPC advertising and more.

I am pleased now you made it through the article, and I want to thank you for reading it. I am even more delighted to be able to invite you to start creating your website for free!

Entering your free domain name into the box below! Get instant access to your free website editing software! Use it to create your website for free.

Lastly, I want you to click on the banner below and create your Starter Account now. I know why I am telling you this. If you join, you will soon know more about why I am so thrilled about your invitation.

Before I leave you I would like to ask you to leave a comment below! Share it with friends. Maybe some of them would like to know how to create the website for free! It would be great if they know where to ask for help.

Thanks in advance for that. I do appreciate it.

If you need any further help with your website creation don’t hesitate to contact me. I would gladly help you out!

I wish you a great day and the best possible website creation.

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8 thoughts on “How To Create The Website For Free”

  1. Hello Igor,

    You have provided an excellent review of how to set up a website for free.

    There is a lot more to setting up a website than some people realize and it is only when they start on their website that they see the pitfalls.

    You make it sound easy and you show people the path to follow to get their free website.


    • Hi Derek!

      Yes, you are right. people think that it is enough to create a website and all will go from itself. There is much more involved in creating a great looking, modern, technologically advanced website. Filling it up with useful, updated and helpful content is another story.

      However, it is not that difficult anymore as it used to be, due to advanced and simplified technology that practically anyone can use it.

      In any case, when speaking about building up and developing a great website, it takes time, effort, skills and creativity.

      Luckily, there are places like WA where you can learn all about it!

      Thanks for your comment,

      Best regards,

      Stay well, create better, convert best!

  2. Hello Igor. I plan to create a website focused on chronic pain and helping people suffering from these issues find relief, using herbal and natural treatments. I’m planning to use SiteRubix and WordPress for this, but I can’t afford paying a programmer or someone specialized in this – not at this point. For this reason, I will try to do this using the solution you offered, Wealthy Affiliate. Just one question – do I have to be a premium member to create a website or I can do it without paying anything too?

    • No, you don’t need to be a Premium Member to create a website using the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix platform. The drawback is that you get 6 months of free hosting included in the Starter Membership. The other less professional issue is that when using the free site builder and a free domain name you need to add.siterbix suffix. 

      I recommend to start with that (as a Starter member for free) and as soon you feel more comfortable or have enough funds to invest in your own domain to buy it. You can do that also on WA platform.

      Becoming a Premium Member will enhance your website creation process and skills.

      If you need any help or advice you may contact me on WA platform through LiveChat or per Pvt messaging system.

      Wish you great website creation, 
      Best regards,

      Stay well, create better, convert best!

  3. Hi there. I’m interested in creating a free website but I’m still wondering what platform I should start with. I think I will go for WordPress in the end, as it’s the most popular option, so it must be good. I’m also wondering about the topic I should pursue, as I have more passions but none is so massive. I’m just wondering, can you make a lot of money from any topic – or does its potential really matter? I’m interested into blogging but I just can’t figure out the right topic for me. If you have any advice on how to choose it, I’d love to hear it.

    • Hi Ashley!

      I would definitely recommend using WordPress. It is not only that it is the most popular platform to use, moreover it is very advanced and comprehensive CMS with many great features and updated regularly.

      If you have more passions “in your arsenal” than do the following:

      – create a list of all of them.
      – write down 5 features of each
      – rate the features
      – the “passion” with the best (most earned points) notes is the one you should follow

      Please, be sure you master the topic and can help people with any question related to your topic. Make your topic be useful, helpful and valuable for the audience. Even the smallest niche or simple advice can make money online if it is helpful for the people and you know how to market it.

      For example, once, I knew people that made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars just with one small tiny product: baby bottle pacifiers!

      Some made money with shoelaces, and so on.

      Related to making money out of “any topic” I can tell you that it is indeed possible to make money out of many various topics. People made money just with one PDF file shared on Amazon or other big platforms.

      Even the smallest eBook with just 15-20 pages can make money if you find the right targeted audience for it. To make money online you need basically three things:

      – the right market
      – the right audience
      – the right product or service for the targeted audience and chosen market

      The last very important (the most important part after satisfying the three mentioned before) is the massive advertising efforts.

      Do you think that between 4 billion (and today maybe even more) of people online there is a targeted audience for your product or service, regardless of the topic you choose?

      Hope it helps,
      Best regards,


      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  4. There’s no other way around it these days; we all need a website to promote any type of product we’re marketing, even if we’re marketing our own trade, let alone affiliate marketing or digital products. Luckily, these days web design is so simple and it consists of only a few short steps. While it is a challenge to make the site visually appealing for the long-term, it is a blessing for many of us that we don’t need to be tech savvy just to get our sites up and running. Further, we can even do so for free these days just to get the process down. I can’t wait to see where web technology takes us in the future. 

    • Yes, Todd. You mentioned many important aspects of website creation. I am also curious about the new technologies coming up in the future. Maybe we shall have our sites visible and coming up thorugh the holograms on our smartwatches? Or even out of our smartphones?

      Exciting times are ahead of us!

      Thanks for your comment,
      Best regards,


      Stay well, create better, convert best!


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