A Keyword Research Tool And SEO

A Keyword Research Tool And SEO

A Keyword Research Tool And SEO for best SE rank

The online marketing arena is a very competitive “field of sports”. It is a field with many various players in the niche, which is very broad. Many of them are using A Keyword Research Tool And SEO but also many of them want to find “their place under the sun” and to be discovered from the audience.

Narrowing their niches is one of the ways, but there are also many other ways to achieve that.

One of the most important ways is SEO, combined with the implementation of the proper keywords. Proper keywords are the “building block” of any business online. There are literally billions of keywords available online (and offline), high-quality keywords, and low-quality keywords.

To find the proper keywords for best SEO you need a proper “keyword research tool”.

Our topic today is exactly that: A keyword research tool and SEO and their co-relation.

Stay tuned and keep reading below.

What is SEO?

A Keyword Research Tool And SEO for best SE rank

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO simply explained, means that you need to structure and create your pages, and load them with the content in a specific way, in which the Search Engine like them, and the crawlers of the Search Engine will find them easier between billions of websites online.

There are many factors of proper SEO which can influence the best possible optimization.

To name some:

  • the SEO Title
  • the focus keyword (the relevance and the length) and the URL
  • The first paragraph and the focus keyword
  • The length of the sentences in your text
  • the length of the paragraphs within your text
  • the readability of your content
  • the length of the sentences
  • the transition words
  • the passive voice
  • the snippet editing
  • the focus keyword
  • the keyword density
  • the meta description
  • the slug
  • the images on the page (the alt attributes)
  • the overall length of an article on your page or post
  • the outbound links
  • the inbound (internal links)
  • the easy of the text reading
  • the headings
  • the subheadings
  • the comments section on a post
  • etc…

As you can see, there are many factors involved in proper SEO, but, don’t be scared. It is not that difficult as it looks like. I will not go through them today. If I would start talking about them now, I would need hours. I could easily create a book with a couple of hundred pages.

For today, I just want to give you a brief overview of a keyword research tool and SEO.

This overview will give you some basic understanding of the importance of their implementation in your daily work when speaking about online marketing and your online business.

Why should you use SEO?

A Keyword Research Tool And SEO

SEO is used to get higher rank in SERPS. Simple as that. SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Pages. You insert the specific keyword or keyword phrase into your article, blog post, page, generally spoken content, and try to get the best rank you can, under that specific keyword or keyword phrase within search results.

All this is done because, logically, if your page or post ( I am mentioning here page or post, and not your site, because, as you will see later in this article, every single page or post of your site, will get own rank) get high rank, it will automatically get a lot of traffic.

And this is not just any traffic, this is high evaluated traffic because it is targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is essential for your business.

Some pages or posts will get great rank, on various Search Engines, like on the most popular Google, but also on very popular Bing or Yahoo, and some pages or posts will get less good or even no rank.

For example, some of my posts achieved under the specific keywords position 1 and 2 in Bing in Yahoo, but not on Google.

This is because Google has much more sophisticated algorithms for getting high rank and your pages or posts need more time to be visible on the first page of Google. Sometimes it takes up to 4- 9 months, and in rare situations up to a year.

Of course, this only if keywords research and SEO are done properly and if You delivered valuable content for your readers.

Use A Keyword Research Tool And SEO to reach rank 1 in SERPs!

A Keyword Research Tool And SEO

So, as a conclusion, the definitive goal of your SEO efforts is to get best possible rank within the first page in Google (the search engine with most traffic in the world), and not just that …

You want to get on the first place on SERPS under your specific keyword or keyword phrase. Be number one option, the prime solution for searchers when they search for the solution for their problems.

This is because the bulk of searchers online are visiting mostly just the first 5 results on the first page of the SERPS.

I hope it makes little clearer why using SEO is so important. Especially today with so broad competition and offered solutions online.

What are keywords?

A Keyword Research Tool And SEO for best SE rank

Keywords are specific words or phrases the searches are using when searching in the search engines for their stuff. This can be anything you can imagine. They can search for a lovely movie, song, an online course, a book, dress, a car, a house, a great meal, ways to make money online… just about anything.

