How To Create A Useful Website

How To Create A Useful Website

Hello dear reader, welcome to my today’s article about how to create a useful website!

As you can see, my website is all about affiliate and online marketing tips and programs I recommend. You can join for free or as a paid member.

Affiliate marketing is in! Every day, hundreds of thousands of people are entering into this niche.

As you probably know, or maybe not yet, the website is one of the fundamental building blocks of a thriving affiliate business online.

It is why I decided to write this article about how to create a useful site. The website you want to create for your affiliate or general online marketing business must be useful. If that is not the case, you are dramatically increasing the bouncing rate of your website.

If you are wondering about how to create a useful site, please keep reading this article to its end.

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With that said, let us jump now into the article straight away.

How Do You Know Your Website Is A Useful One?

How To Create A Useful Website

It is a question that many webmasters and authors of the various content on their websites will want to answer correctly.

In a nutshell, a useful website is one that helps visitors to resolve their problems! Help them to achieve their goals, and to find what they are looking for.

As we know Google is the most significant online directory and information container! People are visiting Google daily to find their needed information.

If you can provide the relevant information on your website, it will make your site useful.

Please keep in mind that people will not search for every information on your website. Only the info that is relevant, easy to find, and has the highest priority for them, will be their main focus.

And, the visitor wants to see that information quickly.

You Can Deliver The Information In Many Ways!

Deliver valuable info on your site

You can deliver the written, audio and video information or even a mix of all of them.

Whatever you do with your content and whatever information you deliver, make sure that your design is clean, comfortable to read, to listen, and to watch.

The information needs to provide the way for your visitor to achieve the goal in a pleasant and quick way.

It will deliver the best user experience to your reader.

Having said all that we cannot avoid confirming that creating useful and valuable content is an essential task you need to master. You must be able to offer helpful content to users, especially if informing your users about the products or services you want them to buy.

It is your priority to explain to them what benefits your whole offer includes. Please bear in mind that an offer is not only a product itself.

The offer is much more than that. It also includes the bonuses, great support, a money-back guarantee or any another valuable guarantee you can provide to your customers.

It will probably be also about other useful products or services associated or related to your selling proposal. Also, the best possible price. That means you can give a price discount.

However, regardless of the value of your total offer, your product or service must be accessible in an effortless way. The information about it as well.

I Am Confident You Are Aware Of The Speed Related To All Activities Conducted Online!

How To Create A Useful And Fast Website

The people are “crazy” about speed online. They want fast solutions and think everything is happening fast on the web.

Moreover, they are not wrong in many cases. Indeed many things happen fast online.

The speed is a factor that more and more people consider as one of the most critical aspects of the user experience when searching online for a piece of different information.

If your information is not accessible quickly, the visitors will most likely leave your website within several seconds!

There are studies conducted that clarify the standpoint that visitors wait no longer than 5 seconds to search for particular content.  Sometimes even not longer than only 3 seconds.

But, this is a valuable range of the loading speed, between 3 and 5 seconds! When they land on a specific website they want to be informed quickly.

Not every visitor is highly technically educated! Some of them need also an explanation on your website about how to do certain things.

Or maybe, about how to use your site in the best manner.

By providing such information you will make your visitors happy. For example, you can tell them how to open a particular file!  Tell them how to “jump quickly”  to another page or post! Explain how to use a specific menu on your website.

When you create your website and your content in the form of blog posts or maybe pages, it is essential that your visitors have quick access to the most crucial piece of content on your site.

Creating categories on your website will help them to surf quickly the exciting piece of content and search through your website.

When landing on the desired page or blog post, make sure they find the contact which is clean and easy to digest.

Don’t overload them with the piece of information! It means, avoids overuse of to many additional images and video files!

Instead, offer the relevant multimedia content, your visitors will enjoy to read, listen or watch.

When Creating Your Content And At The Same Time You Want To Develop And Deliver The Most Useful Piece Of Information, Most Probably You Will Also Add Some Material For Your Visitors To Download!

