Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing article will show you the things you need to avoid in order to succeed in this arena.

As you were able to read in my previous article, which you can check it here; Affiliate Marketing is in as never before, It will stay here for a long time ahead. It is one of the best business models online for many people trying to make and making money online, especially for the newbies.

It has many benefits and advantages, but like any other significant business, some things can be not so beneficial or disadvantageous.

After reading this article, you will have some insights into such disadvantages in Affiliate marketing and get an idea about what you should do differently.

Already Explained In the Last Article There Are Three Subjects Involved In Affiliate Marketing:

  1. The Vendor  (producer or owner of the product or service)
  2. The Customer
  3. The Affiliate Marketer

Let me now further observe the disadvantages of Affiliate marketing for each of those subjects.  It is my honest opinion, and I would be more than happy if you could draw some valuable information out of my post today.

As you could notice, my site is all about Affiliate and Online Marketing tips, and my aim today is to make it more clear about disadvantages that you could confront if you decide to start your Affiliate Marketing journey.

As In Every Endeavor, So In Affiliate Marketing There Must Be Some Drawbacks

Drawbacks In Affiliate Marketing

The most important part of it does not allow such disadvantages to keep you away from your goals and discourage you from your journey.

I hope I would be able to help you with that and “open your eyes” when speaking about successful Affiliate Marketing.

Every successful Affiliate Marketer should also have a critical and realistic opinion and stand of view on Affiliate marketing in full its facets.

Regardless, beneficial, less beneficial or not beneficial at all.

It is essential to know what Affiliate marketing can bring with it “in good and in bad” to avoid radical and big mistakes that can routine all your excellent work.

It is also true that sometimes, even the most successful Affiliate marketers had, at some point terrible periods on their Affiliate Marketing journey. What I want to say with that is that also if you encounter at a given time such periods, please stay focused, keep your courage, and follow your path.

Sometimes disadvantages cam become advantages if you know how to turn them right!

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing For The Vendor

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing For The Vendor

The goal of every serious and reliable vendor is obviously, to work with severe and stable affiliate marketers that will promote their products and services in the best possible manner, with the best practices of the branch.

Unfortunately, some of the affiliate marketers don’t act that way. They act unprofessionally, disrespectful, and are driven only by making as much money as possible at any cost whatsoever.

Thus they possess strategies that vendors can’t control like, falls advertising of their products and services and unrealistic, untrue, and “too good” promising to the customer.

If doing so the vendor could “fall into the trap” because their product or service will not deliver according to the marketer’s promises.

In that case, instead of “over-delivering” in real terms, the vendor will actually “under-deliver” and start building a lousy reputation and credibility online.

It is not necessary to say how that would harm his/her business. Such behavior can lead to a large refund that will truly hurt the industry and, as mentioned earlier, the credibility.

As you already know, credibility is one of the first stones of any business online, and losing it will mean losing many customers.

All this can happen because monitoring affiliate’s advertising campaigns all the time is not possible, and will take too much time, energy, and resources.

Keeping customers happy is the ultimate goal of any successful online vendor. The competition online is vast and losing credibility will put you in an unpleasant position and give your game “wind at their back!”

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing For The Customer

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing For The Customer

Customers online are spoiled with the right. There are thousands of businesses online competing for customers. And, vice versa, it is evident that the customer wants to deal with the best possible vendor in a specific niche, to get the best service and product for the best reasonable price.

If either the vendor or affiliate is not severe in their behaviors, dishonest and try to earn their money with falls promises, “get-rich-. Quick” systems and same way of working attitude, the customer will be left behind. That is for sure.

Thus, it is of primary importance for the customer to buy products and services from a reliable, proven, and severe vendor.

Luckily, there are ways how to discover if the vendor is excellent, and if the affiliate is promising what is also available.

One of the ways is double-checking the product and services, visit some forums and some scam sites and also contact the affiliate in person, and, if needed, the vendor itself.

The other way is also reading reviews about the product and service. If the customer is uncertain about the decision to buy a specific product or service, but desperately wants to buy it, in my opinion, one of the best ways to find out more about the product, service, and vendor is to visit a couple of review sites that describe and show more about the chosen product or service.

Also, with the technology available today, the speed of sharing info, and various informational channels, nationally and internationally, it is possible to get accurate feedback about the vendor, and if necessary, about the affiliate as well.

It would also help if the vendor and affiliate have their contact info available to the customers and are present online when necessary. The professional support for the clients is something that leaves the customer with the feeling of security, reliability, and seriousness in the field of business online.

