Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site

Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site

Hello and Welcome to today’s article Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site!

Thanks a lot for having you today on my blog. I decided to write it today because many people asked several vital questions about creating and hosting their websites.

In general, they ask about using the free or premium website builder and hosting, and also about the tools they can use to create their best websites.

As you know, there are tons of services available online for that purpose, and the choice is not always natural.

To make it easier I want to present today JUST ONE OPTION that in my opinion, is one of the best online. Moreover, I will show you why I think that way.

Without further due, let’s jump right in!

Why Did You Visit This Blog Post?

Please, don’t be surprised by this question. I have asked it because I want it to emphasize the importance of having a proper website builder and great hosting on hand.

The reason why you visited my blog is that you are interested in finding out the best website builder and hosting for your needs!

Luckily, I can help you today. Although there are so many options available online to choose from for to satisfy your needs, I will present you below in this article the opportunity I signed up.

The options I use are state-of-the-art, modern, fast, and secure tools and services you can have it too, either for free or as enhanced version as Premium member.

I will also explain the difference between both options and why it is better to go for Premium one!

Why Do I Recommend My Website Builder And Hosting Option?

Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site

I am recommending my options because I love the features I get and the all-round-editing and creational possibilities associated with them. Besides, the price is affordable, and the support outstanding!

Please keep in mind that whatever option you choose, whatever program online you sign up for, you need constant, relevant, immediate, and accurate support.

Every service or product can, over time, have some issues the owner or producer needs to resolve, and this quickly!

Having fast and professional support on your side is a must. There is no worse thing than if your site is down for a long time or you can’t resolve any issue on it. Your website is your tool you are going to use daily.

It can generate leads, customers, revenue. However, it can also create a bounce rate if something goes wrong, and the solution doesn’t provide a professional and accurate result.

The options I recommend don’t have any problem with that! I can contact support 24/7/365 and get an instant answer. It takes only a few minutes, sometimes even seconds, and I have the right solution for my issue!

My site is always up and hosted well. Besides, I have so many other beneficial and essential features included,  I can use to monitor, improve, and make my site great!

Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site I recommend will make your site looking great and loading fast!


Even if you are a professional webmaster or you have a degree in informatics or digital technology, you will find tremendous value and will be happy to have such a service at your disposal!

Why Do You Need A Website?

Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site

If the website would not be that important, do you think that almost 1, 8 billions of website would exist online?

It comes out that little less than half of the population present online have a website. Ok, some people run multiple sites, but the number is enormous.

Do you think you can prosper without a website? Moreover, the number of websites hosted on the internet is rapidly growing, daily!

People use websites for many different purposes.

They want to run a business, to teach others, to collect leads, send and receive emails. They also want to collect various data, to offer memberships, download and upload multiple files and data.

Besides, they want to create different material, engage, watch and listen to media files, share stuff and much more.

Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site I am using too will enable you fast data transfer and sharing across the web!

You can build a large affiliate base with your website.

Do you see the potential of having a website! It is also a reason why so many people have their website live on the web. Can you afford not to have one? Indeed, there are people without a website as well that try to accomplish some tasks online, but they are limited in their actions.

The beneficial part of the whole “story of having a website” is branding. You can develop and establish your brand online through your site. By sharing valuable information, your skills, and knowledge, you can build your authority, trust, and credibility through your website!

Building an authority site very often takes significant time and effort. The technology involved must be modern and safe, as well. That is why having your website stored on an advanced, fast, and reliable hosting is a must.

You can’t compete with the competition if this is not the case! Let’s now take a look why do you need such superb hosting service for your site?

Why Is The Modern, Secure, Reliable And Fast Hosting Important?

Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site

I have already mentioned many things above, including the importance of having a new secure and fast hosting service and a reliable provider!

Moreover, having the best possible hosting account is not an option anymore; it is a must! To stay competitive within the online marketing arena, and to offer best UX to your visitors, you need to be up and running with your site all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 12 months in a year!

You can’t allow yourself to offer reduced access time, “down-time” of your website, or any other destructive events associated with your website or websites!

Thus, your ultimate goal is to sign up for the hosting that:

  • Follows the newest trends in the industry
  • Implements and uses the best available server and hosting technology
  • Provides the most secure storage on their services
  • Knows how to handle the viruses, attacks, and vulnerability of your site
  • Enables and ensures fast loading time
  • Offers significant bandwidth you can use to store large files and many data
  • Makes possible to contact their support quickly and anytime you need (24/7/365)
  • Uses the best website builders online today
  • Teaches you related topics to site building, advertising, backing up possibilities, transferring files from your site to external servers and vice versa, and more
  • Offers a free and paid plan
  • Is affordable on a long-term basis
  • Can manage multiple domains and sub-domains
  • Gives you access to an unlimited number of email accounts

Can you see the complexity of an outstanding hosting account? 

