Affiliate Marketing Or Product Creation

Affiliate Marketing Or Product Creation

Affiliate marketing or product creation is the main confusion of many online marketers when starting their own online business!

As we know many people are trying to start an online business to make money from home! They want to build their primary source or of income or build a passive income. However, when taking such a decision, they face the main difficulty which is: should I start an affiliate business or should I create my own product?

As we know many people are trying to start an online business to make money from home! They want to build their primary source or of income or build a passive income. However, when taking such a decision, they face the main difficulty which is: should I start an affiliate business or should I create my own product?

Affiliate Marketing Or Product Creation – The Two Most Used Methods Of Making Money Online

These are mainly the two most accepted, used and practiced business models nowadays. What is the difference between them? Let me quickly explain before I continue how in general you make money with each:

   Affiliate marketing business: a business model where you sign up with the creator (producer or vendor) of the product and service as an affiliate and drive people to the product or service. For every sold piece of product or service, you earn the agreed commission.

   Product or service creation: this business model is transparent. You are the creator (producer, vendor) of the product or service and by selling it, you keep all your profit. We are assuming now that you are going to create an informational product in a digital form! Such a product the customer can also print if desired!

Both models have their pros and cons.

Both models have their pros and cons. Some online marketers say that it is the easiest, fastest and best model to start as an affiliate because you have to sign up with the vendor and everything else is already in place. No need to deal with actions ask creating your product or service, your website, customer support, payment processors and more.

You have to drive traffic to your affiliate website and earn a commission by selling the product or service. In most case, it is a sale of the product or service.

On the other hand, some marketers support creating your product a better way to go because you keep the whole profit; you control your business and can even create your army of affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing Or Product Creation-It is up to you which method suits you better at a given time. 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you to make a better decision.

After this brief introduction let us now dive a bit deeper into the topic and list some of the pros and cons of both methods to help you to decide easier when choosing your preferred method.

This article will consist of two parts. Part one is dealing with Affiliate Marketing Business and part two dealing with Product or Service creation. If you are interested more in product creation than in Affiliate Marketing than visit my other section for part two by clicking here!

Affiliate Marketing Approach

It should be a more natural method of starting with an online business, especially for starters in the industry.

Like any other business, it also has pros and cons.

Let list the pros first:

   Free and easy to join

Every decent affiliate program has the “join for free” option. Create your username or password, get instant access to your affiliate member area, and in minutes you are up and running your online business. It is so easy to start.

   Your business is up within minutes

All you have to start doing now is to personalize your membership area, your tools and begin marketing the product or service. After every accomplished sale keeps the agreed commission. You can start earning immediately.

   All your marketing materials are created and provided to you for free use

To promote your product or service, you will need some marketing material. It is already pre-made for you to use whenever you want. Log into your affiliate membership area, find the marketing materials section and start using marketing material as:

  pre-made banners
  pre-written emails
  pre-created affiliate links that direct to the pre-made sales page
  comparison tables
  additional helpful tools

Now, you can focus solely on your marketing efforts and driving traffic to your sales page!

   You pre-created own affiliate website as well

The producer “has it all!” It is already set up for you to start using the excellently designed websites. Use them to generate traffic, track the sales and promote your affiliate website across the internet.

   The vendor is dealing with your customers- not you as an affiliate

The main thing you have to take care of is to drive traffic to your affiliate website. When customers land on your landing page and decide to buy the product or service, it passes to the vendor.

   Promote as many affiliate programs, products or services you want

You don’t have any limitations about how many products or services you wish to promote. However, it is recommended to start with or mostly with two programs. There are some critical reasons for that.

  you need to learn some skills and gain additional knowledge (it takes some time for that)
  advertising efforts need time as well
  knowing your product or service is essential to present it the best way
  position yourself as an expert in the field
  build your customer base by building a relationship with your potential customers

With that in mind, build up your first and second affiliate marketing business and then start thinking about enlarging the portfolio of your vendors. By then you will already be a master of your business and will be easier for you to sell more different products or services.

The cons and how to resolve them:

   The huge competition

Remember, you are not alone out there. Millions of online marketers are competing in the industry and want to make money online the same way as you do. Although it seems straightforward business to be, many affiliate marketers don’t know how to proceed and how to accomplish sales.

The best way to improve is to start educating yourself. Learn from the best, from experienced online marketers that have gone through the process of earning money online, and you can profit from their skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in starting learning now, then click here or at the banner at the end of the article!

   The profit margins depend on the vendor

It is the same with all affiliate opportunities. You can earn only the agreed commission, not the whole 100% as a product producer and owner. Still, making the commission with 50-85% of payout can be lucrative making as well.

