An elephant as an economical giant crossing the street!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle

“CLOSED ONLINE MARKETING SELLING CYCLE” – COMSC explained for starters and advanced online marketers!

The amazing Online Marketing Adventure!

“An economic miracle of the modern era, the 20th and 21st century!”  A”Beast!, a „Giant“ of the widest business savanna, making money online niche. Billions of people daily on the internet, at your disposal, to make money, in front of you, on the screen of your PC or laptop!

Step in below in the COMSC adventure!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-The elephant as the giant of the online marketing!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle

Your online marketing adventure and COMSC start with your instant ACCESS TO THE BIGGEST PURCHASING COMMUNITY EVER, DIRECTLY AND COMFORTABLY FROM YOUR HOME, YOUR COMFORTABLE CHAIR, without hassle, traffic jams, loud environment , without travelling to appointments (although, still many people do that, by the way, wouldn’t be nicer to travel for your own fun, relaxation, to enjoy life?), without extra costs for presentations, without inventories, struggling with distributors, deliveries, etc.

All you have to do is to open your OS on your preferred device, start marketing from your home and the wide online community has access to your products or services you are promoting and offering.

You are ready to start your online marketing adventure, reserved your time, prepared coup of coffee, turned on silent music, wrote a roadmap, your plan about how to proceed, what to do!

It is your “secret blueprint” which will make you healthy within a couple of days!  Started to post free ads, buy ads, send emails, setting up an autoresponder series of newsletters! PPC campaigns. The freebies are ready to be given as an incentive!  Free videos, PDFs, eBooks …

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle – The live communication and the credibility!

Began live communication over skype or WhatsApp, or any other free communicational tool available today. Opened a wide discussion about many topics online. Building up your credibility! Trust! Authority!

Set off strategies, systems. Everything in your power is done in order to have success, to start making money online. And, we didn’t mention even the creation of own product, or outsourcing some products to sell!

But, here is the possible story and outcome!

Suddenly, nothing is working as you wanted. You are overwhelmed with the tasks and don’t know how to set up a system. Or you don’t know where to ask for help, because, you don’t trust any so-called „online marketing system“, the ecosystem of making money online.

The best would be to do it all at your own, right? But, at this point, let me explain something please! The system is going to push you forward, It is your root of the business, the foundation of your business, the building block of your success. You need to follow the system, and not to focus solely on the result. the result is the goal, clear stuff! However, focusing and concentrating just on your goal, you may trick yourself by forgetting about the tasks you need to accomplish, steadily, regularly, in order to achieve your goal, the best possible results!

Those tasks are actually your system which needs to be followed in an on-going way. Always! The beauty of it is that the system will teach you how to do it, how to overcome the obstacles, how to do your tasks properly, how to focus on the most important building blocks of your success, until you reach your goal, and earn money online!

Does it sound logical? I assume yes, because, in the same manner, if you want to build  a house, or construct a car, or produce a nice music, or write an article, or cook a soup, you always need some steps to follow, some tools you need to use, certain know-how and the time for completion of that process of creating your outcome, whatever it is. I am sure you agree with all said!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-The population of the world

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-The worldwide population!

We, the population around the world, are living in one ecosystem. The „mother“ Earth is part of a bigger system, our solar system, and the whole Universe! Again, the system in a system. Our bodies are a system. All these systems have their own substances, materials, and sub-systems.  Although these systems differentiate one from another, all a part of the „whole“ biggest system.

YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF SYSTEM YOU WANT TO USE. When you know what system is the right one, which is not easy to discover, especially for the ordinary people, the newbies in the subject, when you learned what this system is about, when you focus on every important part of that system and build that part, your goal will be accomplished.

Argh, you might think now: “This is fine, I understand that. But, where do I get such a system, such a knowledge? How can I know if the chosen system works? Who is going to teach me that system? How can I trust it? Will it work for me? How much will it bring me? How much will it cost me? Dozens of questions appear.