I bet you do! It is also there is a difference if signing up for a FREE or PREMIUM HOSTING ACCOUNT!

I am not saying that free hosting account is useless or not worth signing up for, but what is true is that free hosting accounts always have specific limitations related to the features compared to Premium accounts.

What surprises a lot is that sometimes the differences are not that big at all. Still, having a premium Account set up and at your disposal will make your “hosting life” and overall UE life much more comfortable without any doubt!

It is a logical thing that it must be a difference between free and paid options! As the old saying says: “nothing is for free” or “money makes it easier,” the Premium option must have some more benefits and more opportunities to use than the free one!

Please, check below what are the differences between FREE and PREMIUM hosting accounts and what you all get with both accounts!

The accounts I am talking about are called SiteRubix Hosting Account!

Please, read below what you get as a FREE SiteRubix Account holder or as a Premium one.

What Do You Get If You Join For Free And Create A Starter Hosting Account?

Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site

Starting for free gives you the high possibility to create your own two beautiful websites in a few minutes after signing up. You also have access to the training and outstanding, world-class support to help you improve at the most and create the best possible websites!

Imagine, you don’t pay anything for your Starter Account and this service. Is that not awesome?

The next amazing thing is that you get a free domain name that will have the suffix You can use it immediately with your created website.

For example, if I would create my site using a free domain name, it would have the following domain name:

You can create any available free domain name for both of your sites.

It doesn’t stop here!

If you decide to buy your domain name without a suffix .siterubix, and you can do that also on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can move your website to that domain name as well.

Besides, if you become a Premium member (I am the Premium member, too), you can even move your site to any other domain name that you already own, and this instantly, with a few mouse clicks!

Run your website online immediately after creation! Create your free website using .siterubix free domain name and don’t wait longer than a few seconds. Your new beautiful website will be up and running within the shortest possible amount of time, in fact, within seconds!

Everything is already set up. Any possible technical issues and domain registration are not your worries anymore. Is that simple!

Important note:

Please be aware that .siterubix website creation platform is a part of the comprehensive online platforms system and program called Wealthy Affiliate!

You get all the website tools, training, and support for free as a Starter Account owner. For that, you need to create your website!

To get more insight into this amazing program, click here and find out what is Wealthy Affiliate all about!

What Do You Get With The Premium Account?

As you could read above, the Starter Account offers you a high possibility to create and host even two websites!

Still, going Premium is the best option. It is a pro membership with many great features and access to the best hosting service available!

Please bear in mind that hosting service is included as a part of the most comprehensive package for affiliate marketers you can get online, for a fraction of the costs!

The full Premium Membership will cost you not more than a cup of coffee daily! You can inform yourself about the membership for free here! As mentioned right now, you will get access to the modern and state-of-the-art SiteRubix Hosting Account! I am enjoying the service as well.

If You Decide To Sign Up For The Premium SiteRubix Hosting Account, You Will Get The following 20 Great Features And Services:

  1. Possibility to use 25 domains
  2. Create 25 own websites, host them for the whole duration of your membership (all included in the package)
  3. Set up your DNS instantly
  4. High hosting speed by using Amazon c3. large servers
  5. 30 GB of website space
  6. Considerable bandwidth of 500K visitors monthly also included
  7. Unlimited data transfer
  8. Your SiteBuilder included
  9. The staging environment
  10. Full Redundancy
  11. Keep your enterprise secure
  12. Backup your website daily full-time access to the server admin every day in a week
  13. Create unlimited email accounts
  14. BotNet security
  15. Check and evaluate the health of your website
  16. Offer and receive comments on your site
  17. Ask for and give website feedback
  18. Access the most prominent online marketers’ community in the world
  19. Enjoy marketing mentorship
  20. Get my personal help related to website creation

Final Thoughts!

Yes, you can sign up for Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site I highly recommend today. Without any doubt, the Premium (paid) option is best!

I explained above why!

Your ultimate goal and the critical part of your overall mission is the have world-class, state-of-the-art hosting and best possible support provided from your hosting provider.

You need to be able to contact your hosting provider 24/7/365 without any restrictions.

By signing up for the FREE or PREMIUM hosting account with Wealthy Affiliate, you can be sure you are in the best hands.

The world-class support will be there for you to resolve any issues related to your websites or your hosting account.

I am sure you recognize the importance of having the best possible hosting account you can rely on all the time!

I wish you best possible website creation and hosting and invite you to create your Starter Hosting Account now!