If you choose the program with a higher range of commission share, you can receive more with promoting and converting less.

   You are not building your own business in total; you are building someone else’s business

It is clear that as an affiliate you are helping the vendor in the following ways:

  Generating sales for the producer
  Building up their business, instead of your own
  The customer, you have signed up for the vendor’s product remains in the power of the vendor.
  That way the producer can keep up-selling the buyer and making additional income.

– To help yourself and keep the customers also in your hands, you can create your landing page that requires from the visitor to leave the email address in your form, thus keeping your customers in your inbox before going to the vendor’s sales page.

To do that you need to create additional so-called “freebie” to motivate the visitor to sign up. It is the subject of another article.

   You do not own your product or service by your own

The vendor “controls it all!” If the vendor decides to shut the business or put the certain product or service you promote, don, you have no control over this action. It happened to me as well, so it is not a good feeling, and it creates an unpleasant situation.

It is totally out of your control. Contrary, going for the “product creation option” gives you much more control over such circumstances.

   Many other affiliates sell the same product or service

As mentioned already earlier, you are not the only one promoting specific products/products or services/services. Nowadays, there are millions of other online marketers worldwide competing in the making money online arena. They can also sell your chosen product or service and take a good number of your targeted potential buyers.

The downside of it is you can avoid such a process. You need to stand out and try to attract as many buyers as you can. It is a real “battle” out there. Train yourself and become a “great warrior!” Master the game and gain success!

      Every Business Has Pros And Cons!

Please remember that any business can have pros and cons, so the specific online store as well, regardless of the method you use. The affiliate marketing business as well. Your final task as an affiliate marketer is to build a solid base of subscribers and buyers. As larger the better.

The best way is to build your email list. Create a relationship with your targeted and potential customers. Offer them your present product or service and possibly start a new campaign with new products or services.

However, this is not the reason not to start with your online business. It is because you are building up your online marketing and many making opportunities and business. Therefore, it is also crucial that you don’t forget to educate yourself properly and get the needed skills and knowledge to learn how to grow and maintain your online business.

The great place to start your education online is here. It is free to join. Create your Starter Account and start learning. That way you will be in the direction to step ahead from the competition.

Now, as mentioned before the other way of starting making money online is the production and selling of your product or service.

To learn more about, visit the part two of this topic, my next article by clicking here!

The conclusion!

Affiliate marketing is an excellent approach to start an online business. You can start it as a part-time job or as a full-time job, which will be a better way. Choosing the affiliate marketing model allows you to begin instantly. Your final task is to focus on promoting and selling products and services.

The vendor is taking care of all other issues. Affiliate marketing business is a great way to start from your home. It is a great way to start building your passive income. However, it takes time and effort. No one can give you any earning guarantee. It is up to you ho much you can or will make.

However, having an opportunity to start making additional money is a great way to make your living better and maybe even to fulfill your dreams.

If you want to promote the genuine, very successful, proven and legitimate affiliate marketing business, starting now, then click on the banner below and create your Starter Account today! Right now! You will be thrilled you did it.

I guarantee your satisfaction. It is free to join. I do hope to see you at the inside because I know what value I am offering to you.

With that in mind, I wish you a great affiliate marketing start and much success!

Continue reading part two by clicking here! Discover more about product creation and making money online!

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4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Or Product Creation”

  1. Thanks for this breakdown of these two excellent ways to make money online. I must confess I am a great fan of affiliate marketing especially if you can promote some recurring commission programs. These will generate income every month even though you have only done the work once. Which ever way you decide to go like you say an email list is a must.

    • HI Martin!

      Yes, you need your subscribers base and loyal customers in order to profit. Without them, your best product or service is “dead!” Obviously, it will not bring you any revenue. But, it is not easy to build such a “loyal customer base” at once. It takes time and effort. Especially keeping them for along-term is probably even more difficult. Thus, having a great product and great upsells,  at your side, as well as a constant presence,  is a must.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Best regards,

  2. Affiliate marketing as a whole is a lot easier to get into as a beginner because you can learn the ins and outs of marketing without the overhead costs and lots of ad spend. I think that if you learn to market someone else’s products first then you can market your own that much easier. Do you find affiliate marketing or making your own product better overall?

    • Hi Jon!

      Difficult to say which method is better. Both have pros and cons. But, you are right with your statement. Starting with an Affiliate Marketing product or service, it is better, faster and easier, especially for the newbies.

      I would mix both. Having own product is a great method to establish yourself strong on the internet and to build own affiliates base.

      However you choose, the proper adveertising is the difference it makes for both methods.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Best regards,


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