Can I Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

Can I Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?

Can I Make Money In Affiliate Marketing (further in the text also as AM)  is a question everyone is asking when starting an Affiliate Marketing business online! Today’s article will open the discussion if you can make money with Affiliate Marketing conducted online.

We all know that Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start making money online as an online marketer of all levels. So, to answer the main question today: “Can I Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?” I can say only there words about: “Yes, you can!”

To find out how you can, keep reading the article below and after you finished I would like to hear from you about this topic! Please, leave a comment at the end of the material and feel free to ask me if you need to get some more answers. I would be more than happy to help you out.

With that said, let’s jump into our article today!

Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way To Start Making Money Online

When you start playing with an idea to start making money online, the foremost vital factor is to have a product or service to sell. If you don’t have anything to sell, how can you earn money?

Business understands any activity related to making money, regardless of offline or online. Online marketing is a lot different and specific compared to offline marketing.

Creating a product to sell online can be a very stressful undertaking. Offering various services can be less stressful but maybe not as lucrative as selling products.

However, it depends, as well. There are many huge companies online trading services and making billions of dollars.

However, selling services is maybe the right way to go if you don’t want to mess with products. One of the most common services beginners in affiliate marketing use as a product to sell, is translation service, writing for others, and managing social media accounts for the clients.

Also, educational topics are a great niche to start with making money online. There are numerous other services you can offer to make money online.

Do You Possess Needed Skills?

If you possess such skills, it is an exciting way to start a business online as a service provider. However, the majority of affiliate marketers decide to start business online selling products from others.

Please that being an affiliate marketer is about selling products and services from others, and also building up the base of affiliates. The second possibility is possible only if you have created your service or product.

If you didn’t, luckily there are tons of companies and product and services creators that have shaped and prepared all you need to start working as an Affiliate Marketer. It is why Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start your making money online journey.

Your main problem, in this case, is to choose the right company with the best products and services, the audience online would love to buy, and it is related to your expertise or niche.

Keep in mind that selling products or services online also means to be familiar with the products and services, you use them, know how they work and what they offer. Contrary, some online marketers sell products and services which they don’t matter or are not familiar with, but it is the majority.

I recommend to get used and knowing your products or services you are going to sell because it will position you as an expert in your niche and a real skilled seller.

The essential valuable feature of Affiliate Marketing is the possibility to start making money immediately after subscribing to the product or service without the need for any creation. The only main issue you need to overcome is to create massive marketing campaigns and get noticed online.

Free Affiliate Marketing Versus Paid Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing gives you the possibility to start as a free or paid Affiliate Marketer. Please, be aware that every serious affiliate program has the free version, and logically, the paid version.

The Affiliate Marketing program without a free version is to avoid. It is probably not a serious one, and you should not consider joining!

When deciding whether starting as a free or paid affiliate marketer, I would recommend starting for free.

At least, at the beginning. However, it is your choice. Beginning as a free affiliate, the marketer will save you money and allow you to get familiar with making money online.

Afterward, I recommend starting as a paid affiliate marketer because it will open the door to a higher level of affiliation by getting more support, tools, services, and commissions! It will transform you into a real Affiliate Marketing expert!

Starting Affiliate Marketing As A Premium Member

Starting Affiliate Marketing as a Premium Member will cost you no more like a cup of coffee per day! The volume of value you receive is fantastic. You can join today and start a real powerful affiliate marketing journey.

Immediately after entering, you will have access to a great online marketer community! Use valuable tools! Engage through live chat! Get world-class support!

Get the best use of affiliate links, affiliate promotional items, and websites creation platform!

Enjoy powerful, state of the art hosting, content creation platform, messaging system, training.

Attend live events, webinars, classrooms, lessons. Use state-of-the-art  keywords researching software. Contact your affiliate colleagues through private messaging.

Send private messages to the owners of the company and creators of the program.

Can you imagine? All that for less than a cup of coffee per day. Don’t wait any longer a join today. If you don’t do it, you will never know what did you miss all these years.

Moreover, remember, if you don’t want to sacrifice your cup of coffee per day to start your fantastic business online, you can still keep it and start for free. Click here to inform you what you get as a free Starter Member.

So, in a nutshell, beginning as a free or paid Affiliate Marketer will boost your business online differently. However, it will still, make it possible to start powerfully. It will show you how to start and what you need to develop and grow your own, unique business on the internet.

