7 ways how to start a business from home online

7 Ways How To Start A Business From Home Online

Welcome to 7 ways how to start a business from home online article that will help you to get some ideas about how to start your own online business. Online store or any other kind of business from home is a kind of business many people are dreaming about!

Many people also become very successful in it. Is this possible? Yes, it is.

Today, I am going to be talking about and listing 7 ways how to start a business from home online. It is not easy to know what you need when starting an online marketing journey and creating an online store? Moreover, it is not easy to figure out ways of making money from home online!

However, it is a pretty normal process. With some differences comparing to offline businesses because working online. Thus, having in hand a brief guide and reminder that will entice you to do some daily tasks and motivate you to move forward is always useful and practical. I am sure you agree with it as well.

Starting a business from home online requires some skills, knowledge and a particular mindset. 

It needs also some extra budget. Luckily, it is possible to start and run your business free as well. However, it is also clear that investing some starting money in your online business will give you a bit more possibilities and some more advantages over your free competition!

But, I assume that at the beginning of your making money from home online journey you don’t want to spend much money or even any money. The Internet is such media and environment where it is possible to start earning online for free.

Thus, we are going to be speaking about 7 ways how to start a business from home online you can start using today!

Before we continue, I want to make it clear here that just by knowing these ways it is not guaranteed you will make money online at all. Besides knowing what is needed it takes time, effort, focus, determination, skills, knowledge, tools, services!

You need to have a great product or service in your hand to work. Further, you need to offer useful and valuable stuff to your customers! Constant engagement is a must. The authority, trust, and relevance online are the pillars of online business!

It is evident that I can’t cover all these topics today, but, the 7 ways how to start a business from home online explained in this article will give you some good ideas about moving forward in the making money online niche.

I would be more than happy if you would read it all the way through. I hope it will provide some valuable and useful information, easy to follow and to understand, however, if you do so, thanks a lot for reading it!

With that in mind, let us dig into the article.

Before I start describing each of the 7 ways how to start a business from home online, check the short list below that provides the overview of the 7 before mentioned ways.

  1. Becoming an affiliate online
  2. The second way of my recommendation is to start blogging
  3. The third way you can use to start making money from home online is to share your knowledge, your expertise.
  4. The next possible way of making money from home online is to become a virtual assistant.
  5. Becoming an online marketing expert could be a further way of making money from home online.
  6. Social media manager and expert is an online occupation which nowadays asked more and more nowadays. Consider it also as your potential job for making money from home online.
  7. Finally, start writing for yourself and other people online. It is a great way to start making money from home online because the demand for valuable and useful content is rapidly growing.

Let’s look now closer at each of the recommendations!

1) Becoming an affiliate online as the first, most important way of 7 ways how to start a business from home online

It is by far the most popular, used and lucrative opportunity for a starter. The only way which is better (and this, nota bene, not always) than this one is having an own product or service to market. Which, many of us don’t have from scratch.

Thus, becoming an affiliate online (btw, you can become an affiliate offline as well and market the product or service online) is very easy today, considering the technical part. The more studios and professional approach are needed when choosing the right product or service to market, same with the targeted market itself.

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If you per case, before moving to the second recommended a way of making money from home online today, want to discover more about Affiliate Marketing, please read my another article, “Introduction To Affiliate Marketing” by clicking here.

Let’s move now on the second recommendation about making money online from home, which is about blogging.

2) Start blogging as the second way of 7 ways how to start a business from home online

Let us first quickly define what a Blog is and why Blogging is so popular today?

What is a blog?

7 ways how to start a business from home online-Write a blog

According to Wikipedia, a blog (is actually a discussion on the web) or the website with useful, helpful and informative content.

A blog can be a single page or a blog post as well.

The word Blog is created from the weblog. Please, read the whole article here! It is an excellent article about blogging.

Blogging became so popular because by creating and editing blogs you can then use to share valuable information on the web in a very personal manner. ….

You can use blogging to write about whatever topic you want. Be sure it is related to your niche. SE want their users to share valuable and useful content for the searchers online. Blogging is a great way to describe what you can, your skills, expertise, knowledge, helpful information to your readers.

To share such information you need a website. Blog resides on a site. There are thousands and thousands of WordPress Blog themes available for this purpose.

If you want to start right now with the blogging and creation of your website, but don’t want to invest and do it free, enter your domain name in the plugin below and create your free site, built on WordPress platform and hosted for free as well.

After choosing your domain name, you will create your website within 30 seconds. It will be live on the internet; all the tasks involved with creation and hosting are not your concern. Just start creating your unique, original, useful, related, attractive content to attract visitors to it.

Use the blog content for product and service promotion and offering valuable stuff to your clients.