How To Create A Useful Website

It can be a very delicate part of your content creation and user experience! If that piece of material is to big in size or it takes too long to download, the users may experience negative user experience effect.

It is because not everyone has a fast internet connection, and in that case, the download time could be too long.

As with other multimedia content, also here it is essential to keep your visitors satisfied by providing them fast downloading options.

If you still need to deliver a larger piece of information, you can use “cloud downloading possibility.” It means you store your files on an external cloud storage service provider.

Find them easily online, also for free.

If you don’t know what means “cloud storage” check here what Wikipedia says about it.

The Next Significant Point Of A Useful Website Is The Accurate Contact Information And A Solid Support Available 24/7/ 365!

Deliver great support to your visitors

Your visitors and especially your targeted audience must have an option for contacting you quickly. Offer them an easy way to do so.

Get them any help and support they would need related to your information, product, service, or a program.

Even if they would have just a simple question, you should be able to answer that question. Without any delay and in a proper way.

Internet visitors are getting more spoiled every day. Even they like your content; they don’t want to mess around the website and wait too long before they get proper feedback.

If this happens, they will leave and join the other information providers where they can get a quick response.

It is also essential to emphasize the following: if you also provide other elements or items on your website and you missed the meaning and relevance of your website you can be sure you will lose your visitors for good.

You must provide, useful and straightforward website anyone can use without any problems and regardless they’re education skills or knowledge.

If the people are visiting your website, they already know how to search and probably also how to work online. There is no need to test their skills by providing them too complicated user experience.

Instead of providing the most pleasant user experience and resolving the usability problems will ensure the success of your website.

My Final Thoughts

As you can see, having a great product or service and not creating a useful, well-designed website that offers the best possible user experience for your visitors will not ensure your success online.

It is, in fact, the whole package that matters. The internet and your website are your online tools.  You can use them to deliver interesting info to your audience.

The audience will know how to thank you for that. Please keep in mind that you are dealing with people behind your screen.

Every visitor on your side is a person that is looking after the best possible information. The user experience is important and offering a solution for their problems even more.

Do you want to make them more difficult or more comfortable to find what they are looking? I’m sure you know the answer!

I’m also sure you would like to find the same on other websites.

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Best wishes,

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12 thoughts on “How To Create A Useful Website”

  1. Excellent suggestions to make a useful website.  While I agree with site speed and an easy layout improves user satisfaction and is absolutely a must, I believe solving people’s problems is much more important than anything else. People want to know how to fix everything and that’s mostly what they search for.  They want it immediately.  With so much information on the web, if you’re just blogging without solving problems, you won’t get anywhere.  Thanks for the article!

    • Hi Selenity Jade!

      You are completely right! Receiving immediate solution of their problems, on a simple to find and easy to digest website is what people are searching online today!

      Having a site “just for fun” and not delivering accurate and useful information is leading to failure!

      I hope I could contribute with my article to a better understanding of the issue of having a useful site!

      Thanks for your reply,

      Best regards,

  2. Igor,  Love the name of your website.  I tried and tried to come up with a unique catchy name for my website but fell short.  With that said I offer to you my comments for thought.  I think your website has a good layout and feel.  I think your subject matter is great.  The only thing I couldn’t get past was all the exclamation points.  I’m not sure why you use so many.  My suggestion would be to read a little about the exclamation point and when it should be used.  I admit there are a few places you could use them in your articles for emphasis on what you are saying but visitors could easily get distracted by so many.  Your article is informative and well-thought-out.  You may want to go back through and make a few adjustments to your sentences and take out some of the exclamation points.  I just suggested to someone else that they may want to use Grammarly.  This program is free and it helps to catch some of those little errors that pop up that you may not catch.  It will help you to restructure some of your sentences without the exclamation points.  I wish you lot’s of luck on WA and with your website.  

    • Hi Pamela!

      Thanks for the compliments for my site. I am sorry to hear I used too many exclamation points within the article. I will definitely take a look and correct it. Maybe, I was trying to much to emphasize the subject! I am using Grammarly as well and adjust some sentences. I will go through the article again and pay attention to your remarks. Thanks for that.