It is a real power of Affiliate Marketing!

Should You Start Affiliate Marketing With Only One Product, Service Or Program, Or Should You Involve More Opportunities From Scratch?

The ever-present question: “Should I sell as many products as I can, or should I focus on one only?”

It is a tricky question, and it is not easy to answer. If you consider Amazon, for example. It has millions of products in thousands of niches.

Maybe millions of niches. Are you able to do the same? How many years and resources you will need to achieve such success?

Alternatively, perhaps other online stores that sell millions of products as well. For instance, if you decide to start an affiliate marketing business in a dropshipping niche, you can also sell many products.

Please, don’t forget that depending on the kind of affiliation, your online presence and storage place will look different. Consider this fact before deciding how to proceed.

So, as mentioned before, in case you want to start selling more products or services from scratch, be sure you can manage all of them.

The most horrible thing you can do when working online is not to be able to follow your customers and offer them great support. It is a crucial factor for your business online.

My Honest Recommendation!

Thus, my honest recommendation is to start with one product or service from scratch. Practice Affiliate Marketing for a while. For a couple of months. Educate yourself. Get to know the technology involved, the tools, get needed skills.

Enhance your overall knowledge related to Affiliate Marketing. Become an expert. Earn enough money to enlarge your business, and after employing more people, growing your business, consider to market more and more products or services.

However, be careful. Don’texaggerate. Follow your growth, the trends in your niche and the overall worldwide affiliate marketing scene. Invest in the expansion of your business. Progress step-by-step.

Please keep in mind that the online environment can produce exponential growth very quickly if you do your tasks properly. Be prepared for that as well. Stay up-to-date with technologies, marketing strategies, and be aware of any challenges you may face along your way.

So, in a nutshell, if you start as a beginner in the affiliate marketing niche, the best advice I can give you now is to start with one product or service, the preferable one, to learn and enhance your skills and knowledge and to practice affiliate marketing daily.

After a short period, you will be in a position to consider expanding your business by selling more and more products or services.

The Four Simple Steps Of Starting And Developing Your Affiliate Marketing Business!

Do you know how to define your best niche to start making money online?

Is it hard for you to create your own, unique website?

Are you able to drive traffic to your site?

How easy or difficult is it to convert your visitors into your loyal customers?

If you answered positively to all four questions above, then you have already mastered the skill of making money online. It is how you can start your business online and turn it into a “money-making system!”

Making money online in general, and especially as an Affiliate Marketer is a process that consists of 4 steps or stages, name them as you like.

It is about:

1. Finding your niche
2. Creating a website
3. Driving traffic
4. Converting

Those are the “Four Pillars of Affiliate and Online Marketing Business!” 

Learn each step separately and link them together in a “never-ending process” of making money online. It is a “chain of success.” Knowing how to execute them properly will transform you into a real expert in making money online niche.

Are you ready for that? Please, let me know. I would be glad to hear that from you. If not, I can help you immediately. Click here and inform yourself about how you can start gaining skills and knowledge for free and start turning your life to better.

There is always a better way. Open yourself for new things and get the knowledge you deserve. Click here now.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

After starting the program and education you need, the four pillars above will not be anymore a “mystery” or an “untouched land” you need to discover. Contrary, nothing will stop you on your way of success.

Final Words

Affiliate Marketing is for everyone. All levels of affiliate marketers are working in the field of Affiliate Marketing. AM has many “beauties.” Many great possibilities you can take advantage of and use them to become a successful online marketer.

Still, if you want to become a “Super Affiliate Marketer” which is a very high level of the successful marketer, you would need to become a full-time affiliate marketer or at least invest much time and effort to get to that level.

However, as the old saying says: “Rome was not built overnight” in the same manner, to become a Super Affiliate, you will be asked to master several essential marketing skills and to implement specific knowledge.

Learn the technology involved in the process, and enhance your overall marketing expertise.

However, Becoming A Super Affiliate Should Be Your Goal

By becoming a Super Affiliate, you will experience tremendous rewards. As a powerful Affiliate Marketer, you will be able to discover the full beauty of it.

It is not hard to start with it and everyone can learn how to do it. So you can too. In other words, it is the easiest way to start making money online.

The next beauty of AM is that there are so many marketers online of all levels that are willing and ready to help you out. All you have to do to get that help is to join the biggest online marketer community I am a member of it as well.