Obviously, you are becoming insecure.  Starting to doubt about it. Losing your patience, starting to get nervous! Slowly, you are getting your hands off it! The frustration is too strong and is influencing your decisions.  There is no doubt … you need help. Now!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Your decision!

Your decision to start earning money online doesn’t seem to you as a realistic one, anymore.  Your drive to make money online it is caused because of your two goals:

  1. to earn money online and that means to earn a lot of money online
  2. and to earn it fast.

Setting up a needed system was not your primary urge! But, please, think about it once more! If you want to achieve your financial freedom and a life of your dreams, if you want to change your life to better one, or even close to that, you need “your own stuff”.

You will need your own way of earning money, your own business. The business where you will be the boss, your own boss and be working for yourself and be with your loved ones, having time to enjoy time as you wish.

There is a place where and the way how to achieve such tremendous goals and be able to change lives for good. It is the online place, the modern industry and the audience using it.

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Change your life for good!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-A lady working online!

The people online are spending their time searching for products and services and spending real money! These people are real people, spending real billions. They are part of a real world and thus, they know what it takes for them to earn money before spending it online …

So, the “online stuff” is actually a part of a “realistic-stuff” too. The realistic system is needed online as well as offline, the real world. But, here comes the best part, the system online is easier, faster and still different in some parts as the system offline. Actually, I would say, different in many things, very important things.

Let us check some important key points of both online and offline making money systems available.

For example, you decided to build your store of selling stuff like Amazon did, or eBay or any other retailer. Imagine the system behind Amazon. No need to spend words on it, right? Huge base of products, huge warehouses, a huge amount of employers, a huge delivery system etc.

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Your online store!

Now, imagine your own online store: a website, products you can choose and use from literally thousands and thousands of producers and distributors, at no time for the very little cost! No huge base of employees, no warehouses, no delivery hack, whatever. You can even do drop shipping without having a warehouse, packaging service etc.

This is the first big difference! You can have your own store, online, without big warehouses and an army of employees. This store is located on your hard drive. Amazing! All you need is a single computer, software, chair, table, lamp or any other source of light! Sorry, the screen of your device has own light, right?

Ok, you have your store now. Obviously, the next question would be, what to put it in? Now, in this part of the system, you might get problems. As usual, where are the problems, there are the solutions, as well! Having said that, there are millions of products out there available immediately! Online, of course. Offline as well! It is your choice to choose products and services you would like to promote and earn on!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-In minutes!

Further, the best part is, that it takes just minutes, or in the best version, few hours to select the products or services you are going to advertise, or even, re-sell. Mentioning that, you should decide about your niche and search for products and services you can get for little or even no money, you can build your store with! It is completely up to you. No limitation! Millions of products and services!  No warehouses, employers, desks, offices, high registration costs, etc.

After deciding the product you will seel, you need an adequate exposure within the online world. That is why you should have your “show-window” at your store. The customer needs to stop by and to see your product, to inform himself about it and to be impressed.

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Impress the buyer with your offer!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-A customer with a credit card!

A customer must say: “wow, I want to buy this”.  This part of the system where the customer comes to your shop is crucial. The proper promotion, the „highway“ to your shop! It is very important!  You need traffic of customers, a lot of traffic directed to your site.

The „drivers“ need to “drive by”, to “stop by” and to check what you have to offer. If you focus on the goal, just on sale, you will forget this very important part of getting traffic! You will not perform what is needed and the customers will remain away from you. Simple, no-traffic means no-customers and no-customers mean no-sales! Not to forget, the traffic must be high-targeted traffic!

You see, how the story of ecosystem online is developing?

Fine, you are getting a bigger picture now!  Let’s assume you drive traffic to your site, the targeted traffic, and supposedly, the „driver“ (your visitor fo your site) from that traffic decide to buy something!

