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Welcome to Create an Exciting And Captivating Blog article, part II of my 7 Tips For How To Stand Out In Your Niche article.

Since now we have covered:

  • Over delivering,
  • Building up the brand and
  • Conducting impressive marketing. All these actions are needed to stand out in your niche. I hope you did like the article so far and if you skipped it click on the link above once more to visit to post.

Creating an exciting and captivating blog is the best thing you can do for your website. I am sure you already know, or at least, you have heard that blogging these days is one of the best ways to promote your products or services.

The Next Benefit Of Having A Captivating Blog Is Building Up Your Authority Online And Positioning Yourself As An Expert In Your Niche!

But, that means you need to post content on your blog regularly if possible weekly. Fresh and related content delivered to your targeted audience on a weekly basis will keep your visitors on your site and enable building up to a larger base of your subscribers, potential customers.

Every blog post has content that needs to be relevant and has particular keywords in it. You will most probably build some more keywords naturally, which means by writing content you will use some words that search engines will consider as keywords, and maybe rank your blog-post according to those naturally driven keywords, high or at least on a higher position within the SERPs

Your blog post should be connected with your sales page and all the traffic that comes through intentionally and unintentionally created keywords funnel that traffic to that sales page.

So, if you create a blog-post that people would like to read and that is optimized properly (with proper keywords, for the readers and afterward for search engines) will put you in a position that readers would probably stay on your blog-post throughout the whole content.


After they finish reading it, they will head up to the sales page and buy your product or service or join the program you promote.

It is the best scenario that can happen to you if your blog is appealing to the audience. Thus, your goal is to create an exciting and captivating blog.

Contrary, if people start going away from your blog-post or don’t want to come back again, and the bounce rate is high, it will have a negative impact on search engines, and Google and other search providers will consider it as a blog that has not enough value for the readers and your rank will suffer.

Try to avoid that in any case.

Become An Expert In Your Niche!

After creating your blog you want to become considered an expert in your field. Why write so much content on a regular basis, spend your valuable time, and put a lot of effort into your blogging if you don’t get the status of an expert?

So, your next task and my next tip today, out of the 7 tips on how to stand out in your niche is to make yourself an expert in your niche. Create an exciting and captivating blog and use it to share your expertise through it.

It is simple. People trust more experts and more likely to buy from them.

I am sure you think and act the same way. Would you go to buy a piece of the car from an unknown car-parts seller or would you rather buy from the well-known trustful and experienced car-parts seller?

Experts in the field don’t just sell things. They also help you get additional advice on how to implement a certain element or how to install a particular item or how to put together various parts or else.

Now, I want to ask you this: do you know anyone who became an expert in various fields or on various topics overnight? I don’t.

Even those people or companies that are considered as an expert online already, they have probably acquired their skills, knowledge, and expertise offline first, and after a certain amount of time and probably failures, they became experts online as well.

As you know, expertise is gained by learning, practicing, improving, and staying open to new trends, praxis, and technologies. To become an expert and to remain one, you need to acquire your expertise.

Find out what you are good at, what is your expertise, nurture it, and keep it up with the trends in your niche. I am sure your audience will know how to thank you for being such an expert in your niche.

Expertise Is Not Enough!

That is right! Being an expert is nice and good, but if you don’t offer additional value to your audience, people will respect your expertise but will not buy from you.

In other terms, you need to offer them solutions. You need to resolve their problems with your expertise.

Thus, my next tip out of the 7 tips on how to stand out in your niche is to give them the UVP. It stands for “Unique Value Proposition.”

What is UVP?

It is simple, you are offering to your audience something that another company didn’t do it yet at the time they ask for. You need to stay tuned for the needs of your audience. Offer them solutions for their needs and desires. And offer immediately after they need the solution.

Uniques Value Proposition, or “Proposal” is some value that only you offer to your audience.

If the visitors of your site want to have your product or service, in other words, the solution for their needs, you need to be prepared for that. But, there is still a problem left.

How can they know you can help them and how they found your site? If you answered “by using proper keywords” within your content, you will be right.  The proper keywords strategy will make it possible they find you on the web.

Once they have landed on your site you need to have an instant and accurate solution for their needs. Don’t let them skip to another site that is prepared to take over your visitors and offer them what they are looking for.

If you don’t have what they need they will simply go to another place and never come back to you anymore. So, offer them value, support, and do that at the moment they ask for.

Show Your Audience They Can Trust You And Get What They Need. It Is the Best Proposition You Can Do For Your Business!
Create An Exciting And Captivating Blog And Be A Special Source For Your Customers.

In other words, become “a special source” for your audience. It is my last tip today out of 7 tips on how to stand out in your niche.

Being “something special” to your customers is actually the best thing that can happen to you. Some people are driven to certain producers, authors, creators, companies, or individuals without being able to define why this happens.

Only the customers know why. It is a quality you create if you have “that something special” no one has. The people just love to buy from you.

They might like your style, your approach, the prices. Also your great support, the special relationship you built with them. It can be also any other reason.

The point here is that if you can achieve such status nothing will stop you from succeeding.

But, It is also clear that it is not easy to achieve such status. No explanation or advice exists for this happening. However, it happens.

If that happens to you, keep nurturing such customers. They can come back all the time and buy from you whenever you have something of value for them.

It is not an easy task but it is worth doing it.

Having loyal, long-term customers among all others, is a real gold-mine for every business, regardless online or even offline.

With that in mind, I would like to thank you for reading this article. It consists of two parts. I really do hope you found some value in it.

If so, I would like to ask you again to leave a comment below and to share it with friends. If you might have any additional questions, please, let me know and I would be glad to help you out.

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  1. I`m from WA; and I said this to many others tonight; your website looks professional; I would however get rid of the pop up that comes up offering to answer questions; that sort of annoys me and maybe others. But, I will say this too; look over your site; and cut your paragraphs down. You have run on paragraphs; not only that; but I am drowning in a sea of new knowledge; you may want to cut your article in half.

    • Hi Michael, the WA colleague!

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. I was not aware of the pop-up that comes out offering to answer questions? Please let me know
      about it, by sending me a Pvt message on WA. I need to look at it. Thanks for the remark.

      Also, thanks for knowing me that there is too much content on my articles. I might consider it.

      Best regards,

  2. Nice and tidy website and article.
    Very comprehensive and valuable information about affiliate marketing websites, expertise, do’s and don’ts and also clarifying info about the “challenging” steps to success.
    All the necessary guide, especially for the ones who are not, probably, very well educated about the subject.
    I really liked the pic with the hand coming out from the laptop. That was so true and really animated the atmosphere the article.
    Thanks and Congrats!

    • Ho Kosmo!

      I am really glad to hear the information on my site is appealing and people can learn something out of it. It was my goal to deliver such info.

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. Feel free to come omor often to it and leave comments. If you like, share it as well.

      Thanks and best regards,

  3. This is a great article thank you!
    Its very reassuring to hear you say that it takes time to build up a reputation as a trustworthy source- as much as we may want this overnight quite often it isnt how the universe works 🙂

    • Hi Kate!

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. “many good things need time!” So, the authority building as well.
      Even if you want to become an authority as a professor in a high school or university, you need time to achieve that.

      The Universe is “universal for everyone!”

      You can’t beat it. You can adapt to it. It has own rules and it is huge. We know that. Still, we are just a dot within that space,
      and as time passes, the humans are coming and going, but the Universe is still there.

      Business online is universal as well. Although the universe is “covering” the whole our planet and mankind on it, internet “covered” a half of it.

      So, there is still a lot of space for growth.

      Best regards,


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