Four Pillars Of Business Online

Four Pillars Of Business Online

Four pillars of business online are essential building elements of every successful business online! On a long-term basis.

New Internet technology has enabled the development of a particular market! It has transferred from the standard model of the transaction to a digital platform and networked systems! Currently serving more than half of humanity.

Digitalization has penetrated deep into all the pores of human existence! There is no way to stop the process.  The modernization has enabled rapid business and market expansion,  education, and globalization.

One of the great benefits is undoubtedly the possibility of fast, unlimited and independent business development and growth. Every technological modernization through history has brought its positive and negative impacts! Also, it has implemented business practices, customs, and rules. All these modernizations have differed with their systems! Even online business is subject to specific methods and sub-systems.

Successful Business Online Is relying On Four pillars

The online store relies on four easy steps, which we can call four pillars of business online

Regardless of the type of the company, these four pillars must be taken into account and constructed as a basis for a successful business online.

Don’t Omit Any Of The Four Pillars Of Online Business

In case you skip any of the four steps it would mean a collapse of your job and prevent you from building a long-lasting successful business online.

Similarly to the construction of a building that has a solid foundation to maintain and sustain over time, a successful online business must also have a quality foundation to survive through time and stay profitable.

To better explain these four pillars of a successful online business, I will use a fictional story in which the main hero is a young woman engaged in the production of women’s clothing. Our heroine is called Mariana, and she decided to switch her job to the internet business.

She already has a somewhat developed production from home, but no employees, and everything is doing alone.

An external fashion designer helps her creating her products from whom she gets drawings and fashion recommendations.

It Is Easier To Start A Business Online If You Already Have Appealing Product Or Service To Offer!

So, as mentioned, Mariana already has a product that she can offer on the Internet. It is vital because she can start her business online immediately. If she would not have own product, would be forced to sell other products! She would need to start the affiliate marketing business. Which is fine as well.

That part of the online business is called affiliate marketing business and is one of the most popular methods of doing business online.

Four Pillars Of Business Online Apply To Vendors, Producers, Online And Affiliate Marketers

The Product Or Service 

The Product Or Service Mariana belongs to the category of producer and owner of her product. However, this does not differ in the way of doing business from others who are not. After Mariana decided to begin selling her spring collection, she had to find a way to do it on the Internet! Moreover, she needs to define to whom to sell it.

The Market  Research And Finding Targeted Audience 

The Market  Research And Finding Targeted Audience This part of the discussion is dealing with another vital pillar of doing business online!, It is finding potential customers who need to be attracted to the purchase of the products.

Though she already has a base of her offline customers, she needs to gather online buyers. Online business is possible to run also globally! Mariana was running her business locally so far. She doesn’t know her future customers! Thus, she will try to create a relationship with the prospective targeted audience! She hopes to get new clients.

It implies a certain level of specialized skills and knowledge to adequately present, offer and sell her products.

Marketing Campaigns – Attracting Potential Customer To Business Online

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS - ATTRACTING POTENTIAL CUSTOMER TO BUSINESS ONLINEThese skills represent the third crucial online business pillar without the discovery of buyers around the world is not possible.

After Mariana has carried out her marketing efforts and presented her product online accurately the right group of people, her last job is to turn interested customers into real buyers. Mariana has established a good relationship with them and will try to convince them to buy

Converting Potential Customers Into Actual Buyers 

Converting Potential Customers Into Actual Buyers No, any online business can survive without converting potential buyers into genuine buyers.

So, Marian can’t miss any of the four essential steps in her business that make up the foundation of his future successful online job.

To recall:

  1. Having a product or service as the first pillar of business online
  2. The second step refers to market research and creating a buyer persona
  3. As a third step, attracting targeted buyers through the proper marketing campaigns
  4. Finally, the fourth important pillar of business online, converting the interested audience into real buyers

Building An Online Business And Working On The Net Is Not Easy! It Takes Time And Effort To Succeed!

What is important to remember is that building your online business and working on the net is not that easy. You need specific skills and knowledge; you also need a particular mindset! Still, many individuals and companies successfully run their businesses online.  They use all the four pillars of business online! Otherwise, such a scenario would not be possible. Leave one of them out, and your job will collapse.

It is straightforward to conclude! If you do not have the opportunity to present your product, potential customers will not be able to buy it.

Equally, if you present properly but to the wrong audience, you will not sell your product or service.

In the same manner, if you know where to find your clients, but you do not have the skills to present your product or service, the interest in your product will fail. In the end, if you have all these three pillars built and you cannot turn your customers into the real buyers your job will not be completed.

Your Most Important Task Should Be To Create A Solid Foundation For A Successful Business Online First!

So, when starting your business online, you have to create a great foundation! It will enable you to and build, maintain and grow your business.

You always ask yourself the following questions: what, to whom, where, how, why, how and in what way?

If you succeed in answering them, you can solve the riddle of a successful online business! Always keep in mind the four pillars of online marketing! They must be firm and be able to stand through time.

Although the four pillars of business online are clear and understandable, there is a reason why still most people fail! They are not able to build and retain their successful business online!

It tells us that despite the simple system, it’s not all natural as it seems. For this reason, and by expecting no guarantee of success, set the foundation for “healthy online business!” Then expand your successful online business by keeping four pillars stable and in place.

I wish you a pleasant and successful online business!

Best regards,


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