As explained, there are various reasons why people are searching online. In that sense, there are also various sorts of keywords people are using for the purpose of their researchers.

Having said that, we can categorize following keywords:

Targeted keywords

Best keywords! You need to certify the most suitable keywords relevant to your page or post and your business. Such keywords cause targeted people on your page or post which will most probably be more active, o longer active on your content, what in return can result in the conversion. Do not fall into the trap of generic keywords and create keywords with a general topic, because such keywords are very competitive and thus unproductive.

Shorter keywords

Known as “Short-Tail keywords” –  such keywords consist of only one to three words mostly. They can be very productive if relevant and very narrowed. It means your niche is very narrow and thus the keywords you use for the pages or posts as well.

A keyword that is not productive and has large competition will not convert well.

Competitive keywords

Pages that are rank very high, it means on the first page in Google and within first 10 or 5 results on that page are best optimized, have great link strategy and their online authority is established. If You use competitive keywords in your SEO campaign, it will be even more difficult to compete with results of those pages. Competitive keywords mean that your keyword is not relevant to your post or page, is not well optimized and is pretty generic.

Try to avoid such keywords!

Such keywords are easy to construct and to remember if implemented in title or headings of your content. Actually, such keywords which are produced by the author of the content, through the keyword research tool, are most commonly used keywords.

For example, if you create keywords like: “football”, or “cocking”, or “auto-machines”, etc. What purpose do you have out of them?

Such keyword terms are too common and imprecise and It is very difficult for them to be very effective, actually, such keywords are pretty un-effective.

Although such keywords are un-effective, it can happen that sometimes you get rank under such terms, especially if you use three-words short-tail keywords, like, for example: “keyword search rankings”, but it will obviously take much longer to achieve a better rank.

Long-Tail keywords

Very good keywords. Usually, contain around 5 words, but don’t make them longer than 10 words. This I snot that good for SEO. Sometimes, you have created such keywords involuntary, when you wrote your content. As said before, there are literally billions of keywords available. It all depends on what the people are searching for.

If that happens, you may get visitors on your post which are much directed, but not too many. Anyway, they can be beneficial for you because of their interest.

So generated keywords are also called natural keywords which can be very useful for your site and rank because as more visitors you have on your site, you get better popularity and thus recognition from Google. This will result with a higher rank, and again, with higher rank comes also more traffic to your site, and with more traffic, you get more visitors, and with more visitors, you get more conversions.

There is one problem connected with long-tail keywords: because of their length, sometimes is difficult to research them. That is why you should use the proper keyword research tool which offers such researches. You can read below about the best Keyword research tool online, later on.

So the process looks like this: great content ==> proper keywords ==> proper SEO ==> better rank ==> more traffic ==> more visitors ==> more conversion.

Simple, right? Or, you don’t think so? Let me know if you wish. I would be glad to talk about it.

Especially for you, as a surprise and my FREE BONUS for you as thanks for reading this article … the high evaluated long-tail keyword for the “Weight loss” niche, which you can use right away:

“tips on how to lose weight quickly”

This great keyword has almost 8000 searches per month, with only 40 competitive websites with such keyword. Use it for your SEO campaign.

You may use a similar keyword for your niche, as well. You can search for literally thousands of such and even better keywords using the keyword research tool I am going to present you today.

Medium-Tail keywords

Such keywords might be very fruitful and low competition once. They can consist of three to five words, and if they are buyer intended and oriented, even better. Such keywords can bring a lot of traffic and make pretty good conversions. Try to play with them.

Also at this point especially for you, as a surprise and my FREE BONUS for you as thanks for reading this article … the high evaluated medium-tail keyword for the same “Weight loss” niche, which you can use right away:

“tips to lose weight quickly”

Also, this keyword has amazing 8000 searches per month, with only 89 competitive websites with such keyword. Use it for your SEO campaign.