3) The third way of the 7 ways how to start a business from home online listed today is sharing your expertise.

I love this one. It is clear that almost every person on Earth, if not any, has some skills, knowledge, and expertise to share.

Besides, there are thousands and thousands of sources available for self-education, even from home, to enhance your knowledge to higher levels. Very often you don’t need to do that. Why? Because you possess already specific skills and knowledge that is shareable on the web.

Take some time to think over and put on the paper what you know now, what did you know before and what would you like to learn in the future. It is a great strategy to find out what you know that you maybe weren’t aware.

If you didn’t share your expertise yet, it doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

Your expertise is a foundation of your online business. Sharing knowledge is a great online business, worth billions of dollars. I assume that you are looking for some more information on today’s topic, which can enhance your knowledge, skill, expertise. Even if it does a bit, it is a step forward in that direction.

What is the expertise?

The wiktionary.org website explains expertise as a superb skill or level of knowledge in a particular area of interest. It might also be in the field of the hobby. It is also information or a view on a specific subject given by an expert.

You can read more about it by clicking here!

Noticed, all kind of people possess expertise: from regular people that are active in a particular field or have a specific hobby to the scientist that share their knowledge. It is about you know something good enough you can share online. Moreover, make business online out of it.

Cambridge dictionary describes expertise like a certain skill or knowledge of a high level.

Read more and some added examples here!

People have various expertise. What is yours?

Discover it and share it to the world. It’s simple!

The business dictionary describes the expertise as an authority of a person who seems to be an expert with a high level of knowledge in a certain topic that he acquired through studying, special training or through experience during his work.

Read more here!

As noticed, the keywords associated in all with expertise are:


After reading this definition above, I am sure you can’t tell anyone anymore or even blame yourself for not having any skills, knowledge or expertise.

Being a carpenter, sportsman, musician, a teacher or a physician requires special skills and knowledge that can become the foundation of business online.

What is your foundation? Sit down, do some brainstorming about it, when you are clear about your special skills and knowledge, write them down and use them as a way of starting a business from home online.

4) The fourth of the 7 ways how to start a business from home online I recommend is to become a virtual assistant!

Going back to our “good old Wikipedia” and searching for “virtual assistant” term and definition, we will be able to find this:

Wikipedia is informing us that a virtual assistant is sometimes abbreviated to VA, and defined as a person who is assisting in a virtual office.

Such a person is usually self-employed while remotely providing professional help from his home office in various areas:

  technical area
  social and creational support

A virtual assistant signs up a contract with the client and is responsible for his/her taxes and other duties like insurance, benefits or health care.

Another benefit for the clients is that they don’t need to provide the logistic or some extra storage place or office for their “contractors”, or even any other equipment or supply channels. A virtual assistant usually supports either small businesses or CEOs and works individually.

The virtual assistant profession is growing due to the MODERN markets modifications! 

People change their job very often nowadays! Thus, there are adapting to new ways of making money which some are presented in this article!

You can read about one way I highly recommend more detailed here!

So, the definition above is teaching us that, in a nutshell, to become a virtual assistant, you need to:

  1. Be self-employed
  2. Provide to your client’s remote assistance, working from home online, mostly in an administrative, technical or social areas of activity. Social means also help in managing social media accounts what can be stressful if you don’t know how to do it or choose to promote on too many platforms at once.

This job of virtual assistance is growing in popularity, and I am sure it will be a great source of income in the future. The less attractive part of it is that you need to become a real expert in this filed to get decent job offers.


5) Online Marketing expert as the fifth of the 7 ways how to start a business from home online

What is an Online Marketing Expert (OME)?

Online marketing is trending, and it will, actually always be a trend. As long internet exists, the base of products and services offered online is growing, online marketing expert will have its area of work and interested clients.

However, being an online marketer and an Online Marketer Expert is a different story. To become an online marketer is easy. You choose the right product and service and start promoting it online. To become an OM Expert is not that easy! It requires much more skills and knowledge, absolute proper mindset and presence online.

Online marketing is a very broad niche. There are dozens of ways available to market a product or service online. You can check my comprehensive list with more than 80 methods of web marketing listed on it, by clicking on this link.

You don’t need to use all of them. Choose what fits you best and be active!

The success in Online Marketing depends on many involved factors, but to mention just a few of them, you need to:

  Choose the right product or service
  Define the targeted market
  To promote wisely
  Know how to convert visitors to your website or web-shop into buyers

OM experts know how to do it. If you need to enhance your OM expertise most efficiently and don’t know where to go, click here and the link will direct you to do most updated and most proven OM education on the web.

Unlike other online educational programs, it includes the most comprehensive All-Around-OM system I can only recommend, again and again. I am using it as well, and this is why I also recommend it to you.

