How About Google Alerts

How About Google Alerts

How about Google Alerts is our today’s topic.

How About Google Alerts

With our today’s topic how about google alerts, I will try to explain what Google Alerts is, how you can use Google Alerts to enhance the business and why it is useful to adopt Google Alerts in your daily online marketing strategy!

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Google the “Digital Dinosaur!”

How About Google Alerts

Google Company is a “digital monster!” of the digital world!  Huge, modern company which issues new products and acquires new companies, “gobbling” them almost on a daily basis, to deliver even more services and to make their clients satisfied and occupied within Google.

The list is so big that we can’t even use frequently all the products and services we have at our disposal. Click here and check on Wikipedia the huge list of Google products! 

But, but there is one jewel I want to draw attention to, and that is Google Alerts!

What is Google Alerts?

How About Google Alerts

To explain what is Google Alerts about, let us for the moment to take a quick view of Google search.

Google Search is still a primary online search place for many people from every corner of the world. The people are searching for many topics using billions of keywords. Google is offering us the possibility to sign up for emails with the notifications about the results of such different topic searched within Google Search.

That way, you can get info about the newscast, or products or services you signed up for. Google Alert is, launched by Google on 06. August 2003., in simple words, notification about the new products, services, and other information searched within Google Search. That’s it.

You can get emails about various topics and thus follow some interesting news, or any other information you signed up for. Check here and take a look at what Wikipedia says about Google Alerts!

How “this thing” Google Alerts works and how can you sign up for Google Alerts?

How About Google Alerts

Before I show you how to sign up, you need to know that you can create, edit and delete Google Alerts! The whole three processes are very simple. All of them consist of several simple steps.

Check here and follow the 4 simple steps to create, edit or delete a Google Alert (source Google Search Help:

Follow this steps to Create Google Alerts:

Go to Google Alerts (

  1. In the box at the top, enter a topic you want to follow.
  2. To change your settings, click Show options.
    You can change:
    How often you get notifications
    The types of sites you’ll see
    Your language The part of the world you want info from
    How many results you want to see
    What accounts get the alert
  3. Click Create Alert. You’ll get emails whenever we find the matching search result

Follow this steps to edit Google Alerts:

  1. Go to Google Alerts.
  2.  Next to an alert, click Edit.
  3.  If you don’t see any options, click Show options.
  4.  Make your changes.
  5.  Click Update Alert.
  6.  To change how you get alerts, click Settings, check the options you want and click Save.

Check here the short video (1:59 min.) in my training about how easy is to edit a Google Alert in your Gmail account!

Follow this steps to delete Google Alerts:

  1. Go to Google Alerts.
  2.  Next to the alert, you want to remove, click Delete.
  3.  Optional: You can also delete an alert by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of an alert email.

Just to remember, if you experience any problem with getting alerts or you can’t see them properly, you might check your login account, check your alerts or your email settings! It can also happen that maybe your inbox is full or the alerts are landing to your spam folder.

To fix such problems, Google is recommending following:

  • If you are logged in a wrong account you need to sign out of your profile and sign in with another, correct account.
  • Maybe is your Google Alerts disabled? To fix that go to Google Alerts and click on Enable. In the section “My Alerts” you can click on alert for the specific result.
  • Finally, sometimes happens that the inbox is full or Google Alerts emails are landing in a spam folder. Obviously, these issues are easy to fix them. Just empty your inbox from unnecessary redundant emails and move emails from spam folder to your inbox. I suppose you are using Gmail. If that is the case, then add to your contacts list.

When you sign up for a Google Alert you may choose to receive alerts either on a daily basis, when happens or even on a weekly basis and add your email address. I assume that you have Google Account already (who doesn’t, right?). This is important because then you may sign up for as many alerts you want.

Use this opportunity to be ahead of your competition and signing up for more alerts be able to be informed in many fields.

How can Google Alerts help you?

How About Google Alerts

The majority of the online searchers mainly search on Google. So, for your business and for the big boost of your website, it is crucial to achieving top 10 ranks within Google search engine, it means your website needs to land on the first page of SERPS, and this, within the first 5 results. Period.