You may use a similar keyword for your niche, as well. You can search for literally thousands of such and even better keywords using the keyword research tool I am going to present you today.

Niche keywords

The best keywords next to targeted keywords. Such keywords are very specific keywords. Maybe these keywords are even better than targeted once because these keywords are very directed, sometimes, extremely targeted.

If your niche selection is very narrow and you insert such keywords, it is an ideal situation for you, because it specifies the angle of the marketplace which is your specialty and which doesn’t have too many competitive pages or just a few of them.

But, you need to know that such keywords typically don’t produce general traffic what is not a that bad thing, because they attract extremely directed one which is very important for you in terms of conversions. Such traffic tends to be very active and interested in your offers, products or services.

You should definitely narrow your niche as much as possible, create a valuable website for it, insert such keywords within your pages and posts, and go for it. Promote, promote, promote! be patience and look how your traffic, visitors, conversions skyrocket!

Now, when we covered some kinds of keywords, let us observe …

Why should you use keywords and how keyword research tool and SEO can help?

A Keyword Research Tool And SEO

When you create your website, you create its content, right? Such content is stored on pages and posts. Usually, every website has several pages and posts. Some of them have a large number of pages and posts with various content on them.

You want your content to be found from searchers online, and this from relevant searches of course, not just from any kind of searchers.

How do you know what the searchers are searching for and how can the searchers find your content under their specific search?

Well, that is why we need keywords. Keywords are the “finder of our content”. For the searchers. We try to guess within our content what the searchers might search for. Luckily there are tools which are helping us to “guess” such keywords, namely keyword search tool.

Modify keyword research to your requirements

To make it easier for yourself and for your searchers to find your content, every page or post on your site should be treated as an independent project or specific content with own specific keywords.

Doing so, you will enhance the chance of attracting various different searchers on your site, during the different process of searching and, hopefully, purchasing your product or service.

As I mentioned above, relevant, directed keyword with low competitions are important for getting more traffic and thus beneficial for your business.

The right mixture of such keyword parameters can help you to speed up the process of getting higher rank, and parallel help you to grow the number of your potential prospects. It is clear that with an increased number of visitors on your page, the conversion rate will increase as well.

The process of keyword research and using of keyword research tool, helps you to detect the right keywords (search terms) people use to find and contact sites like yours.

Having said that, I can only confirm that keyword research using keyword research tool is a vital part of your SEO strategy and campaign and will help you to optimize your pages and posts properly for the search engines, consequently attracting more targeted visitors.

What is my recommendation for the best keyword research tool and why?

I will come straight to the point.

My #1 recommendation for the keyword research tool is by far JAAXY from Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to create your free account!

I am using this tool for optimization of my pages and posts regularly. I am very happy with it because of all the features, accuracy, speed, simplicity, design, implementation, affiliate program and other things.

Visit the search page here or give a try by yourself below!

Use Jaaxy for:

  • keyword search
  • checking the site rank
  • saving keyword lists
  • searching the history of researchers
  • search analysis
  • alphabet soup research technique
  • brainstorming for keywords
  • affiliate program

Do you want to give a try by yourself? 

Just enter the search terms below and search for your preferred keyword.


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Keyword research, Keyword research tool, and SEO are extremely important elements of your online business. If you want to find out what else you need to succeed online, visit this link now and start discovering the proper skills and knowledge which will transform you into the master of any niche.

If you liked the article, please leave the comment below and If you need any help, please let me know and I would be happy to help you out.

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  1. Awesome article, I have been trying so hard to really understand SEO for quite some time now and just couldn’t get the grasp of it. Your article explains this well.

    • Thanks a lot, Linsey!
      SEO is a very important part of your overall “getting traffic” strategy!
      Having a great website rank will bring you many visitors to your site and
      a chance to convert in a great way.

      I am very glad I can help with my articles!

      Stay tuned for more!

      Best regards!

  2. This is a great article – very informative and can help people who are struggling with the questions: What is a keyword? Why should we write for our audience and the keywords we search online?