How can this happen? How will the customer be able to pay for it? Easier said than done, right? Stil, there is an easy solution to it! You just set up a payment processor for it. There are many out there available. Obviously, you will go for the most trustable. So this part of the system is important too.

Finally, the buyer pulls out his credit-card, pays for the product, wait to be delivered, online or offline, mostly online, of course, depending on the type of the product! There are many ways available for this purpose. To name a few:

  • physically delivery on home address, or any other offline
  • online readings
  • downloading files for printing and further offline use
  • viewing video files
  • hearing audio files

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Deliver your product or service!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-A crane delivering a bow!

Fortunately, there are systems in place allowing all of that. I am sure, it is not difficult to imagine what has to be in place to be able to deliver physical products. Starting with the physical product, continuing with the warehouse, packaging, transportation service, logistics, post office, etc…

Even this part of the buy-sell process online is already arranged out there for you to use.  You just need to know how to implement it in your business, how to deal with it. Again, it is another system which is a part of your whole online ecosystem.

All systems and sub-systems, in the online world are part of just ONE SIMPLE SYSTEM WHICH NEEDS TO BE IN PLACE. The system comprised of a few essential components:

  1. Your online store (your website)
  2. The product or service you want to sell
  3. Proper advertising and promotional activities (engagement online)
  4. Very much needed targeted traffic
  5. Conversions

Can you „survive“ in a such „seemingly simple“ online and offline ecosystem by skipping or bypassing any of its components?

Let’s check it out:

  • Without a store (your website) you can’t have your sore-window and offer products and services
  • avoiding targeted promotion or advertising does not allow you to attract targeted  traffic
  • missing traffic you will lack on customers
  • no customers-no sales, simple as that
  • finally, no sales – no money

So, you have the picture now? is the story of the online ecosystem more clear now? It is a simple story, but at the same time, it is a system and sub-system which need to be in place. Regardless of what you chose to sell online, a digital, or a tangible product!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-The big picture!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Learn the system!

The system must be learned. You need to know about it! The ones that know the system will be ahead of you. „The competition is not sleeping, right?“ All parts of this closed system are the lifeblood of your business, and all is done because of the people, the audience presents online, billions of them, coming day after day online, representing the huge number of potential buyers ready to buy.

All this system is in place for them, and their credit cards they will put out of the pocket and use to spend money on your offer. The people are the most important part of your closed system. The is the real most important lifeblood of your system.

The closed online marketing system could be named also closed online selling system (COSS), or cycle (COSC), or chain. However, it is a system with the sub-systems in place!

As our lives, as our living, we simply eat, sleep, snore, work, play, and do other natural, and for us “simple things”, but behind all these processes are systems in place allowing all that to happen. In the online world, there are also sites in place, you can focus on allowing us to “simply work one online” our task is to find out which one is the right site for yourself which one will ake you decide to follow it what system do you want to use to succeed?

Click here to start learning all you need to succeed in the online marketing niche!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-End of the story!

At the end of my story of the „closed online marketing system“, I would like to invite to check the comprehensive, all-around system I am using to market online!

Learn about all the steps, factors, components involved in such online ecosystem. Become a part of the biggest online marketing community of more than 1,2 millions of marketers and people who want to become one.

Every step, method, tools, system, platform is explained, shown and offered to you at your disposal. It will guide you through the whole „Closed Online Marketing and Sell Circle!“. Start achieving your goals today.

But, at this step, I need to warn you! It is not going to be easy, not fast, and you can expect to earn a lot of money already tomorrow. You will need to sweat a little for it. Anybody who is promising you quick earnings online, without any effort and patience, is fooling you around.

This depends solely on you and your efforts. By learning and implementing the system, the proper one!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Join us note!

Join us today, our system. Start using the proven (for more than 15 years already), successful method!  It is free! Become part of the proven system and one of the best online community in the world. Let your ideas, passion, the knowledge you possess already, become your life, your way of earning, your „breakthrough“ point …

Click here now to find out about the system. It will not cost you a dime. All prepared and in place for you already! You will be in a position to earn many things, many “simple and powerful things” about how to go through the system and how to succeed! I guarantee you will be satisfied and happy you did!