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing For The Affiliate

The Affiliates

We spoke before about the unprofessional and dishonest affiliate. We can say that also for the vendor.

There is a possibility that the vendor can’t fulfill its obligations. Maybe he doesn’t pay the commissions as agreed or announce bankruptcy, or else.

It is the worst scenario that can happen to an affiliate.  To sell products or services for a dishonest vendor that after the member sold enough products or services, closes down the business and doesn’t pay anything to the affiliate.

Especially if the vendor is from another country, and the affiliate doesn’t have enough resources to claim his losses. It would help if the member could identify such a vendor before even starting the business relationship with it. But, very often, for new affiliates, it is pretty hard to do so.

Indeed, there are ways how to do that, but without external help, it could become a nightmare later on.

The other possibility of the “malicious” vendor is the scenario of not delivering correctly or on time. Unprofessional and unserious vendors will not care about all the essential parts of the serious business.

They don’t offer proper support for the affiliate and customers. Also, they don’t process complaints from the customers seriously. They are late with a delivery. Besides, they deliver uncompleted products or services.

Changing the prices pretty often and not having a secure checkout system is something that can happen too. Not to mention avoiding paying the refunds.

Yes, these are all grave omissions, but in one way or another, some of the listed ones can occasionally happen.

In that case, the affiliate has only one option left. To change the vendor as quickly as possible and to find a reliable and honest producer. The one that will fulfill all his obligations on time as promised.

Otherwise, the affiliate will never succeed and will never be able to earn money online. It is hard to make money even with a real and honest vendor. You may imagine what the end financial result will look like if dealing with an unserious, dishonest vendor.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing business can be very lucrative. For many people, online it is.  Still, like every business, so the affiliate marketing business has its own benefits and advantages, and as stated above, disadvantages.

It is up to one to decide how to approach this issue. Learn too, how to overcome the obstacles and challenges that may arise along the way.

We also agree that the potential of earning significant amounts of money is big online. It is due to the vast audience reachable with a few clicks of the mouse daily. Billions of potential customers are present online 24/7/365, even on autopilot.

It is also why sometimes affiliate marketers, vendors, and customers face unwanted situations and outcomes. Thus, all the effort must be applied to achieve success.

We can also agree that making money online is not easy. It takes time, effort, skills, some unique and specific knowledge, implementation, and usage of certain tools and services to succeed.

However, if you:

  • have a genuine, legitimate, and honest vendor by your side
  • with excellent product or service on hand
  • and with your best possible engagement and business attitude …success is achievable.

Here Are Seven Ways That Will Help You With How To Avoid The Advantages Of The Affiliate Marketing Business. Turn Them Onto Your Strengths

  1. Chose the right affiliate marketing program or system; you need a proper platform.
  2. Pick the right product or service
  3. Learn what you need about the affiliation and affiliate marketing
  4. Practice affiliation
  5. Learn from mistakes
  6. Ask experienced and successful marketers
  7. Finally, join us! You will be satisfied, you did!

Hopefully, you found some interesting and useful info in my last two articles. If you need some more advice related to the topic, please contact me. I would be more than happy to help you out.

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I genuinely hope to see you on the inside. You will be amazed you did it.

I wish you the best in your affiliate marketing efforts!

Stay well, market better, convert best!


10 thoughts on “Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing”

  1. The three subjects involved with affiliate marketing which are the vendors, customers and the affiliate marketing itself as you rightly mentioned is the major criteria in networking with affiliate marketing if you want to grow a very good system you must created a unique vendor that will attract customers and then using affiliate marketing tools to execute your overall project which must deal with the drawback associated with affiliate marketing.

    • Yes, having the right vendor at your site as an affiliate is essential for success. If you can’t offer the proper product or service and support for the customers it is going to be very hard (in my opinion impossible) to succeed in the affiliate marketing arena.

      The adequate tools are needed to automatize the workflow and to make it possible to use internet technology.  Thus, it is not the same kind of tool you have at your disposal. 

      However, following the trends and learning the techniques and strategies involved in the affiliate marketing niche will definitely help to overcome any kind of drawbacks faster and more easier.

  2. This was very helpful information as I am a new affiliate marketer I’ll use this as a guide along the way but this is great information for any one to look at that’s involved with affiliate marketing of course you’ll have advantages and disadvantages in anything you do in life but your right you just have to stay focused and keep moving I really appreciate this information I’ll definitely be staying up to date with all this thanks – Jonathon 

    • Hi Jonathan!