      I am also glad my article is informative. It is what we need to deliver, the proper information. 

      I wish you massive success and looking forward to seeing you more often on my blogs posting constructive and helpful comments. It is what I need to improve!

      Best regards,


  3. Thank you for these guidelines in how to create a useful website. I know that when I go on a website what frustrates me more than a slow loading experience are the popups asking me for my email address to sign up for a newsletter.

    When a person like me, which I believe to be the majority of people who surf the web, when I come to a website I want to find a quick answer or solution for what I am looking for. Sometimes when I see a popup, I leave.

    I totally understand why websites need to load fast. In this day and age we all want fast results. I see several well-known websites that are so slow to load. I guess they don’t care because they have an established fan base.

    However for websites like yours and the one I am building now, speed of loading and the ease of navigation are important factors, as is mobile responsiveness. There is much to be considered and I like the tips you provided here.

    • Hi Robert!

      I am glad you like the article. I am also a person that likes fast loading pages or posts and to get the proper info. Sometimes I like and sometimes I dislike pop-ups. 

      However, if I come to a website with easy to follow and easy to navigate navigation, with a clean and simple, but still useful and appealing design and content it is a website I like to stay for a while and go through the content.

      Such a website tells me also that the author (or the owner) takes care of the visitor.

      However, thanks for your reply,

      I appreciate it,

      Best regards,

  4. I think maybe I was meant to read this article today. After reading this post, I can see where my website is lacking in ‘user-friendly’ ways, especially if people are only waiting 3 to 5 seconds for the info they need! This is an eye-opener for me. I also was not aware that online marketing was so competitive but it certainly makes sense to me now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I’ve got my work cut out for me! Thank you.


    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! I appreciate it!

      Yes, the speed matters. Also, competition is huge! But where the competition is a lot is going on! Take your chance and become competitive as well.

      The market is also huge and growing every day! Do you also want to be part of it!

      If yes, don’t waste your time anymore and take action! Đ

      Wishing you massive success!


  5. Thanks for such an amazing article, indeed creating a website without solving the visitors problems could actually lead to failure in setting up a successful online business campaign, I love the fact that you made me realized few errors I make when writing articles and will definitely ensure I make amends to enable my website become useful. Thanks 

    • Hi Seun!

      Thanks for your honest reply!

      I am very glad to hear I could help a bit! Errors are the part of the learning process and thus consider them as a positive thing! Very soon you will master your skills. Keep practicing and take steady action.

      Wishing you much success,

      Best regards,

  6. Hi Igor, more people should talk about how to create a useful website. There is so much junk out there that people are wasting time trying to get to the information they are after. I feel that having a useful, easy to understand and follow website is the only website that works well. I am still learning how to be more engaging in my writing but I’ll get there eventually.

    To keep you visitor reading, do you reckon it’s best to provide a short summary at the beginning and them carry on?



    • Hi Katya!

      First of all thanks for contacting me and your feedback!

      To answer your question, in my opinion, it is best to inform the reader as soon he/she lands on your article,  what will be the article about! It can also be in the form of a short summary but try not to duplicate things.

      if you use the “Final thoughts” or “The conclusion” section at the end of the article Than I don’t recommend to use any summery at the beginning of it. However, “one or two sentences” about the article will do fine!

      I always recommend thinking also from your own perspective! How would you like to have it..the summary at the beginning or at the end? What is working fine for you most probably will work also for your reader. Being as much as possible information about the article will produce more chances your reader will stay and read it.

      Just use some introductory sentences and I think it will work great! The ultimate goal is to test it out! If your article seems appealing and interesting to your audience, your readers will read it anyway!

      It is also a good practice to have a featured image at the top of the article with the message on it! Some people like more to have visual info than text!

      If you need any help, feel free to contact me also in private! Use the Pvt messaging platform and send me a question! I would be glad to help you out!

      Hope it helps a bit,
      Thanks for asking me for my opinion,

      Best regards,


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