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-Experience it!

Don’t wait for any second anymore. Experience the system! Become a part of it! Acquire so much desired skills and knowledge you need, allow yourself to get help. This is a solution for you! It will resolve many of your woes, doubts, problems. This system will guide you, train you and show you the way, the better way.

I am sure and I guarantee you, that if you click here, and you join the system, you will be more than glad, you did it. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. No risk, no upsells, no downsell, no tricks, no false promises. And, it is free. proven, successful, millions making system waiting for you now.

Visit this link now, break that wall of “silence” and online obstacles, and see you on the other side, in the “Closed Online Marketing Making Money Circle”.

Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle-A white wall as an obstacle!

Dear friend,  the last request of mine,  if you liked the article, please leave the comment below and if you have any question about the system, or anything related to online marketing or else please feel free to contact me and ask and I would be more than happy to help you out.

And, remember, if I would not have the right answer, our outstanding and unique community within the system will have it for you, instantly, within seconds! All you need to do is to log in into your account, attend the live chat and ask, every day, all day long.  Besides, the world-class support is there for you, 24/365. Ask them if you need and you will get your answer within a few minutes.

Bunch of experts who made millions online and other people with high knowledge and skills, are here to help you out!

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Best regards, your friend Igor!

4 thoughts on “Closed Online Marketing Selling Cycle”

  1. You are completely right about self doubt. Letting fear take over in the mind and subsequently the heart will stop most people from even trying something new. The encouragement you give to keep moving forward is touching.

    Just to clear a “Show Window” is the initial website right? I’m only asking because it seemed like I’ve missed a step.

    Also how do you target the right traffic? I’ve gotten a few clicks but no conversion. what am I not doing right?

    • Hi Alina!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it!

      Yes, “show window” means a way to show your product or service to the world. Usually it is a website. It can be a website with the description of your product or service or an online shop itself (which is again implemented in your website, or it can be only a store website). 

      There is a possibility to start a business without a website, but it is a harder way. In that case you just enter the URL of your product or service in the Google business listings. Normally, every online business starts with your website! Website is a better way because of other possibilities as well.

      To get the traffic is one thing and to get targeted traffic is another way. Targeted traffic is completely different topic. There are more factors which need to be taken in consideration.

      In short, paid targeted traffic is of course best way to go. For start, foe example, your product or service aimed for a certain audience will determine the targeted traffic.  Demographics plays an important role. Who is your goal audience? Where from do you want your visitors to come form? Google trends can help as well. Analytics of your traffic as well. 

      If you are a starter and your site is not that popular, having a few clicks is just a beginning. Wealthy Affiliate has conversion about 12%, as stated on the site. Some people needs couple of months before they start converting, some even longer.

      So, in general, it is a “hard game”.  Going for organic traffic is the hardest way. Paid traffic is faster. PPC marketing is usually easier way to go, but if your add is not relevant and your site doesn’t offer valuable and releavnt content, then even PPC marketing can be very difficult, not getting results.

      Patience, effort, determination. The way to go! 

      I hope I helped  a bit.
      Feel free to contact me for any further discussion.

      Best regards!

  2. I have just started my journey into onkine marketing and so far loving it! Thank you for the input that you shared with us! I will keep checking your site for more information that I am sure will be very useful and beneficial for starters like me! Thanks again!

    • Hi Kris!
      Thanks a lot for your comment. I am glad to hear you are going to visit my site more often, for more info.
      It is an additional motivational input. I appreciate it.

      I am happy you like the article. Indeed, the process of making money online consists of several simple steps that
      need to be understood and practiced as
      much as possible.

      As anywhere else, the knowledge, skills, and experience make all good things happen.

      Keep up the good work and get best wishes for your success from my side!

      Best regards!


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