    Another thing to consider is whether your traffic is mostly mobile phone or PC/laptop – the search terms are more conversational with text to talk and more choppy and disjointed when someone is typing a search query.

    Thanks for the great post. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Heather,
      thanks for the reply!

      You are completely right, another consideration is about traffic whether on mobile phone or on PC/laptop.
      It is a great topic for another article.

      Best regards!

  3. Hi Igor, this is a very comprehensive article, i have just gained more insights on how exatly this SEO works and now i know better how to choose my keywords and areas to focus on when writing articles. Thanks.

    • Hi Queen.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, using the right keyword is important for SEO and for your rank. With the right keyword, especially with low competition one, more people will discover your site and come to it. With more visitors you will have more visibility of your site and Google will honor that.

      Use Keyword research tool to (we have the great Jaaxy tool at our disposal within Wealthy Affiliate) find best keywords.

      Best regards!

  4. I am still new when it comes to online thingy. This is a very informative article about SEO!

    Thakns for sharing!

    • Hi Roxanne.
      Don’t worry about it. You will get all the knowledge you need to become master of keywords.
      keep reading, researching and creating. The praxis is the best teacher.
      I am glad the article is informative to you.

      If you need any help, contact me and I would be happy to help you out, and if I per case don’t know something,
      there are a great community and support within WA to help you out.

      Stay tuned for coming stuff.

      Best regards!

    • Hi Roxanne!
      SEO is a very important part of your organic traffic strategy. The right structure of the pages, valuable and easy to read content is what Google is asking for.

      SEO is not that difficult to manage but still needs to be done properly. I am glad I could deliver a bit of valuable information about it and You may use it for your purposes.

      Wish you to find best keywords for your content creation and best SEO possible for your site.
      “Bit the hell out of the search engines” and show them “who is the boss of achieving the traffic with the right Keywords Research and SEO strategies”!

      Best regards!

  5. Nice work here. I remember when I was struggling with the term keyword. I wish I have found your page sooner it would be of much help. It did fill in some holes in my knowledge do.

    • Hi Ivan.
      Thanks a lot for your comment. Keywords are really very important part of every SEO and beyond that.
      The whole content is around keywords. I am glad you could use the article for your benefit.

      By the way, your name sounds Slavic. Do you have any relatives from those countries maybe?
      I am coming from Croatia and we have a lot of Ivans over here. Also, Brozincevic is a typical Croatian
      and Slavic sureanme, just, we would name it Brozinčević.

      Stay tuned for my future content.

      Best regards!

  6. Hi Igor,
    After finishing reading, I could tell this post is very rich in content, and very educational. I believe it will help me a lot in getting my website up and running.
    Keep up the good posts!

    • Hi Noel.
      Thanks a lot for your comment. This is my goal. To share valuable and educational content. I am glad
      I can deliver such content.

      It takes time to create such content, but, in the end, if the people are finding valuable info in it,
      it is a nice reward for it.

      Stay tuned for future content.

      Best regards!

  7. I am very impressed with how you covered keywords in your post, you have helped many of your readers understand so much better exactly what keywords are and how to use them to get traffic to their blogs

    Can free members use this Jaxxy keyword tool ?


    • Hi Jeff!
      Thanks for your comment. I am glad my article helps. It is a purpose of it. Stay tuned for other articles coming up.
      To answer your question, yes, free members can use Jaaxy tool, but as the limited and trial version.
      Here is what you get as Starter (trial) member (best to try Jaaxy service):
      best to try Jaaxy service

      ==> 30 Keyword Searches
      ==> 20 Search Results
      ==> Website Analyzer
      ==> Affiliate Program Finder
      ==> Keyword List Manager
      ==> Brainstorm Idea Feed
      ==> Keyword Competition Data
      ==> 1x Speed
      ==> Affiliate Program
      ==> 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans

      If you don’t have a link to it, here is mine:

      This link is an affiliate link, so if you don’t want to use it, go to
      WA and find one which is a clean Jaaxy link.

      Wish you nice researching and success with your keywords!
      Best regards!


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