The third beauty of it is that it is completely free to join. Also, access to the community is free. You can join today as a FREE or PAID Member by clicking here and start gaining all the benefits the community is offering.

Finally, I wrote this article to make it easier to understand the power of AM and to make it clear that you can also start your own business online, even today. Actually, you can start e few seconds after you finished reading this post.

With that said, before leaving you today, and if you liked the article, I would like to ask you to leave a comment below and share it with friends. I am pretty sure some of them would consider starting AM using a free or paid option.

If you need any further assistance, please, let me know, and I would help you gladly.

Best regards,
Your friend,

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6 thoughts on “Can I Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Wiser words have never been spoken Igor,

    I’m an old school kind of guy so I only know that money can be made with methods that I’m used to. But after seeing many of my friends going online and booming their business faster than their competitors, I began to learn more on building my online presence and I was surprised that there are tons of people who are earning a full-time income solely through Affiliate marketing.

    I’m a slow learner so it took me 3 months to earn my first dollar, which grew healthily after that. I was wondering, how long did it take you to get your first dollar online if you don’t mind me asking? 😀

    • I have to tell you that I started affiliate marketing couple of years ago and then stopped for another couple of years because I was so disappointed to help a company grow their business which didn’t deserve it.

      I did it with my friends and we could build a group of more than 2000 subscribers within one month, doing only webinars, if you believe or not. After the company took the money and announced bankruptcy, we lost or our clients and our relationship. It is how we learned how important is to have a solid and reliable company at your side.

      Now, I am focusing on building my site and after I achieve the level I want I will start my promotional activities the way I want and know.

      Since then, I can tell you that it is possible to earn money online as an affiliate marketing but the most important thing is that you have a great product and company you can rely on, a long term.

      Wish you much success and all the best on your journey!

      Best regards,

  2. Well, Igor, you’re asking a key question here: can I ever make any money in affiliate marketing. Honestly, I am very worried.

    It seems to require so much altogether: you need a niche as you call it, you need to be able to write about it, days in and days out, and this needs to be about a product that people want, and you need to have people come to your website and actually read the stuff. This sounds all quite discouraging! Please help! 

    • Hi Phil!

      You are right. It is also sometimes discouraging, but, on the other side, please let me know why this possibility exists, why so many affiliate marketing businesses exit, why people are making money with affiliate marketing (please read success stories on WA as well), and why more and more business are showing up every day? 

      It is because it works! Not for all, that is true, but as in the offline world, not everyone has a successful offline business. Although the online world is “abstract and virtual environment” I am close to thinking that it is “reality! because it is part of our life and our daily activity.

      Digitalization and “virtuality” are more and more real, parts of every aspect of our life. 

      You mentioned the following obstacles:
      1.  a niche
      2. writing
      3.  the product that people want
      4. visitors to your website that read your stuff!

      Let me answer point by point this way and give you some simple tips:

      1) It is easy to find a niche. Go through the lessons and find within yourself what are you good at it. It is your niche!
      2) You know how to write and you did that for years in the school. You just got lazy about it. Start writing and very soon it will be ” a piece of cake” for you. There are so many topics to write about. “Practicing makes perfect” so in writing as well.
      3) Make some researches and very soon you will find out the solution for the product that people want. One easy way to do that is to focus on products that offer solutions for their issues! “How to” products are just one example. We are speaking here about digital products.
      4) Learn how to advertise and visitors will flow.

      As in every business, so in online business as well, it takes some efforts to “get on the right track!” Once you there, all is going to be natural and easier. Still, the topic is not that simple as described above but in a nutshell, you also don’t need to “over-complicate” because it can really become easier for you to start and to develop your skills, knowledge and your business online.

      I wish you all the best on your journey,

      Best regards,

  3. I find your discussion of affiliate marketing to be thorough and personable. As I read, I feel you are speaking to me directly in a comfortable and friendly tone. The tone is from the heart. The page structure and images reinforce the message. The images are spot on to the message and they are easy on the eye. All in all, Well Done!

    • Hi Dave!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it. It shows me that I am going in the right direction. Great feedback which I will use to keep creating appealing content.

      The message I wanted to deliver is that practically everyone who knows how to use the modern digital technology and tools, and I motivated to start a business online, can use Affiliate Marketing to start own personal business online.

      I hope I could deliver that message!

      Best regards,


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