6) The social manager occupation as the sixth way of 7 ways how to start a business from home online

It is an occupation that I wanted to select out as a particular way of making money from home online because it is. Let us take a close look at it.

Social media activity is unavoidable for any businesses today. It is a way how to interact with clients and find new ones offline and online. It is not necessary to mention how this kind of jobs becomes essential for this reason. There are companies and even individuals that either don’t have the time or enough knowledge to interact with their present and prospective customers.

For that, the new online job is born: Social media Manager and Expert! Such an expert is helping the company to manage their brand and find out how the people online (and offline) see it.

In a nutshell, Social Media Manager needs to master the following skills:

  Public relation
  Writing skills
  Promoting online (sometimes even offline to drive people to online platforms)
  Online marketing design
  They need to communicate well
  They need to “hang” on social media platforms and be ready to socialize
  Must be original
  Must be creative
  To stay updated with the trends in the online and digital world and the new era of digitalized data
  Know how to plan, organize and manage projects
  Be able to adapt quickly to new trends and occurred new situations
  Know how to treat well customers and being a great support to clients is a must

Where do you find yourself in the list above? Send me a message an let us discuss it!

7) Become a writer! As the seventh of the 7 ways how to start a business from home online!

Write for yourself, for different niches, about various products and services, about topics you like, and more. Write to the people, other companies and businesses. You don’t need to win Pulitzer Price to write for the web. If you feel uncomfortable writing or you don’t know how and where to start, educate yourself. Book skills are favored more than ever. Millions of people are writing for the web, so you can too.

Writing for the web is a bit different than writing for printing in the offline world. Online readers are more selective, they read faster and have more possibility to find different content with a few mouse clicks. They don’t need to go into the offline libraries or carry books with them. They can read on various devices and change the reading materials in seconds.

Written text is stored in different kinds of files what makes reading, even more, more accessible and possible almost everywhere there is internet access. You don’t need to carry your books with you, log in into the preferred online library, or open your map with stored reading material and read.

It opens much more possibilities for web writers to write for different publishers and store their written material on several different devices and several different ways.

You can write novels, science fiction, stories, and novels for children, about technical stuff, reviews of the products and services, eBooks, books, white papers, reports and much more.

Remember that behind any device there is a human being and you should treat it as an offline reader.

Always write for the people, for the readers — they are the ones who are going to search for, fond and read your content.

If you write educational or informative content, then try to write as you would educate or inform your friend. Be natural. Short sentences are always better than long. Using complicated and lengthy Latin words are not recommended, instead of writing easy-to-understand and straightforward words, paragraphs, and text.

Write on a white surface, mostly using black colored letters. Adjust your writing to requirements of devices on which the content will appear.

People mostly scan the text online.

They don’t read word by word the whole content, neither use proper headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points. Directly write content because the people of the different educational level will read the material differently. Make the written content visible on the site with ease — us more active verbs form of writing instead passive. If you want, also add some images or another graphical or multimedia content to your written work. Diagrams, tables, infographics, all is fine. Visually appealing content is more attractive, enjoyable and more readable.

Write for your audience. Again, it is the real person behind your text that will read your article or another written content, so pay attention to it and write for this person, not for yourself, not for search engine.

Try to think for a moment about yourself. Where are you going to search for the content of your interest, depending on the topic? What kind of material is most appealing to you? Are you searching just for right quick information, easy-to-understand or you want to read a high valuable academic content?

These are all questions your readers might ask as well.

As you could notice, I wrote some more words in this section because writing for the web is so critical. It is the foundation for many promotional activities and a vast number of created content material.

That’s it! The seven ways of making money from home online.

Because you have made it all the way to hear, I want to give you one more tip, as an additional bonus. It is about

So, my dear friend …

There you have it. The 7 ways how to start a business from home online

We have covered a lot today. I hope you liked it. It would be nice to see you left a comment below and shared the article with your family, friends, email list subscribers and others. Maybe they will love it as well.

Get aware of your skills, knowledge, and expertise and if freelancing sounds appealing to you, why not to give a try?


Making money from home online is a very hot topic, and more and more people are jumping into this niche. They all want to take advantage of this modern way of earnings and hoping to have a better life. Because there is a better way. Being own boss, working from home is a dream of millions of employed people, and many others as well.

Having more time with the family, working form the comfort of your home and being able to travel makes life easier and more beautiful. Working even from your hotel, communicating with people from around the world and building a substantial passive income online is a dream of many people trying to make money online! Not to worry about the pension, improving your home budget, saving some money apart, and for many other reasons, making money from home online is the way to go!


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7 ways how to start a business from home online-Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

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