This is the guarantee your website will have lots of traffic under the searched term, I mean lots of traffic. But, to get your website ranked so high and on the first page of SERP there are some factors which need to be fulfilled, like:

  • Your website must have appealing content included with benefits for the reader
  • As you know “The content is king”, so assure to create or with the help of outsourcing to have great valuable content on your site
  • Your site must be “recognized” and evaluated by Google and needs to become so-called “authority” site
  • It takes time and effort, skills, and knowledge to achieve that Google status
  • Please, notice that SEO must be also done properly
  • Your content must be fresh, up-to-date, well optimized and, what is also very important, posting your content regularly is crucial for the crawlers to find your valuable content easier and faster, do that up one-two times per week to almost every day If you want to get an insight into copywriting and how to write content for your site, click here to read my article about it.

If you want to learn how to create appealing, great content, how to optimize your website best you can, how to promote your website, products and services, how to get needed overall skills and knowledge to be successful in the online marketing arena, and all this for free, click here and inform you thoroughly.

Start creating your own great authority website and get world’s best hosting, for free of course. Click here and start building up your site now.

These are just a few factors which, if accepted and performed on a regular basis, will help you to get the best rank and massive exposure to your business.

So, coming back to Google Alerts now. Notice, that every time some page related to your alert term shows up on the first TWO PAGES, namely in the first 20 results of SERP, Google Alerts will send you an email notification.

Besides receiving news from the web, you may also sign up and receive the info from Google News and Google Groups. This is a great way to track your competition and the new stuff coming up in Google.

4 Key features Google Alerts has which can help you with your business:

  1.  Check and detect what your competition is doing. Set up Google alerts related to websites of your competitors and find out how they perform or what kind of content they are using for success!
  2.  Be currently informed about the news in your industry. Regardless what niche or industry are you in, setting up Google Alerts to receive updates about that industry can tremendously help you to stay up-to-date and to be accurately informed about the newest trends and happenings.
  3. Follow the path of your business and also of yourself. Here is the trick: set up Google Alerts about your name and the name of your business. Receive, either negative or positive feedback from it. If negative you will have the prompt information about what you need to make better or change, and if positive, I guess you will be more than happy to know you are doing well.
  4. Google Alerts can be a great source for getting new ideas and stories for your content, regardless you are running a business site, membership site, educational site or just a blog. If you “catch” a good news or interesting information, or maybe one appealing story, you can be ahead of the competition and share likewise the content or a story which can be of interest for your audience.



How About Google Alerts

Finally, we can agree that Google Alerts is simple, yet powerful “tool”! Google is giving us for free! Use it on the various way on our site or blog or just for our readings.

Such readings can give us an inspiration regarding content creation and at the same time keep us accurately informed of the newest information gathered from various news, groups or web researches.

Nowadays, the online and offline audience is floated with information. Billions of website are offering a huge volume of content and various information, knowledge, products, and services. Thus, the competition is huge, and growing every day.

Anything you can use to stay ahead of it and to follow the newest trends will help you to stay “in business”. One such tool you can use on a day-to-day basis is certainly Google Alerts as well.

Google alerts can accelerate your searching time for the specific search term in order to inform yourself about the newest trends or events going on crossways on the internet.

Thanks for reading,

Wish you “happy alerting”!

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4 thoughts on “How About Google Alerts”

  1. You have done an outstanding job writing this post on Google Alerts, I have been using this free Google tool and I just love when I get Google Alerts in my email to read and learn about everything I am interested in knowing more about.


    • Hi Jeff!
      Thanks a lot for your kind reply.
      Yes, Google alerts is indeed very handy and useful tool.
      The possibilities are endless because you may create as many alerts you want.

      Nice stuff!
      Best regards!

  2. Yes, I understand Google Alerts can keep one up to date on the topic of one’s website, and one can thereby do up to date blog posts on latest news.

    However, I’m not sure I understand one point you made regarding Google Alerts. That is, under “4 Key Features Google Alerts Has…”, it seems you’re saying that one can set up one’s own website so that others are alerted about it? Is that right?

    • Hi Jean! No, it is wrong. You may create in your inbox alert under your name or the name of your website.
      You will then receive alerts about yourself or about your website (if Google finds you).

      Such technique is handy if you want to receive feedback from the audience about you or your website.

      Thanks for asking!


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