      With this article, I wanted to make clear that not all things are easy and that Am has also its drawbacks. With one big difference, even if Am has some obstacles to be resolved, it is still (in my opinion) the best ways to start a business online. It is because the marketer can focus on promoting the product or service, and the rest is all done.  The only way of making money that seems to be better than Am is having own product or service.

      Wish you much success,

  3. Hi Igor

    I appreciate your honesty with this post and I agree with what you have written.

    So many people think they can become rich overnight as an Affiliate Marketer without doing the work needed and as with every business, it takes time to learn the skills and utilize all the tools along the way.

    Yes, there are some dodgy vendors trying to hook people into marketing their products and people always need to be aware of the dishonest-fly by nighters who come and go online.

    I always say to ask questions and get the right answers before joining companies to affiliate with them as some are just not worth it.

    Clickbank often has companies offering products I wouldn’t touch and people need to be discerning when it comes to this.

    Also, you mentioned belonging to a place that can teach you and give you the knowledge you need and I agree with you 100% and Wealthy Affiliate has it all so get amongst it and make 2020 and beyond awesome.

    • Making money online as a starter or as an affiliate marketer is not easy at all. especially if you are out of budget. Making money means investing the money as well. Still, if you don’t know why, how and where to invest, you will only lose your hard-earned money. You can start a business online in several ways.

      You can have own product or service
      You can promote other’s products or services
      You can start for free
      You can invest money in your business by paying for massive promotion

      The online environment offers all such possibilities. What is your choice and what is your possibility and ability?

      Getting customers for your product or service, among hundreds of thousands of available choices, is not easy as well. However, WA is proof that this is possible, also in the long term. And they started small.
      In the same manner, many small businesses online are looking for their fortune online. We all too. But, again, it is not easy.

      Wish you much success,

  4. Everyone writes about the advantages of affiliate marketing.  Your topic is a good twist on this.  It is eye-catching to the affiliate marketing novice or curious.  Your topic plays to those people who want to avoid disadvantageous situations, which is all of us.  The Internet is full of warnings about affiliate marketing scams.  Avoiding scams is also important to all of us.  Your topic easily ties into both of these phobias.  Your use of irony in combining the disadvantages with their opposite also serves your topic.  I think your topic hits the mark in drawing readers to consider your product as a way to avoid the disadvantages you discuss in your article.  All in all, I found your topic a clever way to get the reader to your product.

    • The scope of my article was to draw attention to the obstacles of getting involved in affiliate marketing. Even better if I could accomplish the “mission of my article”. Like any other business or opportunity, affiliate marketing has indeed drawbacks as well. 

      For example, the one obstacle that in my opinion is a significant one is the affiliate link itself. It is known that after the cookie is cleaned from the browser the affiliate link is not working anymore.  Also, even if the affiliate link is working, the visitor can always after landing to your offer, skip your proposal and go directly to the vendor’s site and sign up from there.

      However, if working with a large number of visitors or if building a relationship with your visitors (also by using email marketing for example) every affiliate marketer can succeed. Thus, I am certain that the most important task for an affiliate marketer is promotion. Of course, after having a legitimate and genuine product or service in hand. 

      Wish you much success,

  5. Amidst the advantages that you’ve discussed in your previous article, it’s saddening to know from here that there are also disadvantages and while reading them here I realized the setbacks that I experienced with affiliate marketing. One of them is, sending traffic directly to the vendor without any system in place for getting their email address or contact number. I ended up bypassed by some unscrupulous vendors and only credit with the first sale only with the succeeding sales all going up to them and nothing paid to me. Also, I got no access to the customers we got so it was only them that can contact the customers. 

    Your article reminded me of that crucial strategy in affiliate marketing so the next time I start an affiliate marketing website, this time it will be better.

    • Yes, it is one of the biggest drawbacks of the affiliate marketing business. But, on the other hand, it is very hard to skip that problem. Affiliate marketing business is based on affiliate links. Look WA. It is their program, their product, and their service. They are the vendors. Whoever signs up, will sign up with them. people are signing up either directly or other through affiliate links that disappear after a certain amount of time being in the browser. Affiliation is based on cookies. For us, as affiliate marketers, it is a “number game”. To reduce the “bouncing rate” you need massive traffic and many visitors. Not all will bounce or skip directly to the vendor. That is why it is hard business that needs massive promotion. It is the “number game”. besides, you need a legitimate, genuine business that can help other people. WA offers such help.

      I wish you massive promotion and much success.



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