Click on the banner below!

As a special bonus, for creating a Starter membership, you may contact me at any time in person and ask for help. I would be more than glad to help you out with your website creation!

Lastly, if you within the next seven days after signing up for FREE Starter Account sign up for Premium Account, I will give you a special discount of 59% of the full price for the first month of the Premium membership. It makes only $19.

It is a unique fast-acting bonus I can offer only to people that take decisive and quick action!

With that in mind, I want to say hello now!

Also, before leaving, and if you liked the article, I would like to ask you to leave a comment below. Please, don’t forget to share it online as well.

I am sure you have some friends that would like to know how to build and host their best websites for free and easy!

Wish you a great day and hope you see you on the inside building and hosting your first website, or maybe the second one?

Best regards,

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

Active Contributor

Stay well, create your website better, host best!

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8 thoughts on “Free And Premium Website Builder And Hosting Account For Your Site”

  1. I super love SiteRubix, Igor!

    It wasn’t my first choice as I started off my website-making journey with Blogger which is very limiting and old-school looking. After I found SiteRubix, wow the difference is so far ahead, I was already very surprised at the first step, the theme making part which I ended up spending hours at because they’re all so wonderful and I can’t believe that most of them are free too! Have you ever felt the same way too? 😀

    • Hi Riaz!

      Indeed, SiteRubix is a great platform for website building. The add-ons are great as well. The fact you can build 25 websites is even more impressive, moreover hosting them as well.

      WA came up with a comprehensive package unlike online. I am speaking in superlatives because the features you get included in the package are very useful, beneficial and updated.

      I have always been searching for pro and best website builders. SiteRubix definitely falls into that category!

      I really do like my article is appealing. Thank you for that. Please, come more often to my site, leave comments and share the content. I would appreciate that!

      I wish you massive success,

      best regards,

  2. SiteRubix sounds like a tremendous way to start the process of building a website.  The benefits you mentioned regarding SiteRubix monitors and secures the websites for viruses, attacks, and vulnerability plus customer support 24/7 is a fantastic perk.  Not to mention the bandwidth!  And all of this for a free starter kit is extraordinary.  How much does the premium package cost that you mentioned?   

    • Hi Mike!

      Although there are many free website builders online available for website creation, WA .siterubix one is a great tool. Not only because of the features it provides, but also because it is part of the most comprehensive authoring and engaging platform online!

      The Premium package costs $49 per month. If you upgrade within seven days after creating a Starter account you get the discount of 59% and that first-month will cost you only $19.

      You can use it to test all the features WA offers including the website builder. If you pay 6-monthly and yearly you can save a very good amount of money. You get also a nice discount!

      Here are the prices:

      1) The monthly membership starts out with the first month at $19.
      2) Each month after that is $49.
      3) The 6-month plan costs  $234 (you pay at once what makes $39 per month)
      4) The annual plan costs $359 (wit makes $29.92 per month – paid at once up front ).

      Best regards,

      If you need any further help feel free to contact me in private through private messaging!

  3. I must say that Wealthy Affiliates seems to be a great opportunity to build a website for business fast. The best feature seems to be a free website. 

    You mentioned that there is a possibility to build 25 websites…isn’t one enough work for one person already? I am interested in knowing how to manage more than one. I am finding it difficult to create blog posts on my one website and do not always have the time to do it on a regular basis.

    Trying to blog for two sites would be very time consuming for me.

    Anyway, I wish you well!


    • Hi Bob!

      Indeed, having more blogs to manage, even if only two of them is a pretty time-consuming story! 
      You need to be a fast writer and have many topics on hand to create enough and fast content for your websites.

      There are some techniques and tools that can accelerate writings, still, it takes time and effort.

      You can create 25 websites if a Premium member. As a Starter member, two sites.

      Start with one blog and see how you progress. Practicing is important. With every blog, you write you become a better writer.

      I hope it helps,

      Best regards,

  4. This is a great post on building your own website online…Yes, I joined wealthy affiliate already and it took no time to move to premium and I am currently taking on training on creating my own domain. I like how you have outlined the advantages of owning your own website…Siterubix is a great tool on wealthy affiliate and I think I’m going to enjoy using it when I start my own website…Thanks, your post has jeered me up to my quest…I’ll most definitely share your post around with friends. Best regards!

    • Hi Henderson!

      Yes, it is fun to create a website here at WA! Start for free and as soon you master some skills upgrade to Premium. Besides, the community will help you as well. You may contact me as well if you need any further help! I would be glad to help if I can.

      Thanks for your feedback and sharing the post with your friends!

      Wish you massive success,
      Great website creation and all the best!



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